The Best Wall Mounted Whiteboard Cabinets to Organize Your Space


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Do you find yourself constantly searching for a pen and paper to jot down notes or brainstorm ideas? Do your standard dry erase boards always seem to be covered in yesterday’s to-do list? Having the right wall mounted whiteboard cabinet can be a total game changer for your home office, classroom, or any other space where you need an easily accessible place to write.

Unlike traditional wall mounted whiteboards, whiteboard cabinets give you ample writing space while also allowing you to store accessories like markers, erasers, and magnets out of sight but within arm’s reach. With the door closed, they declutter your work environment and prevent accidental erasing of important notes or drawings. With so many options on the market, however, it can be tricky to determine which wall mounted whiteboard cabinet will suit your needs best.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the key factors to consider when shopping for a wall mounted whiteboard cabinet for your space. I’ve dug into all of the features, benefits, and potential drawbacks of the top five bestselling whiteboard cabinets based on my extensive research. Whether you need to organize a home office, craft room, classroom, or garage workshop, you’ll find the perfect wall mounted whiteboard cabinet solution here!

Key Factors to Consider For Choosing a Wall Mounted Whiteboard Cabinet

Before deciding on a specific whiteboard cabinet, take stock of your available wall space and how you plan to use the cabinet. Here are the most important features to keep in mind:


Consider the dimensions of the wall you plan to mount the cabinet on. Make sure to measure the width and height to find a cabinet that will fit the area appropriately. Standard cabinet sizes range from about 3ft to 5ft wide and 2ft to 4ft tall. Think about your typical needs – a larger cabinet around 5ft wide gives you ample writing and projection space for office meetings, while smaller 3-4ft cabinets work well for household use.


Wall mounted whiteboard cabinets are typically made from melamine, porcelain, or glass. Each material has pros and cons:

  • Melamine – Most budget-friendly option; magnetic; stains easily
  • Porcelain – More premium feel than melamine; fully erasable surface; magnetic
  • Glass – Sleek, modern look; not magnetic; writing can stain if not cleaned quickly

Consider the cleanability, durability, and magnetic properties you need. Porcelain and melamine tend to be best for places that will get a lot of use.


Look for a style that matches your room’s existing decor. Frameless cabinets with sleek edges give a more contemporary look. Traditional framed cabinets offer a more classic style. Colors like black, white, or gray tend to fit with most color schemes.

Ease of Installation

Wall mounted cabinets require stud mounting and some basic DIY skills. If you’re unfamiliar with drilling into studs and wall mounting, consider hiring a handyman to ensure it’s installed safely and securely. Some cabinets come with mounting hardware while others require purchasing compatible anchors and screws.

Ease of Use

Check that the cabinet will be mounted at an accessible height for all users to reach. Consider doors that slide horizontally rather than hinged doors that need room to swing open. Magnetic accessories like eraser holders, marker trays, and pen holders allow you to organize accessories right inside the cabinet.

Now that you know what to look for in a wall mounted whiteboard cabinet, let’s talk about the top five options that rise above the rest! I chose these whiteboard cabinets based on their stellar online reviews, quality construction, smart features, and overall value compared to competitors.

Top 5 Recommended Wall Mounted Whiteboard Cabinets

1. Syntax Magnetic Glass Whiteboard

Overview: 4ft x 3ft tempered glass whiteboard cabinet with aluminum frame, sliding door, and magnetic surface. Sleek modern design great for home or office.

Key Features:

  • 1/4″ thick tempered glass is scratch resistant and durable
  • Hidden side access door to store markers, erasers & extras
  • Sliding door won’t stick out & block walkways
  • Magnetic surface holds notes, calendars, artwork
  • Aluminum frame with rounded silver corners


  • Gorgeous modern glass design
  • Magnetic surface is a huge perk
  • Sturdy aluminum frame built to last
  • Spacious 4ft x 3ft size


  • Glass shows writing stains if not cleaned promptly
  • Relatively heavy at 80 lbs
  • Does not include mounting hardware

Price: $299.99 on Amazon

2. Miroir Framed Porcelain Whiteboard

Overview: 47″ x 35″ framed porcelain whiteboard cabinet with shatterproof door. Traditional style great for classrooms.

Key Features:

  • Porcelain writing surface won’t stain or ghost
  • Strong solid wood frame with classic black finish
  • Durable tempered glass door protects notes & drawings
  • Full-extension metal tray stores accessories
  • Keyholes on back for easy wall mounting


  • Porcelain wipes totally clean every time
  • Built-in accessory tray very convenient
  • Professional framed design
  • Sturdy solid wood cabinet construction


  • Heavy at 85 lbs
  • Framed style eats up wall space
  • Door doesn’t slide or fold in

Price: $189.99 on Home Depot

3. Quartet Magnetic Melamine Whiteboard

Overview: 48” x 36” frameless melamine whiteboard cabinet. Budget-friendly option ideal for home offices.

Key Features:

  • Economical melamine writing surface
  • Magnetic surface holds scheduling magnets
  • Full-length marker tray under cabinet
  • Frameless design with shatterproof tempered glass door
  • Wall mounting hardware included


  • Very affordably priced
  • Good quality for the low price
  • Magnetic surface
  • Generous built-in storage


  • Melamine stains and ghosts more than porcelain
  • Thinner tempered glass door
  • Not as stylish as some options

Price: $114.99 on Amazon

4. U Brands Glass Whiteboard Cabinet

Overview: 4ft x 2ft frameless tempered glass cabinet. Great mid-range option for craft rooms.

Key Features:

  • Tempered glass door protects drawings
  • Frosted glass side access panel
  • Glass won’t stain or ghost like melamine
  • Full-length pull-out marker tray
  • Mounting brackets and hardware included


  • Tempered glass wipes completely clean
  • Pull-out tray keeps accessories at hand
  • Sleek modern style fits any decor
  • Generous included storage space
  • Easy installation with all hardware


  • Not magnetic like melamine or porcelain
  • Smaller size than some options
  • Glass scratches easier than other materials

Price: $189.99 on Wayfair

5. Battle Glass Custom Sized Cabinet

Overview: Make your own custom sized tempered glass cabinet. Great built-to-fit option.

Key Features:

  • Choose any dimensions from 2ft x 2ft to 4ft x 8ft
  • Tempered glass door and sides
  • Anodized aluminum frame
  • Wall cleat mounting system
  • Marker tray and accessories available


  • Fully customized size perfect for your space
  • Sleek glass design works anywhere
  • High quality thick tempered glass
  • Easy mounting cleat system


  • Most expensive option
  • Longer 2-3 week production time
  • Not magnetic

Price: Starting at $349.99 for 2ft x 3ft size on

Frequently Asked Questions About Wall Mounted Whiteboard Cabinets

How do I know what size wall cabinet to get?

Take measurements of your wall space including width and height. Standard cabinet sizes range from 2ft x 2ft up to 4ft x 6ft. Consider how you’ll use the space – larger sizes allow more people to collaborate. But don’t overwhelm a small wall with an oversized cabinet.

What’s the best material for an erasable wall cabinet?

Porcelain offers the absolute best writability and erasability without stains or ghosting. Melamine works well too but tends to stain with permanent marker. Glass looks ultra modern but can be scratched over time.

Should I get a frameless or framed whiteboard cabinet?

Frameless models have a sleek, modern look and take up less visual space on the wall. Framed cabinets offer a more finished, built-in look but do occupy more area. It just comes down to your visual preference!

How difficult is it to install a wall mounted whiteboard cabinet?

If you’re comfortable locating wall studs, drilling pilot holes, and installing with anchors, it’s a very doable DIY project. Feel free to hire a handyman if you don’t want the hassle – it likely won’t cost too much.

How can I accessorize my wall mounted whiteboard?

Look for cabinets with built-in trays or racks to hold markers, erasers and magnets. Many also offer additional magnetic accessories like pen holders, calendar frames, marker bags and more.

Any tips for effectively using a wall mounted whiteboard?

Make sure it’s installed at a height accessible to all users. Use different colored markers for categories. Jot down temporary notes toward the bottom and leave open space up top for longer term content. Keep an eraser nearby and clean it completely each week.

How do I clean and care for a wall mounted whiteboard cabinet?

Use a soft microfiber cloth and either a spray cleaner formulated for whiteboards or vinegar and water solution. Avoid harsh chemicals. Wipe down weekly.

Are wall mounted whiteboard cabinets affordable?

There are very budget-friendly options under $150, mid-range models from $150-$300, and premium cabinets over $300. Consider it an investment that will last for years.

Where can I buy a quality wall mounted whiteboard cabinet?

Top brands like Quartet, U Brands, and Best-Rite are available on Amazon and big box retailer sites. Specialty retailers like also offer great selections.

Concluding Thoughts

Adding a wall mounted whiteboard cabinet can make your workspace drastically more organized and productive. Whether you need to carve out an office corner at home or outfit a classroom, garage, or company conference room, there is a perfect whiteboard cabinet solution for your needs and budget.

Think about how you plan to utilize the space, then use the recommendations above to zero in on the ideal size, style, accessories, and quality construction you should look for. Install your new wall mounted whiteboard cabinet properly, keep it stocked with high quality accessories like markers and erasers, and turn it into your go-to organizational command center!

Let me know if you have any other questions about choosing the perfect whiteboard cabinet for your home or office needs. I’m always happy to share my research to help readers make the most informed decisions for their workspace. Here’s to many brainstorming sessions ahead on your beautiful new wall mounted whiteboard!

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