Organizing Your Life: My Journey to Find the Perfect File Box at OfficeMax


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Table of Contents

There’s a File Box for Every Need at Your Local OfficeMax Store or Online

Hey friends! I wanted to share my recent experience searching for the perfect file box at OfficeMax. As someone who loves organizing and decluttering, having the right storage solutions is so important to me. I was specifically looking for a file box to organize all of my important documents and keep them safe but also easily accessible.

With so many options to choose from, I wasn’t sure where to start. But I headed to my local OfficeMax store and also browsed their website to compare selections and prices. I wanted to find the best file box to suit my needs while staying within my budget. And you won’t believe the variety they offer! From basic file boxes to decorative and heavy-duty options, OfficeMax has something for everyone.

Let me walk you through the various types of file boxes I found at OfficeMax, the different features available, and how I chose the ultimate file box for my home office. I’ll also share some tips on getting the best deals on file boxes, either in-store or online. Hopefully this breakdown will help you on your own file box hunt!

Plastic Sterilite File Boxes

One of the most common and affordable options at OfficeMax are basic plastic file boxes by Sterilite. These lightweight polypropylene boxes are water-resistant and come in tons of colors and sizes, from mini 5” boxes up to giant 18” sizes. The larger boxes are around $10-15 each.

I like that these file boxes are transparent so I can easily see contents, plus they’re lightweight and easy to carry. The lids fit securely to protect documents inside. My only hesitation was that plastic may not be as protective or durable long-term compared to other materials.

Heavy Duty Bankers Box File Storage

For important documents, Bankers Box makes high quality file boxes from corrugated paper. These sturdy boxes have metal edges for reinforcement and an interlocking lid to keep contents safe. The banker box designs are classics for business, legal, and medical offices.

OfficeMax carries banker boxes in a huge range of sizes from 12” down to 4” mini sizes. Prices range from $2 for small boxes up to $23 for large 18” x 18” sizes. These files meet my need to safely store papers long-term. My only concern was lack of visibility to contents inside the boxes.

Decorative Printed File Boxes

If you want to add some personality to your filing, OfficeMax has decorative printed file boxes too! Available in fun prints like polka dots, animal prints, and colorful geometric designs, these sturdy printed cardboard file boxes are way cuter than basic options.

I was excited to see decorative and stylish files that could still protect my important documents. The colorful boxes come in a variety of sizes starting around $4.50 each. My only hesitation was if the prints would get dirty over time, but these were a strong contender for my home office.

Wood File Boxes For Professional Storage

For a high-end, luxurious look I also found beautiful wood file boxes at OfficeMax. Made from solid wood with a smooth lacquered finish, these boxes come with built-in hand grips and/or protective metal corners. The lids fit securely to protect your documents.

The wood file boxes from brands like Boss come in lots of warm natural wood tones like oak, walnut, and mahogany. Prices start around $25 for letter size up to $150 or more for large wood lateral file boxes. I love the idea of durable solid wood file storage, however the higher prices were outside my budget for now.

Locking File Boxes For Extra Security

For sensitive documents that need more protection, OfficeMax also has locking file boxes. These heavier gauge steel boxes have a locking mechanism on the front plus metal handles. This would keep my files not only safe from damage but also totally secure and private.

The locking fireproof file boxes by First Alert were my favorite. Prices range from $56 for letter size up to $139 for a larger 12” x 15” locking file. Some can resist fire and water too! I don’t have very many confidential documents, but I made note of these super secure files just in case.

Eco-Friendly Recycled File Boxes

As someone who cares about sustainability, I was excited to find recycled paper file boxes at OfficeMax to help reduce waste! Their Enviro-Logix file boxes are made with 90% recycled materials and are 100% recyclable after use. The durable kraft paper boxes feature double thickness sides for strength.

These eco-friendly files come in 5 colors and various sizes starting at just $5 each letter size or $9 for larger 12” size. I love that these boxes are affordable yet still planet-friendly! This checked all the boxes on my wishlist. The recycled kraft paper wasn’t as decorative as some options, but functionality was most important.

Ultimately, I Chose…

After comparing all the options for my needs – plastic, cardboard, wood, locking, and recycled – I decided to go with Enviro-Logix recycled file boxes from OfficeMax!

I purchased a starter bundle with one letter size box and one larger 12” x 12” wide box for just $19.99. The recycled material aligns with my values while still being heavy duty for protecting my documents.

The kraft paper finish looks neat and professional so I don’t mind having the boxes visible on shelves in my home office. And I love that the lid has built-in handles so the larger box is easy for me to carry even when fully loaded with files.

For now, this 2-pack has me covered to organize my tax paperwork, receipts, medical records, and other important documents. The affordable price was right in my budget too. I’m so glad I took the time to explore all the file box options available to find the best match for my needs.

If I ever need additional specialized boxes like locking fireproof files or decorative prints, at least now I know exactly where to find them – OfficeMax has every kind of file box imaginable! Their huge selection saved me from running all over town to different stores.

And with frequent sales and specials, I’m confident I got a great deal compared to other retailers too. Keep reading for my pro tips on saving money on file boxes at OfficeMax!

Pro Shopping Tips to Save on File Boxes at OfficeMax

Like most people, I’m always looking for ways to save money on organizing and storage supplies for my home. After doing lots of research, I learned some helpful tricks for finding the best deals on file boxes specifically at OfficeMax.

Whether you shop in-store or online, here are my pro tips:

Check for Coupons

Before heading to your local store or going online, visit their website to look for any current coupons. OfficeMax often has percent-off or dollar-off coupons to save on your entire purchase. Just digging a little on their site or doing an online search for “OfficeMax coupons” can reveal great savings.

Sign Up for Email List

If you aren’t already signed up for OfficeMax emails, be sure to do that on their website. You’ll then receive notifications about special offers, sales events, and exclusive subscriber coupons. I found a coupon for 20% off my first online order just for signing up!

Download Mobile App

Getting the OfficeMax app on your phone gives access to app-only deals and easy digital coupons when you shop in store. With location services on, you may even get surprise coupons when you walk in!

Buy in Bulk

For big projects, buying file boxes in bulk packs will almost always be cheaper per box compared to single boxes. Just be sure to measure and calculate exactly how many you need first. But you can get great bulk pricing in-store or online at OfficeMax.

Price Match Guarantee

If you happen to find file boxes cheaper at Target, Walmart or Amazon, OfficeMax will actually match that verified lower price. Just ask at checkout or reach out to customer service online to request a price match. Easy way to get the best deal!

Check Discount Section

Be sure to browse the clearance racks and discounted item sections in OfficeMax stores for major savings. I found some beautiful wood and decorative printed files 50% off just because the boxes had some light wear and tear. Nothing wrong with the insides!

Use Rewards Program

Sign up for the free OfficeMax rewards program to earn points on all your purchases that add up to dollars off savings. You’ll get $25 rewards for every $500 spent. Points can be redeemed on anything, including file boxes!

Wait for Sales

OfficeMax runs different sales almost weekly, so it pays to be patient if you can wait. Sign up for emails and check their ad scans online to know when storage items or organization supplies will be discounted most. Timing your purchase right can save you big time!

With the right strategy, you can get the file boxes you need at OfficeMax for less. Just using one or two of these savings tips will make a difference on your total bill. Now you can get organized without getting stressed about spending too much.

Let me know if you have any other great tips for saving at OfficeMax that I should try on my next trip! I love hearing your best bargains.

Give Your Documents the Home They Deserve

As you can see, the selection of file boxes at OfficeMax is really incredible. They truly offer a storage solution for every situation, whether you need:

  • Basic boxes for general paper filing
  • Heavy duty reinforced boxes for important documents
  • Locking fireproof boxes for sensitive materials
  • Eco-friendly boxes to reduce waste
  • Fun printed boxes to brighten up your space
  • Sophisticated wood boxes for professional settings
  • Giant size boxes for maximum storage capacity
  • Mini portable boxes for small spaces

And with all the ways to save through coupons, bulk pricing, sales and rewards programs, you can upgrade your paper organization system without breaking the bank.

I’m excited to put my new recycled file boxes to use organizing all of my important paperwork. No more piles of documents strewn across my desk and spilling out of drawers!

Now I can neatly and efficiently store everything away while still keeping papers accessible in my home office. It will be much quicker to find what I need thanks to my new filing setup.

I hope my journey to find the perfect OfficeMax file box was helpful as you shop for your storage needs! Take your time to evaluate all the options and don’t settle. Find the ideal file box match for your personal or professional situation. Your important documents deserve a home where they can live happily organized!

If you have any other tips for choosing file boxes or organizing your paperwork, share in the comments! I could talk office organization all day. Until next time friends, may all your documents be sorted and spark joy.

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