The Ultimate Guide to Choosing and Using L-Shaped Desks for Your Home Office


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Table of Contents

Welcome to the comprehensive guide on everything you need to know about L-shaped desks – one of the most popular desk configurations for creating an efficient and comfortable home office setup. With their spacious surface area and ability to fit perfectly into corners, L-shaped desks are a great choice for a variety of uses.

In this in-depth blog post, we’ll provide key information to help you choose the right L-shaped desk and optimize it for productivity and enjoyment. Topics will include:

  • The top 5 best L-shaped desks on the market
  • Factors to consider when choosing an L-shaped desk
  • Pro tips for placement and setting up your L-shaped desk
  • Answers to frequently asked questions about these versatile desks

So whether you’re looking to create a command center for work, an ideal space for intense gaming sessions, or just want a stylish and functional centerpiece for your home office – read on for the ultimate L-shaped desk guide!

The Best L-Shaped Desks for Home Offices

Let’s start with a look at 5 of the top-rated and most popular L-shaped desks to consider for your workspace:

1. Tribesigns Modern L-Shaped Computer Desk

  • Sleek and minimalist design with a sturdy metal frame and industrial look
  • Available in white or black finish with a scratch-resistant melamine surface
  • Includes shelving unit and small return for extra storage
  • Easy assembly with clear instructions

The Tribesigns L-Desk is a great affordable option for small home offices that still provides ample workspace and storage for improved organization. Reviewers praise its simple, modern styling.

2. Walker Edison Furniture Company L-Shaped Glass Desk

  • Made of high-quality polished glass for a transparency and lightweight feel
  • Spacious 51″ x 20″ dimensions on long side and 51″ x 24″ on return
  • Features stylish, sleek steel accents and supports
  • Optional add-on keyboard tray for improved ergonomics

With its unique glass top design that exudes modern elegance, the Walker Edison L-Desk is perfect for contemporary home offices. The see-through tempered safety glass adds a lightweight, airy aesthetic.

3. Bush Furniture Cabot L-Shaped Desk with Hutch

  • Crafted from distressed, warm wood laminate with rustic style
  • Roomy work surface spans 60″ x 24″ on long side
  • Includes a 4-shelf hutch for book/display storage
  • Built-in 4-port USB hub for convenient device charging

The Bush Furniture Cabot L-Desk brings a handsome, traditional feel to home office spaces with its wood tones and ample storage. Reviewers love the expansive work area and handy built-in USB charger.

4. FlexiSpot Height Adjustable L-Shaped Standing Desk

  • Electric height adjustment from 28″-47″ for sit/stand versatility
  • Spacious 59″ x 29″ surface accommodates multiple monitors
  • Programmable control keypad stores 4 height presets
  • Made of solid but lightweight wood, metal, and MDF

For the health-conscious home office worker, the FlexiSpot L-Shaped Standing Desk delivers the proven benefits of a standing workspace with its electric height control. The surface offers plenty of space for a triple monitor setup.

5. SHW L-Shaped Home Office Wood Corner Desk

  • Sliding keyboard tray and expansive work surface with round contours
  • Made of durable beech wood construction with steel legs
  • Upper open shelf great for storage baskets or decor
  • Fits flush into a corner to conserve space

The utilitarian SHW L-Shaped Desk makes excellent use of corners to open up floor space. Reviewers praise the quality wood construction and keyboard tray feature.

Key Factors in Choosing the Right L-Shaped Desk

Now that you’ve got a radar on some of the best L-shaped desks available, let’s go over key considerations as you evaluate options to find the right fit:

  • Workspace Size – First, carefully measure the intended space in your office or room for the desk’s footprint. Account for clearance you’ll need for your chair when pulled away from the desk.
  • Storage Needs – Think about your ideal storage for an L-desk – do you need a lot of closed drawers or shelves? Open shelving? Locking cabinets? This impacts the selection.
  • Ergonomic Needs – Consider features like height adjustability, keyboard trays, and monitor stands if you’ll use the desk for prolonged computer work.
  • Aesthetic Preferences – Determine the style you want – modern, contemporary, traditional, rustic, etc. Also consider the desk’s materials and color.
  • Placement in Room – Typically L-desks work well situated in corners, but also evaluate whether you want it freestanding.
  • Proximity to Outlets – Ensure there are power outlets within reach of where you’ll place computer equipment on the desk surface.
  • Quality and Durability – Examine materials, construction quality, weight capacity and warranties when comparing options.
  • Assembly Required – Find out whether the desk requires self-assembly or professional installation and the effort involved.
  • Costs – Set a budget and price compare different brands and models. Watch for sales around holidays for the best deals.

Pro Tips for Placing and Setting Up Your L-Shaped Desk

You’ve purchased the perfect L-shaped desk – great! Now it’s time to optimize the placement and setup within your office:

  • Maximize Corner Usage – An L-Desk is tailor made for a corner, allowing you to reclaim otherwise wasted space. But don’t cram it flush into the corner – leave enough room to easily pull out your chair.
  • Create Zones – The two desk surfaces are ideal for setting up work zones – desk supplies and reference materials on the main long surface, computer and electronics on the return.
  • Use Vertical Space – Take advantage of vertical storage and organization above the desk with wall-mounted shelves, racks, and a bulletin board or whiteboard.
  • Mind the Entrance – When freestanding, position the desk so visitors don’t immediately face the back of your monitors and equipment.
  • Allow Traffic Flow – Leave enough room around the desk perimeter for others to walk past without banging into the corners.
  • Add Task Lighting – Supplement overhead lighting with adjustable desk lamps for directing illumination right where you need it.
  • Manage Cables – Make full use of the desk’s grommets and ports for hiding electrical and USB cables off the work surfaces.
  • Accessorize Smartly – Choose desk accessories like trays, stands, and baskets to better organize your most-used items and supplies.

Frequently Asked L-Shaped Desk Questions

Here we’ll tackle some of the most common questions about maximizing L-shaped desks:

What are the benefits of an L-shaped desk?

The main perks of L-shaped desks include increased work surface area, the ability to create specialized activity zones, space efficiency by fitting in corners, and options for closed storage and shelves.

What size L-shaped desk should I get?

Take measurements of the intended space, while accounting for knee clearance and chair pushback. As a rule of thumb, aim for at least 48-60″ for the long desk length (left to right) and at least 24-36″ for the return.

Are L-shaped desks good for gaming?

Yes, an L-shaped desk provides plenty of space for spreading out a multi-monitor setup, gaming desktop, speakers and other accessories. Prioritize surface area and ergonomics like height adjustability.

What is the best material for an L-shaped desk?

Wood, laminates, tempered glass, and metal are common materials, each with pros and cons. Wood offers a traditional, high-end look for a premium price. Laminates are affordable, while glass tops add a modern vibe.

Should I put my L-shaped desk in the corner?

Corners allow you to take advantage of the extra space efficiency provided by an L-shaped configuration. But also consider a freestanding placement if you want the desk visible upon entering the room.

Get the Most Out of Your L-Shaped Desk

We hope this deep dive has given you all the tips, factors and knowledge needed to choose the ideal L-shaped desk for your particular office setup and style. Investing in one of these smartly designed desks can truly take your home workspace functionality and enjoyment to the next level.

With the right L-shaped desk picked out and properly set up, you’ll be able to tackle work tasks in comfort, organize your office efficiently, and even get your game on! Remember – measure twice, customize storage, accessorize wisely, and enjoy the benefits of optimized geometry with an L-shaped desk.

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