My Adventure at the OfficeMax on the East West Connector


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Table of Contents

Navigating the Maze of Office Supplies

As someone who loves organizing and being prepared, I was so excited when I heard an OfficeMax was opening on the East West Connector near me. I’ve relied on OfficeMax for years to stock up on everything from printer paper to pens, so having one just minutes from my house was a dream come true!

The day it opened, I hopped in my car and made my way to the brand new OfficeMax, ready to explore. It was in a small shopping plaza tucked back from the main roads, but I eventually spotted the familiar red and yellow sign. I pulled into the parking lot, which had ample spots up front, and headed towards the entrance.

Stepping inside, I was greeted by rows and rows of neatly organized office supplies and furniture. It was office supply heaven! To my left were shelves stocked with paper, notebooks, folders, and other paper products. Straight ahead was the tech department, with printers, laptops, cables, and more gadgets than I could count.

As I wandered through the store, I spotted the printing and services counter, where you can make copies, print documents, design business cards, and take care of other printing needs. The friendly associate gave me a warm welcome and offered to answer any questions I had.

Past the counters, I found shelves filled with pens, pencils, markers, and other writing essentials. Nearby was the mailing and shipping section, stocked with bubble wrap, tape, and everything you need to pack up boxes. There was even a self-serve kiosk to handle your UPS shipments.

Towards the back of the store, I stumbled upon the furniture section. From office chairs to desks and bookcases, they had a great selection of functional and stylish options to outfit your workspace. Adjacent to the furniture was a sizeable section of school and art supplies, perfect for stocking up for the new school year.

After grabbing a cart, I browsed through the rows and rows of products, from Post-it notes to file folders to printer ink. I could have spent hours sifting through everything, but I focused on restocking the essentials on my office supply list.

Of course I picked up printer paper and ink, as well as file foldersbindersnotebooks, and pens. I grabbed some handy desk organizers and cable ties to wrangle the mess of cords by my computer. Though I was tempted by the array of fun and colorful supplies, I stuck to the basics for this trip.

With my cart piled high, I headed to the registers to check out. The cashier nicely asked if I had found everything I needed and told me about the current sales and promotions they were running. I was surprised to find out that OfficeMax accepts returns and exchanges for items purchased online, which is really convenient.

As I was leaving, I noticed signs advertising upcoming workshops like resume writing classes and computer skills courses. It seems OfficeMax really does have everything you need to be productive at home or the office!

My Go-To for All Things Office

Now that I’ve explored the new OfficeMax on the East West Connector, it will definitely be my go-to for all office and school supply runs. I love that the store is neat, organized, and full of every office supply you could possibly need.

Some key things that make this OfficeMax truly stand out are:

  • The extensive selection of paper, writing tools, tech gadgets, furniture, and more keeps the store stocked with all the essentials. I was able to find specialty items like custom stamps and business cards, which can be hard to track down.
  • The services like printing, scanning, and shipping make completing projects quick and convenient. No more trips to multiple locations to get everything done!
  • The regular sales mean great deals on pricier items like printers, laptops, and office chairs. I always check the weekly ad to see what’s on sale before I shop.
  • The open and spacious layout makes finding what you need a breeze. Sections are clearly labeled with signs from the high ceilings.
  • The employees are friendly and helpful, available to answer any questions. It’s clear the staff knows the store inside and out.
  • Plentiful parking right out front so I can pop in and out quickly during busy days. No parking lot stress!

While every OfficeMax has a lot to offer, I feel like this location on the East West Connector truly raises the bar. The bright, polished, and organized store meets even the pickiest office supply aficionado’s needs. I’m so glad it’s close by!

My Go-To Office Supply Shopping List

Now that I have an OfficeMax located so close to my home, I find myself coming back very frequently to restock my office supply stash. Here are the items and essentials I almost always pick up during my regular OfficeMax runs:

  • Printer paper – Specifically the OfficeMax brand white copy paper. I go through reams of this essential regularly between work documents and printing photos at home. The OfficeMax brand is decently priced for the quality.
  • Pens and pencils – Can never have too many! I rotate between my favorites like Pilot G2 gel pens, Bic mechanical pencils, and Paper Mate ballpoint pens. OfficeMax usually has these in value bulk packs.
  • Post-it notes – A workspace must-have. I love the fun colors and patterns you can find. The standard 3 inch square size is my go-to for notes and to-do lists.
  • AA and AAA batteries – It seems like everything from the remote to my kid’s toys needs batteries regularly. OfficeMax carries all the major battery brands in multipacks.
  • File folders – I’m constantly organizing and reorganizing files. I stock up on letter size folders in standard colors when they’re on sale.
  • Highlighters and markers – My preferred brands are Sharpie and Expo. I use these for editing documents and writing on the whiteboard.
  • Binder clips – Holding together stacks of paper or sealing bags, binder clips are endlessly useful. OfficeMax has them in all sizes.
  • Tape – Can’t forget this necessity! I always have rolls of standard clear tape, as well as masking and painter’s tape on hand.

No matter what your office supply needs may be, the OfficeMax on the East West Connector is sure to have what you need at great prices. It really is the ultimate one stop shop!

Tales from the Photocopy Machine

During a recent visit to the OfficeMax on the East West Connector, I decided to check out their self-serve photocopy center. As a small business owner, I’m often needing to make quick copies for client meetings and projects on tight deadlines.

Walking up to the area, I saw several high-tech copy machines and a computer station to upload documents. Large signs listed the copy and print prices, which were reasonable. I could also print in color or black and white, single or double sided.

After scanning through the detailed instructions, I inserted my USB drive that had my document files on it. Within seconds of selecting my file, the machine came to life and started printing out the project proposal I needed in crisp black and white. The whole process was quick, seamless, and totally self-serve. No asking associates for help or waiting in line.

As my copies printed, a woman next to me was scanning a stack of family photos into a PDF document. Based on her frustrated grumblings, I gathered the fancy touch screen system was not as intuitive as promised. I tried to discretely help talk her through saving the file to a flash drive.

Meanwhile, a gentleman in professional dress was running off hundreds of business cards with a sour look on his face. Perhaps the colors or fonts weren’t what he expected? He shook his head and muttered about sending it back to the designer.

Finally, a mom and her young daughter bounced up to a machine. The girl, no more than 8 years old, grabbed a coloring book page and laid it on the glass. Her mom helped select the settings, and in seconds the machine was spitting out 10 colorful copies of the girl’s artwork masterpiece. The pure joy and pride on the girl’s face was so heartwarming to see.

My copies were finishing up as I took in the scenes around me. The photocopy cente really is a place where all of life comes together. Though technology doesn’t always cooperate, it’s still pretty magical to hit print and watch your documents materialize. The OfficeMax copy center definitely brings people together in the shared quest to get copies made and projects completed!

The Supply Closet in My Dreams

As someone who loves organizing office spaces and keeping supplies neatly stocked, the OfficeMax is like a dream world for me. Sometimes I’ll browse the aisles and imagine the most perfect office supply closet ever. Here’s what that looks like in my mind:

  • Sturdy shelving from floor to ceiling, with nicely labeled bins and baskets to organize everything. Items grouped by use – paper products on one shelf, writing tools on another, and so on.
  • An area devoted just to paper and card stock. Endless options from printer and construction paper to index cards and resume cardstock, all lined up neatly.
  • Quality check binder clips, rubber bands and tape dispensers – the boring but useful items that are constantly needed. Stocked in bulk for easy grab-and-go.
  • A selection of fun patterned and colored file folders to liven up drab manila. Coordinating file labels and tabs near by.
  • Pens, pencils, markers, and highlighters galore in every size and color option imaginable. Cases displayed upright so you can easily see each option.
  • Shelves filled with Post-it note pads and cubes in every size from massive to mini, and patterns from solid colors to funky florals.
  • Drawers labeled with paperclip types like jumbo, binder, and standard sizes. And non-tangling wire cable ties in each length.
  • For tech and electrical, bins of batteries sorted by type, surge protector power strips, and neatly coiled cable chargers.
  • A vintage pencil sharpener mounted on the wall for that old school touch.
  • Wire shelving and colored file boxes devoted to arts, crafts and school supplies. Stocked with crayons, glue sticks, safety scissors and more.
  • Chic office accessories like staplers, tape dispensers, paper trays and clipboards. Style meets function.

My dream office closet has a place for everything, so you can find supplies with your eyes closed. I’d never want to leave if I stumbled upon a supply closet like the one I envision! One can dream.

Coping Without My Go-To Store

After relying so heavily on the OfficeMax on the East West Connector for my office needs, I was at a total loss when I learned they had temporarily closed for renovations. Where would I buy printer paper and pens? How would I print important documents? I had taken for granted the convenience of having my go-to store so close. Here are some ways I adapted during the three weeks OfficeMax was closed:

  • Stockpiled supplies – In preparation, I did a walkthrough of my office space and made a detailed list of everything I was low or out of. I headed to OfficeMax the day before they closed and literally grabbed one of everything I anticipated needing – spare printer ink, file folders, batteries, highlighters, and more. This got me through the first week fairly smoothly until I ran out.
  • Explored other options – Without my OfficeMax, I checked out office supply sections in Target, Walmart, and Staples. Though selection wasn’t as broad, I managed to find printer paper and basic pens. For printing, I had to go to a Fedex Kinkos across town. It made me appreciate how convenient OfficeMax is for one stop shopping.
  • Made do creatively – When I couldn’t find the specific items I needed elsewhere, I had to get creative. For file folders, I trimmed down old manila envelopes. To organize cords and chargers, I used rubber bands when binder clips ran out. While not ideal, a little creativity went a long way.
  • Learned to prioritize – Without my go-to supply source, I had to really analyze what was necessary versus merely convenient. Do I really need 5 colors of highlighters or can 3 suffice? I started prioritizing necessities versus wants.

In the end, surviving those three OfficeMax-less weeks taught me not to take the store for granted. Having an abundant stock of office supplies consistently available is certainly something I’ll continue to appreciate. The renovated OfficeMax can’t reopen soon enough for this grateful customer!

My OfficeMax Dream Team

As a frequent OfficeMax shopper, I’ve gotten to know quite a few of the staff members at my local store on the East West Connector. From the bubbly cashiers to the helpful experts in tech and print, the OfficeMax crew really provides top-notch service. Here are a few of my dream team members:

Amanda – The bubbly front end manager who greets me by name. She knows my kids well from when they come shopping with me. Always friendly and upbeat, even when the lines get long. Amanda handles everything from returns to activating rewards cards with ease.

Jose in print services – My go-to for helping with large copy jobs and last minute deadlines. He once stayed late to ensure my proposal mockups were printed in time for a big meeting. Jose is calm under pressure and explains things clearly.

Max in tech – Super knowledgeable about everything from printer setup to helping me find the right laptop. He took time explaining the differences between models and making recommendations tailored to my needs. I trust Max completely to keep me updated on the latest gadgets.

Sophie in office supplies – She has worked probably every section, so Sophie knows the inventory like the back of her hand. Need a specific file folder color or size? She’ll track it down. And she’s always happy to place special orders for unique items.

Miguel in furniture – Before purchasing a pricey new desk, Miguel had me try out display models and explained the ergonomic features. He made sure we picked the best fit. Even helped arrange delayed delivery when my schedule was tight.

The whole OfficeMax crew makes me feel like a valued customer. Their top-notch expertise and cheerful service keep me coming back. I’m so impressed by my dream team!

My Top Time Saving OfficeMax Hacks

As a busy professional and parent, finding ways to maximize efficiency is a must. My local OfficeMax store on the East West Connector makes completing office and school projects easier with their time saving services and amenities. Here are my top time saving hacks:

Skip the Line with Self Checkout – When I only need a few quick items, I love using the self checkout stations. I can scan my own items, pay, and be on my way without waiting behind other carts. Perfect for rushed trips.

Order Online, Pick Up In Store – Place an order online from home, then swing by later that day and park in designated spots for easy curbside pickup. No wandering store aisles aimlessly.

Get Key Duplicated – No more trips to the hardware store! The locksmith counter has keys made in minutes while you browse. Have new keys copied on the spot for home, office, or car.

Refill Printer Ink – Save money and skip the ink aisle by using the printer ink refill machines. Insert an empty cartridge to get it topped off quickly.

Print and Finish in Store – For large projects, I really appreciate being able to print, copy, and finish by having documents bound into presentation booklets or spiral bound right on the spot.

Tech Support and Services – The tech team helps not just with buying devices, but also with optimizing and updating what you own. Have computers cleaned up and phones set up on the spot.

No more wasting time running all over town! By taking advantage of OfficeMax’s convenient services, I can be far more efficient tackling my to-do list.

Decoding the Store Layout

The extensive selection at my local OfficeMax is one of the many perks. But with so many products stocked on the shelves, finding specific items can feel like navigating a maze at times. Here are some of my tips for decoding the store layout:

Follow the Signs – Giant signs hang from the ceiling dividing and labeling each major section – office supplies, technology, print and services, school supplies, etc. Use these visible guides to steer yourself to the right area.

Stick to the Perimeter – Most everyday essentials like paper, writing tools, mailing, and basic tech accessories are along the outer aisles. Venture into the inner aisles for niche items.

Office Supplies First – Starting your shopping trip in the office supply section up front provides most of the basics – paper, pens, folders, organizers etc. Then head to other departments.

** registers** – Knowing where the checkout registers up front are located prevents backtracking across the massive store once your cart is loaded up.

Ask Associates – The staff wears identifiable red shirts and name tags. Don’t hesitate to ask them where to find specific items. They know the store inside and out.

While daunting at first, the store layout starts to make sense once you know the sections. Following signs, sticking to the perimeters, and asking for help makes navigating OfficeMax manageable.

Maximizing Savings at OfficeMax

Between frequent purchases of pricey printer ink and reams of paper, keeping office spending reasonable can be tricky. Here are my insider tips for saving money on every trip to OfficeMax:

Have Rewards Number Handy – Make sure to sign up for OfficeMax Rewards. Then enter your number at checkout for exclusive discounts. I keep my card copied in my phone.

Check Weekly Ad Specials – Sales on items like ink and tech gadgets change weekly. I browse the ad online and note the best deals before shopping.

Buy Store Brands – From paper to pens, OfficeMax’s in-house brands are solid quality while being cheaper. I’ve found their copy paper works fine for most everyday printing.

Utilize Coupons – Join their email list to get regular coupons. And check for online codes. Using a coupon code stacks with other discounts.

Shop Clearance – There is a small clearance section with overstock and open box items at steep discounts. I’ve scored office chairs and printers at 50% off.

Price Match – OfficeMax will price match select competitors. Have the ad or website pricing handy to take advantage at checkout.

Saving on office supplies really comes down to doing a little prep work – planning purchases around sales, maximizing rewards discounts and coupon codes, and keeping an eye on clearance. With just a bit of effort, the savings add up fast!

Brightening Up My Workspace

While office supplies from OfficeMax serve very functional needs, I realized my home workspace was starting to look a bit drab. On a recent trip to my local store, I decided it was time to brighten up the space with some fun accents:

Colorful Pens – I adore the retro bright neon pen packs. Highlighters in every shade of the rainbow help organizing notes pop.

Patterned Tapes – Washi tapes in bold prints and florals liven up boring brown packages and add whimsy to wrapped gifts.

Geometric File Folders – I’m a total sucker for the modern black and white patterned file folders with glossy finishes. So chic!

Funky Page Flags – The usual drab pastel flags were traded for vibrant fuscia, citrus, and chartreuse ones to better call out important pages.

Metallic Accent Pieces – Gold page clips and a rose gold stapler add a subtle touch of shine and femininity.

Bullet Journals – Trading my to-do lists to artsy, hand-decorated bullet journals makes staying organized feel more mindful.

Framed Art Prints – Nothing perks up stark white walls like vibrant art prints. I added affordable matted prints from the OfficeMax frames section.

Sometimes productivity necessitates all the boring beige staplers and manila folders. But incorporating little bursts of color and texture really lifts my spirits while working. Thanks to OfficeMax, my workspace strikes the perfect balance of function and fun.

My Dream Office Makeover

Visiting the OfficeMax furniture and decor section always inspires me to imagine transforming my home office into a seriously decked out workspace. If time and budget were no concern, here’s my dream office makeover:

Modern Glass L-Shaped Desk – Sleek, minimal polished glass paired with matte black metal legs for an edgy, contemporary vibe. Complete with adjustable standing height.

Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair – A top-of-the-line adjustable chair with breathable mesh instead of stifling pleather. Lumbar support and tilt features are essential. I’d pick a fun teal or citrus yellow.

Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree – This large scale faux plant from OfficeMax looks so realistic and would provide the perfect dose of greenery. Framed botanical art prints would complement it.

Sleek Floating Shelves – The wall behind my desk would become functional with floating shelves. Perfect for displaying cherished photos, sentimental trinkets, and pretty office accessories.

Soft Rug – Plush shag or faux sheepskin rug under the desk to keep my feet warm. And add sound dampening.

Mood Lighting – Slim LED floor and desk lamps to provide soft, adjustable lighting. And tape lights around the perimeter of the room to create a warm glow.

Fanciful Desk Accessories – Marble and rose gold accents like trays, containers, and tech gadgets would polish off the space. A set of floral coasters adds personality.

Though it exists only in my imagination for now, being able to craft my dream office oasis at OfficeMax is what workspaces are made of! A girl can dream.

Outfitting My Home Classroom

As a parent trying to work remotely while supporting kids’ education at home, I knew I needed to carve out a dedicated learning space in our house. Naturally, OfficeMax became my go-to for outfitting an at-home classroom. Here’s what I picked up for our home education station:

Dry Erase Board – I chose a large wall-mounted whiteboard and colorful Expo markers so kids can work out math problems and brainstorm ideas. We use handy magnet clips to post up assignments.

Student Desks and Chairs – Having an ergonomic, student-sized desk and chair for each child keeps them organized. I looked for versatile designs they can use even outside of distance learning.

Bulletin Board – For displaying school artwork and projects. Having their creations up keeps them motivated. I added borders and clips to liven up plain cork.

Storage Bins – Canvas cubes and desk organizers prevent messiness and keep school supplies sorted neatly. Labels help avoid disputes over who owns what.

Planners – Student-friendly planners have been invaluable for teaching time management and organizing homework deadlines. We picked colorful spiral designs.

Locker Shelves – These mini locker shelves mounted on the wall provide cubbies to store books, spiral notebooks, and folders. Everything has a designated place.

While not a substitute for hands-on classroom learning, creating a functional home education station with supplies from OfficeMax has eased the difficulties of hybrid learning. And the kids take so much pride in having their own little classroom area.

My Tricked Out Home Office

Between marathon Zoom calls, constant emails, and leading a team remotely, having a highly functional home office became crucial when the pandemic hit. Using supplies and furniture from OfficeMax, I optimized my workspace for efficiency:

Dual Monitor Setup – Multiple screens allow me to multitask without constantly minimizing and resizing windows. I can brainstorm on one and research on the other. OfficeMax has affordable options.

Height Adjustable Desk – Being able to alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day is better for productivity and posture. The hand crank on my adjustable OfficeMax desk makes it easy to switch.

Webcam and Ring Light – Essential for appearing polished and professional on video calls. The ring light eliminates unflattering shadows. I bought clip-on versions for portability.

Wireless Headset – Allows me to take calls without sitting right at my desk. I can pace around or even step outside which is great for brainstorming.

Desktop Organizers – Containers like pen holders, letter trays, and paper file boxes keep all my essentials sorted. Nearby but out of the way.

Extended Mousepad – Provides an ample surface for using my wireless mouse so I don’t have to keep finding space. The OfficeMax ones come in fun patterns but still look sleek.

Tricking out my home office with tech and tools optimized for remote work made all the difference. The capabilities of my workspace rival an expensive corporate office now thanks to OfficeMax! My productivity is truly next level.

Essentials for the Ultimate Student Success

Heading into a new school year always brings excitement, and maybe a twinge of uncertainty as students adjust. As a parent, I want to ensure my kids feel completely equipped to tackle the year ahead. With supplies from OfficeMax, I assembled the ultimate student success kits:

Planner – A must for students old and young alike to record assignments, manage time, and stay organized. We picked styles that would pump up their enthusiasm.

Laptop – Now an essential learning tool, we upgraded to slick, lightweight models with the speed and storage needed for research papers and online platforms.

Backpack – Durable, ergonomic backpacks allow them to tote weighty textbooks comfortably. Padded laptop sleeves provide protection.

Good Supplies – No generic pencils and pens for my kids! We splurged on the nice mechanical pencils, erasable pens, highlighters and markers they craved.

Sticky Notes – Endlessly versatile for flagging pages, brainstorming ideas, leaving reminders, or adding inspiration to their lockers. So many color options!

Water Bottle – Staying hydrated is key. We picked sleek stainless steel bottles with fun graphics to motivate sipping all day long.

Plush Pillow – For my daughter starting middle school, a plush pillow provides cozy comfort for lounging to read or study during free periods.

While supplies don’t guarantee success, I do believe starting the year with everything students want fosters confidence and eagerness. Thanks to our OfficeMax haul, my kids feel ready to own the year!

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