Maximize Your Wall Space with the Best Wall Mounted Filing Cabinets


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Table of Contents

Are you looking to organize your files and free up some floor space? Wall mounted filing cabinets are a fantastic solution for keeping documents and paperwork accessible while taking up zero precious floor real estate. Mounted securely on the wall, these space-saving storage units instantly declutter both home and office.

Unlike regular filing cabinets resting on the floor, wall mounted models provide you with direct access to all your important paperwork while clearing room for other furniture or equipment. They can transform an cramped office or cluttered garage into a clean, organized workspace. Wall mounting is also great in homes when floor space is at a premium.

However, not all wall mounted filing cabinets are created equal. There are a few key factors to consider when picking out the right one for your needs. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover the:

  • Top five wall mounted filing cabinets on the market
  • Criteria for choosing the best wall mounted cabinet
  • Frequently asked questions about wall mounted filing systems

Let’s get to the detailed reviews of our top five recommendations so you can start your search for the ideal wall mounted file storage solution.

Top 5 Wall Mounted Filing Cabinets

1. Best Overall: Lorell Wall-Mount File Cabinet

For exceptional quality and durable steel construction, the Lorell Wall-Mount File Cabinet is hard to beat. This cabinet features a scratch-resistant powder coat finish that prevents rust and keeps it looking new. The full extension drawers glide smoothly on steel ball bearing slides rated for 100 pounds.

Built-in locks keep your files secure, while leveling glides allow you to mount the cabinet on uneven floors. Lorell offers this model in a wide range of sizes, colors, and configurations to suit any office.

Dimensions range from 15 inches wide to 36 inches wide with depths around 18 inches. Heights are available from 15 inches up to 52 inches. Weight capacities range from 60 to 200 pounds evenly distributed across the drawers. The drawers can accommodate letter or legal sized hanging folders.


  • Sturdy yet lightweight steel construction
  • Powder coat finish resists scratches
  • Full extension drawers provide easy access
  • Smooth, quiet drawer glides
  • Flush fit against the wall
  • Holds up to 200 pounds without sagging
  • Easy assembly with provided hardware


  • Instructions could be more clear
  • On the pricey side

The Lorell scores big points for durability, smooth performance, and strong weight capacity. With proper installation, it can handle heavy loads without faltering. Expect to spend $150 to $400 for this high-quality wall filing cabinet depending on the size.

2. Runner Up: HON Wall-Mount File Cabinet

For those needing a smaller yet mighty sturdy filing cabinet, the HON Wall-Mount File Cabinet is an excellent choice. At 24 inches wide, it’s sized right for many smaller offices or home workspaces.

The rugged steel construction gives it a 200 pound weight capacity. Full extension ball bearing slides allow the drawers to open completely without sagging or tipping out. The frames feature welded steel construction and the powder coat finish resists scratches.

Built in locks keep your files secure, while an interlock mechanism allows only one drawer to be opened at a time. This prevents the cabinet from becoming top-heavy and tipping forward. Leveling feet allow you to mount the cabinet on uneven wall surfaces.

Dimensions come in at 24 inches wide by 16 inches deep and 28 inches high. The usable inside depth is 13.5 inches. It accommodates both letter and legal sized hanging folders.


  • Very sturdy steel construction
  • Powder coat finish prevents scratches
  • Full extension ball bearing slides
  • Interlock system prevents tipping
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Holds up to 200 pounds evenly distributed


  • Only available in black finish
  • Limited sizing options
  • Expensive for its smaller size

The HON is an excellent choice if you need a sturdy, locking wall-mount cabinet but don’t have much space. It provides maximum durability in a compact size. Expect to pay around $350 for this high-end model.

3. Best Value: Safco Wall Mount Filing Cabinet

The Safco Wall Mount Filing Cabinet offers an affordable and reliable filing solution. At a budget-friendly price, you can still get smooth rolling drawers and sturdy steel construction where it counts.

This model features a steel frame paired with scratch-resistant laminated sides in a neutral putty color. The full extension drawers provide easy access to contents. Built in locks keep your files secure on the wall.

Leveling feet are included to ensure a straight, stable mount. The hardware for mounting to the wall is included as well.

Dimensions come in at 24 inches wide by 16 inches deep and 28 inches high. The usable inside drawer depth is 13 inches. The cabinet can hold letter or legal sized files. Weight capacity is 150 pounds evenly distributed.


  • Very affordable price
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Neutral color options
  • Full extension ball bearing drawer slides
  • Holds up to 150 pounds evenly


  • Plastic laminate sides prone to scratching
  • Lower weight capacity than metal models
  • Only available in one size

For those needing an affordable wall filing solution, the Safco delivers reliable storage and organization without breaking the bank. Expect to spend around $150, making it one of the most budget-friendly options around.

4. Best Industrial Strength: Tennsco Wall Cabinet

The Tennsco Wall Cabinet offers the ultimate in heavy duty industrial style storage. If you need to securely store reams of paperwork, legal files, or larger format documents, this cabinet can handle it.

It features extra thick 22 gauge steel construction with heavy duty full extension slides rated up to 200 pounds each. The powder coated finish resists scratches and you can choose from a range of neutral hues.

Welded steel lock bars provide strength and security. The included leveling feet allow installation on uneven walls. Assembly is easy with provided hardware.

Available dimensions range from 30 to 48 inches wide and 42 to 60 inches high. Depths are around 18 inches. The inside usable depth is an expansive 16 inches, allowing you to store large binders and files.

Weight capacities range from 400 to 600 pounds total depending on the size. You can safely store legal or letter sized files.


  • Extremely sturdy construction
  • Highest weight capacities for wall filing
  • Ideal for industrial settings
  • Accommodates large binders or wide files
  • Easy assembly with hardware included


  • Very expensive
  • Only available in black finish
  • Limited size options

With its burly steel construction, the Tennsco can handle even the heaviest paperwork loads. It’s the ideal choice for industrial spaces that need high capacity storage. Be prepared to spend $600 to $900 for this premium model.

5. Best Locking Security: FireKing Wall Mounted Key Lock File Cabinet

For the ultimate in security and fire safety, choose the FireKing Wall Mounted Key Lock File Cabinet. This locking cabinet features heavy gauge steel construction with a baked enamel finish.

FireKing utilizes high security keyed locks on each drawer as well as an armored front to resist prying. The steel drawers feature full extension ball bearing slides for easy access to contents.

Leveling feet allow you to mount the cabinet on uneven wall surfaces. The included hardware makes installation simple. The cabinet is rated to withstand fires up to 2 hours and maintain internal temperatures under 350°F.

Dimensions come in at 15 3/4 inches wide, 25 inches high, and 18 3/8 inches deep. The inside usable drawer depth is 15 1⁄4 inches. It can accommodate either letter or legal sized hanging folders. Weight capacity is 200 pounds evenly distributed.


  • Highly secure keyed locking system
  • Fire resistant construction
  • Pry resistant armored front
  • Smooth full extension drawers
  • Heat and impact resistant


  • Only available in putty color
  • Limited size options
  • Expensive

If your files require strict security and fire protection, the FireKing cabinet has you covered. Just be prepared to spend around $500 for its premium construction and performance.

How to Choose a Wall Mounted File Cabinet

Now that you’re familiar with some top options, let’s go over the key criteria to consider when selecting the ideal wall mounted filing cabinet.


One of the first decisions you’ll need to make is choosing the proper size cabinet for your space and storage needs. Take a few key measurements to guide your selection:

  • Measure the area where the cabinet will be installed. Make sure to choose a size that fits without overwhelming the space. Standard width options range from 15 inches wide up to 48 inches wide. Heights typically range from as little as 15 inches up to 60 inches high.
  • Factor in ceiling height if mounting the cabinet higher on the wall. Make sure the top will be accessible for anyone using it.
  • Take inventory of your existing files and measure them. This will help you determine the ideal drawer heights and depths needed. Most filing cabinets should accommodate standard letter and legal sized hanging folders. Standard depths range between 13 and 19 inches. Drawer heights are typically at least 10 inches.

Weight Capacity

Consider how much weight you plan on storing in the filing cabinet. Look for models with higher weight capacities if you anticipate loading it down with heavier items like binders and thick files.

The material construction plays a big role in determining how much weight the cabinet can hold:

  • Steel framed models typically offer capacities between 60 and 600 pounds, depending on the thickness and gauge of the steel.
  • Cabinets with plastic laminate or melamine sides often max out around 150 pounds or less.
  • Make sure weight is evenly distributed between all drawers. Overloading one or two drawers can cause sagging and misalignment over time.
  • Pay attention to the weight rating on the slides and locking mechanisms as well. Exceeding these ratings can lead to failure.


For the most durable filing cabinet, look for steel construction with powder coated finishes. Steel offers superior strength while the powder coating resists scratches, fingerprints, and rusting.

Models with plastic laminate sides offer a more affordable option, though the sides dent and scratch more easily. However, the steel drawer frames still provide reasonable durability.

For certain settings like law offices or hospitals, fire-resistant or fire-proof materials give an added degree of protection for crucial documents and records. Look for wall cabinets specially rated for fire resistance if this is a concern.

Drawer Slides

The drawer slide design determines how smoothly the drawers open and close—as well as allowing full access to the contents. Key features to look for include:

  • Full extension slides that allow you to pull the drawer fully out and access the entire back area. Avoid cabinets with simple side-to-side slides that limit your reach.
  • Ball bearing slides offer the smoothest, silkiest sliding motion. They prevent drawers from sticking or sagging when pulled out.
  • Interlocking drawer systems only allow one drawer to be opened at a time. This prevents the cabinet from becoming top heavy and tipping forward. If the cabinet will only be accessed by one person, interlocks aren’t essential.
  • Weight rated slides rated for at least the maximum weight capacity of the cabinet ensure smooth operation over the long haul.

Locking System

For security, visibility, and preventing unauthorized access, built in locks are highly recommended. Lock options include:

  • Keyed locks provide the highest level of security. Unique keys prevent unauthorized duplication, unlike combination locks which can be easily hacked.
  • Steel lock bars and welded steel frames resist prying or forcing the drawers open.
  • Fire resistant cabinets designed for legal and medical settings may have high security keyed locks, steel bars, and special fireproof locking mechanisms.
  • Interlocking drawers prevent more than one drawer being pulled out at once. This thwarts attempts to force or pry open multiple drawers.

Installation Method

Pay close attention to proper installation, as a poorly mounted cabinet can sag, pull away from the wall, or even fall. Most filing cabinets include hardware and instructions for mounting directly to studs in the wall. When installing:

  • Use the supplied hardware, or hardware appropriate for your wall type if not included.
  • Be certain to locate and anchor into the wall studs for maximum holding strength.
  • Having a professional install the cabinet is wise if you’re uncertain. They can ensure proper stud mounting.
  • Adjustable leveling feet allow you to account for uneven wall surfaces and keep the cabinet mounted straight and secure.


While most wall mounted filing cabinets have a utilitarian, office-style look, you do have some options to best fit your space. Considerations include:

  • Locking fireproof/fire resistant models tend to have a more institutional appearance. But they’re designed for performance over looks.
  • Some models offer woodgrain finishes or colored powder coated finishes for a touch of style. Avoid brightly colored finishes in home offices.
  • Built-in cabinetry creates a custom, polished look, but requires professional installation and renovations.
  • For home offices, look for subtle styles that complement your existing decor. Glass fronts can allow for display while hiding messy contents.
  • Measure the area where the cabinet will mount and pick a size/style that fits without crowding the space. Avoid hulking cabinets in smaller rooms.

By keeping all these factors and options in mind, you’ll be equipped to select the perfect wall mounted filing cabinet for your office or workspace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have some questions about choosing and using wall mounted filing cabinets? Here are answers to some of the most common queries.

Are wall mounted cabinets secure?

Wall mounted filing cabinets are generally very secure, especially models with built in locking systems. Some feature steel lock bars, interlocking drawers, and welded steel frames that resist prying. Locked wall cabinets deter opportunistic thieves. But few can withstand a determined break-in attempt. For highest security, choose cabinets with fire/pick/pry resistant ratings.

How much weight can wall mounted cabinets hold?

Weight capacities range widely from 60 to 600 lbs depending on size and materials. Standard 30” to 48” wide steel cabinets typically hold 200 to 400 lbs evenly distributed. Narrower steel cabinets in the 15” to 24” range hold 60 to 150 lbs. Plastic laminate models max out around 150 lbs.

Can wall cabinets tip over?

Wall mounted cabinets are designed not to tip when properly installed and loaded evenly. Antitip mechanisms like interlocking drawers prevent tipping. But uneven weight distribution or overloading drawers can lead to tipping. Ensure the cabinet is securely mounted to studs and the weight rating is not exceeded.

Are wall mounted cabinets difficult to install?

Wall mounted filing cabinets are designed for easy installation. Most include hardware and instructions. However, proper installation is crucial for safety and preventing sagging over time. If you are uncertain, hiring a professional installer is recommended to make sure the cabinet has a secure stud mounting and is level. Adjustable feet allow leveling even if the floor is uneven.


Wall mounted filing cabinets free up valuable floor space while keeping your documents and paperwork neatly stashed yet easily accessible. Models with durable steel construction offer years of hassle-free performance.

Taking the time to carefully evaluate your needs and workspace will ensure you end up with the ideal wall mounted storage solution. With proper installation, a wall mounted filing cabinet can transform an office or home workspace into a model of efficiency.

By following this guide’s recommendations on choosing wall mounted file cabinets, you’ll gain the knowledge to pick out the perfect model. Soon you’ll be on your way to a clean, organized, and clutter-free office environment.

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