Give Boring Plastic Erasers the Boot – The Top 5 Biodegradable and Eco-Friendly Options


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Plastic erasers – we use them without thinking all the time. But those little rectangles of pink rubber are doing more harm than you realize. Conventional erasers contribute to the massive plastic pollution problem and can contain toxic chemicals that contaminate landfills and oceans.

It’s time to rethink our erasing tools and make the switch to biodegradable erasers. These earth-friendly options break down naturally, reducing plastic waste and keeping nasty chemical additives out of the environment.

In this post, we’ll share the top 5 recommended brands of biodegradable and eco-friendly erasers. We’ll also give tips for choosing the best options and answer some frequently asked questions. Let’s erase wasteful habits and make better choices!

Top 5 Biodegradable Erasers to Try

Trade in those toxic plastic erasers for these earth-loving options made from natural, safe materials.

1. Seed Work Erasers

These unique biodegradable erasers by Seed Work take eco-friendly to the next level. Instead of being made of plastic or rubber, they are crafted from biodegradable paper. But the coolest part is they have flower, herb, or vegetable seeds embedded inside!

Simply use the eraser until it’s gone, then place the eraser bits in soil and water. The paper will break down and the seeds will sprout. How cool is that? Kids will love watching the erasers come to life.

Beyond the fun seed surprise, these erasers come in adorable shapes like dinosaurs, trucks, butterflies, and more. They erase cleanly without too much crumbling thanks to the moisture-resistant paper.

Pros: Creative gift, fun for kids, easy to compost, made from biodegradable paper

Cons: Not as sturdy as rubber erasers, seeds could fall out before planting

2. Eco-Trics Erasers

For an eraser made from unexpected recycled materials, check out the Eco-Trics brand. Their erasers are crafted from recycled rubber tires and plastic bottles. The ink used to add color is even plant-based and non-toxic!

Eco-Trics offers erasers in standard rectangular shapes, small pencil cap erasers, and larger block erasers for bigger art projects. The recycled rubber material erases cleanly without smudging or leaving residues.

These erasers are on the firmer side, so they hold their shape well during use. And you’ll feel good knowing you’re reusing hard-to-recycle materials.

Pros: Sturdy with smooth erasing, made from recycled tires and plastic, non-toxic plant-based ink

Cons: Limited shape options compared to other brands

3. Prime Art Erasers

Prime Art makes high quality erasers perfect for artists, students, designers, and more. Instead of plastic or rubber, these erasers are crafted from non-toxic thermoplastic elastomers which offer a soft, flexible texture.

The material is durable yet erases cleanly without smudging, crumbling, or leaving marks. It’s easy to get crisp, precise erasing with these. Plus the dye used is plant-based and non-toxic.

Beyond standard sizes and shapes, Prime Art has cute eraser options like animals, food items, office supplies, and more. Adults and kids alike will enjoy erasing with these fun designs.

Pros: Non-toxic material, reliable erasing performance, fun shapes for kids, plant-based dye

Cons: Not biodegradable, just eco-friendly material

4. Eco Gen Erasers

Eco Gen makes simple but effective biodegradable erasers from natural rubber harvested from rubber tree sap. They contain no PVC, plastics, chemical additives or other toxins. It’s an all-natural erasing experience.

The erasers come in standard shapes and sizes – small rectangles, larger blocks, and pencil toppers. The focus is more on utilitarian erasing power rather than trendy shapes. But that makes these a good option for school, office, and general use.

While natural rubber doesn’t break down as fast as other biodegradable materials, it’s still far better than plastic for the planet. And the erasing ability is top notch.

Pros: Effective erasing, made from renewable natural rubber, non-toxic

Cons: Plain shapes and designs, rubber not as eco-friendly as other options

5. Coppernut Pencils

For a fully biodegradable writing tool, try the creative and colorful pencils by Coppernut. These unique pencils are made of FSC certified wood and use a biodegradable cardboard casing instead of lacquered paint.

The coolest part of these eco pencils is the eraser, made of biodegradable seed paper. Simply add the eraser pieces to soil after use and they will break down, leaving encapsulated seeds behind to sprout.

With fun, artistic patterns decorating each sustainably sourced pencil, these make great eco-friendly gifts. The erasers are on the small side, but highly functional for normal pencil use.

Pros: Fully biodegradable materials, attractive designs, embedded seeds for planting

Cons: Eraser caps are tiny and delicate

How to Pick the Best Biodegradable Eraser for You

When searching for an eco-friendly, biodegradable eraser, keep these key factors in mind while comparing options:

  • Material – Look for natural, renewable materials like rubber, paper, wood, bamboo, organic cotton, etc. Recycled materials like rubber tires or plastic bottles are also good choices. Avoid conventional plastic.
  • Non-toxic – Make sure inks, dyes, and other eraser components are non-toxic. Plant-based inks are ideal.
  • Compostable – The eraser should break down easily in compost conditions within 1-5 years. Avoid excessive plastic packaging.
  • Erasing ability – A biodegradable eraser still needs to erase cleanly without crumbling too quickly or leaving rubbery residue behind.
  • Designs – For kids, pick fun, creative shapes and colors. For adults, focus more on erasing utility.
  • Convenience – Evaluate eraser sizes and shapes for versatility. Standard rectangles work for most scenarios.
  • Durability – Ensure the eraser is sturdy with typical use and won’t fall apart too quickly. Check reviews.
  • Minimal packaging – Opt for simple, eco-friendly packaging like cardboard over wasteful plastic clamshells.
  • Eco-friendly company – Support brands who donate to environmental causes or use sustainable manufacturing practices.
  • Price – Biodegradable erasers often cost more but pay for quality. Paying more equals better environmental impact.

Frequently Asked Questions about Eco-Friendly Erasers

Are biodegradable erasers as effective at erasing as plastic ones?

It depends on the material, but many biodegradable erasers erase incredibly well. Natural rubber, recycled tire rubber, thermoplastic elastomers, and more all tend to offer great erasing power. Lower quality paper or cardboard likely won’t erase as cleanly. Look closely at each eraser’s materials and performance reviews.

How long does it take biodegradable erasers to decompose?

Most biodegradable eraser materials can fully break down within 6 months up to 5 years when composted. Plastic erasers by comparison can take over 500 years to decompose! The exact time depends on the material and composting conditions. But rest assured biodegradable erasers will not sit in landfills for centuries like conventional plastic versions.

Can any biodegradable eraser be composted?

You can compost any eraser primarily made of natural materials like rubber, paper, wood, bamboo, organic cotton, etc. Most plant-based plastic alternatives can also be composted. Avoid composting any eraser with metal or plastic components. Check with your city’s compost guidelines as well.

Why are biodegradable erasers often more expensive?

Yes, most eco-friendly erasers made from sustainable materials cost more than conventional plastic versions. The extra cost helps offset the more expensive harvesting of biodegradable natural rubber, paper materials, plant-based plastic production, and sustainable manufacturing processes used. When you pay a little more, it makes a bigger environmental impact.

Are biodegradable erasers safe for kids to use?

Biodegradable erasers made from natural, non-toxic materials are perfectly safe for kids. Look for erasers made without harsh chemicals, dyes, or additives. An all-natural rubber or paper eraser is safest. Also make sure any decorative eraser doesn’t have small pieces that could detach and become a choking hazard for younger kids. Check each product description.

Let’s Trade Wasteful Erasers for Eco-Friendly Options

The next time you’re getting school supplies or stocking the office, make the eco-conscious switch to biodegradable erasers. Ditch those petroleum-based pink rectangles for greener options that decompose instead of polluting the planet.

Look for high-quality erasers made from sustainable materials like natural rubber, recycled tires, plant-based plastics, paper, and more. Be sure to research brands’ manufacturing practices and impact too.

While you may pay a little more for earth-friendly erasing tools, remember that cost helps drive sustainability, reduces waste, and protects ecosystems. Plus it feels great supporting companies who care about the planet.

Get creative with biodegradable eraser shapes and designs – from dinosaurs for kids to sushi sets for fun office folk. Try unique options like paper erasers embedded with seeds ready to sprout when planted after use.

Rethink erasing and start making better choices for ourselves and the environment. Our planet will thank you! Share this article if you found it helpful. Time to erase wasteful habits for good.

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