My Quest for the Perfect Highlighter at OfficeMax


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Table of Contents

Finding Just the Right One for All My Coloring and Marking Needs

As a writer and avid note-taker, I go through highlighters like candy. I love using them to color-code my notes, underline key passages in books, and add pizzazz to my journaling and planner spreads. But not just any highlighter will do – I’m quite picky! I need ones with bold, vibrant colors that really pop on the page. They have to glide smoothly without smearing or bleeding through. And a variety of tip types and sizes is a must to handle all my highlighting tasks with precision.

After sampling countless drugstore varieties that ended up drying out too quickly or just felt scratchy to write with, I decided I needed to think bigger. Enter¬†OfficeMax, with its massive selection of professional-grade highlighters in every color of the rainbow. I’ll admit I got a little overwhelmed staring at the dazzling highlighter aisle display! There were so many choices – gel highlighters, retractable highlighters, scented highlighters, even erasable highlighters. Where does one begin?

Armed with a basket and fierce determination, I embarked on a mission to uncover the perfect highlighters for me. I tested out all the top brands like Sharpie, BIC, Paper Mate, and Zebra to see which glided the smoothest. I compared brilliant neon shades versus softer pastels. And I auditioned every tip imaginable, from fine precision points for notation to big wide chisel tips for covering lots of text efficiently.

After hours of diligent testing, here’s what I discovered during my epic quest for the best highlighters at OfficeMax:

Gel Highlighters are a Game Changer!

The first major revelation was when I tried the Sharpie Gel Highlighters. Wow – the silky smooth gel ink was a total game changer! The bright, saturated colors really popped against the page. But even more impressive was the “no bleed” promise. I put it to the test on the thinnest Bible paper I could find, and there was zero bleeding to the other side! The gel ink dries quickly too, so no more smudged fingers. The fine tip let me highlight with laser precision, while the bold chisel tip breezed through underlining entire passages. Safe to say, I’ll never go back to regular highlighter ink again after trying these gel beauties.

Pastel Highlighters for Gentle, Elegant Accents

While I do love my bright, in-your-face neon highlighters, I was intrigued to see OfficeMax offered some softer pastel highlighter shades as well. The Paper Mate Pastel Highlighters come in a pack of 6 subtly-hued colors like pale pink, mint, lilac and peach. They provide the same see-through vividness I look for in a highlighter, but in lighter spring-inspired tones. I’m hooked on these for adding delicate highlights and color-coding to my planner and bullet journal spreads. The pastel rainbow just looks so much more elegant and sophisticated than harsh neon colors. Consider me a convert to the softer side of highlighting!

Broad Chisel Tips Get the Job Done Fast

As much as I rely on my fine-point highlighters for detailed work, I can’t live without the big chisel tip varieties like the BIC Brite Liner Highlighter. When I need to efficiently underline or emphasize entire paragraphs or passages, this supersized tip is a must. The angled edge lets me highlight with the broad side or fine point end. It truly saves me so much time compared to dragging a skinny highlighter tip across paragraph after paragraph. The bright neon ink shows up great against black text too. I can swiftly mark up my books and documents thanks to my trusty jumbo chisel-tip highlighters.

Retractable Highlighters = No Cap to Lose!

My excitement exploring the highlighter selection grew exponentially when I discovered retractable highlighters! No more losing caps or ending up with a useless dried-out highlighter. The Zebra Cadoozles fit comfortably right in my hand, with a convenient click-button to extend and retract the tip. This makes highlighting on the go so much easier, whether I’m walking around campus or riding on the train. The ink flows smoothly and the colors are brilliant. Plus the retractable tip ensures my highlighter always has a perfect point. Major bonus: they come in fun, candy-colored barrels! Who can resist a highlighter that looks like a orange Creamsicle or lime Life Saver? These genius retractable highlighters are a definite game changer.

Highlighter Tip Shapes for Every Task

They say the right tool for the right job makes all the difference, and that definitely applies to highlighter tips! Beyond the standard chisel and fine point varieties, OfficeMax offers some cool specialty tip shapes to take my highlighting precision to the next level. The dual-tip highlighters have both a fine tip and chisel tip in one – genius! There are also highlighters with angled calligraphy-style tips, wedge tips, and extra skinny tapered tips. Having options like the Paper Mate InkJoy Gel Highlighters with micro-fine tips lets me highlight minute details, while the Sharpie Accent Tank Highlighters with thick wedge tips are perfect for bold emphasis. I love having a highlighter for every occasion!

Eco-Friendly & Low Odor Options

As I filling my basket with bright highlights galore, I was thrilled to see OfficeMax offers eco-friendly highlighters as well! Their exclusive EnviroStik brand uses plant-based ink and recycled materials for the barrels. The ink is free of harmful chemicals and has low-odor too. Being able to highlight in an environmentally-conscious way is awesome. Bonus – the ink is fade resistant to stand the test of time. Another great eco option is the Prismacolor Recycled Highlighters made from 100% recycled plastic. It feels good to know I can color-code my notes while also doing the planet a favor!

Multipacks are Ideal for High Volume Highlighting

Considering how rapidly I burn through highlighters, buying them individually would get pricey. Luckily the highlighter multipacks at OfficeMax have me covered! Most come with anywhere from 4 to 8 highlighters, often color-coordinated into fluorescent neon packs or assorted color sets. The bargains don’t stop there…buy 2 multipacks and get them for only $5 each! Stocking up on these highlighter value sets ensures I’ll never be without my vibrant staining arsenal. The Sharpie Clear View 4-pack is my go-to for having all the essential neon shades on hand for just $3.49. Highlighting in bulk has never been so affordable!

The Hunt Continues…

After hours of scouring the vast highlighter offerings at OfficeMax, I’m thrilled with my haul. I’ve got highlighters of every shape and size to fulfill my color-coding dreams. But even after putting dozens of test samples to the paper, I know my highlighter quest is far from over. There are still so many more to try – scented highlighters, metallic highlighters, erasable highlighters and who knows what other magic marker technology has in store! I may have found highlighter nirvana at OfficeMax, but with new products added all the time I’ll definitely be back soon. My highlighting adventures have only just begun!

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