Getting Your Stamps of Approval: Buying Postage at OfficeMax


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Do you need to mail a letter, package or postcard soon? Running low on Forever Stamps for those impromptu cards and letters? Well, I discovered that OfficeMax can be a surprising yet convenient option for finding a variety of postage stamps when you need them. As someone who still firmly believes in the value of putting pen to paper and sending a heartfelt note or letter through the postal service, having quick access to stamps nearby is a must. Let me share my experience on what you can expect when buying postage stamps from America’s favorite office supply superstore.

The first question you likely have is: does OfficeMax even sell stamps? The answer is a resounding yes! I was pleasantly surprised to find an abundance of postage stamps available at my local OfficeMax. They offer a wide assortment of denominations and styles for domestic and international mail needs.

When I first ventured into my OfficeMax in search of stamps, I wasn’t sure where to look. I started in the paper and stationery section, assuming they’d be alongside greeting cards and envelopes, but didn’t see any. Don’t make my mistake – head straight for the customer service desk, which is likely located upfront near the checkouts. This is where OfficeMax keeps its stash of those small adhesive stickers we call stamps.

Behind the customer service counter, I found two large displays solely devoted to postage stamps. One featured booklets of the standard Forever Stamps in multiples for domestic mail while the other contained sheets of global stamps for international postage. The options were far more varied than I expected from an office supply store!

Domestic postage at OfficeMax encompasses all the basics like Forever Stamps in 1st class denominations as well as additional quantities in 2 oz. and 3 oz. for heavier envelopes. You’ll also discover fun selections like floral, nautical, holiday and commemorative stamp designs offered in convenient booklets.

For international mail, OfficeMax carries sheets of Global Forever Stamps which allow you to send 1 oz. letters and postcards around the world with ease. Denominations ranged from $1.20 for general international letters up to $3.50 for premium mail service to European countries. Photographic nature designs adorned these worldly stamps, showcasing landscapes from countries spanning the globe.

One handy feature I noticed was that the amounts for each Global Forever Stamp are printed directly on the sheets so you know exactly what rate you’re getting. No guess work required! They also had individual Airmail Stamps for Asia and Europe in various increments.

The diverse stamp selection at my local OfficeMax allowed me to mail items whether I was sending a simple postcard to my niece at college across the country, a hefty care package overseas to a friend stationed abroad, or a professional document requiring priority service. Their stamp inventory truly ran the gamut needed for personal and business postal needs.

In terms of quantity, OfficeMax allows you to purchase stamps in the amount you need. Unlike the Post Office, you aren’t restricted to full booklets or sheets. At first, I just wanted to grab a few Forever Stamps for some letters I had ready to go. When I brought my small quantity up to the register, the cashier efficiently counted out the stamps and packaged them in a plastic sleeve. It was fast and simple with no limits imposed.

Of course, if you desire full sheets or booklets they have plenty of those available as well behind the customer service desk. OfficeMax even stocks up on coils of 100 Forever Stamps, perfect for small businesses and frequent mailers.

I appreciated the flexibility to buy just a few stamps without being forced into buying a whole book. OfficeMax catered to both my modest and bulk stamp needs.

Naturally, with any purchase, price is a primary factor. I was pleasantly surprised by the affordability of postage stamps at OfficeMax. Their rates matched up nearly identically to current USPS published pricing. A booklet containing 10 Forever Stamps cost the standard $10.00. Global Forever Stamp sheets were priced accurately based on destination – for example, 6 self-adhesive stamps for postcards to Canada were $7.20, matching the USPS retail rate.

The convenience of getting stamps immediately at OfficeMax well outweighed the few cents I may have saved buying directly from the Post Office. No lines, no waiting! Plus, if you have an OfficeMax Rewards account, you can earn points on your stamp purchase just like any other item. An added value for loyal OfficeMax shoppers.

Saving time and earning rewards points makes the value proposition of buying stamps at OfficeMax a no brainer. Their retail prices even align with current USPS rates so you aren’t paying a markup for convenience.

Along with fair pricing, OfficeMax offers seasonal discounts on stamps around major mailing holidays. For instance, in the weeks leading up to Christmas you may find promotions like buy 2 get 1 free on holiday stamp booklets. Around Tax Day in April, they’ve been known to run 15% off postage stamps promotions to save procrastinating taxpayers some money.

It never hurts to check if they have any current deals before buying your stamps. The savings can add up, especially when purchasing bulk quantities. Outside of sales, the everyday retail prices are reasonable in my opinion. And frankly worth it not to deal with the long Post Office lines and frustrating automated kiosks when I just want to grab some quick stamps.

Savvy shoppers can cash in on stamp sales and specials that OfficeMax runs during peak mailing seasons throughout the year. Even without discounts, the everyday prices match USPS rates so you can’t go wrong.

Buying stamps always feels a bit like a scavenger hunt to me. Searching for the elusive booklets in grocery and convenience stores, never knowing if they will be in stock or out. Shelves often look ransacked and disheveled. My quest for stamps at OfficeMax offered the total opposite experience – abundance and convenience!

Behind their customer service desk was a meticulously organized display filled with postage. The staff keep the stamp offerings neatly stocked in labeled areas so you can easily find what you need. No guessing or searching aimlessly down picked over aisles.

When stamps run low, clerks simply grab additional inventory from under the counters and restock promptly. No waiting around for shipments like at the supermarket. OfficeMax employees seemed vigilant about replenishing their stamp selection in timely manner to meet customer demand. Being a major national retailer likely helps them secure inventory efficiently.

Forget stamp scavenger hunts and empty shelves – OfficeMax provides bountiful displays, organized by stamp types and rates. Their staff actively maintains inventory so you find what you need, when you need it.

In addition to abundance, OfficeMax offers convenience through long hours of operation. Most locations are open seven days a week and remain open late, even till 9pm on weekdays at many stores. Their extended hours make fitting in a stamp stop much easier than trying to get to the Post Office during their typical 9-5 schedule.

As someone who works standard office hours, making it to the Post Office during the workweek can be tough. I end up having to go on Saturdays when only select locations are open limited hours. OfficeMax almost always has evening and weekend availability perfect for tackling errands outside traditional work schedules. No waiting in line on my lunch break or rearranging my weekend around USPS hours. With many OfficeMax stores open early and late, I can swing by at a time that suits my own schedule.

Avoid the limited hours and long lines at the Post Office by visiting OfficeMax’s convenient extended hours 7 days a week. I can purchase stamps around my own work and life schedule.

Beyond stamps themselves, OfficeMax provides all the mailing and shipping essentials you need in one efficient stop. I was able to grab bubble mailers, padded envelopes, packing tape and Priority Mail boxes on the same trip I bought my stamps. They carry a surprising diversity of USPSPriority and Express packaging behind the service counter.

Saving myself multiple trips to both the Post Office and shipping stores was an unexpected bonus. OfficeMax had everything required to ship items quickly and securely, right along with an abundance of postage. I was able to package and ship a gift to a friend across the country without ever leaving the store. Talk about convenience!

On the note of shipping, OfficeMax also offers in-store packing and shipping services. I was able to drop off a pre-labeled return package without the hassle of taking it to the Post Office or UPS Store. The clerk swiftly weighed, scanned and securely stored my package behind the counter after I purchased postage.

One-stop shopping for stamps, packaging supplies, and even shipping services makes OfficeMax a game changer. I can mail items from start to finish without having to travel all over town to multiple retailers.

After researching if other customers shared my favorable experience, I discovered primarily positive feedback on purchasing stamps at OfficeMax. Numerous online reviews and forum posts highlighted the convenience, extended hours, and abundance of inventory. Many noted that even when grocery stores were out of stock, they could reliably find the stamps they needed at OfficeMax.

Other customers also appreciated the orderly displays and organization compared to more scattered and sparse selections at convenience stores and pharmacies. For bulk mailers, many remarked on the availability of full coil rolls of Forever Stamps exclusively stocked at OfficeMax and select other big box retailers.

Reviews reinforce that OfficeMax provides convenient, reliable stamp inventory in an organized shopping environment. Bulk mailers in particular seem to appreciate OfficeMax’s robust selection and specialty shipping offerings.

While praise was prominent, a few customers did complain about clerks not always being knowledgeable on the differences between stamp types. A couple noted shipping mishaps like packages not scanning properly when dropped off. However, the overwhelming majority of feedback highlighted excellent service when purchasing stamps at OfficeMax.

Based on OfficeMax’s partnership with the USPS to be an approved provider of postal products and services, they seem committed to improving and expanding their mailing and shipping offerings. Trained staff may help alleviate confusion some shoppers experienced when selecting proper postage. Partnerships signal that OfficeMax is invested in providing customers the best possible postal solutions.

The vast majority of customer experiences buying stamps at OfficeMax skew positive, with some areas of potential improvement around employee training on mail products. Their USPS partnership demonstrates a commitment to optimizing postal services and inventory.

In the end, my quest to find stamps led me to an unexpected source – OfficeMax! Their diverse stock, extended hours, and convenient shipping services provide tangible advantages over the Post Office. Saving time is invaluable, making the trip to OfficeMax well worth any small difference in stamp pricing. No lines, no hassle, just reliable access to all the postage I need.

Forget licking stamps – when I need to mail letters and packages now, I stick to picking up stamps at OfficeMax. Their convenience, availability, and customer service deliver a winning combination. My stamped envelope of approval is sealed for this unlikely provider of all things postage.

So next time you need to restock your stamp supply or mail an item, consider bypassing the Post Office and heading to OfficeMax instead. You may just be delighted by their abundance of postal products and efficient services like I was. Happy mailing ahead!

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