Looking for the Ultimate Gaming Desk? See What OfficeMax Has to Offer


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As a hardcore gamer, having the right gaming desk can make all the difference in the world. You need ample surface area for your monitors, keyboards, controllers, headphones and other accessories. Not to mention enough room to stretch your arms during intense gaming sessions. But you also want your gaming desk to look sleek and cool, right? Who wants some boring old basic desk?

Well gamers, I’ve got some exciting news for you. OfficeMax actually has some really awesome gaming desk options! I recently spent some time browsing their selection both online and in-stores, and I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with what they have to offer.

In this blog post, I’ll give you a run-down of the key things I learned about OfficeMax’s gaming desks – from prices to features to style options. I’ll also share my thoughts on how they stack up against competitors. Let’s dive in!

An Impressive Selection of Gaming Desks

First things first, OfficeMax has a wide range of gaming desk sizes and styles. We’re talking small basic desks, extra large corner desks, L-shaped desks, compact desks – you name it.

They have affordable starter desks under $100, all the way up to high-end gaming desks over $400. There are basic straight desks, desks with cool shapes and angles, desks with RGB lighting – lots of variety!

Importantly, many of their desks are also ergonomic and promote healthy posture. As a gamer, you don’t want to be slouching over your keyboard for hours. Having an ergonomic desk can help prevent neck, wrist and back pain.

Several OfficeMax models have contoured edges and keyboard trays to help you game comfortably. Some also have grommets to easily manage cables and reduce clutter.

And if you’re looking for an L-shaped corner gaming desk with ample surface space, they have excellent options available. More on that later!

Features Gamers Will Geek Out Over

Beyond the basics, there are some very cool features that make OfficeMax’s gaming desk selection stand out from the boring basic desks you’ll find at other mainstream retailers. Here are some of the features I was most excited about:

  • Integrated RGB LED strip lighting – What gamer doesn’t love tricking out their setup with colorful RGB lights? Some OfficeMax gaming desks come with built-in RGB lighting along the edges and/or undersides. This extra flair helps your desk stand out.
  • Dedicated headset holders – Having a hook or stand on your desk to hold your headset is super convenient. Some OfficeMax models include this handy feature.
  • Cup holders and storage racks – Stay hydrated during your gaming marathons with built-in cup holders! Some desks also have racks or bins for storing controllers, games and other accessories within arm’s reach.
  • Large surface areas – Hardcore gamers need ample space for multiple monitors, peripherals, speakers and other gear. Many of the larger OfficeMax desks provide the surface area you need to create a commanding battlestation.
  • Grommets for cable management – Keep all those wires and cables from your PC, monitors, headset and other gear neatly managed and out of the way with handy grommets. Some OfficeMax gaming desks are designed with cord organization in mind.
  • Materials like carbon fiber – You’ll find desks made with cool materials like carbon fiber for an edgy, high-performance vibe. Gotta keep your gaming desk looking slick!

Budget-Friendly Prices Meet Premium Quality

Here’s what really impressed me – OfficeMax gaming desks don’t just have awesome features, they’re very reasonably priced too!

For example, the Mainstays Parsons L-Shaped Desk is under $150 and has great reviews. It provides 60” x 72” of surface area thanks to the L-shape. You also get a cool black & teal color scheme.

On the higher end, the Realspace Magnussen X Frame Gaming Desk is $400. For that you get an extra large 60” surface, accent lighting, headset hook, cup holder and more. Pretty sweet deal!

Based on the quality, materials, features and sizes – I think OfficeMax gaming desks are very fairly priced. Especially compared to some competitors and specialty gaming furniture brands that charge way more.

And despite the reasonable prices, these desks seem very well-made based on reviews. Many customers are posting pics of their setups, and the desks look great loaded up with monitors, rigs and accessories. Positive reviews back up the quality.

Height Adjustable Desks for Ergonomic Gameplay

If you want to take your ergonomics to the next level, OfficeMax has you covered there too. They offer a few height adjustable electric standing desks that are ideal for gaming.

Being able to switch from sitting to standing throughout your gameplay can help reduce fatigue and static positions. It gives you flexibility based on your needs.

For example, the SurfaceWorks Electric Height Adjustable Desk is currently under $350. It has dual motors for smooth adjustability, anti-collision tech, and memory presets. Very cool!

And if you opt for a standing desk, using an adjustable ergonomic stool like the HON Wave Mesh Task Stool provides comfort whether sitting or standing. Just something to keep in mind!

L-Shaped Desks for Max Gaming Real Estate

Earlier I mentioned OfficeMax has some excellent L-shaped gaming desks. This style gives you tons of surface space thanks to the extra corner segment.

If you’re looking for the ultimate command station for your epic multi-monitor, multi-PC setups – an L-desk is the way to go.

The Alera Valencia Series L-Shaped Desk is one of their highest rated L-shaped options. And at under $250 it’s very budget-friendly for the size and features.

It spans nearly 8 feet wide x 5 feet deep thanks to the L-layout. You also get grommets for cable management and a modesty panel to conceal wires and hardware.

For a more modern style, the Grayson L-Shaped Desk has an espresso and silver color scheme. It includes the L-corner piece, a drawer for storage, and retails just under $200. Killer deal!

And if you want to get really fancy, step up to the Graves L-Shaped Gaming Desk for $400. This bad boy has carbon fiber accents, LED lighting, headset and controller racks, and tons of space for your extreme rig.

As you can see OfficeMax has L-shaped gaming desks suitable for all kinds of gamers, budgets and styles. Definitely check them out if you need lots of space.

Assembly Required, But Worth the Effort

Now for most gaming desks from OfficeMax and other retailers, some assembly is required. You’ll need to allot some time to put it together.

But reviewers say the instructions are clear, all the tools and hardware are included, and assembly is perfectly manageable even for one person. As someone who’s put together his share of desks, I don’t think you’ll have any issues.

And any gaming desk that comes pre-assembled would have to charge a fortune for shipping something so big and bulky. So some assembly is a fair trade-off for the great prices OfficeMax offers.

Just make sure you have a buddy around to help lift and maneuver the large flat-packed boxes. Always smart to get an extra pair of hands for the heavy lifting!

Delivery Options to Get Your New Desk Fast

Another big plus is that OfficeMax offers several delivery options to get your gaming desk promptly.

You can choose from standard 3-7 day delivery, expedited 2-day shipping, or pay extra for same-day delivery if you just can’t wait!

Standard delivery starts around $100 for larger desks, which isn’t bad considering the size. Or you can always rent a truck and pick it up yourself to save cash. Either way, nice to have choices!

For any pricier desks, I recommend adding the delivery with setup option. This ensures your new desk is fully assembled and placed exactly where you want it. Less work for you!

Can’t Decide? See Desks In Person at Your Local Store

The great thing about OfficeMax is that they have physical retail stores all over the country. So once you narrow down your options online, I suggest heading to your local store.

That way you can check out gaming desks first-hand before buying. Being able to see the size, materials, features and quality up close makes it easier to decide.

And OfficeMax sales associates are usually happy to answer any questions you have about assembly, delivery, or selecting the perfect desk for your needs and budget. Don’t be shy to pick their brains!

visiting the store also allows you to test out the desk display models to make sure it’s comfortable. Sit at the desk, pretend to game on it, and make sure you have enough space to move a mouse or joystick.

Love Your Gaming Desk or Your Money Back!

Finally, one last thing that gives me confidence in buying a gaming desk from OfficeMax – their return policy.

Most desks can be returned and refunded within 30 days if you don’t love it. And OfficeMax will even pick up the return from your home in many cases.

So if it turns out the desk size, style or quality just isn’t right for your gaming sanctuary, no worries. You can send it back hassle-free.

Just make sure to keep all the packaging and contents in case a return is needed. As long as you don’t go drilling holes in it or anything, you’re covered if you need to swap it out later.

The Verdict? OfficeMax Deserves Your Gaming Desk Dollars

After scouting all the options and policies – I’m thoroughly impressed with OfficeMax’s gaming desk selection. They offer awesome ergonomic desks loaded with gamer-friendly features at very fair prices.

The variety of high-quality desks to suit any budget is really hard to beat. And the ability to see options in person, plus the 30-day return policy, minimize the risk of buying online.

So in summary – if you’re equipping or upgrading your gaming setup, definitely check out OfficeMax’s desk selection in-store and online. I think you’ll find the perfect desk for your needs at a great price.

Your back, arms and gameplay will thank you for investing in a desk designed with gamers in mind! Just make sure to scope out all the accessories too – you’ll want to deck out your new command station in style.

Let me know in the comments if you end up getting an OfficeMax gaming desk. And as always, game on!

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