Packing Up with OfficeMax Bubble Wrap


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Protecting My Fragile Belongings on the Cheap

You know that feeling when you’re getting ready to move or ship something fragile, and you start panicking about how to keep it safe? As I stare at the stacks of boxes in my living room, I know I need industrial-strength protection for all my valuables, but I’m on a tight budget. Enter OfficeMax bubble wrap – it’s become my saving grace for moving and shipping safely without spending a fortune.

After almost botching my last move by using old newspaper instead of proper cushioning (let’s just say I shed a tear over the smashed ceramic lamp), I learned that skimping on packing supplies can lead to heartache and regrets. So this time around, I’m all about the bubble wrap – but I still need to find an affordable source. Thankfully, OfficeMax offers a wide selection of quality bubble wrap rolls and sheets at prices us thrifty folks can appreciate.

Of course, I did my homework to find the best OfficeMax bubble wrap for my needs. Here’s everything I discovered about the different sizescosts, and features of their bubble wrap products:

OfficeMax provides a ton of options from mini bubble rolls to jumbo packs for large items. Some of the most useful sizes for me are:

  • 12″ x 150′ bubble roll – perfect for wrapping fragile dishes and glasses
  • 24″ x 150′ bubble roll – big enough to secure lamps, vases, and other mid-sized items
  • Jumbo 2,000 square feet pack – ideal for fully wrapping furniture and appliances

Bubble wrap can get expensive, but OfficeMax keeps their prices affordable. Here are some examples:

  • 12″ roll for $16.99
  • 24″ roll for $29.99
  • Jumbo 2,000 sq ft pack for $51.99

Their pricing beats many other retailers for comparable bubble wrap. And the quality is not compromised either – this is premium, high-density bubble wrap that provides serious protection.

Online Shopping:
The best part is I can conveniently shop for all this OfficeMax bubble wrap online and have it shipped to my door or pick it up in-store. No need to stress about finding parking at a busy store to hunt down bubble wrap!

I love that the OfficeMax website makes it easy to customize my order. I can select the ideal size of wrap, quantity needed, delivery date that works for my moving timeline, and opt for free in-store pickup if I prefer. It takes the hassle out of stocking up on moving supplies.

Special Deals:
OfficeMax also offers regular coupons and discounts on bubble wrap if you catch them at the right time. I scored a 20% off coupon which saved me a nice chunk of change on my big order of bubble wrap. So always keep an eye out for special deals on bubble wrap when shopping OfficeMax.

High-Quality Features:
Now, let’s get into why OfficeMax bubble wrap is so great compared to alternatives…

  • Small, densely-packed bubbles provide maximum protection and cushioning for fragile items.
  • Durable polyethylene material is water and puncture resistant to prevent tears or leaks.
  • Reinforced edges stop the bubbles from breaking or popping, even if the wrap gets squeezed tight.
  • Tough adhesive keeps everything securely wrapped in place inside the box or package.
  • Food-grade certification makes it safe for packing edibles or around kids.

Sustainable Packaging:
And here’s the best part – all OfficeMax bubble wrap is 100% recyclable! Most regular bubble wrap is not since the bubbles contain a mix of LDPE and metallocene polyethylene. But OfficeMax has eliminated the metallocene to make their wrap environmentally-friendly and completely recyclable through plastic bag recycling programs. Huge peace of mind for eco-conscious folks like myself!

Order in Bulk:
If you do a ton of shipping like I do around the holidays or need bubble wrap for a business, OfficeMax lets you buy bulk bubble wrap at reasonable wholesale rates. I can stock up on a pallet of bubble wrap rolls for the year without worrying about storage space since their warehouse ships it as needed. Far cheaper than buying a few rolls at a time!

Top Uses:
Obviously bubble wrap has many uses for safe packaging and shipping, but here are some of my favorite ways to use OfficeMax bubble wrap:

  • Wrap delicate dishes, glasses, vases, and ceramic items before packing them into moving boxes.
  • Create a protective layer around artwork, mirrors, and wall hangings by wrapping them with bubble wrap before box or crate packing.
  • Seal electronics like TVs, computers, and gaming consoles in a bubble shield to prevent any dings, drops, or shocks during transport.
  • Give fragile holiday ornaments and decor extra padding inside storage containers during off-season.
  • Save your furniture’s finish by bubble wrapping tables, chairs, bed legs, dressers, etc before shifting them into the moving truck.
  • Fill empty spaces around home decor pieces or fragile contents inside boxes with bubble wrap to create a soft, protective casing.
  • Wrap and seal food products like baked goods, jams, wine bottles, and more before shipping them across the country.
  • Pack up kids’ science projects, models, ceramics, sports trophies, and keepsakes with bubble wrap layers when changing schools.

The possibilities are endless with durable bubble wrap on hand!

Choosing the Right Bubble Wrap:
OfficeMax makes it easy to choose the ideal type of bubble wrap for your specific packaging needs:

  • Pick smaller 12″ rolls for wrapping small, fragile items like dishes, vases, glasses, and electronics.
  • Larger 24″ rolls are perfect for picture frames, lamps, artwork, and odd-shaped decor pieces.
  • Get jumbo rolls or sheets for fully encasing and cushioning furniture, mattresses, and appliances during big moves.
  • Opt for thicker high-density bubbles if you’re shipping extremely fragile things like chandeliers or antique ceramics across the country.
  • Consider getting bulk pallet quantities of a standard bubble size if you regularly ship products for a home business.
  • Make sure to get food-grade certified wrap if you’ll be shipping edibles like baked goods, jams, beverages, etc.

Eco-Friendly Options:
One of my favorite things about OfficeMax bubble wrap is the eco-friendly and recyclable options they offer. It gives me peace of mind that I’m protecting my valuables without harming the planet.

Some of their green bubble wrap selections include:

  • 100% Recyclable Bubble Wrap – Made from LDPE plastic that can be recycled through regular plastic bag programs
  • Biodegradable Bubble Wrap – Crafted from plant-based bioplastic made from starches that will break down in landfills
  • Compostable Bubble Wrap – Made of PLA (polylactic acid) plastic derived from corn starch that will compost in municipal composting facilities

It’s awesome that I can ship things safely AND sustainably thanks to the bubble wrap at OfficeMax!

Customer Reviews:
I always dig into customer reviews before purchasing a big supply of any product. Overall, OfficeMax bubble wrap gets fantastic feedback for its:

  • High-quality, puncture resistant bubbles that don’t break or deflate easily
  • Thick, durable material that holds up well when stretched and molded
  • Strong adhesive strip that sticks well to itself without losing tackiness
  • Ability to withstand pressure and impacts without letting delicate contents get damaged
  • Reasonable pricing compared to the competition
  • Recyclable and compostable options perfect for environmentally-conscious use

I feel confident relying on OfficeMax bubble wrap to keep everything intact thanks to consistently positive reviews. A few torn boxes or broken belongings can really put a damper on a move or shipping experience otherwise!

Thickness Options:
If you need heavy duty protection, look for these extra thick bubble wrap options at OfficeMax:

  • 1/4″ High-Profile Bubble – Best for shielding fragile glassware, ceramics, antiques, and artworks
  • 3/16″ Medium-Profile Bubble – Ideal for sensitive electronics like computers, TVs, and kitchen appliances
  • 1/8″ Standard Bubble – Great all-purpose thickness for typical fragile items

The smaller the bubble, the denser the wrap and increased cushioning. So choose wisely based on how delicate your contents are and if they require an extra bubble barrier.

In-Store Pickup:
One convenience factor that makes OfficeMax my go-to is their free in-store pickup when I order bubble wrap online. There’s a store just 5 minutes from my house, so it’s easy to swing by on my moving preparation timeline and grab my order.

I don’t have to worry about missing the mailman or my bubble wrap sitting outside if I’m not home. And I can inspect it thoroughly at pickup to make sure I got exactly what I wanted before bringing it home. It’s a bubble wrap shopper’s dream!

Color Choices:
Who knew bubble wrap came in colors? I was pleasantly surprised that OfficeMax offers it in clear, brown, black, blue, and green. The transparent wrap blends in seamlessly when packing up items. But for an extra fun touch, colored bubble wrap allows you to coordinate with your packaging theme!

I’m going with green for an earthy vibe in my eco-friendly moving boxes. And blue bubble wrap will give a cool, calming effect around my fragile snow globes as they make the journey to my new home. It’s a simple way to inject a little personality into the typically mundane moving process.

Shipping Options:
Of course I had the bubble wrap shipped straight to my door with free delivery since I ordered online. But OfficeMax also provides in-store pickup and expedited shipping if you need your supplies ASAP.

Standard delivery takes 5-7 business days. But you can pay extra for same-day, next-day, or 2-day expedited shipping in a pinch. And their website makes it easy to compare the rates for different shipping methods during checkout. No mystery fees or surprises!

International Shipping:
Packing up your life overseas? Not to worry, OfficeMax ships bubble wrap internationally to over 50 countries worldwide. I have friends moving abroad who were thrilled to learn they could order quality bubble wrap to their new Swiss or Australian address from OfficeMax!

The key is to give yourself extra transit time, as shipments can take 7-14 days to arrive internationally. And be sure to check any special customs policies for packing materials where you’re shipping to avoid any hiccups. But overall, it’s awesome to know OfficeMax has got your bubble wrap needs covered across the globe.

Satisfaction Guarantee:
I was able to score my hefty bubble wrap order from OfficeMax stress-free thanks to their 100% satisfaction guarantee. Within 14 days of purchase, you can return any unopened bubble wrap for a full refund or exchange if you have any issues with the product.

This gives me peace of mind that I’m getting high-quality bubble wrap that will properly safeguard my valuables. And if anything fails inspection upon arrival, I can easily swap it out for a suitable replacement. Take that, packing anxiety!

Delivery Timeline:
How soon can you get your hands on OfficeMax bubble wrap? It depends on the delivery method you select:

  • In-store pickup: Same day if ordered before 3pm local store time
  • Next-day delivery: Arrives within 1 business day if ordered by 5pm local time
  • Second-day: Arrives within 2 business days from order date
  • Standard shipping: 5-7 business days
  • International shipping: 7-14 business days

As long as you factor the transit time into your moving or shipping timeline, you’re good to go! I gave myself 2 weeks just to be safe.

Return Policy:
Like with any big purchase, it’s good to understand the return policy before investing in your bubble wrap. Here are the highlights for OfficeMax:

  • Unopened bubble wrap can be returned for any reason within 14 days of purchase.
  • Opened bubble wrap can only be returned if defective or damaged. Must be within 14 days with original packaging and receipt.
  • Return shipping costs are covered by the customer unless the return is due to an OfficeMax error.
  • Refund is issued to original payment method once returned bubble wrap is inspected at warehouse facility.
  • No returns accepted after 60 days from purchase date.

Pretty fair and standard policy that gives me adequate time and options if I end up with any unused or defective bubble wrap after my move.

So in summary – when it comes to packing fragile belongings, OfficeMax bubble wrap is hands-down the MVP with its variety of sizes, reasonable prices, and convenient shopping options for any move or shipping need. Their high-quality bubble wrap takes the stress out of transporting delicate items safely and affordably. My heirlooms and ceramics will be singing praises of the bubble shield keeping them snug as a bug through all the moving madness!

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