My Adventure Finding the Perfect File Cabinet at OfficeMax


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As a small business owner, I am always looking for ways to organize my office more efficiently. After years of struggling with a mishmash of old filing cabinets, I decided it was time to invest in a proper system. But with so many options, I wasn’t sure where to start. That’s when I turned to OfficeMax and embarked on a journey to find the perfect file cabinet for my needs.

Checking Out the Selection of File Cabinets at OfficeMax

I headed to my local OfficeMax store one Saturday morning to see what kinds of file cabinets they offered. I was immediately overwhelmed with choices!

OfficeMax has a huge assortment of file cabinets in materials like wood, metal, and plastic. They come in vertical and lateral styles, varying heights and widths, and 2, 3, 4, or 5 drawers. There are fireproof and waterproof models, ones with locks, some on wheels for easy moving, and more features than I could have imagined. No matter what type of office setup you have, OfficeMax surely makes a file cabinet suited for it.

For my small office, I was looking for something affordable but still good quality. I don’t have a ton of space, so a giant lateral cabinet was out. I also wanted something with adequate but not excessive storage. After browsing for a bit, I decided a 2- or 3-drawer vertical file cabinet would be the perfect fit.

The Best File Cabinets at OfficeMax for Small Offices

The sales associate was helpful in pointing me toward the most suitable file cabinets for small and home offices. Some of their bestsellers for compact spaces include:

  • HON 2-Drawer Vertical File Cabinet: Steel construction with a recessed handle and built-in lock for security. Comes fully assembled for quick setup. Ideal for letter or legal sized documents. Available in putty or black finishes to match any decor.
  • Lorell 2-Drawer Vertical File Cabinet: Features sturdy steel drawers with ball-bearing slide suspension for smooth gliding. Top drawer can accommodate hanging folders. Optional caster wheels for mobility.
  • OfficeMax Metalmate 3-Drawer Vertical File Cabinet: Lightweight aluminum frame makes it easy to move. Includes fold-down cabinet shelf and dual locking bars for safety. Can be ordered assembled or ready-to-assemble based on your preference.

I also came across some space-saving options like vertical cabinets with a small built-in desktop – perfect for making the most of tight quarters in a home office or cubicle! After taking notes on my top contenders, I headed home to think over my options.

Assembling My New OfficeMax File Cabinet

After much debate, I decided on the Lorell 2-Drawer Vertical File Cabinet in black. Not only was it affordably priced, but it seemed like it would stand up well to daily use. I opted for in-store pickup so I could get my new file cabinet right away.

The assembly process was quick and painless! OfficeMax file cabinets come with simple instructions and all the hardware needed. I had it put together in under 20 minutes with just a Phillips head screwdriver. The drawers glided smoothly once installed, and the sleek black finish looked great next to my desk.

I wasted no time organizing all of my important documents into neat hanging folders and filling up the drawers. The full-extension slides allow easy access to the back of the deep drawers. And there’s still some room to grow my filing system!

Locking Up Important Documents in My OfficeMax File Cabinet

One of my favorite things about the Lorell file cabinet from OfficeMax is that the top drawer locks for added security. As a business owner, I have a lot of important paperwork, contracts, tax files, and other documents that I like to keep confidential.

Having a locking file cabinet gives me peace of mind that all of my critical business records are safely secured when not in use. The keys also ensure only authorized people (myself and my office admin) can access them.

Setting up the lock was very straightforward – it came with two keys that were already configured. I simply have to insert the key and turn it to lock or unlock the top drawer. The lock feels very durable, so I don’t have to worry about it breaking with daily use over many years.

Now I can keep my sensitive files tucked away but still easily accessible when needed. The OfficeMax file cabinets offer a variety of great security features like this depending on the model. It’s a wise investment for any business, home office, or organization.

Finding OfficeMax File Cabinets Near Me

After being so impressed with my OfficeMax file cabinet purchase, I’ve recommended them to several other small business owners I know. Many were interested in checking out OfficeMax’s selection themselves but didn’t know the nearest location.

Luckily, it’s easy to find OfficeMax stores using their website or mobile app. You can simply search “OfficeMax near me” and enter your city or zip code. The locator tool will pull up the closest OfficeMax stores in your area, along with the address, phone number, and hours.

Some additional tips for finding an OfficeMax store nearby:

  • Most locations have a robust office furniture and supplies department, including file cabinets. But you can call ahead to any nearby stores to confirm availability if needed.
  • Enter your exact street address instead of just a city or zip code to find the nearest OfficeMax to your home or office.
  • The OfficeMax app makes finding nearby stores even easier when you’re on the go. Just enable location services and it’ll automatically detect stores closest to you.
  • If you live in a more rural area, be prepared to possibly drive a bit farther. But you may be able to call and arrange delivery if needed.

With over 800 storefronts nationwide, OfficeMax makes it simple to find the right file cabinet solution for your storage needs, no matter where you are. You can even buy online and pick up in store!

Why Choose OfficeMax for Top Quality File Cabinets?

After shopping at OfficeMax for my own file cabinet, the reasons why it’s my go-to for office furniture and supplies are clear. Here are some of the key benefits I’ve experienced that make OfficeMax a leading destination for file cabinets:

  • Huge selection to fit any office setup – they have everything from small portable file boxes to giant 5-drawer fireproof cabinets and options for any budget and needs.
  • Trusted national brands like Lorell, HON, and Baltic at competitive prices. Many models are exclusive to OfficeMax.
  • Good quality materials like commercial-grade steel, high-grade wood, and durable plastics that will last.
  • Variety of handy features like drawers that hold hanging folders, ball-bearing slides, leveling glides, caster wheels, security locks, and scratch-resistant finishes.
  • Options for assembly so you can get fully assembled cabinets or save with ready-to-assemble. Free in-store assembly also offered.
  • Great delivery options like free shipping on orders over $50 or fast in-store pickup. Delivery and haul-away of old furniture available.
  • Excellent customer service and supportive policies if any issues arise with assembling, damages, defects, etc.

For an extensive selection of file cabinets made to last, OfficeMax is a top-choice office supplies

When to Find the Best OfficeMax File Cabinet Sales

One tip I learned from shopping at OfficeMax is that you can save big if you buy at the right times. Like most retailers, OfficeMax offers special sales events and promotions throughout the year. Here are some of the best times to keep an eye out for deals on file cabinets and office furniture:

  • Back to School sales in late summer have great deals on office supplies, furniture, and organization when buying for a home office or dorm room. Look for their “A+ School Savings” sale in July/August.
  • Black Friday and holiday sales are a great time for bargains on bigger ticket office furniture pieces, including major markdowns on file cabinets. Shop their Black Friday Preview deals online.
  • New Years/New You sales in January are focused on organization, so file cabinets are often included. Shop early in the month for the best selection.
  • Tax time sales in February/March promote getting organized for tax season, so you can find file cabinet sales then.
  • OfficeMax Perks deals are special members-only coupons that sometimes include extra discounts on furniture and file storage. Sign up for a free account to access.

By timing my file cabinet purchase right, I was able to save over $50 compared to the regular price! Set up sale alerts or monitor weekly ads to find the best time to buy.

Choosing the Right Size OfficeMax File Cabinet for Your Needs

A key thing to evaluate when choosing an OfficeMax file cabinet is getting the right size. Measure where you want to place your cabinet and how much space you have available. Also, think about how many files you need to store and whether you’ll use hanging folders or not.

Some sizing considerations for OfficeMax file cabinets:

  • The 2-drawer vertical is about 15″ wide x 28″ deep x 52″ high and best for moderate needs. The shallow depth is also great for tight spaces.
  • The 3-drawer vertical measures 15″W x 22″D x 52″H. Good option when you need just a bit more storage than the 2-drawer. Still fits in small areas.
  • The 4- or 5-drawer verticals offer maximum filing capacity with widths around 15-18″ and heights near 64-70″. Require more open floor space.
  • Lateral filing cabinets like the OfficeMax 4-Drawer model are 36″W x 18″D x 52″H. Made for large hanging folder storage and ideal for long against a wall.

Take measurements of where the cabinet will go and visit a store to see sizes and configurations in person. This will ensure you get the perfect file storage solution tailored for your office needs.

Enjoying the Benefits of My OfficeMax File Cabinet

Investing in a quality file cabinet from OfficeMax has completely transformed my small home office. I finally have an organized system for all my important paperwork and other business records. With everything filed neatly away in one place, I have a lot more usable desk space and feel less cluttered and stressed.

My OfficeMax file cabinet looks classy but didn’t cost a fortune. And knowing my confidential documents are secured in a locking cabinet makes me feel so much better. I’m sure this sturdy piece from Lorell will last me many years as my business continues to grow and evolve.

For anyone seeking the perfect file cabinet to meet their home or office needs, I can’t recommend OfficeMax highly enough. Their expertise, selection, and service allow you to find the right solution for your space and needs. Having the proper filing equipment can make a world of difference in your productivity and peace of mind.

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