The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect File Folders at OfficeMax


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Table of Contents

Get Organized and Stay On Top of Your Documents with the Right File Folders

Hey there organization enthusiasts! I know you’re always on the lookout for ways to tame that paper monster and get your documents neatly filed away. As a small business owner myself, I totally get it – if I don’t stay organized, things get chaotic REAL quick. That’s why I rely on file folders to keep my invoices, receipts, contracts and everything else in its place.

Today, I want to share everything I’ve learned about finding the perfect file folders at OfficeMax. I was just there stocking up on some new folders for my updated filing system, and let me tell you – they have an incredible selection! I know how frustrating it can be sorting through all the options though, so I’ll walk you through the different types, sizes, colors and materials so you can zero in on exactly what you need.

Whether you just need some basic manila folders for your home office or sturdy eco-friendly file folders to hold legal documents, OfficeMax has got you covered. Let’s dive in!

Standard File Folders – Tried and True Document Organizers

The classic manila file folder is a staple of offices everywhere. Simple, affordable and versatile – what’s not to love? At OfficeMax, you can find these standard file folders in a variety of sizes:

  • Letter size – Perfect for holding 8.5 x 11 inch documents. I use these for invoices, instruction manuals and other standard paperwork.
  • Legal size – Hold your legal contracts and documents in these wider folders designed for 8.5 x 14 inch papers.
  • A4 size – For my international friends, OfficeMax carries file folders sized for A4 sheets.
  • Small size – These little 5 x 8 inch folders are great for receipts, business cards, labels and anything else that’s, well, small!

The standard OfficeMax file folders come in affordable multi-packs ranging from 25 to 100 folders per pack. I like to buy in bulk so I always have extras on hand – running out mid-project is the worst!

You can choose from lots of colors too: black, blue, green, red, yellow and more. Add some flair to your organization! The colored folders make it so easy to color code and categorize files.

Oh, and I almost forgot – you can get standard file folders with and without fasteners to keep papers securely attached inside. I personally love the fastener folders – no more papercuts from staples!

Heavy Duty File Folders – Built Tough for Important Documents

For holding vital records, legal docs and large reports, I suggest upgrading to the heavy duty file folders at OfficeMax. These sturdier folders have thicker construction and interlocking tabs to prevent tearing and splitting. Consider them heavy-weight champions of organizing!

The “Endura-Life+” Polypropylene File Folders are my absolute favorites. I use these reinforced plastic folders for all my most important business paperwork and client files. They’re made to handle frequent filing and pulling without falling apart.

A few things I love:

  • Durable, moisture-resistant plastic material
  • Metal fasteners for reports and contracts
  • Labeled tabs with numbered inserts for quick indexing
  • Bulk packs available up to 250 folders

For serious protection, there are even fire-resistant file folders and waterproof plastic folders. Safeguard your vital records from disaster with these superhero file folders!

Get Eco-Friendly with Recycled File Folders

Here’s an earth-friendly file folder option from OfficeMax – recycled folders made with 30-45% post consumer waste. Reduce your environmental impact while organizing your documents!

These recycled manila file folders have:

  • Sturdy single ply fiber construction
  • Standard letter size and legal size options
  • No fasteners for clean, modern look
  • Bulk packs of 100 folders

I really like using recycled folders for my everyday office needs. And going green has never been easier – OfficeMax makes the recycled folders just as affordable and usable as the regular ones!

Expanding File Folders – Flexible Organization for Growing Documents

Maybe you have some files that keep getting bigger and bigger. Client records, tax documents, ongoing projects – don’t limit yourself to static folders!

Check out the expanding file folders with accordion-style sides that expand up to 4 inches. These flexible folders have 13 pockets that allow you to organize by date, category or whatever other system works for you.

I use these expanding folders for holding monthly receipts and invoices. As the year goes on, I can just keep adding more in each divided pocket without running out of room. No jammed drawers or bursting seams!

You can get basic manila expanding folders, reinforced plastic accordion folders or even portable folding travel files. Your documents will thank you for the extra wiggle room.

File Folders with Tabs – Organized at a Glance

Nothing helps you put your hands on a file faster than tabbed file folders! Skip browsing through messy stacks and see a tabbed label for each category.

OfficeMax has file folders with tabs along the top or down the side. Choose from:

  • Pre-labeled tabs like Client Files, Invoices, Inventory, etc.
  • Blank tabs you can label yourself if the presets don’t fit your needs
  • Multi-color tab inserts for color-coding your files
  • Durable plastic tab file folders or standard manila

I’m currently reorganizing my filing cabinets with new side-tab folders for each client. Being able to see those labeled tabs instantly makes finding what I need so much simpler. Worth the extra couple bucks per pack!

File Jackets & Folders with Fasteners – Serious Document Holding Power

For securing stacks of loose papers and reports, I absolutely swear by the file jackets and fastener folders from OfficeMax. Stop wasting time hole-punching and trying to line everything up in standard folders!

These file folders have built-in prong fasteners that grab documents and keep them neatly organized inside the folder. No fussing with staples required. Just insert your papers and you’re set.

They make file jackets and fastener folders with:

  • 2 prongs for smaller stacks under 50 pages
  • 4 prongs for reports, booklets and manuals up to 300 pages
  • Sturdy chipboard or plastic coating for durability
  • Inner pockets, dividers and index sheets too

I can’t rave enough about these fastener folders – they save me SO much headaches and hassle! No more loose pages slipping out or ripped holes from staples. Just crisp, professional looking documents.

Choose the Right Size File Folders for Your Needs

Now that you know all the file folder options available at OfficeMax, how do you decide what sizes you need? Here are a few tips:

  • Measure your most common document types – don’t jam 8.5 x 11 papers into small folders!
  • Allow 25-30% extra unused space so folders don’t overstuff and bend
  • Get a variety of sizes for misc. items like business cards, receipts, etc.
  • Expanding folders are great for larger, growing document categories
  • Mini folders keep tiny items like labels, stamps and cards organized

You know your files better than anyone else. So take a look at what you’re working with and then you can easily match up the right OfficeMax file folders.

They have every size you could possibly need: legal, letter, A4, small, mini, expanding and more. Measure twice if you have to – well-fitted folders make your whole system run smoothly.

File Folder Racks & Organizers – Store Your Folders in Style

So you’ve got all these awesome new file folders…now where are you going to put them? I’ve tried countless boxes, cabinets and bins trying to organize folders over the years. Then I found the file folder racks and organizers at OfficeMax – and my storage woes were over!

Their file folder racks neatly hold your folders upright so you can thumb through and see the labeled tabs easily. No more dumping everything into a messy drawer or box! I like the sleek metal desktop racks for my most accessed folders.

For major storage, they have large lateral filing cabinets that slide open to reveal rows of perfectly organized file folders. Everything I need is right at my fingertips!

Plastic file caddies are another great option if you’re tight on space. These stackable storage bins hold up to 6 file folders each. Just label the tabs on the caddies and you can find files in a snap. Way better than messy desktop piles!

So don’t just throw those file folders in a random drawer – display them with pride on the file racks and organizers from OfficeMax! You’ll be motivated to actually use your new filing system when you can see it looking so neat and tidy.

Get Your File Folders in Order at OfficeMax!

Well I hope this overview gets you excited and inspired to tackle your file organizing project! Now that you know all the file folder options at OfficeMax, you can build the perfect system for your needs.

Remember to:

  • Choose durable folders for important documents and projects
  • Use tabs for quick visual organization
  • Get the right sizes for a smooth fit
  • Display in racks and caddies for easy access
  • Buy in bulk so you never run out mid-project!

Investing in quality file storage pays off tenfold in organization. Ditch the messy piles and misplaced papers – your ideal filing system is waiting at OfficeMax! Let me know if you have any other office organization questions. I’m always happy to chat about this stuff!

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