The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Copier at OfficeMax


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Table of Contents

Your One-Stop Shop for All Your Business and Personal Copying Needs

As a small business owner, I know how important it is to have reliable office equipment, especially a high-quality copier. My old, outdated copier had seen better days and was constantly jamming and producing terrible print quality. I dreaded making copies! I decided it was time to invest in a new copier, but with so many options on the market, I felt overwhelmed.

After doing some research, I learned that OfficeMax offers an incredible selection of new copiers for both home and business use. From top brands like HP, Canon, Epson, and Brother, OfficeMax has hundreds of copiers to choose from. In this blog post, I’ll share my first-hand experience searching for, purchasing, and using a new copier from OfficeMax. Read on for an in-depth look at the types of copiers, costs, rental options, features, warranties, and more from OfficeMax!

Copier Types Available at OfficeMax

The first thing I discovered is the wide variety of copier types carried by OfficeMax to suit different needs and budgets. They have everything from small, personal printers to high-volume copiers ideal for large offices. Here are the main copier types you can find at OfficeMax:

  • Inkjet Printer Copiers: These are often compact, affordable models perfect for low to moderate copying and printing needs in a home office or small business. They produce good quality copies and prints.
  • Laser Printer Copiers: A step up from inkjets, laser copiers use toner and have faster print speeds, higher copy volumes, and sharper text quality. Great for medium-sized offices.
  • All-In-One Printer/Scanner/Copiers: These versatile machines combine printing, scanning, copying, and sometimes faxing into one device. Convenient for homes and small businesses.
  • Multifunction Copiers: The workhorses of the office, these copiers can print, copy, scan, fax, email, and more. Designed for high performance and large copy volumes in busy offices.
  • Wide Format Copiers: Specialized copiers that can reproduce large format engineering drawings, blueprints, posters, and banners up to 36 inches wide. A must for architecture firms.
  • Desktop Photocopiers: Compact photocopiers small enough to fit on a desk. Easy to use with basic copy functions for small offices.

No matter what type of copier I needed, OfficeMax had lots of options in stock.

Copier Costs at OfficeMax

Of course, an important factor in choosing a copier is the price. Copier costs can range from under $100 for basic inkjet models to over $5,000 for advanced multifunction copiers for enterprise use. At OfficeMax, I found prices to fit every budget.

  • Basic inkjet copiers start around $60 – $250. These are suitable for light home and student use.
  • Mid-range laser printer copiers cost between $300 – $1,000. A great investment for small businesses and home offices.
  • High-performance multifunction copiers run from $1,000 up to $5,000+. Built for high copy volumes in busy offices.
  • Specialty wide format and large copiers can cost over $5,000. Necessary for certain business applications.

The price reflects the size, speed, durability, copy quality, and features. I welcomed the range of prices at OfficeMax, making it easy to find the right copier within my budget.

Can You Rent a Copier from OfficeMax?

For businesses wanting to avoid a large upfront copier investment, OfficeMax does offer rental options on select copier models. This allows you to pay a monthly rental fee over a fixed term rather than purchasing the copier outright.

Rental can make sense if you:

  • Need a copier for temporary spike in demand
  • Have a short-term project requiring a copier
  • Want to try a copier before buying
  • Prefer spreading out payments over time

Rental also includes service and supplies, so there are no extra maintenance costs. However, you don’t own the machine. Overall, copier rental provides flexibility and convenience that purchasing doesn’t offer. It’s perfect for some situations.

Be sure to talk to an OfficeMax associate about available rental terms and pricing. While not every model is eligible for rental, explore this option when copier shopping at OfficeMax.

Top Copier Brands Available at OfficeMax

For me, choosing a well-known, reliable copier brand was important for longevity and performance. I was pleased to find OfficeMax carries all the top brand names in their copier selection.

The major copier brands I found at OfficeMax include:

  • HP: Known for quality and reliability. HP copiers consistently top best-of lists.
  • Canon: A leader in digital imaging, Canon copiers deliver fast speeds and great features.
  • Epson: Provides a range of business and home copiers with EcoTank cartridge-free printing.
  • Brother: Offers affordable, compact copiers with excellent print quality.
  • Xerox: The oldest copier brand. Xerox pioneered office copiers and continues to be a leader.
  • Lexmark: Produces heavy-duty copiers built for high-performance business settings.
  • Dell: Yes, the computer company also makes quality business printers and copiers.

I was familiar with these major brands and felt confident I could trust their copiers for quality and durability. The selection gave me plenty to consider.

Color or Black & White? OfficeMax Has Both

Modern offices need copiers capable of reproducing color documents and graphics in addition to standard black and white copying. Thankfully, OfficeMax carries both monochrome and color copiers to fit different needs.

In general, black and white copiers are more affordable, while color models cost a bit more. Here were my options:

  • Black & white only: Good for copying text documents, contracts, forms, invoices, etc. Usually the most budget-friendly option.
  • Color-capable: Allow you to copy full color photos, charts, brochures, and web pages accurately. Require color ink or toner.
  • Dual purpose: Some color copiers also come with a black cartridge only mode for affordable B&W copying. Very versatile.

For my mostly text-based copying needs, a simple black and white model was sufficient. But having the choice of color, black & white, or both gave me the flexibility I wanted.

Handy Features of OfficeMax Multifunction Copiers

In my search for the perfect copier, I found OfficeMax’s multifunction copiers to be extremely versatile machines. These copiers don’t just copy – they fax, scan, print, email, and more!

Here are some of the handy features that made these copiers so appealing:

  • Automatic document feeder: Feeds pages through for uninterrupted batch copying. A huge time saver!
  • Duplex printing: Prints on both sides of the page to conserve paper.
  • Network connectivity: Lets multiple users access the copier over a wireless network.
  • Security features: Password protection, data encryption, and user permissions to limit access.
  • Fax capability: Send and receive faxes without a separate fax machine.
  • Scan to email: Scan documents and email them from the copier. No computer needed!
  • Mobile printing: Print directly from smartphones and tablets.
  • Touchscreen interface: Easy selection of features on a bright touch display.

These advanced features took my copying experience to the next level. I was seriously impressed with what modern OfficeMax copiers can do!

High-Volume Copiers for Business Available Too

In addition to compact home and small office copiers, OfficeMax also offers heavy-duty high-volume copiers built for nonstop use in busy business settings.

When searching this copier category, I found models with:

  • High monthly duty cycles: Copiers rated for 5,000 – 15,000 pages copied per month without failure or maintenance. Reliable workhorses!
  • High paper capacity: Trays and cassettes that hold 500+ sheets for uninterrupted copying.
  • Finishing features: Automatic stapling, hole punching, and collating for professional results.
  • Speedy speeds: Copy/print speeds measured in pages per minute (ppm) rather than seconds. Up to 55ppm or more for big jobs!
  • Large touchscreens: View and select from copious features on oversized 10-inch displays.
  • Secure printing: Require passcode at the copier to release print jobs for privacy.

While I didn’t need this industrial level of performance, it was great to know OfficeMax offered heavy-duty copiers for much busier offices than mine.

Compact Copiers for Small Offices

On the other end of the spectrum, OfficeMax has a nice selection of compact copiers ideal for confined home offices or small businesses.

I appreciated that OfficeMax carried smaller copier models with features like:

  • Small footprint: Take up minimal desk space in cramped offices.
  • Portability: Lightweight with built-in handles for easy carrying between rooms or buildings.
  • Wireless connectivity: Easily share the copier among multiple computers over WiFi.
  • Affordable pricing: Lower cost fits limited home office and small business budgets.
  • All-in-one functionality: Print, copy, scan in a single compact machine.
  • Manageable duty cycle: Well suited for the modest copy volumes of a small office.
  • Energy efficiency: Save electricity with eco settings and automatic power saving modes.

For my needs, a compact but capable copier designed for small office use fit the bill perfectly. The selection at OfficeMax gave me several high-quality options to review.

Printing Speeds to Match Your Workload

An important consideration for any copier is the print speed measured in pages per minute or ppm. Faster print speeds allow you to rip through large copy jobs quickly.

Here are the general speed capabilities I found across OfficeMax copiers:

  • Basic home copiers: Up to 10-20 ppm for lighter workloads.
  • Mid-range office copiers: Approximately 25-35 ppm for moderate copy volumes.
  • High-volume copiers: Blazing fast 45-55+ ppm for heavy workloads.
  • Specialty graphic copiers: Some can print oversized documents at speeds over 15 feet per minute!

Of course, speed comes with a price, so I had to balance ppm with my budget. For my purposes, a mid-range 25-30 ppm copier gave me the right balance of speed versus cost. The wide range at OfficeMax ensured I could find the right match.

Peace of Mind with OfficeMax Copier Warranties

Like any major purchase, I wanted assurance that my new copier would work as expected. OfficeMax provides warranties and service plans on their copiers for just that reason.

Here are the warranty options I discovered:

  • Standard warranties: 1 year limited warranties covering parts and labor.
  • Extended warranties: Additional 1-3 years protection beyond the standard warranty.
  • Replacement plans: Provides a replacement copier if yours can’t be repaired.
  • Onsite service plans: Qualified techs will come fix your copier at your location.
  • Ink/toner included plans: Warranty includes unlimited replacement cartridges.

For a small additional cost, these plans gave me great peace of mind about my copier working reliably for years to come. Definitely worth considering when shopping OfficeMax copiers.

How to Choose the Right Copier for You

With so many terrific copiers to pick from, how do you determine the right one for your needs? Here is my step-by-step process for choosing a copier at OfficeMax:

  1. Assess your needs: How much copying/printing do you do monthly? What features are must-haves versus nice-to-haves? Do you need color? Get clear on your requirements.
  2. Set a budget: Determine what you can reasonably afford to spend. Copiers range widely in price. Have a budget in mind before shopping.
  3. Browse copier types: Using the earlier sections of this post, narrow down the specific copier categories that align with your needs and budget.
  4. Research brands: Focus on the major brands carried by OfficeMax that match your price range. Read reviews and comparisons.
  5. Compare features: Make a list of your desired features and compare models across brands. See which copiers have the right specs.
  6. Ask for help: Don’t hesitate to ask OfficeMax associates for advice! They are copier experts who can offer guidance.

Following this methodical approach helped me feel confident I selected the very best OfficeMax copier for my particular needs and budget.

Eco-Friendly and Energy Efficient Copier Options

Going green is important to me, so I appreciated that OfficeMax offers environmentally-conscious copiers. These help minimize your carbon footprint by reducing energy use, paper waste, and more.

Key eco-friendly features I came across included:

  • Low energy use: Copiers with deep sleep modes that sip power. Look for EnergyStar-certified models.
  • Recycled plastics: Some copiers use recycled resins in their exterior plastic casing.
  • Duplex printing: All the paper you save by printing double-sided adds up!
  • Eco ink/toner: Special ink and toner formulated to lower emissions and waste while printing.
  • Paper sensors: Detect blank pages and remove them from print jobs to save paper.
  • Recycling programs: Return used ink/toner cartridges to OfficeMax for proper recycling free.

With so many green options, I could easily find an energy efficient, environmentally responsible copier suited to my eco-values.

Save Money Buying Refurbished Copiers

If buying brand new seems outside your budget, consider refurbished copiers. These are used models that have been professionally inspected, tested, repaired, and cleaned by the manufacturer.

I discovered OfficeMax sells certified refurbished copiers that:

  • Work like new: Meet strict performance standards to work flawlessly.
  • Look great: Are restored to like-new condition inside and out.
  • Come with warranties: Provide the same standard 1 year warranty as new models.
  • Offer big discounts: Are priced 30-50% below brand new copiers. Major savings!
  • Range in brand/features: Span entry-level to advanced multifunction copiers.

Buying refurbished was clearly a smart way to get a fully functional copier with all the bells and whistles at a fraction of retail pricing. For bargain hunters like me, it was great that OfficeMax offered high-quality refurbished copiers at such discounted prices.

Financing Options for Copier Purchases

For larger copier purchases, OfficeMax provides financing options so you can spread out payments over time. Financing offers advantages like:

  • Pay over time: Make fixed monthly payments rather than paying 100% upfront. Easier on your cash flow.
  • No interest promotions: Qualifying purchases get 6-12 months interest-free financing. A great deal!
  • Flexibility: Finance as little as $250 up to the full copier purchase amount.
  • Credit check: Quick online credit check provides an instant decision.
  • Affordable payments: Set payments aligned with your budget and repayment abilities.
  • Simple process: Secure electronic paperwork and fast processing.

Financing removed the hurdle of high upfront costs so I could pay gradually while enjoying my new copier right away. Just one more great reason to buy from OfficeMax!

OfficeMax Provides Ongoing Copier Support

I’ll admit, I felt a little overwhelmed trying to set up my new high-tech copier alone. Thankfully, OfficeMax offers excellent ongoing support for the copiers they sell.

After my purchase, I received:

  • In-depth training: A step-by-step walkthrough on using all the copier’s features and settings during delivery.
  • Quick start guide: A handy reference guide with instructions on basic use and troubleshooting.
  • Toll-free help number: A dedicated support line to call anytime I had questions. They walked me through solutions over the phone.
  • How-to videos: The OfficeMax website has an extensive video library showing how to use the copier, replace toner, clear jams, and more. So helpful!
  • User forum: I could connect with other owners and OfficeMax experts active on their community support forums.

Having access to this phenomenal support gave me confidence I could handle any issue with my new copier. OfficeMax has truly thought of everything when it comes to great customer service.

Returning or Exchanging Your OfficeMax Copier

One aspect of shopping at OfficeMax that I came to appreciate was their flexible return and exchange policy. This policy allowed me to:

  • Return within 30 days: I could return my copier for any reason for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.
  • Exchange anytime: If I decided I didn’t like my copier or wanted to upgrade, I could exchange it toward a new model at any time.
  • Free return shipping: OfficeMax arranged complimentary haul-away of my old copier when delivering the exchange or refund. Zero hassle!
  • Easy process: Returns and exchanges take just one quick call or chat session – no return authorization required.

Knowing that OfficeMax allowed worry-free returns or exchanges really instilled confidence in my buying decision. I never felt pressured or locked-in.

Current OfficeMax Copier Deals

To save even more, I always check for any current deals and discounts at OfficeMax. There are always great copier promotions happening!

As I was shopping, I took advantage of:

  • Instant savings: Up to 20% off select copier models for a limited time.
  • Clearance deals: Open box and discontinued copiers reduced while supplies last.
  • Bundle offers: Save up to 10% when buying a copier along with ink or toner.
  • Volume discounts: Bulk and contract copier sales negotiated to fit every budget.
  • Coupons: I found several printable coupons for dollars off copiers on the OfficeMax website.

With various seasonal sales and specials, now is a great time to score fantastic deals on OfficeMax copiers. Definitely shop around!

Ordering Your OfficeMax Copier Online

For convenience, OfficeMax allows you to buy copiers directly online and arrange delivery right to your door.

I loved having the ability to:

  • Browse copiers 24/7: Search inventory and copier buying guides anytime, anywhere from my laptop or mobile phone.
  • Compare models: View multiple copier specs side-by-side in detail.
  • See pricing: Upfront transparent pricing, discounts, and financing options.
  • Check availability: Confirm desired copiers are in stock at my local store before ordering.
  • Purchase online: Complete the entire buying process through their secure website.
  • Schedule delivery: Select my delivery date and 4-hour window. White glove installation included!
  • Track status: Follow the progress of my order from processing to delivery via email and text alerts.

Online ordering was so quick and convenient! Within a week, I had my brand new copier delivered right when promised. OfficeMax made copier buying truly painless.

Customer Reviews Praise OfficeMax Copiers

Before making any major purchase, I always check customer reviews. This gives me unfiltered insight into real experiences with that product.

In researching OfficeMax copiers, I was thrilled to see:

  • 4-5 star ratings: Most current OfficeMax copier models rated 4 stars or higher. Impressive!
  • Praise for print quality: Reviewers love the crisp, professional text pages and vivid graphics.
  • Great ease of use: Customers mention how intuitive and user-friendly OfficeMax copiers are.
  • Reliability praised: Numerous reviews mention the durability and longevity of their copiers.
  • Good customer service: Many shout-outs to the helpfulness of OfficeMax support teams.
  • Great value: Customers feel OfficeMax copiers provide exceptional quality and features for the reasonable prices.

Reading the overwhelmingly positive customer feedback gave me total confidence in choosing OfficeMax. Their reputation for excellence was clear.

Try Before You Buy with In-Store Demos

Finally, I suggest taking advantage of in-store copier demonstrations at your local OfficeMax. This allows you to:

  • Test copiers firsthand: Touch, feel, and experiment with operating different copiers.
  • Experience print quality: Compare image and text quality by printing sample pages.
  • Ask questions: Associates can answer any questions you have on the spot.
  • Compare models: Evaluate which copier’s features and performance best fit your workplace.
  • Confirm comfortable use: Ensure the copier’s screen, buttons, trays, and height suit you.
  • Learn maintenance: Watch associates change toner and clear jams so you know how.

Test driving copiers in person was incredibly worthwhile. I knew which one was right for me before I bought!

So in summary, for an unbeatable selection of quality business and home copiers, ranging from compact print-only to elite multifunction models, OfficeMax simply can’t be beat. With expert help choosing the perfect fit, flexible pricing, strong warranties, and ongoing support, I couldn’t be happier with my OfficeMax copier. Stop by your local store or visit online and find the ideal copier for your needs today!

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