My Experience Shopping at OfficeMax in Gurnee, Illinois


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More Than Just an Office Supply Store

As a freelance writer working from home, I rely on my local OfficeMax store in Gurnee, Illinois for all of my basic office supply needs and so much more. I was used to thinking of OfficeMax as just an office supply store, but after my most recent visit I was surprised by all of the products, services and conveniences they offer beyond pens, paper and printer ink.

Since I work non-traditional hours, one of the first things I needed to find out was the hours of the Gurnee OfficeMax. I learned that they are open from 8am to 9pm Monday through Saturday, and 9am to 7pm on Sundays. This wide range of hours makes it easy for me to stop in whether I’m getting an early start to my work day, burning the midnight oil on a project or just running errands on the weekends. The store is located conveniently off Route 41 and Grand Avenue in the Gurnee Town Center shopping plaza, so it’s easy to access.

When I first walked in, I was immediately helped at the print and copy center near the entrance. I had several documents that needed printing and binding, and the associate helped me get them printed on high-quality paper and coil bound very quickly. The copy center uses modern Xerox machines and offers a variety of binding and finishing options.

Since I was there, I decided to browse the store and see what else they offered besides printer paper and pens. I was amazed by the wide selection of products available at my local OfficeMax – everything from electronics to office furniture to school and art supplies and more.

In the technology department, they had a nice selection of laptops, printers, external hard drives and other computer accessories. There was even an in-store tech department that provides services like printer repair, computer cleanings and more. I asked the associate if they could take a look at my slow laptop while I shopped and they were happy to help.

Over in the furniture section, I was really impressed by all of the affordable office furniture pieces they offered to create a productive workstation at home. From standing desks and ergonomic chairs to organization solutions and bulletin boards, they really had everything I could need to customize my home office. I even spotted a few accent chairs and fun office accessories to liven up my workspace.

Since I’m not in an office setting, it can be challenging to stay motivated and focused while working from home. I was happy to find a wide selection of planners, calendars and journals that OfficeMax offers to help me stay organized. They even had some cute and colorful options that made productivity planning more fun.

For my creative side projects, the art supplies section at my OfficeMax was fully stocked with everything from markers and paints to crafting tools and canvases. As a writer, I also loved browsing their expansive selection of pens, highlighters and notebooks to test out and find just the right tools to spark my inspiration.

When I checked out, the cashier told me about the store’s loyalty program that gives members special discounts and savings when they shop. The rewards program is free to join and easy to use every time you checkout. There are often additional coupons and sales on the OfficeMax website and promotional emails as well.

My favorite OfficeMax perk that I discovered was the ability to order online for in-store or curbside pickup. This is so convenient when I just need a few basic supplies fast or want to avoid coming inside the store. I used the OfficeMax website and mobile app to quickly place an order that I was able to easily pickup within an hour.

As a bonus, my laptop was ready for fast pickup from the tech department after they completed a thorough diagnostics check, cleaned out some clutter slowing it down, and updated my antivirus software. I was able to get everything done efficiently in one quick trip.

While checking out with my order, I browsed a rack of OfficeMax branded water bottles, pens and notepads by the register. They had some fun, exclusive designs and products available only in store so I picked up a few to try out. Things like this make shopping at a store fun versus just ordering basic supplies online.

Before leaving, I noticed signs around the store for an upcoming in-store event to create vision boards. I love that OfficeMax offers unique experiences like crafting events and tech workshops right in the store for the community. I’ll have to check their website and look for event announcements on my next visit.

With the wide range of products, services and conveniences OfficeMax offers, they really are so much more than just a basic office supply retailer. My local Gurnee store has become my one-stop shop to get work done, find inspiration for projects, furnish my home office, get tech help and so much more. Everything is available at affordable prices with frequent sales and rewards discounts.

The next time you need office supplies or printing, I highly recommend skipping the crowded big box retailers and supporting your local OfficeMax instead. You’re sure to discover convenient new ways they can meet your unique needs and become your go-to hometown shop like they have for me!

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