Keeping Your Valuables Safe: An Inside Look at OfficeMax Safes


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Table of Contents

Exploring the Extensive Selection of Security Solutions at Your Local Office Supply Store

As I embarked on my journey to purchase a new safe, I never imagined that my local OfficeMax would offer such an impressive selection of security solutions for my home and business needs. However, after spending some time browsing their showroom and website, I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of safes and locking cabinets available from top brands at reasonable prices.

In this blog post, I’ll provide a comprehensive overview of the types of safes, features, sizes, prices and more that OfficeMax provides so you can find the ideal safe for protecting your most valued possessions. Whether you need fire protection, security from theft, portability or a combination thereof, read on for an inside look at the abundant safe options at OfficeMax.

Protecting Paperwork, Valuables and More

OfficeMax offers safes in a range of sizes, from small portable safes that can be stashed in a closet or drawer to large in-home safes that can hold stacks of legal documents, jewelry boxes, external hard drives and much more. For business owners, they have medium and large commercial safes suitable for storing important files, cash and small valuables in an office setting.

Safes specifically designed for storing legal documents, old photographs, external hard drives and other paper valuables usually come with wide, shallow drawers to neatly organize and access contents. They offer great fire protection with some able to withstand heat of up to 1700°F for 1-2 hours.

Of course, OfficeMax hasn’t forgotten about providing solutions for safely storing cash, fine jewelry, watches, coins, medals and other small valuables in the home. They offer numerous smaller home and business safes ranging from 0.45 cubic feet up to 2.47 cubic feet with customizable interior shelves, pull-out drawers and divided compartments. The internal configuration of these safes makes organizing your smaller valuables a breeze.

Keeping Firearms Secure

For gun owners seeking a reliable safe for storing pistols, rifles or shotguns, OfficeMax has a variety of quality gun safes available from trusted brands like Stack-On. Their gun safes come in both manual dial and electronic keypad operated versions with features like foam padded interiors, barrel rests, and removable shelf racks to properly secure and organize your firearms collection.

Some even have special pouches for concealing handguns and extra magazines while taking up zero interior safe space. Their collection includes long gun safes, personal pistol safes, quick access handgun safes andmodels meeting TSA airline firearm guidelines so you can transport firearms securely while traveling. With their selection, finding an OfficeMax gun safe suited for your specific needs and budget is simple.

Protection from Fire and Theft

One major advantage of choosing an OfficeMax safe is the wide range of security and fire proofing features available. Whether you’re looking for basic entry-level security or advanced protection, they have you covered. Here are some of the great features found across their various safe models:

  • Electronic keypads: Allow quick access while eliminating the risk of lost keys or forgotten combinations. Many feature illuminated keypads and touchscreen interfaces.
  • Biometric fingerprint access: Store multiple fingerprints to securely and conveniently open your safe without keys or codes.
  • Pry-resistant concealed hinges: Prevent hinge attacks and weak spots by hiding away the entry pivoting points.
  • Steel construction: Solid steel plating and reinforced walls protect against drilling or prying.
  • Fire protection: Fireboard walls and special insulation allow safes to withstand extreme heat from fires for 1-2 hours, protecting documents.
  • Water protection seals: Expandable door seals and water barriers keep moisture out in the event of pipe leaks or flooding.
  • Interior mounted re-locking bolts: Stop thieves from gaining entry by punching out the lock even if they manage to crack the safe code.

With these robust features, OfficeMax safes will provide the protection you need to keep your valuables secure from harm whether you’re at home, away on vacation or transporting items.

Convenience of Digital and Biometric Safes

Tired of dealing with small combination dials or keeping track of keys? No problem – OfficeMax offers digital keypad and biometric fingerprint safes to make securely accessing your belongings fast and convenient.

Their digital safes allow easy programming of a numerical code or PIN which is entered on an illuminated interior or exterior keypad to unlock the door mechanism. Codes can be changed anytime and most models allow setting multiple unique codes for family members or employees needing varying levels of access.

For even greater convenience, select OfficeMax safes utilize advanced biometric fingerprint technology. After scanning your fingerprint into the safe’s memory, you can simply place your finger on the reader and the door unlocks in seconds. This eliminates having to remember number codes or carry keys that could be lost, stolen or duplicated.

With digital keypads and fingerprint readers powered by long-life batteries, you’ll enjoy years of reliable and convenient access. Just be sure to choose a model with backup key access in case the electronics ever fail.

Bulk Document and Media Protection

In addition to traditional safes, OfficeMax has a great selection of fire and water resistant filing cabinets, safes and media vaults specialized for storing and protecting your most critical paperwork, electronic media, photographic prints and documents.

These typically feature wide, full extension drawers for neatly organizing folders and paperwork. Heavy-duty telescoping slide tracks allow easy access without tipping or spilling contents. The deep drawers accommodate everything from hanging file folders to external hard drives and camera equipment.

For vital computer backups and media, look for a data safe or media fire chest tested to withstand extreme temperatures up to 1700°F for 1-2 hours. This ensures archived CD/DVDs, USB drives, and other digital media survive a fire virtually unscathed.

Photo collectors will appreciate the deep media drawer safes tested to withstand water as well as fire. The water barriers keep humidity out and prevent water damage to your irreplaceable photo collections, slides, and negatives if disaster strikes.

portable safes for home and travel

OfficeMax has not forgotten about portable safe options for securing smaller valuables at home or while traveling. They offer a range of compact, lightweight safes from leading manufacturers perfect for keeping cash, medications, passports, jewelry and more protected in any situation.

Their selection includes portable handgun cases with tethering cables to safely secure a pistol in a bag or under a car seat along with TSA approved handgun cases for transporting firearms while flying. For everyday peace of mind at home, a bedside drawer safe that stashes discretely in a nightstand is perfect for peace of mind and quick overnight access.

On family road trips, a mini portable safe is ideal for organizing everyone’s IDs, medical items, and other essentials in one place in the hotel. The options are endless with the variety OfficeMax offers!

Safes for Every Budget

I was thrilled to find OfficeMax provides an extensive range of safes at reasonable price points for every budget. Of course they have premium safes with all the bells and whistles costing upwards of $2,500-$3,000. However, you can also find very reliable fire and water resistant filing cabinets for under $200 and compact security boxes for under $100.

Their exclusive brand Imperial safes offer excellent quality and security starting at very affordable prices under $150. For small spaces, I found 0.45 cubic foot mini safes for under $125. There are also digital keypad fire chests holding up to 64 CDs/DVDs for under $300.

With regular sales and specials, you can often save 20-25% on select safes models. For the quality and security they provide, OfficeMax safes are a great value for every budget.

Top OfficeMax Safe Brands

At OfficeMax, you’ll find safes from several of the industry’s leading manufacturers including Stack-On, Honeywell, FireKing, First Alert, SentrySafe, Phoenix, Imperial and more. Here’s what you can expect from a few of the major brands:

  • Stack-On – Well-known for gun safes and cabinets but also offer excellent fire and document safes at affordable price points. Their products offer innovative security features and customizable foam interior.
  • Honeywell – Leading electronic security brand offering high-end keypad and biometric safes made from thick reinforced steel. They are also trusted for fire/water chests and media vaults.
  • SentrySafe – Specializes in innovative fire and water-resistant safes at reasonable prices. They offer multi-layer protection and proprietary insulation to protect contents.
  • Phoenix – Prestigious manufacturer of luxurious home, business, and gun safes featuring custom interiors and validated fire/theft protection capabilities.
  • First Alert – Top brand for residential fireproof safes designed to be decorative as well as highly protective. They also offer media and waterproof safes options.

With so many reputable brands to choose from, you really can’t go wrong picking an OfficeMax safe for secure protection.

Purchasing Safely Online

One great convenience OfficeMax offers is the ability to browse and purchase quality safes directly online. Their ecommerce website makes it easy to filter safes by price, size, brand, features and average customer rating.

The detailed product descriptions, specifications and dimensions allow you to find just the right safe without having to visit a store. After selecting a safe, checkout is quick and easy with flexible delivery options.

Of course purchasing online does mean you won’t get to inspect and test the safe firsthand before buying. That’s why it’s reassuring that OfficeMax offers free exchanges within 30 days if you are unsatisfied after it’s delivered. Plus every safe comes with a manufacturer warranty.

Overall, the convenience of buying online paired with their return policy makes getting a safe shipped straight to your door both simple and risk-free. Just be sure to measure where you plan to place it!

Installation and Delivery Services

Considering most quality safes easily weigh between 100 to 500+ pounds, I figured getting one properly installed seemed daunting. Fortunately OfficeMax offers professional delivery and installation services for their safes at reasonable rates.

The delivery charge is based on your location but runs about $20 for basic curbside dropoff. For inside home delivery with unboxing and room placement, the starting fees are very fair.

The best value is full white glove installation service which includes mounting the safe, removing all packaging, testing the lock or keypad, and even hauling away your old safe if needed. This premium service ensures new heavy safes are properly secured in your home.

For commercial safes, they even offer professional business installation including anchoring, lighting setup, and integrating electronic locks with alarm systems already on premise. With these offerings, you can purchase almost any OfficeMax safe with total confidence and peace of mind.

Lock in Safety with Extended Warranties

Giving me even more confidence in the reliable construction of OfficeMax safes is that they offer extended protection plans. By adding a couple years onto the standard 1 year manufacturer warranty, you can protect your investment against potential issues like electronic lock failures or structural defects.

For the highest level of long-term protection, you may want to opt for one of their “forevereplans” which gives a full replacement guarantee for the lifetime of the safe. This covers the full replacement cost including delivery and installation if your safe is ever damaged, defective or stolen.

While their quality safes are built to last for decades, accidents can happen or parts fail. Knowing you have worry-free coverage will let you lock away your valuables without a care. Simply contact their customer service team to submit any warranty claims or repairs needed.

The Right Safe for You

With so many sizes, features, brands and options to consider, choosing the ideal OfficeMax safe for your needs may seem overwhelming initially. To make the decision process easier, first identify the most important items you plan to store and how much protection they require.

If you have important documents and media needing maximum fire and water protection, focus on a fire/water chest safe with media drawers and high temperature/water barriers. For basic theft prevention at home, a solid steel safe with pry-resistant design may meet your needs.

Those with expensive fine jewelry and watches will want a UL listed burglary safe with thick steel housing, relocking bolts and secure locking mechanisms.

Gun owners need to ensure their safe has foam padding and barrel rests to properly secure firearms. Also look for quick interior lighting, compression seals and dehumidifiers to protect guns from rust and damage.

Once you determine your primary safe needs, you can easily zero in on the ideal OfficeMax safe models and make your purchase with total confidence.

Final Thoughts on My OfficeMax Safe Buying Experience

As I reached the final stage of my safe buying journey, I walked away extremely impressed with the extensive options, reputable brands, and reasonable prices OfficeMax has to offer.

After browsing top-rated safes across different categories, watching helpful product videos, and reading buyer reviews, I was able to narrow down the perfect fireproof cabinet safe for my family’s needs. The ability to purchase securely online and have professional installation scheduled was the icing on the cake.

In the future when I need to purchase a gun, jewelry or business safe, I will definitely be visiting my local OfficeMax again for their incredible selection. Knowing they stand behind their products with extended warranty options provides further value.

Overall, if you are in the market for a new home or business safe, I highly recommend stopping by OfficeMax. You are sure to find the ideal safe to keep your most precious belongings and important documents protected for years to come.

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