My Epic Quest for the Perfect Bluetooth Headphones at OfficeMax


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Can You Find Audio Bliss at This Popular Office Supply Store?

Have you ever gone on an epic quest to find the perfect product? You know, the kind of journey that takes you through every nook and cranny of a store, browsing every shelf and rack until you finally discover that magical item you’ve been seeking. Well, that’s exactly what happened to me last weekend when I embarked on a mission to find the ultimate bluetooth headphones at OfficeMax.

Now, you might be wondering why I decided to seek out bluetooth headphones at an office supply store rather than a tech retailer. Valid question. But hear me out on this. I had recently started a new remote job and needed a pair of solid wireless headphones to use for taking calls, video conferences, and listening to music while I worked. However, I didn’t want to spend a crazy amount over $100 if possible.

I had seen OfficeMax advertisements for bluetooth headphones in their weekly deals flyers before. They seemed to always have new models rolling in from brands like Sony, JBL, Beats, and Skullcandy at decent prices. Plus, going to an office supply store meant I could browse while also picking up some new pens and notebooks. Killing two birds with one stone – it was a productivity fiend’s dream!

So I wandered into my local OfficeMax last Sunday on a mission. I wasn’t leaving until I found the perfect bluetooth headphones to be my new remote work besties. Here’s how my epic quest unfolded…

The Search Begins

I’ll set the scene for you. I walked through the automatic sliding doors of OfficeMax, grabbed a bright yellow cart, and headed straight back to the technology section. Along the way, I cruised past aisles packed with printers, shredders, filing cabinets, and enough pens to last a lifetime.

Finally, I wheeled my cart around the corner into tech heaven. Lined up along the shelves were gleaming new chromebooks, printers, and gadgets galore. I could see rows of brightly colored bluetooth headphones peeking out from an aisle up ahead – it was like a tech candy store!

My eyes lit up as I perused the overwhelming options on display. There were basic black over-ear headphones marked at $19.99, Beats Solo models in slick rose gold for $174.99, and everything in between. I picked up a few packages to check out specs – battery life, Bluetooth connectivity range, headphones weight, and more.

How on earth would I choose the perfect pair from this bonanza of wireless listening options? I knew I needed to really put some headphones to the test here in my quest for office auditory excellence. And so my bluetooth headphone testing montage commenced…

Testing, Testing…Can You Hear Me Now?

For the next hour, I tested out just about every pair of Bluetooth headphones at OfficeMax. I was on a mission to find the ideal mix of comfort, sound quality, battery life, and price. Here were some of my trials and tribulations along the way:

I started with a $24.99 JLab wireless on-ear model. They were super lightweight and comfortable on my head. However, the sound quality left much to be desired – tinny treble and weak bass. A no-go for my discerning ears.

Next, I tried a $99 pair of Sony over-ear noise cancelling headphones. Now we’re talking! The soft padded earcups blocked out ambient store noise, while the 40mm drivers delivered lush, detailed sound. I nodded along, impressed. But the price was a bit steep for me. I decided to hold them as a strong contender.

I moved onto some $59 Beats Flex wireless earbuds next. They fit into my ears nicely and sounded decent for the low price. However, I worried about their staying power during long days of conference calls. I decided I preferred over-ear headphones instead for all-day wearability.

I also gave some Skullcandy video gaming headphones a whirl. The explosive bass and surround sound were amazing for video games and action movies. But again, a little intense for office work. I didn’t want my colleagues thinking I was in a war zone!

By now I had accumulated a pile of 7-8 headphone boxes around me. It looked like I was moving into OfficeMax! I realized I needed to narrow down my criteria if I was going to find my remote work holy grail headphones here. Comfort and sound were paramount, followed by a decent battery life. Noise cancellation and headset controls would be nice bonuses!

The Perfect Pair

After nearly an hour of browsing, testing, and contemplating, I finally found THE pair of bluetooth headphones for me at OfficeMax! They were comfortable, long-lasting, great sounding, and under $100. Drumroll please…

…the JBL Tune 510BT wireless on-ear headphones really fit the bill for me! Here were the winning features that put them over the top:

  • Super soft leatherette earcups that fit very comfortably around my ears without squeezing too tight. I could easily wear them for hours on calls.
  • Solid Bluetooth connection range of 30+ feet, so I could roam around my home office. No drops during my walk-around tests.
  • 40+ hours of battery life on a charge. Say goodbye to daily recharges! Huzzah!
  • Clear, balanced sound quality for the price. Good bass and treble. Voices sounded natural on calls.
  • On-ear controls to adjust volume, play/pause music, accept calls – very convenient!
  • Foldable design that made them easy to toss in my laptop bag to take anywhere.
  • Active noise cancellation option that blocked out ambient noise decently well. Not Bose-level, but suitable!
  • Under $100 price tag at $79.99! Very doable for my budget.

After thoroughly geeking out over the features and fit, I knew the JBL Tune 510BTs were coming home with me! Finding them felt like discovering a treasure buried deep in the OfficeMax aisles. Sure, the store didn’t have the breadth of a BestBuy for headphones. But I was thrilled to find an amazing option that fit my needs and budget perfectly.

Checking Out With My New Gadgets

I did a final test listen and walked around the store with my new JBL headphones to make sure the Bluetooth connection held up everywhere. They passed with flying colors!

Time to check out with my beloved new gear. I grabbed some gel pens and a fun desk organizer at the front of the store. Might as well make it a full OfficeMax haul since I was there!

The cashier chuckled when he saw my headphones purchase. He said people rarely think to buy specialty electronics at their store. I proudly told him about my epic quest to find the best bluetooth headphones in stock. We both agreed the JBLs were an underrated gem.

I happily paid for my new supplies and headed home, eager to put my OfficeMax headphones to work. No more strained ears from wearing earbuds all day on calls. And no more overpriced tech retailer markups. Just the perfect wireless headphones for my needs at an affordable OfficeMax price.

Sometimes an electronics quest leads you to unexpected places. And in the case of my bluetooth headphone search, OfficeMax had exactly what I needed! Who knew an office supply stop could yield such fruitful discoveries? Have you found any underrated tech gems during your shopping quests? I’d love to hear your stories! For now, I’ll be rocking out to tunes and taking calls in total comfort thanks to my new OfficeMax headphones.

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