My Quest to Find the Perfect Pen at OfficeMax


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Table of Contents

Scouring the Office Supply Store for the Ultimate Writing Instrument

As a writer, my pen is arguably the most important tool that I use every day. I’ve tried countless pens from drugstore brands to fancy rollerballs, but I’ve never found the perfect one for my needs. That’s why I was thrilled when an OfficeMax opened up down the street – with rows and rows of pens to choose from, I was positive I could find my holy grail writing utensil there.

Armed with a cup of coffee, I marched into OfficeMax ready to put their pen selection to the test. From basic ballpoints to executive fountain pens, they had everything I could ever dream of. Now, the hard part would be narrowing it down.

The Hunt Begins

First, I took a look at the basic ballpoint pens. OfficeMax had all the classics – Bic, Papermate, and Pilot, along with OfficeMax’s house brands like Foray and TUL. The bright neon barrels in the papermate InkJoy line caught my eye. Who doesn’t love scribbling with a smooth gel ink? But were they professional enough for my writing needs? I wasn’t sure, so I moved on.

Next up: gel pens. OfficeMax had some great deals on bulk packs here. The Papermate InkJoy gel pens came in a pack of 50(!) for just $9.99. That’s just 20 cents a pen! They also had grab-and-go 10 packs of Bic gel-ocity Quick Dry pens on sale 2 for $5. But did I really need 50 gel pens in my life? With dreams of beyond-basic pens dancing in my head, I decided to keep looking.

In the fountain pen section, I discovered the luxury brand Monteverde. They had a nice selection of their Color Fusion pens on display. These sophisticated pens feature transparent barrels that allow you to see the ink color inside. The Monteverde Ritma pens caught my eye, with their classic styling and sturdy cap. But with a $72.99 price tag, they were a bit out of my budget.

Hunting for Deals

Next, I scoped out the clearance bins, hoping to score some discounted gems. I struck gold in the “back-to-school” section, which had lots of pens and pencil packs marked down. They had fun sets of pastel Sharpie S-Gel pens on sale for just $2.99, originally $5.99. Pink, mint, blue – all my favorite colors!

But ultimately, style had to come second to functionality. I needed a pen that could keep up with my frantic scribblings and never run dry mid-sentence. So I took a look at OfficeMax’s refillable pens. The sleek FriXion Clicker by Pilot caught my eye. This unique erasable gel pen lets you erase and rewrite, no mistakes needed! Plus, refills are easy to find. At $8.99, it wasn’t too expensive either. Still, I wanted to check out the whole selection before making a choice.

Premium Pickings

In the luxury pen case, OfficeMax had brands like Parker and Cross. These Rollerball and ballpoint executive pens meant business, with polished metal barrels and comfortable rubber grips. The Schmidt easyFLOW 9000 hybrid ink rollerball was tempting, but the $36.00 price tag gave me pause. For that much, it better glide like butter!

If I was going to splurge on a top-notch pen, I decided it needed to be refillable. Why throw out a good thing when the ink runs dry? Refills can keep your investment lasting for years. In that vein, the Lamy Safari Fountain Pen caught my attention. The iconic design comes in a rainbow of colors, with replaceable cartridges and even a converter so you can use bottled fountain pen ink. Though not cheap at $29.99, it seemed to tick all my boxes.

The Search Continues

I pressed on through the maze of writing instruments, determined to consider every option. In the section of Sharpie markers, I saw they carried fun metallic colors perfect for art projects and labeling. But I wasn’t sure myimportant documents should smell like permanent marker.

In the felt tip pen aisle, I saw somenice sets of colorful Eco tank highlighters by Stabilo that were buy-one-get-one half off. Highlighters are office staples, but I use them sparingly. I’d have to ponder that deal.

The tactile turn Glider fountain pen also caught my eye – minimalist design meets maximal writing comfort with its unique shape. It even takes Pilot G2 refills in a pinch. But did I really need to drop $99 on a single pen? My wallet hopes not.

They did have some sweet multi pen sets that seemed practical, like the Zebra Cadoozles 4-Color pen for only $4.79. Four ink colors in one seemed genius – but easy to lose, and ho-hum to look at.

Nearly Giving Up

After what felt like miles of walking and flipping through pen bins, I was about ready to give up hope. I saw some fun novelty pens shaped like swords, dinosaurs, and more, but I wasn’t that whimsical. OfficeMax also had basic wood pencils by the dozen for under $10, but I have carpal tunnel from pencil grip, so that’s a no.

Just when I thought I’d never find “the one,” the Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen caught my eye from its place of honor in the glass case. Something about its classic styling and brass barrel just clicked. I saw they had it in a fun leopard print option too, but the jet black would look so sleek for everyday writing. Though basic in looks, the Japanese nib glides smoothly. And at only $19.99 including a converter and ink cartridges to start, it fit my budget beautifully!

The Search is Over!

I eagerly grabbed the Metropolitan fountain pen and raced to the checkout, excited to finally start a beautiful relationship with the perfect pen. No more smears, skips, or bleeding! Just smooth, crisp writing every time. OfficeMax definitely saved the day and supplied what I needed most.

So if you’re a writer, artist, student or anyone else looking for that perfect pen, don’t despair! Head to OfficeMax and explore the outstanding options. Get ready to get hands-on with testers, and don’t be shy about asking associates for recommendations. With little effort, you’re sure to find the right fit for your writing needs. Just don’t give up until you feel that click – your pen soulmate awaits! Happy writing!

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