Light Up Your Gaming: A Guide to Customizable RGB Headsets


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Table of Contents

Gaming headsets have come a long way from the basic over-ear monstrosities of the past. Today, gaming audio is all about style, comfort, and customization. At the forefront of this revolution are RGB gaming headsets with customizable lighting effects. If you want your gaming gear to match your style, RGB headsets allow you to express yourself with creative flare.

In this guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about these colorful cans. We’ll discuss how RGB lighting works, review the top models on the market, provide customization tips, and answer frequently asked questions. Ready to take your gaming aesthetics to the next level? Let’s dive in.

What Exactly Are RGB Gaming Headsets?

RGB stands for “red, green, blue” – the primary light colors that combine to create the entire color spectrum in technology. RGB lighting uses small LEDs (light emitting diodes) that can shine in a wide range of colors by mixing different levels of red, blue, and green light.

Gaming headsets with RGB use this technology to let you customize the lighting colors and effects on the headset. The most common LED zones are around the ear cups and headband. This lets you make the headset glow and pulse in sync with your gameplay.

So why bother with fancy RGB lighting in the first place? There are a few key benefits:

  • Personalized style – RGB headsets let you match colors to your gaming rig. Fully customizable lighting allows creative expression.
  • Atmospheric immersion – Tuning the lights to suit your games can pull you deeper into the action. Responsive effects ramp up the excitement.
  • Elevated aesthetics – Even when idle, RGB headsets look much cooler on your desk than boring mono-color cans.

Leading gaming headset companies like Razer, Logitech, Corsair, and HyperX have embraced customizable RGB lighting in their latest models. This feature has quickly become expected in premium headsets designed for PC and console gaming.

The implementation varies between brands, but most connect to companion apps on your desktop or mobile device. These let you control the colors, patterns, speed, and brightness of the RGB LEDs. Some even offer syncing across multiple devices for unified ambient lighting effects.

If you want to make a statement and take gaming personalization to new heights, RGB headset tech offers the perfect canvas for creativity and self-expression. Time to shed some light on the top options currently available.

The 5 Best Customizable RGB Gaming Headsets

With RGB lighting now common in gaming headsets, there are countless models to choose from. We’ve narrowed down the top contenders based on performance, features, lighting options, and overall value. Here are our current top picks for customizable RGB gaming audio.

HyperX Cloud Revolver S

The Cloud Revolver S from HyperX delivers studio-grade sound in a stylish and comfortable design. The large steel-framed 50mm drivers pump out crisp highs and thumping lows perfect for gaming immersion. The suspension headband system reduces pressure for hours of pain-free wear.

For RGB effects, HyperX uses a single strip lining the outside of each oversized ear cup. The LEDs are smooth and diffused for a clean glow. With the HyperX NGENUITY software, you can pick static colors or trigger dynamic effects like breathing, strobing, and color cycling that react to your gameplay.

Price: $149.99

RGB Zones: Ear cup rims

Lighting Effects: Full RGB spectrum, multiple patterns and triggers

Ideal For: PC gamers who want great audio and bass. Comfortable for large heads.

Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless

As a leader in RGB gear, Corsair made sure to pack in the lights with its premium Virtuoso headset. Slick aluminum ear cup plates house 24 RGB LEDs each, fully customizable through Corsair’s iCUE software. With the USB wireless adapter for PCs or Bluetooth for mobile, you can take the Virtuoso’s crisp high-fidelity sound anywhere.

The Virtuoso impresses with refined aesthetics that match its audiophile-grade performance. Corsair gives you expansive lighting control to coordinate colors and effects across all your iCUE compatible gear. For outstanding sound and style, the Virtuoso RGB Wireless checks all the boxes.

Price: $209.99

RGB Zones: Ear cups

Lighting Effects: Full RGB spectrum with zone and animation syncing

Ideal For: Multiplatform wireless gaming and music listening with premium comfort.

SteelSeries Arctis 7P+

SteelSeries has enhanced its renowned Arctis headset line with RGB lighting. The sleek Arctis 7P+ model works wirelessly with PS5 along with PC andSwitch. Its discord-certified clearcast mic and noise canceling system ensure your voice comes through loud and clear.

Touch controls on the ear cups give convenient access to volume, chat mix, and mic mute. The RGB illumination shines through the matte black finish, accentuating the angular steel headband. Customize the colors and effects through the SteelSeries Engine app. With rich sound and discord-ready chat, the Arctis 7P+ elevates your PlayStation experience.

Price: $169.99

RGB Zones: Both ear cups

Lighting Effects: Responsive RGB spectrum animation and patterns

Ideal For: PS5 gamers who want premium wireless audio and chat.

Alienware 7.1 Gaming Headset

Dell’s Alienware brand offers all the edgy, futuristic styling you’d expect. The Alienware 7.1 headset pumps out immersive Dolby Atmos surround sound driven by large 50mm drivers. Its noise-canceling boom mic ensures your voice comes through clearly.

The AlienFX RGB system runs around the outside of the ear cups. With smooth, gradual color cycling and reaction effects, it adds to the headset’s UFO aesthetic. The Alienware Command Center app lets you coordinate lighting across all your Alienware components.

Price: $99.99

RGB Zones: Ear cup exteriors

Lighting Effects: Full RGB AlienFX system with animation and sound reaction

Ideal For: PC and PlayStation gamers that want immersive surround sound and bold sci-fi styling.

Razer BlackShark V2 Pro

Razer’s gaming headsets consistently top best-of lists, and the BlackShark V2 Pro is no exception. Its 50mm TriForce titanium drivers separate key sound frequencies for clearer audio. Detachable Razer HyperClear mic and THX spatial audio provide gaming performance worthy of the BlackShark name.

The RGB lighting shines through each ear cup’s Razer logo, pulsing and cycling in sync with your game battles and music. All lighting effects and patterns are customizable through Razer Synapse software. With enduring comfort and wireless freedom, the BlackShark V2 Pro is a triple threat for audiophile gaming.

Price: $179.99

RGB Zones: Razer logos on ear cups

Lighting Effects: Responsive RGB spectrum animation

Ideal For: Wireless multiplatform use with premium sound and comfort for marathon gaming.

How to Pick the Right RGB Gaming Headset

With so many RGB gaming headset options on the market, it can feel overwhelming to choose the right one. Here are the key factors to consider as you search for your perfect pair:

Sound Quality

As with any headset, audio performance should be your top priority. Look for large diameter drivers (40mm to 50mm) made of premium materials like titanium. This provides clean and accurate sound. Expandable headbands and well-padded ear cups also help block out noise.

For immersive PC gaming, some RGB headsets support surround sound like Dolby Atmos and DTS Headphone:X. This gives you a directional 3D audio experience.

Microphone Quality

Your teammates need to hear you clearly, so mic clarity is crucial. Discord-certified headset mics ensure quality chat. Features like noise cancellation, flip-to-mute, volume controls, and detachable boom mics allow microphone customization.


You’ll be wearing your headset for hours of undisrupted gaming, so comfort is key. Prioritize soft, breathable ear pads and adjustable steel headbands that distribute weight. This prevents fatigue over long sessions. Replaceable ear pads are also useful down the line.


Make sure any wireless RGB gaming headset works with the platforms you want to use it with. Most connect via 2.4GHz USB adapter for PC and PS4/PS5 compatibility. Some also support multi-device pairing through Bluetooth for mobile and Nintendo Switch gaming in handheld mode. Wired models typically work across more platforms.

RGB Effects

Of course, the types of RGB lighting effects and customization options are what set these gaming headsets apart. Look for models with LED zones that suit your taste – whether around the ear cups, headband, or mic. Then make sure the companion app provides lighting controls for different colors, patterns, transitions, brightness levels, and reaction triggers.


RGB gaming headsets span a wide range of pricing from around $50 to $300. In general, you get what you pay for in terms of sound, mic, comfort, and lighting quality. Set a budget but know you may need to spend more for premium specs and effects.

Take the time to weigh all these factors against the models that appeal to your style. This ensures you land on the perfect customizable RGB gaming headset.

Tips for Customizing Your RGB Gaming Headset

Once you unbox your shiny new RGB gaming headset, it’s time for the fun part – making it your own through customization and personalization. Here are some tips for setting up and enhancing your headset’s snazzy lighting effects.

Download the Companion App

The first step is downloading your headset brand’s companion app, whether it’s Razer Synapse, Corsair iCUE, HyperX NGENUITY, or another. This is where you can access all the controls for programming RGB lighting colors, patterns, speed, and responsiveness. Create your own presets or use the dynamic ones based on game profiles.

Most companion apps have desktop and mobile versions so you can tweak settings on both PC and mobile. They all allow saving profiles to your headset’s onboard memory, so effects carry across devices.

Explore All the Effects

Spend time playing with all the different lighting options in the app to see what’s possible. Start with static colors – most offer the full RGB spectrum plus white and a few candy colors like purple and orange.

From there, explore the reactive patterns like breathing, spectrum cycling, ripple, wave and more. Adjust the movement direction and speed to your liking. Triggering the effects by game events and audio makes it even cooler.

See if you can sync colors and animations between the ear cups, headband, and mic. For the most customization freedom, look for zones that can be controlled independently.

Match Your Battlestation

One of the coolest aspects of RGB gaming gear is making everything match. Set your headset colors to perfectly complement your PC case lighting, backlit keyboard, and other accessories.

When the entire setup pulses in unison, it transforms your workspace into a futuristic command center. Most companion apps allow importing color templates and syncing multiple devices. This takes unified RGB illumination to the next level.

Set Themes and Profiles

Once you have your preferred lighting dialed in, save it as a custom profile you can return to later. Most apps let you create profiles for specific games and applications.

Set up a moody red profile for horror titles or choose blue and green effects for FPS gameplay. That way when you launch a game, your headset lighting automatically switches to match. Themes make gear an integral part of the gaming experience.

Conserve Battery Life

For wireless RGB gaming headsets, the pretty lights do drain battery life faster – sometimes significantly if brightness is maxed. Limit the flashiest effects like spectrum cycling to times when you’re plugged into USB power.

For longer wireless play, use subtle breathing effects or dimmed solid colors. Completely disabling lighting when not needed helps too. Just remember to enjoy the eye candy when you can!

With millions of colors and endless effects at your fingertips, RGB gaming headsets make a bold statement. Follow these tips to show off your gamer style with custom lighting. Let your creativity shine!

Frequently Asked RGB Headset Questions

RGB gaming headsets are awesome, but we know you probably still have some questions. Here we’ll run through some of the topics and concerns people commonly bring up regarding these colorful cans.

How Do I Customize the RGB Lighting?

Every headset brand has its own companion app that gives you lighting control. Download the software on Windows or Mac to access the settings on PC. Some brands like Corsair and SteelSeries also have phone apps. Connect your headset, then you can choose colors, effects, brightness levels, and syncing.

How Many Color Options Are There?

Most gaming headsets with RGB provide access to the entire color spectrum, not just primary colors. So through color mixing, you can create millions of distinct shades and tones. Effects like gradient transitions showcase this range. In addition to full RGB, some headsets have extras like neon or pastel colors for even more custom looks.

Can I Sync the Lighting Across Devices?

Many RGB headset brands allow syncing headset lighting with other compatible gear. For example, Corsair and Alienware systems can coordinate colors and effects across headsets, keyboards, mice, and PC components using a single app. Using game profiles to trigger synchronized immersive effects takes coordination to the next level.

Is the App Easy to Use?

In general, companion apps for RGB headsets are designed to make lighting control intuitive. Most use simple menus with presets and visual spectrum selectors. Customizable profiles, game integrations, and sharing features cater specifically to gamers. They know you want to spend time playing, not just adjusting lights!

Do the LEDs Use a Lot of Battery Power?

Yes, the power-hungry LEDs impact battery life, especially at maximum brightness running highly complex effects. For wireless RGB headsets, expect 30-40% less battery runtime compared to lighting disabled. Manage consumption by lowering brightness, using reactive effects sparingly, and turning off RGB when not gaming.

Can the Lights Be Fully Turned Off?

Absolutely. Every RGB headset allows fully disabling the lights if desired, whether through the app or a hardware switch/button. Some people only activate the RGB for certain games. You can also likely dim the lighting significantly without fully disabling it. But the option for darkness is always there.

How Bright Do the LEDs Get?

The peak brightness varies by headset but expect between 100-300 lumens – enough to be clearly visible in any lighting conditions. The LED strips and zones are designed to distribute this brightness evenly. Automatic sensors also adjust output based on ambient lighting so effects pop whether it’s day or night.

Do the Lights Look Good in Daylight?

RGB headsets are designed specifically for use in brightly lit gaming setups and tournaments. While the lights might look more vibrant in the dark, the LEDs remain clearly visible and attractive in daylight conditions provided brightness is adequate. Some companion apps let you adjust intensity for your environment.

Does Lighting Drain More Battery While Gaming?

How the lighting impacts battery life depends partially on effects used. Static colors have minimal impact during gaming. But battery-intensive strobing and cycling effects will drain faster, especially with bass-heavy games. DISabling RGB during long play sessions helps. But expect to chargeRGB gaming headsets more frequently than non-lit models.

Can I Save Custom Lighting Profiles?

Absolutely. All companion apps let you save your customized RGB settings as profiles that can be easily switched between. This allows quick access to your themes and effects for different games and usage sessions. Profiles sync to headset memory, so your custom looks go anywhere you do.

Hopefully this FAQ helps shed some “light” on questions you may have around RGB gaming headset tech and customization. Let us know if you have any other topics you want covered!


RGB gaming headsets remove the limits on player customization and creative expression. With millions of colors and effects to play with, you can style your headset to match your battlestation perfectly. Or create lighting profiles that draw you deeper into the game world.

Top brands pack the LEDs into premium designs featuring great sound, mics, and comfort to meet the needs of dedicated gamers. For those who want gear that reflects their passion and style, RGB headsets let your inner artist shine.

The ability to coordinate colors and reactive effects across multiple devices unlocks new realms of immersion. And with the companion apps providing such intuitive control, it’s easier than ever to light up gaming experiences.

So which RGB gaming headset ultimately rises above the rest? That decision comes down to your budget, gaming platform, audio preferences, and style sensibilities. Hopefully this guide gave you ideas and inspiration to continue your search for the perfect customizable cans.

Let your gaming colors fly and make sure to sync everything in unison! When your entire desk glows and pulses along with the on-screen action, it becomes a truly magical place. RGB gaming gear is the path to next-level immersion. Now you have the knowledge to illuminate your gameplay.

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