The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Paper Trimmer at OfficeMax


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Table of Contents

A Detailed Look at the Paper Cutting Options Available From This Popular Office Supply Store

As a creative person, I rely heavily on paper trimmers and cutting tools for my projects. Whether I’m prepping materials for arts and crafts, scrapbooking, card making or other hobbies, having the right paper trimmer makes all the difference in getting clean, accurate cuts. Recently, when my old paper trimmer started showing signs of wear, I knew it was time to invest in a new high-quality model. And for me, the best place to find a wide selection of paper trimmers is OfficeMax.

After spending hours researching all the paper trimmer options available from OfficeMax both online and in stores, I feel confident I’ve narrowed it down to the very best choices. In this blog post, I’ll share everything I learned during my epic quest to find the perfect paper trimmer at OfficeMax.

Guillotine vs Rotary: Choosing the Right Cutting Mechanism

The first decision to make when choosing a paper trimmer is whether you want a guillotine style or rotary style cutting mechanism. Here’s a quick overview of how each type works:

  • Guillotine trimmers use a straight stationary blade while a spring-loaded arm brings a swing arm blade down in a slice-like motion to cut paper. The advantage is this allows for very clean, precise cuts. Most hobbyists and crafters prefer guillotine-style trimmers.
  • Rotary trimmers have a round cutting blade attached to an arm that rotates across a stationary platform. They are capable of cutting multiple sheets of paper at once. Rotary trimmers are popular for high-volume cutting jobs.

For my purposes, a guillotine trimmer is the clear choice. The slicing action allows for more control and accuracy than a rotary model. OfficeMax has an excellent selection of guillotine paper cutters ranging from small portable models to larger format trimmers.

Key Features to Look for in an OfficeMax Paper Trimmer

Now that I’ve decided on a guillotine-style paper trimmer, what features and specifications should I look for? Here are the most important factors I’m considering for my purchase:

  • Cutting length – I need at least a 12″ cutting length to handle my projects. OfficeMax offers trimmers with longer cutting lengths up to 36″ for bigger jobs.
  • Thickness capacity – Look for a model that can slice through thick stacks of paper or cardstock. Some OfficeMax trimmers can cut up to 30 sheets at once.
  • Alignment grid – An alignment grid with measurements is essential for accuracy. Models with dual grids are even better.
  • Safety features – I want a trimmer with guards to protect fingers from the blades. Other safety options include non-skid feet, blade latches and more.
  • Cutting mat – Models with a self-healing cutting mat preserve the blades and provide smooth cutting action.
  • Portability – Since I use my trimmer in multiple rooms, one with a carry handle is ideal. OfficeMax has compact portable trimmers as well as large stationary models.
  • Warranty – A decent warranty provides peace of mind in case any issues arise. Many OfficeMax trimmers include 1-3 year warranties.
  • Price – Paper trimmers range from $10 for basic models up to $200+ for professional-grade trimmers. Setting a budget first helps narrow options.

I now have a clear list of must-have features for my new paper trimmer. Next comes the fun part – browsing the actual selection at OfficeMax!

The Paper Trimmer Lineup at OfficeMax: Models to Consider

During a visit to my local OfficeMax store and some time spent browsing their website, I identified several paper trimmer models that make the cut based on my desired features. Here are the contenders:

  • Swingline Paper Trimmer – A compact 15″ guillotine model with safety guard. Cuts up to 20 sheets and includes alignment grid. Priced around $30.
  • OfficePro Paper Trimmer – A mid-range option at $55. Has a generous 20″ cutting length, dual grids and cuts 25 sheets. Portable with carry handle.
  • Premier Guillotine Paper Trimmer – A high-end choice for $150. Cuts up to 30 sheets, has a 24″ cutting length, and a 3 year warranty.
  • Martin Yale Paper Trimmers – From $100-200, these trimmers are known for power and durability. Various sizes and capacities available.
  • Jielisi Rotary Paper Trimmer – For those wanting a rotary model, this $50 trimmer cuts up to 15 sheets at once.
  • Fiskars Recycling Paper Trimmer – An eco-friendly model made of recycled materials for $20. Good for light duty cutting.

I’m leaning towards either the OfficePro or Premier trimmers based on my needs. But I still have some comparison shopping to do before deciding.

Getting the Best Price on a Paper Trimmer at OfficeMax

One of my top considerations when making any major purchase is getting the best deal possible. Here are some tips and tricks I learned for saving money on a paper trimmer at OfficeMax:

  • Always check for sales, coupons and promotions on the OfficeMax website before buying. They often discount paper trimmers 10-25%.
  • Sign up for OfficeMax Rewards to earn points with purchases that can be redeemed for rewards and discounts.
  • Check third party sites like for OfficeMax coupons to use in-store or online. I found a 20% off coupon there!
  • Buy OfficeMax brand models like OfficePro for better pricing compared to premium name brands.
  • Check Amazon and other retailers to price match. OfficeMax often matches competitors’ discounts.
  • Ask about open box discounts for display models or trimmers returned in good condition. Saves up to 30%.
  • Join their email list to get notifications about flash sales, free item coupons and special subscriber promos.

With the right sale or coupon code, I’m confident I can get an awesome deal on the paper trimmer I choose. Saving money is always a win!

To Buy In-Store or Online: Weighing My Options

Now comes decision time! Should I purchase my new paper trimmer at my local OfficeMax retail store or order online from their website? Here are the pros and cons I considered for each option:

Buying in the store:


  • Test and compare models in person before buying
  • Immediate gratification – bring it home same day!
  • Get assistance from knowledgeable staff
  • Avoid possible shipping delays or damages


  • Limited selection on hand vs. online
  • May need to request special order for some models
  • Time consuming to visit physical store

Buying online:


  • Wider selection of all models available
  • Convenience of home delivery
  • Easy price comparisons across models
  • Potentially better sales or discounts online


  • No chance to test in person before purchasing
  • Wait for shipping and potential delivery issues
  • Harder to assess size and features vs. in store
  • Returns may be more difficult

For the ability to see and test the trimmers in person, I’ve decided to make my purchase at my local OfficeMax. The hands-on experience gives me confidence I’m choosing the best model for my needs.

The Moment of Truth: Which Paper Trimmer is Coming Home With Me?

The day has finally come to choose the one – that perfect paper trimmer that will become my trusty cutting companion for all my upcoming craft projects. After much deliberation, the winner is…(drumroll please)…the Premier Guillotine Paper Trimmer!

Here’s why the Premier trimmer outshined the competition:

  • Superior strength: It sliced through 30 sheets like butter at a test in the store.
  • Extra-large size: The 24″ cutting length is long enough to trim posters and banners.
  • Dual alignment grids: The parallel and perpendicular grids ensure flawlessly straight cuts.
  • Safety guards: The blade latch and finger guard give peace of mind when cutting.
  • Self-sharpening blade: The titanium coating means the blade stays super sharp, cut after cut.
  • Carrying handle: This allows easy transport between my studio and craft room.
  • 3 year warranty: Hard to beat a multi-year warranty from a brand like OfficeMax.

At $150 the Premier is certainly an investment, but one I know I’ll get years of use out of thanks to its commercial grade power and durability. And thanks to an online coupon, I saved 15% off the retail price – score!

The Premier Paper Trimmer is now all mine. Let the creative cutting commence!

Putting My New Paper Trimmer to the Test: A Crafting Session

I couldn’t wait to get home and try out my new paper trimmer on some projects I’ve been putting off. Here’s how the Premier performed on its first test run:

Project 1 – Scrapping Photos

First I trimmed down some photos to size for a scrapbook page I’m making. The measurements on the dual gridlines made quick work of sizing everything down consistently. Photos sliced easily and the cuts were perfectly straight.

Project 2 – DIY Birthday Cards

Next I whipped up some DIY birthday cards. The Premier trimmer allowed me to cut shapes and custom edges with total precision. I’m saving so much time not struggling with scissors or messy cuts!

Project 3 – Classroom Decor Signs

Finally, I trimmed colorful construction paper to make motivational signs for my classroom. I was able to cut a high stack of sheets quickly thanks to the powerful guillotine-style blade.

The Premier passed all crafting tests with flying colors! I’m amazed at how much control and accuracy this trimmer provides compared to my old one. It’s safe, easy to handle and makes every project look professionally done. I’m so happy with my purchase!

Maintaining and Extending the Life of My Paper Trimmer

They say taking proper care of your tools is essential for getting the most out of your investment. Here are some tips I plan to follow to keep my Premier Paper Trimmer in peak operating condition:

  • Wipe down the trimming blade after each use to keep it free of debris, adhesive, etc.
  • Open and close the blade gently – never slam it down forcefully.
  • Periodically apply machine oil to the cutting arm hinge to maintain smooth motion.
  • Keep the trimmer stored flat when not in use to avoid damage to the cutting arm.
  • Replace the cutting mat when it shows significant wear to prevent tearing.
  • Follow all maintenance directions in the product manual as needed.
  • Avoid exposing the trimmer to moisture or extreme temperatures.
  • Order replacement blades directly through OfficeMax when needed.
  • Register the product warranty as soon as I get home for coverage peace of mind.

With proper cleaning, storage and handling, I’m hopeful my Premier Paper Trimmer will deliver years of flawless cuts and provide a great return on my purchase!

Final Thoughts: Why I Recommend OfficeMax for Paper Trimmers

After all is said and done, I could not be happier with my OfficeMax paper trimmer shopping experience and new Premier model. Here’s why I enthusiastically recommend OfficeMax to anyone looking for their own perfect paper cutter:

  • Huge selection – Guaranteed to find a model suited for any cutting task from light hobby work to professional jobs.
  • Trusted brands – They carry top rated trimmer brands known for quality construction and cutting performance.
  • Great prices – Between sales and coupons you can score an impressive paper trimmer for not a lot of money.
  • Product expertise – The OfficeMax employees really know their stuff when it comes to paper trimmers and cutting tools.
  • Purchase flexibility – Convenient options to buy in store or online with free shipping.
  • Return policies – Generous return window in case a trimmer doesn’t meet expectations after purchase.

No matter your paper cutting needs, OfficeMax has the perfect trimmer solution waiting for you. Happy crafting!

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