The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Printer at OfficeMax


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Table of Contents

Finding the right printer for your home or office can be a daunting task. With so many options to choose from, how do you know which OfficeMax printer is the perfect fit for your needs? As an avid bargain hunter and tech enthusiast, I’ve tested my fair share of printers from OfficeMax over the years. Read on for my comprehensive guide to navigating the diverse selection of OfficeMax printers and finding your ideal match!

An Overview of OfficeMax Printer Selection

From basic black and white printers to sophisticated all-in-one laser printers, OfficeMax carries a diverse range of printer models, brands, features, and price points. Whether you need a primary workhorse printer or a secondary option just for printing the occasional document, OfficeMax has you covered. Here’s a quick overview of the main types of printers available:

  • Inkjet printers use liquid ink cartridges to print documents and photos. They are affordable, provide excellent print quality, and work well for home use. OfficeMax sells single-function and all-in-one inkjet printers.
  • Laser printers use toner powder and drum cartridges to print professional-looking text documents faster. They are ideal for high-volume office use. OfficeMax offers both monochrome and color laser printers.
  • Multifunction or all-in-one printers can print, scan, copy, and sometimes fax. Inkjet all-in-ones provide home office versatility while laser all-in-ones are built for business productivity.
  • Photo printers produce lab-quality photos and graphics. If photography is your passion, OfficeMax has some great options from brands like HP and Canon.
  • Label printers quickly print labels for envelopes, packages, file folders, name badges, and more. Check out dedicated label printers from DYMO, Brother, and other top brands at OfficeMax.

With printers from leading manufacturers like HP, Canon, Epson, Brother, and more, OfficeMax makes it easy to find the right print solution.

Selecting the Best OfficeMax Printers for Small Businesses

Small business owners need reliable, high-performing printers that can keep pace with growing demands. When evaluating the expansive printer selection at OfficeMax, keep these factors in mind to determine the best options for your business:

  • Print volume – Estimate your monthly print volume and choose a printer suited for those needs. Avoid undertaking a workhorse meant for 500-1000 pages per month if you’ll realistically print 5000 pages or more.
  • Speed – Faster print speeds of at least 25-30ppm will improve productivity for data-intensive printing. Prioritize speed for laser printers over inkjets.
  • Paper capacity – Printers with higher paper input trays require less frequent refilling. Aim for 500+ sheet capacity to support uninterrupted printing.
  • Connectivity – Business printers should have Ethernet and wireless connectivity for networking, mobile printing, and accessibility.
  • Two-sided printing – Models with automatic duplex printing produce professional double-sided documents easily.
  • Robust scanner – All-in-one printers with advanced scanners allow easy digitization of documents for sharing or archiving.

The HP LaserJet Pro M404dn checks all the boxes with fast print speeds, duplex printing, a large input capacity, and robust connectivity. It’s an excellent choice for most small offices. For added versatility, the Canon ImageClass MF445dw all-in-one laser printer features scanning, faxing, and the ability to print from mobile devices easily.

Key Features and Specifications of Top OfficeMax Printers

Drilling down into the detailed features and specs of OfficeMax printers provides deeper insight into real-world performance. If print quality, mobile printing, or precise paper handling are priorities for you, understanding these nitty-gritty details is a must.

Here are some of the most vital printer features and specifications to evaluate:

  • Print resolution – Measured in DPI, a higher print resolution produces sharper text and finer image details. Office inkjets range from 4800 x 1200 DPI while lasers print at 600 x 600 DPI.
  • Print speed – Expressed in pages per minute (PPM), print speed greatly impacts large volume printing. OfficeMax laser printers range from 18-45 PPM while inkjets print 5-15 PPM.
  • Monthly duty cycle – This recommends the maximum number of pages a printer can handle per month without wear and tear. Office laser printers have 25,000-80,000 page duty cycles.
  • Processor – A faster processor improves overall performance, especially when printing graphics-heavy documents. Look for processors over 500 MHz.
  • Paper handling – Printers with higher paper capacities, auto-duplexing, and additional trays offer enhanced flexibility and convenience.
  • Mobile printing – To print directly from mobile devices, look for built-in WiFi, WiFi Direct, Apple AirPrint, and Mopria Print Service.
  • Connectivity – Key options are USB, Ethernet, WiFi, WiFi Direct, and Bluetooth for flexible printer connectivity.

Carefully examining specifications allows you to pinpoint a printer aligned with your specific workload and needs, like the HP OfficeJet Pro 9010e with robust wireless connectivity and mobile printing options ideal for businesses.

Cost Range for OfficeMax Printers

One major benefit of shopping at OfficeMax is the broad range of affordable printer options. Basic inkjet printers start at less than $50 while heavy-duty lasers cost over $400. With regular sales and deals, you can score big savings on top-rated printers. Here are typical price ranges for the most popular OfficeMax printer categories:

  • Basic single-function inkjets: $50 – $100
  • All-in-one inkjet printers: $80 – $250
  • Monochrome laser printers: $180 – $400
  • Color laser printers: $300 – $600
  • Photo printers: $150 – $500
  • Label printers: $50 – $200

Of course, prices can run higher for specialty printers tailored for enterprises. However, most small businesses and home office users can find an excellent OfficeMax printer matching both their needs and budget. Don’t forget to take advantage of frequent OfficeMax sales, coupons, and rebates for additional savings on an already reasonable base price. With a bit of deal hunting, you can snag top-rated printers like the Brother HL-L3210CW compact laser or Epson Expression Premium XP-4100 small-in-one for under $150.

How OfficeMax Printers Stack Up Against Competitors

OfficeMax holds its own against office supply competitors like Staples and Best Buy in the printer arena, offering comparable selections and pricing. However, each retailer has strengths that set it apart:

  • Staples shines for business-centric laser printers and all-in-one workhorses ideal for high volume printing. Their expanded ink and toner center also provides added convenience.
  • Best Buy carries a wider array of photo printers and smart printers with advanced connectivity and voice activation. Their printer selection focuses more on consumer use.
  • OfficeMax impresses with its combination of both home office and business printers at competitive prices. Frequent markdowns make it easy to find deals on top brands. Their wide assortment ensures they offer the right printer for any need.

When it comes to printer essentials like replacement ink and toner, all three retailers offer similar pricing and stock comparable offerings from major brands. The bottom line? While Staples caters slightly more to business customers and Best Buy focuses on smart consumer printers, OfficeMax provides the best blend of business and home printers with reliably low prices.

Comparing Inkjet vs Laser Printers at OfficeMax

If you narrow your search down to inkjet or laser printers at OfficeMax, you’ll want to understand the key distinctions that set these technologies apart:

  • Inkjets use liquid ink, so they excel at printing high-quality graphics and photos. However, text printing is slower. Top inkjet advantages include affordability, quiet operation, and excellent print quality.
  • Lasers fuse dry toner powder to the page, delivering faster text printing. But color lasers remain more expensive, often with lower image quality than inkjets. Laser printers are ideal for high-volume, text-focused printing.
  • Cost per page is lower for laser printers. However, inkjets have a lower upfront purchase price.
  • Speed goes to lasers, which offer speeds over 25ppm. The fastest OfficeMax inkjets max out around 15ppm.
  • Simplicity favors inkjets – cartridges are easier to replace than lasers’ multi-part toner system. However, inkjets are prone to clogged nozzles and smudging.

For most home users, an inkjet like the Canon PIXMA G6020 offers the best value. Businesses should consider a monochrome laser like the Brother HL-L2395DW for churning through documents. Need both capabilities? The HP LaserJet Pro M283fdw combinest laser printing with vibrant color scanning and copying.

Keeping Your OfficeMax Printer Stocked with Ink

My top tip for keeping printing costs low is to take advantage of OfficeMax ink and toner savings. Options include:

  • Enroll in ReadyInk: This free program emails you when ink is running low and provides special offers on replacement cartridges.
  • Buy in bulk: High-yield ink cartridges offer 500+ pages per cartridge, minimizing changes and providing the lowest cost per page.
  • Look for sales: OfficeMax frequently discounts printer ink, often by 25-50%, making it affordable to stock up.
  • Opt for OfficeMax brand ink: Quality matches major brands at nearly half the price.
  • Recycle cartridges: Bring in empty cartridges to earn $2 back per cartridge, up to 10 per month. Limit 20 rewards per year.

Using these savings tactics allows you to keep your OfficeMax printer stocked with ink affordably. Alternatively, consider low-cost third party cartridges to maximize savings. While quality varies among generics, I’ve had good luck with LD brand remanufactured ink. Combine these money-saving tips and you can slash your ink costs by up to 70%!

Service and Support Options for OfficeMax Printers

While new printers shouldn’t require much service or support, it’s reassuring to know help is available if needed. Here are some of the service and warranty options that come standard or can be added to any OfficeMax printer purchase:

  • 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty covers defects and hardware failures. Longer warranty upgrades are available.
  • 30-day no hassle return policy for printers, even if opened.
  • Additional protection plans cover accidental damage, technical support, and extend coverage up to 3 years. Plans start at $10.
  • Free phone tech support from OfficeMax experts for troubleshooting, connectivity issues, error codes, and more.
  • On-site printer repair services starting at $99 provide convenient expert fixing for major performance issues.
  • Live online tech support chat via for quick assistance.

With multiple support avenues, robust warranties, plus affordable repair services, OfficeMax makes it hassle-free to get your new printer up and running – and keep it that way! Be sure to register your printer online with OfficeMax right after purchase to take full advantage of available support options.

Setting Up and Connecting Your New OfficeMax Printer

Got a new OfficeMax printer ready for action? Here are some tips to get set up and printing quickly:

For inkjet setup:

  • Carefully remove packaging tape/materials to avoid getting ink on yourself or surfaces.
  • Plug the power cord into the printer and outlet, turn on. Install ink cartridges when prompted.
  • Load letter paper into the input tray up to the fill line – avoid overfilling.
  • Open the output tray and adjust extender for longer paper.
  • Print a test page to ensure proper setup.
  • Download software/drivers from the manufacturer website and install on your computer.
  • Finally, connect to your computer via USB, WiFi, Bluetooth or Ethernet.

To connect to a network:

  • First have your WiFi network name (SSID) and password handy.
  • Access the printer’s setup menu via the control panel or LCD screen.
  • Select Wireless Setup option and choose your network.
  • Enter WiFi password when prompted. Printer should now connect to network.
  • Install printer software on all computers that will print wirelessly.

With just a few simple steps, your OfficeMax printer can be up and running in minutes! Reach out for tech support if any issues arise during setup.

Downloading Printer Software and Drivers

To enable printing from your computer, you must download and install the printer software and drivers directly from the manufacturer. Here are some quick tips for a smooth download process:

Determine your printer model information

Locate the specific printer name and number, typically printed on a label underneath or on the back of the printer.

Go to the manufacturer’s support website

Common printer brand sites:

  • HP –
  • Canon –
  • Epson –
  • Brother –

Select your printer model

Browse for your printer in the model/product list and go to its page.

Click to download software and drivers

Select the operating system (Windows, Mac, etc.) and start the printer software installer download.

Run the downloaded setup file

Double click to launch the installer. Follow prompts to complete software installation.

Finish printer setup and test

Select your new printer as the default. Print a test page or document to ensure proper functioning. Check for updates periodically to keep drivers current.

With the right model-specific software installed, you’ll enjoy seamless printing from applications. Contact OfficeMax support if needing help finding drivers or troubleshooting printer connection issues after installation.

Troubleshooting Print Quality Issues

Spotty print quality can quickly ruin a new printer experience. Don’t panic – most print quality problems can be easily fixed yourself. Here are some top tips for troubleshooting and improving lackluster print quality:

  • Check ink/toner levels – Low ink or toner is the most common cause of fading, streaking or light print. Replace cartridges if needed.
  • Inspect cartridges – Remove cartridges and examine for clogs or low ink/toner. Clean clogged nozzles for inkjets.
  • Printhead cleaning – Initiate cleaning cycles from printer menus to unclog inkjets.
  • Align printhead – Misaligned ink nozzles create blurry output. Re-align printer heads using calibration tools in printer settings.
  • Check paper quality – Rough, cheap paper can lead to faulty print quality and jamming. Use smooth, high quality branded paper.
  • Adjust print settings – Enable high quality modes and disable quick/draft modes or low dpi settings.
  • Update printer driver – An outdated printer driver may create issues. Download the newest version from the manufacturer.
  • Contact support – If print troubles persist after trying the above steps, contact OfficeMax support for further troubleshooting or potential printer repair.

With some basic checks and maintenance, you can restore your OfficeMax printer’s print quality. Be sure to use OfficeMax Reward Card savings on replacement cartridges for a fresh ink/toner supply.

Common OfficeMax Printer Problems and Solutions

Even reliable OfficeMax printers can sometimes experience issues needing attention. Here are some of the most common OfficeMax printer problems and suggested fixes to get you printing again quickly:

Printer offline and won’t print:

  • Check for paper jams or obstructions in the paper path and clear if needed.
  • Inspect interface cables to ensure snug connections between printer and computer.
  • Access printer settings on your computer and turn online status on.

Paper jam:

  • Open the printer and remove jammed paper by gently pulling in the direction it feeds.
  • Check for and remove any small ripped paper scraps inside printer.
  • Clear paper path obstructions like staples or clips.

Printhead error messages:

  • Access printer interface and initiate printhead cleaning to clear dried ink or debris buildup.
  • Remove and reseat printheads to ensure proper contact.
  • Replace damaged printhead if cleanings and resets fail.

Prints blank pages:

  • Confirm cartridges are correctly seated with removed orange tabs.
  • Check ink/toner levels and replace empty cartridges as needed.
  • Run printhead cleaning and confirm nozzles are clear.

Printer not detected errors:

  • Update printer drivers on computer or reinstall if necessary.
  • Try directly connecting via USB instead of wirelessly to isolate networking issues.

If basic troubleshooting steps don’t resolve the problem, OfficeMax tech support can help diagnose more complex printer issues. Extended protection plans also provide repair coverage for many common printer failures after the standard warranty expires.

Ordering Printers Online for Pickup In-Store

One great perk of shopping at OfficeMax is the ability to order printers online for quick in-store pickup. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the process:

How does in-store pickup work?

  • Add a printer to your cart and select in-store pickup during checkout.
  • Select your store location and preferred pickup date/time.
  • Once the store prepares your order, you’ll receive an email that your printer is ready.
  • Show your order confirmation at pickup. No shipping fees apply!

How soon can I pick up my printer after ordering?

  • Printers in stock are typically available within 1 hour.
  • For out of stock items, pickup is available in 3-5 business days once the printer arrives at your chosen store.
  • Rush delivery can guarantee printers faster when needed urgently.

Can I inspect the printer before bringing it home?

  • Yes, you can inspect and test your printer at pickup and reject it if defective or damaged.
  • An OfficeMax employee can assist with unpacking and inspection at the customer service desk before you leave the store.

What if I need to return my OfficeMax printer?

  • Printers can be returned or exchanged easily with a valid receipt within 30 days.
  • Initiate the return at any OfficeMax store location – you don’t need to go back to the original purchasing store.

Ordering online for in-store pickup combines the value and selection of with the convenience of same-day printer retrieval! It’s the best of both worlds.

Protecting Your Printer Investment with Service Plans

To keep your OfficeMax printer running smoothly for years, service plans provide an affordable way to guard against expensive repairs down the road. Here are the key benefits:

  • Extended coverage: Plans extend manufacturer warranty up to 3 years.
  • Technical support: Get unlimited tech troubleshooting by phone, online chat or in person.
  • Discounted on-site service: Plans cover in-home printer repair at reduced rates.
  • Instant replacement: Swap out defective printers at no cost.
  • Accidental damage coverage: Spills, drops, power surges and more are covered.
  • Cancellation policy: Receive a full refund within 30 days if unsatisfied.

OfficeMax service plans start at only $10 for basic coverage, with expanded protection available for $20-40 based on printer model and duration. Given the potential cost of just one repair bill, they provide invaluable peace of mind at a fraction of the price. Definitely consider adding a plan when purchasing a new OfficeMax printer.

Customer Reviews Shape Printer Buying Decisions

With major purchases like printers, most smart shoppers turn to customer reviews to identify the standout models worth buying. Here are some tips for getting the most out of OfficeMax printer reviews:

  • Read multiple reviews across various sites – don’t rely solely on Expand research to Amazon, Best Buy, and other major retailers carrying the same printers.
  • Note the star rating for the overall sentiment, but also read the full written reviews for deeper insight into specific pros and cons.
  • Watch for recurring themes in multiple reviews pointing to clear strengths and weaknesses. Look for consensus.
  • Take technical issues with a grain of salt – some bad reviews stem from improper use, setup or neglected maintenance. Focus on consistent feedback.
  • ** Balance ratings** with your own needs – a photo printer with bad text reviews may still be perfect for you if photos are all that matters.

While customer reviews shouldn’t be the only factor in your buying decision, they offer indispensable real-world perspective directly from customers. Let the reviews guide you, but buy the printer that best fits your usage and requirements.

Must-Have OfficeMax Printer Accessories

Personalize your printer and maximize its convenience with practical OfficeMax accessories. Here are my must-have add-ons:

Printer stand – Provides storage space underneath while raising printer for easier access.

Extra paper trays – Allow quick switching between paper types and minimize reloading.

Wireless printer adapter – Upgrades almost any printer to WiFi capability for cable-free printing.

Printer cleaning kit – Contains swabs and cleaning fluid for printhead maintenance.

Toner refill kit – Refills empty laser toner cartridges and saves money.

Printer cable locks – Deter theft by securing printers, especially in shared office spaces.

Printer dust covers – Protect printers and keep dust at bay when not in use.

High-yield ink cartridges – Reduce long-term printing costs by buying ink in bulk.

Don’t overlook accessories that can enhance your OfficeMax printer. Take advantage of low accessory prices when purchasing a new printer bundle. Protect your investment and maximize convenience with the right add-ons.

Catering to Business Printing Needs

Home office customers aren’t the only ones who can benefit from OfficeMax printers. Business owners can also find enterprise-level printers to take productivity to the next level:

  • High-volume laser printers churn through thousands of pages per month reliably. OfficeMax sells affordable options from HP, Brother, Canon and more.
  • Color lasers add vibrancy to in-house marketing materials, reports, newsletters and more. Models with scanning and copying streamline tasks.
  • Industrial label printers quickly generate product labels, name badges, asset tags and more on demand.
  • Wide-format printers create oversized banners, signs, technical drawings, event displays and large photos.
  • Specialty printers like card printers for ID badges or receipt printers integrate with POS systems.
  • Managed print services provide inclusive printer fleet supplies, maintenance, monitoring and support.

Don’t assume OfficeMax only caters to home users – businesses can upgrade operations with commercial-grade OfficeMax printers purpose-built for their workflow. The expansive options ensure office heroes can find their perfect match.

Eco-Friendly Printer Options

Printers require significant energy and materials to operate, but OfficeMax offers earth-friendly options to minimize your carbon footprint:

  • ENERGY STAR certified – Models meeting EPA standards for energy efficiency save power. Look for the blue label.
  • Duplex printing – Auto two-sided printing reduces paper usage.
  • Recycled cartridges – Using remanufactured ink and toner cartridges cuts waste.
  • Inkjet over laser – Inkjets consume less energy during normal operation.
  • **Default to draft mode **- Lower quality draft printing uses less ink or toner.
  • **Paper saving fonts **- Ecofont and Century Gothic use up to 30% less ink.
  • Recycling programs – Return empty cartridges and old printers to OfficeMax for responsible disposal.

With conscientious settings and usage habits, your OfficeMax printer can stay planet-friendly. Of course, limiting printing to essentials is the greenest strategy of all!

Printing On the Go with Mobile Print Options

Printing from smartphones and tablets is a must for on-the-go business needs. Look for these mobile printing capabilities when shopping OfficeMax printers:

  • WiFi and WiFi Direct allow wireless printing from mobile devices on your home network.
  • Apple AirPrint enables one-click printing from iPhones, iPads and Mac devices.
  • Mopria Print Service lets you print wirelessly from Android phones and tablets.
  • Epson Email Print sends print jobs from any device via email.
  • Brother iPrint&Scan prints directly from apps using wireless hotspots.
  • NFC Printing allows tapping compatible mobile devices to the printer to connect and print.
  • Mobile apps from printer manufacturers simplify wireless mobile setup and use.

With the right mobile features, you can print invoices, photos, receipts and more directly from your phone or tablet. Seek out all-in-one printers with robust wireless and mobile support for maximum flexibility.

Trade In and Save on New Printers

When buying a new OfficeMax printer, inquire about trade-in offers allowing you to turn in your old printer and earn rewards dollars towards a new model. Benefits include:

  • Up to $50 in rewards for an eligible trade-in printer towards a new OfficeMax printer purchase.
  • Fast store credit – receive your trade-in value right at checkout to save instantly.
  • All brands accepted including HP, Canon, Epson, Dell, and more.
  • Cartridges not needed – just the printer chassis can qualify.
  • Easy recycling – keep old electronics out of landfills.
  • Exclusions apply – heavily damaged printers may be rejected. Ink/toner should not leak inside printers.

With the frequent printer trade-in deals at OfficeMax, you can save money while sustainably upgrading your home office. It beats letting an old printer collect dust! Remember to transfer over print heads or ink cartridges to continue using them in your new printer, maximizing savings.

Financing Major Printer Purchases

Printers range widely in price from under $50 to over $1000 for enterprise models. While OfficeMax offers frequent sales and deals, major printer purchases can still strain budgets. Get the printer you need today with these financing options:

  • OfficeMax credit cards – 10% off your first day’s purchases plus 5% back in rewards on all future purchases. Pay over time.
  • 60 days special financing – No interest if paid in full within 60 days on OfficeMax card purchases over $250.
  • Lease-to-own – Spread costs over 12-24 months through Progressive Leasing, available on purchases over $250.
  • Bill me later – Paypal’s Pay in 4 splits your total into 4 interest-free payments every 2 weeks.
  • Credit card promotions – Special financing offers are sometimes available on eligible printer purchases when using select major credit cards. Check terms.
  • Buy now, pay later – Affirm and other services let you make low monthly payments over 3, 6, or 12 months.

Explore all financing options to find the best fit based on your credit, timeline, and budget requirements. While it’s smart to save up when possible, financing makes larger investments viable if a printer is crucial for your business or home office.

Unique Printer Features to Enhance Functionality

Beyond standard printing, OfficeMax printers pack features that enhance functionality for home and business uses:

  • All-in-one printers add scanning, copying, and fax capabilities for comprehensive document management from one device.
  • ADF (automatic document feeder) allows quick, unattended scanning or copying of multi-page documents.
  • Duplex printing produces double-sided prints and copies with ease.
  • Wireless/WiFi connectivity enables convenient cable-free printing anywhere in your home or office network.
  • Expandable trays increase total paper capacity for high volume jobs.
  • High-yield cartridges reduce ink/toner replenishment frequency.
  • Cloud printing lets you send print jobs from anywhere via the cloud.
  • Security features like PIN printing help protect confidential documents.
  • Envelope printing allows seamless envelope addressing without swapping trays.
  • Borderless printing yields photos, brochures and flyers extending fully to page edges.

Seeking out expanded features like these elevates your printer from basic to indispensable. Determine which capabilities would provide the most value for your specific printing needs.

Final Thoughts

As you evaluate the many printer offerings at OfficeMax, identifying your primary uses, workflow, and budget makes it easy to narrow down the choices. Diverse features, brand reputations, and customer reviews help target models that meet your needs. Optimizing printer settings yields improved efficiency and print quality over time. And don’t forget to leverage promotional savings on printer essentials like ink and paper for ongoing affordability.

With this comprehensive OfficeMax printer buying guide at your fingertips, you have all the information needed to find your ideal printer match! Do your homework, seek out reviews, and take advantage of OfficeMax perks like trade-ins, protection plans and financing. And remember that the knowledgeable OfficeMax staff is always available both in store and online to answer any remaining questions during your printer shopping journey. Happy printing!

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