The Top 5 Scented Gel Pens for Writing, Journaling, and Drawing


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Scented gel pens have become incredibly popular over the last few years. And for good reason! These pens feature bright, vivid ink colors and leave behind a lovely scent as you write or draw. The scents can range from sweet candy and fruit flavors to fresh floral aromas. It’s an easy way to make writing or artistic activities more enjoyable and sensory.

The scented ink is contained within the gel pen cartridge along with the colorful ink. As you write, the fragrance is released, leaving your pages with a lingering scent. The fragrance also transfers briefly to your fingers as you write. Some people find the scent to be motivating and inspiring. Others simply think it’s fun to have writing pages or drawings that smell like watermelon, cotton candy, or roses!

With so many scented gel pen options on the market though, how do you choose? In this blog post, we’ll recommend the top 5 scented gel pens based on quality, variety of colors and scents, ink brightness, comfort, and value. Whether you’re looking for great pens for yourself or want to buy a set as a gift, you’re sure to find some appealing options on this list!

Best Overall: Sakura Jelly Roll Scented Gel Pens

Our pick for the best overall scented gel pens is the Sakura Jelly Roll set. Sakura is one of the original gel pen makers, so they’ve perfected the formula for smooth writing and bright colors. Their scented gel pen set offers 10 vibrant colors, each with a different fruity, sweet, or floral fragrance.

Reviewers love these pens and they have over 250 4-star reviews on Amazon. The ink colors are rich and the scents seem to last longer than other brands. The scents themselves aren’t overpowering but do linger nicely on the page. Options range from cherry and cotton candy to lemon and orange.

The Jelly Roll pens feature a comfortable grip and medium tip that works well for writing and drawing. The ink is acid-free and safe. Everything about these pens just works really nicely! The overall set is great for students, crafters, artists, or anyone who enjoys colorful writing and drawing.

Here are some tips for getting the most enjoyment out of Sakura Scented Jelly Roll pens:

  • Store pens tip-down when not in use to keep the scented ink saturated in the tip. This helps extend the life of the scent.
  • Keep caps on when not writing to prevent ink and scent evaporation.
  • Don’t let multiple people use the same pen if you want to keep the scent pure. Scents can get muddled when people share pens.
  • Consider protective sleeves for these pens to prevent damage and leakage in bags.
  • Use for special projects like banners, cards, artwork to make the most of the beautiful colors.

This reasonably priced 10-pack offers great value for the number of quality scented pens you get. If you can only buy one scented gel pen set, Sakura Jelly Roll is a fabulous choice you’re sure to love.

Best Variety: Mr. Pen Scented Gel Pens

For the largest variety of scents and colors, we recommend the Mr. Pen scented gel pens. This huge set offers over 40 different color and scent combinations so you can create a vast personalized palette!

The fragrances encompass floral, fruits, spices, candies, and everyday items like cola and cotton candy. Scents are labeled on the pen barrels to easily identify options like strawberry, rose, lemon, and coffee. The gel ink colors are just as varied, from bright primaries to neon shades.

Reviewers say the ink flows smoothly and the pens are very comfortable to hold for extended writing sessions. The medium tips work well for most tasks like journaling, note-taking, or artistic drawing. Everything about this pen set is designed to provide a comfortable, functional writing experience.

The scents last fairly well though you may notice some fade over months of heavy use. But the pens can be easily refilled with Mr. Pen ink cartridges to restore brightness and fragrance.

With so many combinations, the Mr. Pen set is awesome for color-coding your notes, to-do lists, or projects. They bring personality and flair to any writing task. Artists and crafters will love having a wide palette of colors and scents too.

You get an incredible value with this set – often over 100 pens for less than $20. It’s an affordable way to explore a huge range of scented colored pens. These are great for personal use, gifts, or classroom supplies.

Some tips for getting the most from your Mr. Pen scented gel pens:

  • Store pens horizontally in a pen case to prevent ink from pooling.
  • Use each pen regularly to prevent the wick from drying out.
  • Keep away from extreme heat or sunlight to maintain scent and ink integrity.
  • Consider refills when scents start to fade after heavy use over time.

Best Scent Variety: Tulip Scenic Gel Pens

Out of all the scented gel pen sets we researched, the Tulip Scenic pack offers the most extensive range of scents – over 25 delicious options!

Along with fruity and floral fragrances, these pens offer unique scents like root beer, chocolate, cotton candy, and cola. There are also some amazing herbal/spice choices like lavender, eucalyptus, and rosemary. It’s so fun to “flavor” your writing pages with these aromatic scents.

The ink colors are just as varied with both bright and pastel shades. The pens feature medium tips that make smooth marks on the paper. The gel ink is non-toxic and acid-free. Reviewers say the grip is very comfortable even with extended use.

You can buy Tulip Scenic gel pens in sets of 5, 20, or 100 pens so there’s an affordable option for any budget. They make amazing gifts for crafters, writers, artists, and students who will appreciate the whimsical scents.

The only downside some customers report is that the scents fade after a few months of heavy use. This seems to be an issue with all scented pens as the volatile oils that produce the fragrance eventually evaporate. But proper storage and only occasional use can extend the scented life significantly.

Here are some tips for keeping Tulip Scenic pens sounding and writing great:

  • Store pens tip down to keep ink saturated.
  • Use each pen regularly to prevent fragrances from fading faster.
  • Keep caps secured when not in use.
  • Consider convenient pen cases to prevent leaks.

If you want to explore a huge range of unique scents beyond basic fruit and flowers, Tulip Scenic pens are a fantastic choice. There’s a fragrance sure to appeal to everyone.

Most Affordable: Shuttle Art Scented Gel Pens

For the best value when buying scented gel pens, Shuttle Art is the clear budget choice. You can purchase massive sets of 30, 50, or even 100 scented gel pens for incredibly affordable prices.

These pens offer a satisfying variety of scents and vivid ink colors. The gel pens have easy-grip barrels and medium tips suitable for most writing or drawing needs. Reviewers say the pens are comfortable to use for long periods.

Popular fragrances include fruits, sweets, and florals. Helpful labels identify each pen’s scent. The gel ink flows smoothly and sets quickly on paper. Shuttle Art makes sure to use non-toxic, acid-free ink.

The main downside to these affordable scented pens is that both the ink colors and scents tend to fade quicker than more expensive brands. Some customers report the pen tips also wear down faster with regular use. But considering the huge quantity you get at such a low cost, the pens are still an amazing value.

Here are some tips for getting the most enjoyment from Shuttle Art scented gel pens:

  • Store pens horizontally in a protective case to prevent leaks.
  • Consider refills when ink flow becomes less smooth or scents fade.
  • Rotate pens frequently when journaling or drawing to distribute wear.
  • Keep out of high heat or sunlight to maintain vivid colors.

Even with the drawbacks, Shuttle Art pens deliver an amazing spectrum of colors and scents at highly affordable multi-pack prices. They’re great choices for schools, offices, crafting, orgifts.

Best-Smelling: Sunflowers & Rainbows Gel Pen Set

While most scented gel pens focus on fruit or candy fragrances, the Sunflowers & Rainbows set stands out for lovely floral scents. This set is perfect for people who prefer lighter, botanical aromas.

The set contains 10 pens in a nice range of bright pigments like pink, purple, orange and green. Scents are predominantly floral – think lavender, peach, jasmine, rose, and other blossoms. It’s like writing with the essence of a garden!

Reviewers say this brand generally has better scent longevity than other options. The flowery fragrances seem to linger longer on the page. The ink delivery is smooth and consistent. And the pen barrels have an easy-grip design.

At a slightly higher price point than some sets, Sunflowers & Rainbows scented gel pens are considered a good value for the long-lasting floral scents and soft, bright colors. Crafters also love combining these pens with flower-themed projects like journals, wall art, and cards.

Here are some tips for enjoying these beautifully-scented gel pens:

  • Keep caps secured tight when pens aren’t in use to limit fragrance evaporation.
  • Consider archival inkjet prints of your artwork to make scents last forever!
  • Pair pens with floral washi tape or craft flowers to complement the scents.
  • Give as gifts to gardeners, florists, botanical artists.

If you prefer lighter scented gel pens with lovely floral bouquets, Sunflowers & Rainbows are a great option. The ink flows smoothly, the scents last, and the colors are soft and vibrant.

Explore the Creative Potential of Scented Gel Pens

Scented gel pens are more than just a novelty – they provide an easy way to engage more senses in the writing or creative process. The fragrances can trigger memories and emotions. They can set a mood or ambiance as you write in a journal or create art. And they add an extra bit of fun and luxury to ordinary tasks like note-taking or letter-writing.

The five sets we featured all offer quality pens with a rainbow of color choices to spark your creativity. The scents range from juicy fruits to heavenly flowers. There are affordable options for any budget, from personalized sets to classroom packs.

We hope this guide makes it easier to choose scented gel pens to enhance your projects. They make fantastic gifts for students, artists, writers, crafters, and anyone who enjoys sensory experiences. Let us know your favorites or recommendations in the comments below!

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