My Adventure Finding the Perfect Foam Board at OfficeMax


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Table of Contents

A First-Timer’s Guide to All the Foam Board Options at Your Favorite Office Supply Store

As a creative person, I rely heavily on foam board for various projects. From mounting photographs to building science fair displays, foam board is one of my go-to materials. But sourcing affordable, quality foam board that suits my needs hasn’t always been easy. That’s why I was thrilled when I discovered the huge selection of foam boards at my local OfficeMax store.

On my first trip, I’ll admit I was a bit overwhelmed. I had no idea there were so many options when it came to sizes, colors, thicknesses and materials. Luckily, the staff at OfficeMax was super helpful in guiding me to find the right foam boards for my projects. After several trips experimenting with different types of boards, I feel like I’ve finally got a handle on the foam board selection at OfficeMax.

If you’re also on the hunt for the perfect foam board, let me share my first-hand experience to help you navigate the options at OfficeMax. Here’s my complete guide to finding the right foam board for your creative needs at your neighborhood OfficeMax store.

Sizes: Small Boards for DIY to Giant Boards for Big Projects

The first thing I noticed in the foam board area at OfficeMax was the huge range of sizes available. For small DIY projects, you can find 8”x10” boards all the way up to giant 4’x8’ sheets perfect for science fairs or large art installations. The most common sizes I saw were 20”x30” and 22”x28” boards.

If you need a custom size, you can also order pre-cut foam boards in different dimensions through OfficeMax. This comes in handy when you need oddly shaped boards or very precise sizes. Just ask an employee about custom order options.

Prices: Affordable Boards Starting at Just a Few Dollars

One major perk of shopping at OfficeMax is the affordable prices on foam boards. Small boards started at just a couple dollars, while large 2’x3’ boards cost around $10. Even the giant 4’x8’ sheets were very reasonably priced at around $25.

I loved that I could stock up on boards for various projects without breaking the bank. Bulk packs offer even better value if you need a lot of boards for classroom art projects or summer camp supplies. Definitely take advantage of sales events and clearance sections too for the best deals on foam boards at OfficeMax.

Colors: White, Black, Primary Colors and More

Things got really fun when I started exploring all the color options for foam boards at OfficeMax. Of course, they stock typical white boards in various sizes. But I was excited to find black foam board as well – perfect for a photography backdrop or modern art piece.

Some of my other favorite finds were primary colored boards in vibrant red, blue, green and yellow. They also had a neon pink board that would be amazing for ’80s-themed projects. Beyond the basics, I spotted cool marble-looking boards and natural wood grain patterns too.

The color options were much wider than I expected. So don’t be afraid to dig around and get creative with different colored foam boards for your projects.

Thicknesses: Thin Poster Boards to Thick Display Boards

Once I started looking at foam board thicknesses, I realized why OfficeMax has so many options. Foam boards come in different thicknesses for various purposes. Here’s a quick guide:

  • 1/16″ boards – These thin, flexible boards work well for posters or hanging wall art. They’re lightweight and easy to cut.
  • 1/8″ boards – This is the standard thickness for most foam boards. It provides a sturdy surface for photos or moderate projects.
  • 3/16″ boards – Slightly thicker boards add extra strength for bigger art projects or science displays.
  • 1/2″ and 1″ boards – The thickest boards are great for structural pieces like columns or sculptures.

I suggest assessing your project needs and going with the thinnest board that will still hold up. Thinner boards are easier to cut and work with for most basic uses.

Materials: Standard Polystyrene and Recycled Polyethylene Boards

At OfficeMax, most foam boards are made from polystyrene – these are the traditional white foam boards. But I was pleased to see they offer recycled polyethylene foam boards as well.

The recycled foam boards use less virgin plastic and are more eco-friendly. They have a slightly different surface and texture, but work well for most general uses. The recycled boards only come in white, but are comparable in price to standard polystyrene boards.

It’s a great option if you’re looking for greener foam boards! Check the packaging to see which material your board is made from.

Specialty Boards: Adhesive, Gridded, Outdoor and More

Beyond the basics, OfficeMax also carries some specialty foam board options:

  • Self-adhesive boards – These have a sticky backing so you can easily adhere posters or pictures without glue.
  • Gridded boards – Handy grids are printed on these boards so you can more easily measure and cut straight lines.
  • Outdoor/weatherproof boards – These sturdy boards are designed to withstand sunlight, moisture and temperature changes for outdoor signs or decor.
  • Black paper boards – Double-sided boards with black paper on one side are ideal for framing photos or art pieces.
  • Cork boards – Boards with a cork layer allow you to push pin items to the surface. Great for bulletin boards!

It was awesome discovering these unique boards tailored to specific applications. Don’t be afraid to ask OfficeMax employees if you need help picking the right specialty board.

Brands: Elmer’s and Studio Decor as Reliable Favorites

From browsing the selection, some of the most common foam board brands at my local OfficeMax were Elmer’s and Studio Decor. Both seemed to offer quality boards at reasonable price points.

I tested boards from both brands in various sizes and was pleased with the results. The foam was sturdy and the paper layers adhered nicely. Plus, the surface cuts well and accepts glue without issues.

Other brands like Pacon and Palmer were also available, but I stuck with Elmer’s and Studio Decor for the majority of my boards. It’s always good to test a few brands to find your own favorites based on quality and value.

Cutting and Working With the Boards

Once I got my boards home, it was time to put them to work on projects! I found that the foam boards from OfficeMax cut fairly easily with sharp scissors, craft knives and rulers. The key is using a self-healing mat to protect your work surface.

For extra straight cuts and clean corners, you may want to invest in an adjustable foam board cutter. But basic tools can get the job done for most purposes. Hot glue, double-sided tape and spray adhesives also work well to assemble pieces.

Don’t be intimidated to cut into your new boards! The foam is easy to work with using household tools and common adhesives.

Returns and Ordering for Delivery

Thankfully, OfficeMax has a very generous return policy for unused foam boards. As long as you have the original packaging and receipt, returns are accepted within 30 days. This gives you some flexibility to buy a few boards and return ones you don’t use.

OfficeMax also offers convenient delivery options for boards and other large items. You can place orders online for home delivery or in-store pickup. This spares you from lugging around giant foam boards in your car!

For big projects requiring 10+ boards, consider delivery. Or you can request special bulk order discounts in-store for large quantities.

Perks of a Business Account

If you purchase foam board frequently for business purposes like photography studios or craft businesses, it pays to enroll in the OfficeMax business rewards program.

You’ll unlock discounts on bulk orders along with discounted or free delivery. Plus you’ll earn points on all purchases to redeem for future savings on essentials like foam board.

As a small business owner myself, I found the benefits of a business account really added up. Be sure to ask an OfficeMax employee about joining if you buy supplies for commercial use.

Picking the Perfect Board Made Simple

While the huge selection of foam boards at OfficeMax first seemed daunting, I quickly realized there is a simple process for picking the right board:

  1. Decide on the dimensions you need for your project. Browse the size options or look into custom orders.
  2. Determine the thickness required based on the structure you’re building and weight it needs to hold. Remember, thicker boards are sturdier.
  3. Consider which color or material fits your purposes best. If unsure, basic white boards are always a safe bet.
  4. Factor in specialty features like adhesive backing, grids or outdoor durability that could be useful.
  5. Compare brands and prices to find the best quality board for your budget.

Following these steps will ensure you get the perfect foam board for any project, while still enjoying the affordable OfficeMax prices.

Let Your Creativity Run Wild!

Thanks to the incredible selection at OfficeMax, my foam board projects have reached new heights. I’ve created colorful geometric wall art, sturdy science fair displays and even decorative holiday lawn ornaments. The possibilities are endless!

No matter what type of creative project you’re dreaming up, OfficeMax has the ideal foam board to make it happen. From standard poster boards to extra thick display boards, the variety is amazing. And the prices allow you to stock up without breaking your crafting budget.

So next time your latest DIY creation calls for the perfect foam board, head to OfficeMax. Let the friendly employees guide you through the options to find your new favorite material. Once you discover the quality, selection and value, you’ll be hooked like me on foam boards from OfficeMax!

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