My Experience Shopping at the OfficeMax in Cottonwood, Arizona


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Finding the Perfect Office Supplies in Arizona’s Verde Valley

I never realized how difficult it could be to find a good office supply store until I moved to Cottonwood, Arizona last year. As a writer and small business owner, having access to basic office essentials like printer paper, pens, file folders, and organizers is crucial for me to be able to work efficiently every day. So when I relocated to this charming small town in Arizona’s scenic Verde Valley, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to find a well-stocked office supply retailer that could meet all my needs.

Fortunately, it didn’t take me long after arriving in Cottonwood to discover the OfficeMax located in the heart of town. Now, after shopping there regularly for over 6 months, I can confidently say that this OfficeMax store has been an absolute godsend for my home office. From daily basics like notebooks and sticky notes to big-ticket items like office chairs and printers, they have everything I could possibly need to run my business and stay organized.

In this blog post, I’ll share my experiences shopping at the Cottonwood OfficeMax over the past few months. Whether you run a business, work from home, go to school in the Verde Valley area, or just want to hear an outsider’s perspective, I hope my review provides a helpful insider’s guide to this invaluable local resource. Let’s dive in!

Locating the Store in Cottonwood’s Commercial District

The OfficeMax in Cottonwood is located right off AZ-260, the main highway running through the Verde Valley. It’s extremely easy to access, with a large parking lot right at the front entrance.

The store’s address is 1635 E Cottonwood Street, Cottonwood, AZ 86326. It’s housed in the Cottonwood Plaza shopping center, which it shares with popular national chains like Dollar Tree, GNC, and TJ Maxx.

Surrounded by restaurants, other major retailers, and small local businesses, this OfficeMax is truly situated in the heart of Cottonwood’s bustling commercial district. It’s the perfect one-stop shop when you need office supplies, since it allows you to seamlessly combine other errands in the same shopping center.

I appreciate how visible and convenient the Cottonwood OfficeMax is. Unlike Office Depots which tend to be located off highways in more industrial areas, this store is right in the mix of the city’s retail activity. I never have to make a dedicated trip just for office supplies; I can easily visit OfficeMax in conjunction with my other regular shopping and dining needs.

Store Hours Accommodate Busy Schedules

As a small business owner without much flexibility during the workweek, I rely on the Cottonwood OfficeMax‘s hours of operation to fit my schedule.

The store is open from 8am to 9pm Monday through Saturday, and 9am to 7pm on Sundays. This covers my needs perfectly, whether I’m stopping by on my way to work in the morning, during my lunch break, or after I finish for the day.

I especially appreciate the evening and weekend hours, since I’m usually too busy with my business during normal business hours. Being able to shop on a Sunday or after dinner on a weeknight is a lifesaver when I suddenly realize I’m out of an essential item like my go-to pens.

The reliable hours at this OfficeMax allow me to visit at whatever time is most convenient for me. I never have to worry about rushing across town right as they’re closing for an item I need. Knowing they’ll be open evenings and weekends definitely reduces stress and helps my productivity as a small business owner.

Printing Services Save Time and Money

One of the most useful services I regularly rely on at the Cottonwood OfficeMax is their printing center. As a writer, I frequently need professional printing for client projects, informational packets, worksheets, and other documents.

The printing experts at OfficeMax can handle it all with ease. They have high-quality color printers, binding options like coil and comb binding, laminators, cutting tools, and other finishing services.

I can send my documents digitally or bring them on a flash drive, and then pick up the finished print jobs quickly. Their turnaround time is excellent – I’ve been able to get 100+ page print projects done same-day many times.

The Cottonwood OfficeMax printing prices are very reasonable, especially compared to alternatives like FedEx Office. I have saved so much time and money being able to get all my print jobs done quickly and efficiently at OfficeMax.

Having these printing services locally available makes my work much easier. I don’t have to order supplies super far in advance to allow for shipping, or waste time driving to faraway print shops. The OfficeMax printing center is a real game-changer for any Verde Valley business or organization.

Office Furniture and Supplies for Home or Business

Whether you need to outfit a large office or just a home workstation, the Cottonwood OfficeMax has a fantastic selection of high-quality office furniture.

I was able to find the perfect very desk, file cabinets, bookshelves, and ergonomic chair for my home office entirely thanks to their offerings. I appreciated being able to test out the chairs and desks in-store to evaluate comfort and features.

From budget-friendly basics to high-end executive furnishings, they have it all. I’ve been thoroughly impressed with how much beautiful, modern, and functional office furniture is available at the Cottonwood OfficeMax.

And it’s not just big furniture pieces either – they have smaller workspace organizers, desk accessories, filing solutions, wall art, clocks, and just about anything else you could need to deck out an office space. Whether building a home office like me or outfitting an entire workplace, OfficeMax has the hookup.

Their inventory of basic office supplies is just as extensive. I’m talking pens, pencils, markers, filing supplies, organizers, staplers, tape, and any other office essentials you could imagine. The store layout makes it easy to find what you need, and the prices are very affordable.

I no longer have to waste time going from store to store searching for specific items – the Cottonwood OfficeMax has become my one-stop-shop. Their incredible selection has been a total game-changer for outfitting my home office.

Safety Precautions Keep Customers at Ease

With COVID-19 still impacting communities in 2023, I really appreciate the safety precautions the Cottonwood OfficeMax has implemented to protect customers.

They have plexiglass dividers at all the registers, social distancing floor markers throughout the store, and signs reminding customers to wear masks. The store also limits capacity and I’ve never felt unsafe even shopping on busy weekends.

Employees all wear masks and are constantly sanitizing surfaces and high-touch areas. Shopping carts are cleaned after each use. Items like furniture are thoroughly disinfected before delivery.

It’s clear the OfficeMax team takes health and safety very seriously. As an immunocompromised person, I’m grateful for the steps they’ve taken to make their store feel clean, open, and not overly crowded even amidst the pandemic. I’ve always felt comfortable and safe shopping there.

The store layout with wide aisles and high ceilings also aids with social distancing and ventilation. The Cottonwood OfficeMax deserves real credit for making safety a priority while still providing excellent service.

Unbeatable Tech Support and Services

As someone who is far from tech-savvy, I often need help with things like printers, laptops, setting up new devices, and other technical issues. The expert tech team at the Cottonwood OfficeMax has been an absolute lifesaver for me.

Their in-store Tech Depot provides services like computer diagnostics and repair, software installation, printer set-up, and tech troubleshooting. I can bring in any device I need help with, and they always solve the problem quickly and knowledgeably.

The tech experts even helped me get my new laptop and printer set up perfectly right out of the box. I know I can always count on them anytime I have a tech emergency or question.

OfficeMax also offers services to securely shred and recycle old tech devices and confidential documents. I recently brought in some sensitive outdated business files, and had peace of mind knowing they were destroyed safely and sustainably.

With free battery recycling also available, the Cottonwood store makes tech services more accessible. I don’t know where I’d be without the OfficeMax tech experts backing me up!

Current Deals to Help You Save

The Cottonwood OfficeMax frequently runs great sales, coupons, and loyalty rewards deals across all the products in their store. I’ve been able to save quite a bit of money thanks to their current deals and specials.

Some examples of recent promotions include:

  • Buy one get one 50% off all AMD laptops and desktops
  • 40% off OfficeMax brand binders, organizers, and filing solutions
  • Spend $50 on furniture and get free next-day delivery
  • $25 off your qualifying purchase of $100 or more
  • 20% off your entire purchase for teachers
  • Rewards members get 5% back in credits on all purchases

It’s always worth checking their weekly ad, monitoring social media, and looking for coupons before shopping at OfficeMax. There are consistently great ways to save on every type of office essential they carry.

Joining their free OfficeMax Rewards program has been tremendously worthwhile for me. It’s easy to accumulate credits and get exclusive perks. Keep an eye out for their awesome deals!

Get in Touch with This Helpful Location

The knowledgeable and friendly staff at the Cottonwood OfficeMax are always happy to answer any questions and ensure customers get exactly what they need.

To contact the store directly, their phone number is 928-634-6520. You can also reach them by emailing

I highly recommend stopping in and speaking with their customer service team if you have questions about products, services, recommendations for outfitting an office, or anything else. They have given me fantastic advice and their expertise is much appreciated.

You can also stay up to date on sales, new inventory, store hours, and other news by following the Cottonwood OfficeMax on Facebook. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them directly for fast assistance.

Hassle-Free Returns and Exchanges

One thing that gives me peace of mind when shopping at any retailer is knowing returns and exchanges are easy if I end up needing them. The return policy at the Cottonwood OfficeMax is fantastic.

Most unused products in new condition can be returned or exchanged with a receipt within 90 days. Defective items can usually be returned even without a receipt.

Returns and exchanges are always quick and convenient when I bring items back to the store. I’ve also done exchanges for different colors or sizes by mail. As long as you follow the return guidelines, the process is smooth.

During the holiday season, OfficeMax extends their return period which is perfect if you are gift shopping. Restocking fees are rare and reasonable.

It’s reassuring as a customer to know that OfficeMax stands behind the products they sell. Between their broad return policy and helpful service, exchanges and returns couldn’t be simpler.

Delivery Services for Large Purchases

While I can easily walk out of OfficeMax with arms loaded with small office supplies, when it comes to large furniture pieces or bulk orders, I really appreciate their delivery options.

For any order over $50, the Cottonwood OfficeMax offers affordable same-day and next-day local delivery. They partner with third-party local services for residential and business deliveries across the Verde Valley.

When I bought my big L-shaped desk along with bookshelves and filing cabinets, they were able to deliver and bring everything inside my home office the very next day. Their delivery team even assembled the desk for me.

OfficeMax also can ship orders if you need supplies sent directly to a business or outside the area. They make the process really smooth – you can place orders online or in-store.

Between carrying smaller purchases out yourself and utilizing delivery for bigger items, shopping at OfficeMax is quick and convenient. I never have to stress about how I’ll transport large office furniture purchases thanks to their delivery services.

Every Office Essential Imaginable

It’s amazing how much OfficeMax truly carries when it comes to office supplies – they have become my one-stop-shop over the past year. Just some of the essentials I routinely purchase at the Cottonwood store include:

  • Printer paper, envelopes, legal pads – They carry every size and type of paper product I could possibly need for printing and writing. The prices on their OfficeMax brand paper can’t be beat.
  • Pens, pencils, highlighters, markers – Their selection of writing utensils is expansive. I can find my preferred gel pens along with fun novelty options for gift-giving.
  • Folders, binders, filing systems – They have endless solutions for organization including hanging files, divider tabs, portfolio folders, and daily planners.
  • Office electronics – From calculators to digital time clocks to label makers, they have affordable options to improve office functionality.
  • Cleaning and breakroom supplies – I can stock up on coffee, snacks, paper towels, disinfectants, cups, and other breakroom necessities for my home office when I shop.
  • Batteries – It’s convenient to be able to grab batteries for mice, keyboards, and other electronics right alongside my other office supplies.

I’m constantly amazed when browsing at how much is available in their store and on their website. No matter what office needs arise, I know the Cottonwood OfficeMax has me covered.

Diverse Inventory of Electronics & Devices

In addition to more traditional office supplies, the Cottonwood OfficeMax also carries a fantastic selection of electronics, devices, and accessories.

Their computer department has the latest laptops, desktops, printers, external hard drives, and more from top brands like HP, Epson, and Brother. I purchased my HP all-in-one printer/scanner there and couldn’t be happier with it.

They also offer tablets, headphones, speakers, mice, routers, software, and any tech accessories you can think of. I appreciate being able to purchase tech in the same trip when picking up my regular office supplies.

OfficeMax even carries a variety of cellphones and smartwatches. I recently upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy watch at a great sale price.

Having this extensive electronics inventory all in one place is so convenient. The knowledgeable tech team also makes me feel comfortable purchasing more complex devices there.

I don’t have to make multiple trips to electronic or tech stores now – the Cottonwood OfficeMax has become my one-stop-shop for it all!

Easy Ways to Check Product Availability

There’s nothing more frustrating than going to a store specifically for an item only to find they are out of stock. That’s why I love utilizing the easy ways OfficeMax offers to check product availability before visiting.

Their website allows you to search for any item and check if it’s in stock at the Cottonwood location. You can also call the store directly or chat online with customer service to ask about stock.

The OfficeMax app lets you browse available inventory too. In the store, price scanners and employees can look up stock for you on the spot if unsure.

OfficeMax makes it simple to verify they’ll have what you need. I like placing orders for bigger items online for in-store pickup once availability is confirmed.

With a few clicks or a quick call, you can easily avoid unnecessary trips and wasted time. OfficeMax’s transparency around current product inventory has been a massive time-saver for me.

Job Opportunities Within a Growing Company

As a major national retailer, OfficeMax also offers local job opportunities right within the Cottonwood community.

Positions like sales associates, managers-in-training, delivery drivers, tech consultants, print associates, and inventory specialists are often available to apply for. These roles come with competitive benefits and salaries.

Working at a place like OfficeMax provides an opportunity to gain skills and experience in retail, customer service, tech support, inventory and operations, and more. These can be great positions for students or those entering the workforce.

I have friends who worked at OfficeMax during school and still reminisce about how much they learned on the job. With their frequent promotions and growth, motivated team members can also move up within the company over time.

For anyone seeking a part-time job or new career path, I highly recommend keeping an eye on openings at the Cottonwood OfficeMax. They seem to really invest in their employees and provide a positive work environment.

Order Online for Quick In-Store Pickup

Like many retailers, OfficeMax makes it easy to shop online and then pick up orders quickly at your local store. I love utilizing this service for larger orders or bulk supplies.

After browsing their expansive online selection, you can choose the Cottonwood location for pickup when checking out. Then you simply receive a confirmation email that your order is ready, usually within just a couple hours.

I’ve found this much faster than waiting days for home delivery. It’s also great not having to lug a bunch of heavy items around the store – no struggling to grab multiple packs of printer paper and carry them to the register!

OfficeMax employees bring online orders right up to the front when they are ready for fast pickup. For office supply runs, online ordering with in-store pickup is a total game-changer for convenience.

Beating the Crowds

From my regular shopping trips, I’ve picked up some tips for beating the crowds and lines at peak times at this OfficeMax.

Weekday mornings before 11am tend to be the quietest hours in the store. I can leisurely stroll the aisles and take my time browsing and selecting products.

Weekday evenings also tend to be less busy than afternoons. I often stop by after 7pm on my way home from work for a faster shopping experience.

The weekends, especially Saturdays, are their busiest times. Everyone is running their errands so the store can get packed. I try to avoid weekend afternoons when possible.

If I do have to shop at busier times, using the self-checkout is the best way to avoid lines. There are always plenty of kiosks open so I can grab what I need and ring up my purchase quickly.

Now that I know when crowds tend to be smaller, it’s easy to plan my OfficeMax trips accordingly. Taking advantage of slower hours makes shopping faster and more pleasant.

Join the Loyalty Rewards Program

Signing up for the free OfficeMax Rewards loyalty program has been one of the best decisions I’ve made as a regular customer. It only takes minutes to join at the store or online.

You earn 5% back in rewards on all purchases to redeem later. I’ve saved up rewards to take a nice chunk off large furniture orders.

Members also get free delivery on qualifying orders of $50 or more. Exclusive coupons and additional discounts are frequently offered.

During your birthday month, rewards members receive 20% off their entire purchase which is an incredible perk. Rewards can add up quickly when you shop regularly at OfficeMax.

The program is totally free and offers significant savings. I highly recommend joining if you shop at OfficeMax even semi-regularly. The perks and bonuses make every purchase more worthwhile.

Providing Feedback for an Improved Experience

As a regular shopper, I appreciate that OfficeMax makes it so easy to provide feedback about your experiences at their stores. There are a few convenient ways I can share suggestions, compliments, or concerns.

In my receipts, there is always a survey code and website where I can take a brief customer satisfaction questionnaire. This allows me to rate various elements of my shopping trip.

OfficeMax is clearly committed to continuous improvement, as they carefully review survey feedback at the corporate and individual store levels. I occasionally get coupon codes as thanks for filling out surveys too!

Their website has a designated Customer Service section for submitting reviews about a specific location. I’ve used this a couple times to highlight exceptional employees who went above and beyond to help me.

You can also call 1-888-GO-DEPOT or visit any store’s front desk to talk to a manager if needed. OfficeMax definitely welcomes open customer communication.

The bottom line is that OfficeMax makes it easy to share your voice. I always feel heard, and know my feedback directly shapes improvements in my local store.

Getting to OfficeMax by Public Transportation

For those who prefer not to drive or don’t have a car, the Cottonwood OfficeMax is still conveniently accessible by public transportation.

The local Cottonwood Area Transit (CAT) bus system has a stop directly in front of OfficeMax in the shopping plaza. Buses come every hour.

Riding the Verde Lynx bus is another option to arrive at the OfficeMax shopping complex. Depending on your location, this may require a short walk from the bus stop.

I’ve taken the bus to OfficeMax when my car was in the shop and found it worked perfectly. The rides were fast and affordable.

OfficeMax’s central location right off the highway makes it a cinch to get to by bus from most parts of the Verde Valley. With regular service and close proximity to bus stops, transportation is not a barrier for reaching this essential store.

A Hub for Local Community Connections

Beyond providing office essentials, the Cottonwood OfficeMax also strives to serve the local community in meaningful ways. They partner with schools and non-profits on supplies drives and other initiatives that give back.

For example, each August they collect donations of backpacks, binders, pens, paper, and other school supplies to benefit the Boys and Girls Club of the Verde Valley. Kids in need receive free backpacks filled with essentials for the coming school year.

OfficeMax also works with local teachers to provide discount cards, classroom credit rewards, and other programs. Teachers save money while stocking up on supplies for their students and classrooms.

The store manager is always open to discussing partnerships with organizations that need funding for projects or supplies. OfficeMax supports meaningful community-building in their business practices.

Through fundraising drives, donations, teacher rewards, and local partnerships, OfficeMax weaves itself into the fabric of Cottonwood and the Verde Valley. They have become much more than just a retail store in our town.

Conclusion: My Go-To Destination for Office Needs

When I first moved to the Verde Valley, I never expected that a single OfficeMax location would meet my every office supply and furniture need while also saving me time and money. But the Cottonwood OfficeMax store has exceeded my expectations in every possible way.

From printing services to tech support to an unbeatable selection of supplies and furniture, this store has become my one-stop-shop. I know I can count on their convenient locationhelpful staff, and commitment to safety.

The Cottonwood OfficeMax has truly made my life as a small business owner so much easier this past year. Whether you’re wanting to deck out a home office like me or equip an entire workplace, I guarantee you will not regret shopping at this local gem.

So next time you find yourself in need of office essentials, printer paper, or ergonomic task chairs in Arizona’s gorgeous Verde Valley, do yourself a favor and stop by the ever-impressive Cottonwood OfficeMax. You will not be disappointed!

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