The Ultimate Guide to Buying and Using OfficeMax Cardstock


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Table of Contents

Everything You Need to Know About This Versatile Paper Product

As a creative person, I go through cardstock on a regular basis. Whether I’m crafting handmade greeting cards, printing invitations, or making scrapbook pages, having a good selection of cardstock is essential. Over the years, I’ve tried cardstock from many different stores. But the brand I keep coming back to again and again is OfficeMax.

OfficeMax offers an amazing variety of cardstock at really affordable prices. Their selection includes all the colors, textures, sizes, and weights I could possibly want. And after testing their cardstock with all kinds of art supplies and printers, I can confidently say it delivers great results every time.

So if you’re looking to buy cardstock for your next project, read on for the ultimate guide to OfficeMax cardstock! I’ll share details on pricing, selection, print quality, and more.

Pricing and Budget Options

One of the biggest benefits of choosing OfficeMax for cardstock is the reasonable prices. Their in-house brand cardstock starts at just a few dollars for a pack of 50-100 sheets. For example, a 100-sheet pack of white cardstock costs around $5. This makes it very budget-friendly compared to other brands.

They also offer bulk packs of 500-1000 sheets for big savings. A 1000-sheet ream of white cardstock is around $35. When you break down the cost per sheet, this bulk cardstock is a great deal. It’s perfect if you need a lot of cardstock for crafts, school projects, or professional printing.

OfficeMax also has frequent sales on their cardstock. It’s worth checking their weekly ads or signing up for promo emails. I’ve scored 50% off deals on cardstock many times.

So whether you just need a few sheets for a small project or a huge supply for a business, OfficeMax has cardstock deals to meet your budget. Their everyday low prices combined with regular sales make cardstock very affordable.

Huge Selection of Colors, Textures, and Sizes

Another thing I love about OfficeMax cardstock is the enormous selection. They offer dozens of colors covering every hue in the rainbow. There are primary colors, neon brights, pastels, metallics, and more.

Some of my favorites are the earth tones like Kraft, tan, gray, and mocha. These warm neutrals are perfect for crafts and invitations. I also love their selection of deeper tones like emerald, navy, plum, and wine. And fun prints like polka dots, floral, and animal prints let me get really creative!

The color selection is just the beginning. OfficeMax cardstock comes in a variety of paper textures too. They have ultra-smooth finishes, linen textures, cotton papers, and more. There are thick cardstocks over 100lb weight as well as thinner papers around 60lb.

No matter what type of project you’re doing, they have a cardstock to match your creative vision. Cards, scrapbook pages, business branding, party decor, and more – the possibilities are endless!

OfficeMax also carries convenient cardstock pads and sheets in many standard sizes:

  • Letter size – 8.5”x11”
  • Legal size – 8.5”x14”
  • 12”x12” scrapbook size
  • 5”x7” note card size
  • 18”x24” poster size

For custom sizes, you can choose loose cardstock sheets and cut them to any dimensions needed. Or have them custom cut for you in store. This selection of pre-cut pads and custom-cut sheets makes it easy to find the perfect cardstock fast.

High Print Quality on Inkjet, Laser, and Offset Presses

One key benefit of buying cardstock from an office supply store like OfficeMax is that their paper is designed for optimal print results. The cardstock is compatible with a wide variety of home printers, copy machines, and professional printing presses.

I’ve printed on my inkjet printer at home using both dye and pigment inks. The cardstock holds the ink beautifully with vivid colors and crisp details in the print. Photos printed on the glossy cardstock have a magazine-quality shine and depth.

OfficeMax cardstock also works extremely well for laser printing. The heat of lasers can sometimes scorch thinner papers. But their premium cardstock stands up perfectly to hot laser printers without any issues. Text and graphics come out sharp and clear.

For larger professional print jobs, their cardstock is ideal for offset printing presses too. It has the thickness and opacity needed for clean offset printing. Flyers, brochures, business cards, and event invitations printed on OfficeMax cardstock look fabulous!

No matter how you plan to print on it, OfficeMax cardstock will make your images pop with outstanding quality.

How OfficeMax Cardstock Compares to Staples, Michaels, and Other Brands

OfficeMax cardstock holds up beautifully compared to brands carried at other major retailers like Staples, Michaels, and Walmart. In fact, it consistently surpasses the quality of cardstock from other chains.

The colors are richer and more vibrant on OfficeMax cardstock brand. Their bright white paper really makes images pop. Photos look stunning printed on OfficeMax glossy cardstock because the sheen is smooth and flawless.

The heavy weight of OfficeMax cardstock also gives it a more premium, luxurious feel than thinner competitor papers. It feels substantial in your hand. Their 100lb and 120lb options have a thicker feel similar to photo paper.

I’ve also found OfficeMax cardstock has better surface consistency than other brands. Some cardstocks have areas that feel bumpy or inconsistent under ink. But OfficeMax paper has a smooth, uniform texture across the entire sheet.

Overall, the color palette, print quality, and heavy paper weight make OfficeMax clearly stand out as a superior quality cardstock. It outperforms cheaper store brands for a very reasonable price.

Ideal Weights for Every Project

The varied paper weights available make OfficeMax cardstock extremely versatile. They have weights ranging from 60lb up to 120lb. Here’s a quick guide to which weights work best for different card and paper crafts:

  • 60-65lb – Ideal for greeting cards, invitations, and lightweight posters. Thin enough for easy folding but still substantial.
  • 80-100lb – The best all-purpose weight for business cards, postcards, scrapbook pages, and small signs. Provides good thickness without being overly bulky.
  • 110-120lb – Extremely thick and durable for rigid postcards, door hangers, table tents, and large posters. The highest quality feel.

I like to keep a range of weights on hand so I can easily grab the ideal cardstock for each project. The 60lb papers are great when I need something foldable and mail-friendly. But for more sturdy items like scrapbook pages, I’ll choose 100lb for a nice firm, thick piece.

OfficeMax makes it easy to find cardstock in the perfect paper weight for every creative project.

Works Flawlessly with All Inks, Markers, Pens, Pencils, and More

Besides providing flawless printing results, OfficeMax cardstock is also extremely versatile for use with all kinds of manual art supplies. I’ve used it extensively with:

  • Markers – Both alcohol-based and water-based markers look stunning on OfficeMax cardstock. The colors are brilliant and there’s no bleed-through.
  • Ink pens – Gel pens, ballpoint pens, and felt tip pens glide smoothly across the surface without skips.
  • Colored pencils – Layered pencil drawings have excellent tooth and texture on the cardstock.
  • Paint and mixed media – With some light gesso prep, acrylic, gouache, and watercolor paints adhere perfectly.
  • Craft punches – The cardstock cuts cleanly with bold shapes.

No matter what type of crafty hand-embellishing I’m doing, OfficeMax cardstock never lets me down. It truly enhances the finished look of all my projects.

Eco-Friendly Options Available

For environmentally-conscious crafters, OfficeMax offers several earth-friendly cardstock choices:

  • 100% recycled – Made from 100% post-consumer waste recycled material. Has a brown Kraft shade.
  • FSC-Certified – Certified by the Forest Stewardship Council for sustainable forestry practices. Available in many colors.
  • PCW Content – Contains 30% post-consumer waste recycled material blended with virgin fiber. Comes in white and colors.

It’s reassuring to know there are greener options available if you want to reduce paper waste. I like to use the eco-friendly cardstock for projects I’m selling or gifting to clients. The 30% PCW bright white cardstock offers the best of both worlds – it looks and feels like a premium paper but contains recycled material.

Get the Volume You Need with Bulk Deals

One of the biggest perks of buying from OfficeMax is the ability to purchase cardstock in bulk for big savings. While their packs of 100-250 sheets are fine for personal use, businesses and crafters selling handmade goods will need much more.

Luckily OfficeMax makes it easy to buy cardstock in bulk through these options:

  • In-store bulk packs – Save by buying packs of 500-1000 sheets in store. They offer bulk quantities of white and colored cardstock.
  • Special order reams – Need even more volume? OfficeMax can place special orders for boxes of 2500-5000 sheets with free delivery to your local store.
  • Business programs – Large/frequent buyers can enroll in their business savings program for additional bulk discounts and perks.

No matter if you need 500 sheets or 5000 sheets, OfficeMax has the inventory and purchasing programs to supply you with all the cardstock you require. Be sure to ask about bulk discounts in store – I’ve saved up to 30% off by buying big packs at once.

Perfect for Professional Branding, Reports, Presentations, and Signage

While cardstock is commonly used for paper crafts, it also has many applications in business and commercial printing. The professional-grade cardstocks from OfficeMax are ideal for:

  • Business branding – Get 500-1000 custom business cards, letterhead sheets, and envelopes printed on premium cardstock. Much higher quality than basic paper.
  • Reports and presentations – Print full-color sales reports, pitches, and presentations on thick glossy or matte photo cardstock. Looks extra polished and impressive.
  • Product packaging – Use colored cardstock matched to your brand for nice retail product boxes, inserts, and tags. Makes items feel more luxe.
  • Event signage – Posters, table cards, banners and more pop on cardstock. The extra weight keeps signage rigid during busy events.
  • Office organization – Use colored cardstock for labeling folders, bulletin boards, and binders. Coordinate with your office decor.

The next time you need to print something for business or organization, choose cardstock from OfficeMax rather than plain paper. It elevates the perceived quality and value.

Rave Reviews From Crafters and Professional Printers

Beyond my own great experiences, OfficeMax cardstock also has outstanding reviews from craft bloggers, Etsy shop owners, and printing professionals. The key benefits they praise include:

  • Vibrant, accurate colors
  • Professional heavyweight feel
  • Reliable performance across all printers
  • Smooth, consistent paper texture
  • No jamming, even in high-speed printers
  • Excellent value for the price
  • Huge variety of options

Here are just a few direct quotes from happy cardstock buyers:

“This is my absolute favorite cardstock to use for greeting cards and invitations. The colors are so vivid and it has a perfectly smooth coating.”

“I was skeptical that an office supply store brand would hold up to my commercial printer, but this printed flawlessly. Better than the premium papers I usually buy!”

“I love the big variety of colors and textures OfficeMax offers. Their cardstock gives my crafts and branding that high end look for a fraction of the price!”

Positive feedback from actual buyers gives me even more confidence I’ve made the right choice committing to OfficeMax cardstock.

Ideal for Any Paper Craft Project Imaginable

I’ve used OfficeMax cardstock for so many types of crafts and printing over the years. Here are just a few examples of projects where it really shines:

Greeting Cards and Invitations

From simple greetings to fancy layered cards, cardstock is an obvious choice. The colors and textures are perfect for making cards feel special. I love using metallics and pastels to make feminine cards or bold solids for modern designs.

Posters, Signs, Banners

For any type of temporary signage, cardstock gives a bold, graphic look. The white and colored stocks are substantial enough to stand rigid without curling. I’ve made real estate open house signs, school event posters, wedding welcome signs, trade booth signage, and so much more.

School Projects

Cardstock is more interesting than plain copy paper for reports, infographics, displays, flashcards, and presentations. I use colored cardstock to color code and organize all my child’s schoolwork.


The 12″x12″ cardstock pads are perfect for scrapbook pages! Photos really stand out on the white background. And you can coordinate pages by color or theme.

Retail Packaging

If you sell handmade or custom retail products, customizable cardstock packaging makes a great impression. I use kraft colored stock for tags and wraps to support the homemade aesthetic.

Stickers, Tags, and Die Cuts

Cardstock is the perfect medium for cutting machines like Cricut and Silhouette. The varieties with a linen or other textured finish add beautiful detail. Metallic stocks make dazzling embellishments.

As you can see, the possibilities with OfficeMax cardstock are endless! And I find new ways to use it all the time.

Satisfaction Guaranteed with Return Policy

I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with OfficeMax cardstock. But it’s always reassuring to know a brand stands behind their products in case something is defective.

Luckily OfficeMax offers a simple return and exchange policy for opened packages of paper. If you ever receive a pack that has damage, poor print quality, or other issues, just return it to any location.

As long as you have the receipt, unopened packs can be returned for a full refund within 30 days. And OfficeMax also allows exchanges for a different size, color, or texture if you simply decided the paper wasn’t right for your project. Just be sure to check the return policy for details before purchasing.

It’s great to have this peace of mind. But like I said, I’ve never actually had to utilize the cardstock return policy because the quality always exceeds my expectations!

Convenient In-Store Shopping or Online Delivery

One major perk of OfficeMax is the convenience of shopping in person at one of their nationwide retail stores. Being able to flip through packs of cardstock and see the colors in person is so helpful in narrowing down options.

But if you prefer shopping online, has the full selection available for home delivery. You can even utilize their convenient Buy Online, Pick Up In Store option to order cardstock online then swing by to grab it.

The pickup service is free and fast – your order is usually ready within a few hours. This is perfect for busy parents or anyone who needs materials quickly. Order what you need during a work break and it’ll be waiting when you get off.

Between the retail stores and user-friendly website, OfficeMax makes it so simple to get great cardstock fast.

Discover Premium Cardstock at OfficeMax Today!

As you can see, OfficeMax offers an unbeatable selection of top-quality cardstock for crafters, creative entrepreneurs, students, and professional printers. Their vast variety, competitive prices, bulk deals, and satisfaction guarantee make OfficeMax my #1 choice for cardstock.

So next time you need premium paper for printing, crafting, or DIY projects, look no further than OfficeMax cardstock. Conveniently shop online or in local stores nationwide.

Discover firsthand the vibrant colors, luxurious textures, and reliability that makes OfficeMax cardstock a staple for all my creative needs. I know you’ll love it too!

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