Shopping for Binders? Here’s the Lowdown on OfficeMax’s Extensive Selection


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Table of Contents

As a busy professional, student, or anyone who needs to organize documents and papers, having a robust binder arsenal at your fingertips is a must. But with the overwhelming choices of sizes, styles, and brands available today, it can be a challenge sorting through it all to find the right binders for your needs.

Luckily, OfficeMax is here to make binder shopping a breeze. From budget-friendly basics to custom printed presentation binders, OfficeMax truly offers a binder for every situation. As a long-time OfficeMax binder shopper myself, allow me to walk you through their vast selection so you can stock up with confidence.

Binders Galore: The Many Types Available at OfficeMax

Stationery stores used to primarily stock simple two-ring vinyl binders in a handful of colors. How times have changed! Today, the variety of binders at OfficeMax is truly staggering. From heavy duty D-ring models capable of holding 500+ sheets to chic metallic zippered binders, they offer something for every taste and need.

No matter what type of binding system you prefer, you’ll find it at OfficeMax. In addition to standard two- and three-ring styles, they offer GBC comb bindingVelo bindingcoil binding, and ProClick disc binding. This makes it easy to create beautiful lay-flat bound books for photo albums, cookbooks, or planners.

Presentation binders are another category where OfficeMax shines. Their Oxford and Esselte Pendaflex options come in sleek leatherette covers with interior pockets for business cards and documents. Storage binders with sturdy slipcases are perfect for archiving important records, while scrapbook photo binders make treasured snapshots easy to flip through.

From elementary school homework assignments to professional proposals, OfficeMax truly offers binders suited for any purpose. Keep reading to learn more about the key features to look for during your search.

“Going Green”: Eco-Friendly & Recycled Binders

In today’s world, many people aim to reduce their environmental footprint wherever possible. The good news is that OfficeMax makes this easy with their wide selection of recycled and eco-friendly binders.

Several binder brands at OfficeMax utilize recycled polypropylene covers, which are specially treated to look and feel like traditional vinyl. Top brands like Oxford, Avery, and Samsill all offer these greener options.

For the ultimate in sustainability, there are even binders made with 100% recycled cardboard covers. Case-it and EnviroLife are two popular OfficeMax eco-binder brands to look for. They have sturdy chipboard covers and come in a variety of earth-tone colors.

Inside the binders, many brands have lined paper dividers and pocket accessories made with recycled paper content. This allows for a reduced carbon footprint from start to finish.

It’s reassuring to know that style and convenience don’t have to come at the cost of sustainability. Between the many recycled cover options and eco-friendly paper accessories, OfficeMax makes it easy to “go green” with your binder selection.

Bind on a Budget: OfficeMax’s Affordable Binder Options

From students making due with limited supplies budgets to professionals trying to keep overhead costs low, many people need binders that won’t break the bank. Luckily, OfficeMax excels at stocking quality binders at inexpensive price points.

Their house brand Tul offers two-ring binders starting at just $1 in common sizes like 1”, 1.5”, and 2”. These have durable poly covers in basic colors like white, blue, black, and red. Tul also offers budget-friendly presentation binders, slipcase binders, and more specialized options.

For a step up in quality without a big jump in price, Avery binders are an excellent value choice at OfficeMax. They start around $3-5 depending on size and offer extras like clear slip covers and double-riveted rings. The Avery Durable View binders come in seven different colors and patterns, adding a touch of style.

Oxford brand round out the selection of affordable yet reliable OfficeMax binders. Shop their bestselling Neon Collection for punched and gripper style binders priced around $5. The bright neon colors help your documents stand out.

While cheap binders can seem flimsy, rest assured that the budget picks at OfficeMax offer plenty of quality and versatility. Shop with confidence and save with their affordable binder options.

Bulk Savings: Buying OfficeMax Binders in Sets

For high volume binder users like schools, offices, and libraries, being able to buy supplies in bulk is crucial for staying under budget. Luckily, OfficeMax excels at offering binder bulk packs and sets that provide serious savings. Plus, buying in bulk means one less item to restock frequently!

For standard binders, Tul brand multi-packs offer big savings. Choose from packs of 3, 5, or 10 binders and save up to 20% off buying individually. They’re available in all the standard sizes from 3⁄4” mini binders up to large 3” and 3.5” sizes. Colors options include black, white, red, blue, green, and more.

Avery also offers money saving bulk packs of their Durable Binder style. Buy packs of 5 or 10 binders and save up to 35%. Colors vary but often include useful neutrals like black, white, gray and brown. Bulk pack dividers and index tabs are also available.

Those needing presentation binders can take advantage of Case-It bulk deals like “Buy 5, Get the 6th Free”. Their zipper ProBind presentation binders are included, so you can get an attractive matching set.

For the biggest binder selection under one roof, OfficeMax can’t be beat. Their wide range of binders available in bulk packs, multi-packs and sets simplifies the savings process.

One-Stop Shopping: Order Binders Online at

In our busy world, convenience is king. Luckily, OfficeMax makes it fast and simple to order binders online with free shipping options and easy delivery. Their website lets you browse, compare, and buy binders from the comfort of home.

The site has detailed product descriptions, images, measurements, and reviews to help guide your buying decision. Shoppers can refine searches by binder type, brand, size, color, and other specs. If you need specific accessories like dividers or slipcases, these can easily be added to your cart too.

Once you’ve selected your chosen binders, checkout is a breeze. Get free delivery on orders over $50, or pay a small fee for faster 2-3 day shipping. OfficeMax also has an app allowing you to purchase supplies and have them ready for convenient curbside or in-store pickup.

With the robust selection and detailed information available on their site, OfficeMax makes it easy and stress-free to purchase binders online. Next time you need to stock up, don’t waste time running to stores – let OfficeMax bring the binders to you!

Color Coordination: Mix & Match Binder Colors

Between work projects, school subjects, and activities, most of us need multiple binders to stay organized. But rummaging through a rainbow assortment of binders can be frustrating and inefficient. That’s why it’s smart to coordinate your binders by color – whether matching or using color-coding.

Luckily, OfficeMax excels at offering binders in every shade under the sun. From bright pops like neon pink, lime green and electric blue to subtler tones like mint, lilac and peach, striking hues make documents easy to identify at a glance.

Popular options like Avery and Samsill binders come in up to 30 colors, so you can match binders to filing cabinet labels, folders, and other office supplies. For a more professional look, choose complementary colors like navy blue with gray, or black with burgundy.

Those wanting a more refined look can choose Oxford’s Leather Collection or Luxury Snakeskin binders in rich shades like espresso, cognac, and navy. For a fun, retro vibe, Case-It offers patterns like camouflage, tie-dye, and animal prints.

With OfficeMax’s extensive color selection, you’ll have no trouble assembling a perfectly coordinated binder system for work, school, or home. Their vibrant, stylish options make organization a pleasure.

Custom Creations: Personalized & Printed Binders

Why settle for plain Janes binders when you can customize creations printed with your name, logo, or images? At OfficeMax, binder personalization options abound. Their printing services make it simple to design totally unique and eye-catching binders.

Using the OfficeMax Printing Services site, shoppers can easily upload images and enter text to create fully customized binders, dividers, and spine labels. You can choose to print directly on white binders or go for a full-wrap design.

There are templates for school and university binders, so students can show their school spirit. Likewise, clubs, teams, and Greek organizations can order customized binders for their members.

For business use, OfficeMax printing services allow for binders featuring company names, logos, and branding. These make professional presentations pop and are great for conferences and client meetings. Portfolios, report covers, and proposals get a polished upgrade with printed binders.

Other popular binder customization options include:monogrammed binders, designing photo binders to showcase your favorite pics, and creating unique memory keepsake binders to hold memorabilia.

With OfficeMax’s user-friendly design tools and quick turnaround printing service, it’s never been easier to bring your personalized binder visions to life. Get creative and make documents stand out with customized options!

Heavy Duty: Built-To-Last Binders

Flimsy binders that rip and fall apart spell disaster when you’re organizing important documents. That’s why OfficeMax offers a roster of sturdy and durable binders built to handle heavy daily use in the busiest offices and classrooms.

For serious strength, look for GBC’s patented GBC Fiberdex binders. Their durable chipboard covers are overlaid with tough nylon-reinforced vinyl in gray or brown. The riveted rings won’t pull loose even with 500+ pages of contents.

Samsill’s HD HDPE binders offer similar unbeatable quality with extra-thick polyethylene covers that resist scuffing and stand up to stuffing. The overall durability of these OfficeMax options makes them hugely popular with corporations, hospitals, law firms and anyone dealing with vital records.

Oxford’s makers of the iconic Black n’ Red brand, also delivers exceptional durability. Features like end-capped metal rings, firm spine hinges, and rigid covers allow their binders to outlast cheaper competitors. The Enduro binders specifically endure heavy loads and daily use.

While most only think of student supplies, OfficeMax truly offers binders able to survive the toughest working conditions. If you’re tired of flimsy binders, upgrade to their high-density durable range.

Presentation Perfect: OfficeMax’s Impressive Binding Options

Giving a polished, professional presentation requires finding the right binding to hold your treasured notes, handouts, business cards, and more. At OfficeMax, the binding possibilities are endless – from basic reports to magazine-worthy booklets.

For standard spine bindings, opt for adjustable GBC comb binding. It creates a lay-flat presentation style and comes in a range of widths. Coil binding offers a similar function but with round spirals. Choose from black, white or colored coils.

ProClick binding is another smart, adjustable pick. It uses round plastic discs to hold pages securely. The snap-in discs won’t tear papers like traditional ring binding. ProClick binders lie flat and come in many colors.

For a bound booklet style, check out the fast velobind binding options at OfficeMax. Pages are bound between strips of plastic and perforated for a clean finish. Velobind spines are available in black or white in multiple widths.

Or for a true magazine-worthy presentation, you can’t beat case and saddle stitch booklet binding. OfficeMax Printing Services will professionally print and bind booklets up to 100 pages – complete with folded and stitched spines.

Whatever your binding needs may be, OfficeMax has the specialty supplies and services to create a presentation sure to leave a lasting impression. Your documents will get the pro treatment they deserve.

Add the Extras: Binder Accessories & Customization

Once you’ve selected the perfect basic binder, it’s time to deck it out with handy accessories and customization options. At OfficeMax, you’ll find a huge selection of ways to enhance your binder’s form and function.

Must-have extras like tabbed dividers, sheet protectors, and business card holders make it easy to organize your binder contents. For frequently accessed documents, add a sturdy binder slipcase. Or keep loose papers from shifting with binder pockets or page grippers.

To label binders, spoil yourself for choice with customizable spine labels, metallic foil labels, and more. Add embossing or debossing for that coveted “executive” look. Monogram stickers and designer paper inserts allow you to further personalize your binder.

Students will love colorful binder clips, locker shelves, and other accessory hooks that keep their binders handy. Fun zipper pulls, charms, and hangtags make school binders unique.

With OfficeMax’s incredible selection binder add-ons and accessories, you can change up the look and feel as often as you please. Elevate your organization with customizable binder options!

Compare & Decide: Choosing the Best OfficeMax Binder

By now it should be clear that OfficeMax offers binders of all stripes – but how do you ultimately decide what’s best for your needs? With a few insider tips, it’s easy to narrow down your options.

First, think about your usage. Casual home users can select budget-friendly basic binders from Tul or Avery. But frequent heavy-duty use calls for super-sturdy brands like Samsill or Oxford Black n’ Red.

Next, factor in size and capacity. Standard letter or legal binders usually suit most needs. Mini binders work for small items like recipes or instruction booklets. Oversize binders fit larger goods like posters and blueprints. Pick ring capacity based on your typical document load.

You’ll also want to weigh style considerations. Bold colors, patterns and textures excite students and creatives, while professionals may prefer understated solids or leatherette finishes. Those wanting greener options can focus on recycled binders.

Also look into value-added features like slipcases, handle straps, zipper enclosures and locking mechanisms for extra convenience and security. And don’t forget to pick coordinating accessories like tabs, pockets and inserts to fully outfit your binder.

By keeping these factors in mind as you evaluate the binders OfficeMax offers, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect match for all your organizing needs!

Peace of Mind: OfficeMax Return Policies and Warranties

Making a major binder investment means you want the peace of mind of being able to return or exchange it if the product is defective or otherwise unsatisfactory. The good news is that OfficeMax makes returns and exchanges straightforward.

For all unopened items, OfficeMax offers a worry-free 100% satisfaction guarantee. Simply return the product with your receipt within 30 days and you’ll receive a full refund in your original payment method. Defective items can be exchanged for an identical replacement.

Many popular OfficeMax binder brands like Avery, Samsill, and Oxford also come with 1-2 year limited warranties against manufacturing defects. Save your receipt as proof of purchase and contact customer service regarding warranty coverage.

If you experience damaged, faulty or incorrectly made custom print orders, OfficeMax printing services will reprint and ship replacements free of charge. Contact their customer service team immediately in such situations.

Thanks to their hassle-free return policies and product warranties, you can try out OfficeMax binders with complete confidence. Know you have options if any issues arise down the road.

Get Organized: Using OfficeMax Binders Efficiently

The right OfficeMax binders and accessories in hand, you’re ready to put them to use building a seamless paper organization system. But what’s the most efficient way to set up and arrange your binder contents? Follow these pro tips:

  • Sort documents by category into separate binders (ex: taxes, medical, product info)
  • Use binder tabs to divide documents within each section (ex: Receipts, Statements, Forms)
  • Add clear sleeve inserts to hold important individual sheets
  • Utilize side D-rings and exterior pockets to store related loose items
  • Index your binders with printed labels along the edge for easy scanning
  • Arrange frequently used binders together on shelves for quick access
  • Supplement binders with colored file folders to further divide categories
  • Store binders upright rather than stacking flat to avoid sagging rings

With a thoughtful labeling system and strategic binder placement, you’ll 2X your organization and productivity. Those papers won’t know what hit ‘em!

The Takeaway: Why OfficeMax is My Go-To for Binders

After reading about the motif advantages of OfficeMax binders, I hope you agree that they’re the best source for your binding needs. Between the selection, prices, durability and sheer convenience, OfficeMax has yet to steer me wrong through years of supplying my projects.

For myself and colleagues, their wide inventory makes it a cinch to outfit an entire office. With regular sales and bulk options, keeping the workspace well-stocked is affordable. The online ordering and delivery simplifies reordering.

For many friends, OfficeMax is the trusted back-to-school binder destination. The fun colors, patterns and accessories get students genuinely excited about staying organized. Value packs allow parent to buy binders for the whole year in one trip.

Others love creating stunning custom presentations, reports, and proposals with the printing and finishing services. The professional quality elevates their work at reasonable rates.

No matter your needs, OfficeMax binders are guaranteed to make your documents stand out while keeping you sane. Do yourself a favor and commit to the OfficeMax binder lifestyle today!

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