The Ultimate Guide to Buying Poster Boards at Officemax


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Your One-Stop Shop for All Things Poster Boards

As a longtime Officemax shopper and poster board enthusiast, I’ve purchased my fair share of poster boards over the years for school projects, science fairs, presentations, and more. When it comes to buying poster boards, Officemax is my go-to store. From standard sizes to specialty boards, Officemax has a huge selection of poster boards to meet any need. In this blog post, I’ll share everything you need to know about buying poster boards at Officemax.

First things first – what sizes of poster boards are available? Officemax carries all the standard sizes you would expect: 11”x14”, 22”x28”, 24”x36”, and 28”x44”. These sizes work well for most basic school projects and presentations. For larger, more professional science fair-type displays, Officemax has oversized boards up to 48”x96”. These jumbo boards allow you to really make a statement! They also have mini poster boards as small as 8.5”x11” for projects with limited space.

In addition to standard rectangular boards, Officemax also offers shaped poster boards like circles, ovals, and triangles. These unique shapes can help your project stand out! Their Eclipse line has pre-cut circular boards ranging from 18” to 48” in diameter.

Now let’s talk pricing. Poster board prices vary depending on size, but in general, you can expect to pay $1-$3 for basic rectangular boards and $5-$15 for specialty shaped or jumbo boards. Foam boards and thicker presentation boards cost a bit more. Officemax often runs weekly specials where you can get poster boards for as low as 50 cents! It pays to watch for sales.

If you need vibrant colors for your project, Officemax has you covered. They carry poster boards in every color you can imagine – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, white, neon, pastels, you name it! Their Astrobrights line has fun bright colored boards in swirls and patterns. Colored boards do cost a bit more than plain white, but they can be worth it for that eye-catching look.

Most Officemax poster boards are made of lightweight cardboard or foam. The cardboard style is inexpensive and easy to cut. Foam boards provide more sturdiness for professional displays. For science fair projects, Officemax recommends corrugated plastic boards which hold up better to repeated handling. No matter what material you need, Officemax has a poster board to fit your requirements.

If you’re working on a big group project or need supplies for an entire classroom, Officemax lets you buy poster boards in bulk. Bulk packs contain 25-100 poster boards, with bigger discounts the more you buy. Splitting a bulk order with classmates can save money. Officemax also offers eco-friendly recycled poster boards made with sustainable materials. Choose from packs made with 100% recycled paper or non-PVC biodegradable plastic.

For school projects, I recommend Officemax-exclusive heavy duty school boards. These boards are thicker for durability, easy to write on with markers, and resistant to minor scuffs and tears. The bright white smooth finish really makes colors pop for a great presentation. At around $2 each, they’re very affordable too.

Now for the fun part – picking which poster board is perfect for YOUR project! Here are my tips:

  • For science fairs, choose corrugated plastic boards in a size appropriate for your display. The 48”x96” jumbo boards are ideal for large, detailed science fair projects.
  • For a class presentation, stick with basic 22”x28” boards in white or black. They’re easy to write on and fit perfectly on a tabletop easel.
  • For a creative school collage or art project, select colorful, patterned boards in fun shapes like circles or triangles. Use neon boards for an eye-catching effect.
  • For a professional conference, upgrade to foam boards for durability. 28”x44” is a standard conference poster size. Print your info on vinyl adhesive sheets for easy application.
  • For outdoor displays or signs, select weather-resistant boards made of plastic. Write on them with UV-resistant markers.
  • For a retail store promotion, rectangular 22”x28” boards work well. Print bold graphics and text on adhesive vinyl sheets for an advertisement-style look.

No matter the project, Officemax has options for everyone’s needs. From preschool to PhD presentations, their huge poster board selection ensures you’ll find the perfect board for the job.

Beyond standard rectangular boards, Officemax carries specialty poster boards to take your project to the next level:

  • Adhesive boards make poster creation easy. They have a sticky surface so you can adhere paper, photos and other lightweight materials without glue or tape.
  • Magnetic boards allow you to attach photos, charts, and other elements with magnets instead of adhesive. Great for changing up your display!
  • Chalkboard boards turn your poster into a writeable surface. Use chalk markers to write, erase, and rewrite your message.
  • Cork boards give you a pin-able felt surface that lets you attach items securely with push pins. Seamlessly add and rearrange elements.
  • Dry erase boards transform your poster into a reusable whiteboard. Use dry erase markers to write and rewrite as needed.

For science fair projects, the magnetic, chalkboard, and dry erase boards are excellent choices since you can modify your display on the fly as needed. They also add interactivity and functionality.

When ordering poster boards online from Officemax, you’ll be pleased with the shipping options. Most boards ship for free right to your door in 5-7 business days. For faster shipping, Officemax offers next day and second day air service for a reasonable fee. They’ll also ship free to your local Officemax store for convenient pickup.

Once your order arrives, inspect your boards carefully. Officemax allows returns and exchanges within 30 days if the items are unused with the original packaging. This is especially useful if you ordered the wrong size or color board. Damaged boards can be exchanged as well.

If you need a helping hand with your poster board creation, Officemax has you covered with a selection of accessories. Pick up poster board kits that come with markers, glue, tape, and rulers to decorate your board. Officemax also offers poster board stands and easels for easy display. For science fair project boards, they carry helpful acrylic risers to neatly angle your display.

After reviewing all the options, it’s clear Officemax is the number one spot for poster board shopping. Their everyday low prices, frequent sales, bulk discounts, and wide selection of sizes, colors, and materials make Officemax the go-to for all things posters. Whether you’re a parent looking for a standard school project board or a professional needing specialty options for a conference, Officemax has it all.

For me, Officemax is much more than just a quick stop for school supplies. Over the years, their poster boards have provided the backdrop for my science fair triumphs, creative school projects, and milestone birthday party decorations. When I walk down the poster board aisle and see the spectrum of colors and choices, it feels full of potential and possibility. I love offering guests a tour of “my office” in the poster board section, sharing my favorites. No matter if you’re shopping in-store or online, Officemax makes the poster board shopping experience fun and fulfilling.

So next time you need a poster board for any occasion – shop with confidence at Officemax. Let their expertise and selection guide you to the perfect board. With the proper materials and a little creativity, you’ll be amazed at what you can make. Officemax is in the business of helping ideas become reality. And it all starts with a simple poster board. Discover your potential today @Officemax.

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