Getting the Most Out of HDMI Splitters at OfficeMax


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Table of Contents

A Detailed Look at the Selection, Prices, and Capabilities of HDMI Splitters at Your Favorite Office Supply Store

As someone who loves optimizing my home entertainment setup, I’m always on the lookout for gadgets and gizmos that can help me get the most out of my TV and devices. One product I rely on extensively is the trusty HDMI splitter. These handy little devices allow you to take a single HDMI source and split it into multiple displays or outputs. I’ve found HDMI splitters to be super useful for all kinds of applications – from sending video to multiple TVs in different rooms to building elaborate gaming stations with immersive surround sound.

When it comes to picking up tech accessories like HDMI splitters, one of my go-to retailers is OfficeMax. They have a great selection of computer and AV equipment at really reasonable prices. I wanted to share my experiences with the HDMI splitters available at OfficeMax to help others take advantage of these useful devices. In this blog, I’ll cover everything from the different types of HDMI splitters sold at OfficeMax to how much they cost and what capabilities you can expect. Let’s dive in!

An Overview of HDMI Splitter Options at OfficeMax

The first thing I noticed when browsing the HDMI splitters at OfficeMax is that they carry splitters in a range of port configurations – from basic 2-port splitters up to more robust models with 4, 6, or even 8 output ports! This makes it easy to find a splitter suitable for small applications like sending video to a second TV in the bedroom all the way up to complex whole-home entertainment rigs.

OfficeMax has HDMI splitters from popular brands like Rocketfish, Dynex, GE, and others. The build quality seems comparable between brands, with metal casing and decent cable shielding. Just make sure to check the product specs and port configuration to find the right model for your needs.

Passive and active HDMI splitters are both available at OfficeMax. Passive splitters simply take the source signal and pass it through to the outputs without any amplification. These tend to be more affordable, but can suffer from signal degradation, especially over long cable runs. Active splitters include circuitry to boost and amplify the HDMI signal, allowing you to push it farther with less loss of quality. Active models cost a bit more but are worth it for larger installations.

One handy feature I saw on several OfficeMax HDMI splitters is built-in cables on the input and output ports for quick and easy hookup. Other splitters have detachable cables – this gives you more flexibility in cable length but can introduce signal issues if you use low-quality cables. Overall, the splitter selection provides a nice mix of features, port counts, and prices.

HDMI Splitter Pricing at OfficeMax

HDMI splitters are already very affordable accessories, but OfficeMax’s prices make them an even better value. Basic passive 2-port splitters start at around $15-20. Very budget-friendly! Stepping up to a 4-port passive splitter runs $25-35 on average. If you need more outputs, you can get a 6 or 8-port passive splitter for $40-60.

The most expensive HDMI splitters at OfficeMax are the advanced multi-output active splitters, which come in at $80-150. While pricier, remember that these include amplified circuitry to maintain signal integrity to up to 8 displays simultaneously. That’s a lot of hardware powered from one HDMI source!

Considering the convenience and versatility HDMI splitters provide, I think OfficeMax’s prices are very reasonable. With frequent sales and coupons, you can likely score an even better deal. And if you’re an OfficeMax Rewards member, you can earn points on your purchase towards future discounts!

Convenient Online and In-Store Options for Purchasing

While I love browsing OfficeMax’s website to see their full HDMI splitter selection, you can conveniently purchase both online and in physical stores.

Ordering online allows you to see allsplitter options, specs, and user reviews in one place. You can also have your splitter shipped directly to your door in just a few days. Online prices are very competitive too.

The benefit of buying in-store is being able to see products first-hand before purchasing. OfficeMax employees can also provide recommendations if you explain your needs. Brick-and-mortar stores have limited inventory but carry the most popular models. You’ll walk out with your splitter right away rather than waiting for delivery.

Either way, OfficeMax makes it simple to get your hands on the perfect HDMI splitter. Check both online and local stores to find deals and see the widest selection.

Key Specs to Look For

While shopping for an HDMI splitter at OfficeMax, keep an eye out for these key technical specifications:

  • 4K and HDR support – Many newer splitters allow full 4K 60Hz and HDR video passthrough for ultra HD sources. This future-proofs your purchase.
  • 1080p and 3D support – At minimum, your splitter should handle standard 1080p and 3D video. This covers most non-4K content.
  • HDR format compatibility – HDR comes in HDR10, HDR10+, Dolby Vision, etc. Check which formats your splitter works with.
  • HDMI version – Look for HDMI 2.0 and higher, which unlocks 4K HDR bandwidth. Avoid outdated 1.4 splitters.
  • HDCP compliance – Necessary for sending protected content from Blu-rays, streaming devices, etc. HDCP 2.2 or later is best.
  • EDID management – Ensures splitter communicates EDID properly between source and displays. Prevents resolution issues.
  • CEC support – Lets you control other devices via HDMI-CEC with universal remotes, etc. Useful convenience feature.

Keep these specs in mind when selecting a splitter tailored to your video sources and display hardware. Getting the right model prevents headaches down the road!

Ideal for Gaming and Home Theater Setups

One of my favorite uses for HDMI splitters is building killer gaming and home theater setups. I use them to create immersive configurations like:

  • Gaming with a center monitor for gameplay flanked by two side monitors for peripheral vision
  • Hooking up multiple TVs around the living room for a surround sound experience
  • Sending video to a projector screen and smaller monitor simultaneously
  • Quick switching between gaming at my desk and playing on the living room TV

The possibilities are endless! With the right splitter I can send pristine 4K 60Hz video to all displays and devices from my PC without any lag or quality loss. The HDMI splitters at OfficeMax are totally up for the task. Their boosted signal handling and EDID management provide reliability for complex cabling configurations.

For gaming and home theater, be sure to get a 4K/HDR-ready active splitter to push that ultra HD video flawlessly. The last thing you want is for your $2,000 gaming rig’s graphics to get bottlenecked by a cheap splitter!

No More Cable Swapping Hassles

One of the biggest headaches with home entertainment centers used to be constantly swapping cables whenever you wanted to change devices or displays. With everything hooked up via HDMI splitters, those days are over!

Now I can keep everything plugged in 24/7 and simply use the buttons or remote on the splitter to switch inputs and outputs. My Blu-ray player, streaming stick, and game console stay connected to the TV, projector, and surround system at all times. I just route signals between them as needed.

Gaming on the TV? Hit the button to switch the splitter output. Moved to the projector? Change the routing with the remote instead of yanking cords out! The HDMI splitters available at OfficeMax all include simple controls for painless source switching.

Extend Your Signal Reach

One limitation of HDMI is that signal quality degrades quickly over long cable runs. There are a few solutions to extend the reach of your HDMI devices. One is using active HDMI cables that boost the signal every few feet. Another is utilizing an HDMI splitter that regenerates the signal.

Many of the powered active HDMI splitters sold at OfficeMax include built-in amplification and equalization circuitry that allows you to push HDMI further than passive cables alone. Models with this tech can maintain strong 1080p and even 4K signals up to 65-100 feet without quality loss!

So if you need to get HDMI from your A/V rack to the TV across the room, or even out to your back patio projector, a good active HDMI splitter is up to the task. Just plug it into the source, run a long cable or two to your displays, and enjoy flawless HDMI connectivity at extended distances thanks to the signal boosting.

Don’t Skimp on Build Quality

With bargain HDMI splitters flooding the market these days, it can be tempting to save a few bucks with a no-name knockoff brand, questionable Amazon listing, or sketchy eBay seller. In my experience though, it’s absolutely worth spending a little more for a quality HDMI splitter from a reputable brand.

I’ve been burned before by cheap splitters overheating, dropping signal randomly, interfering with HDCP, and just failing outright after a couple months. Printed logos rub off, ports get loose and wiggly, buttons stop working properly – the hallmarks of junk electronics.

That’s why I stick with trusted brands like those carried by OfficeMax. Their HDMI splitters may cost $10-20 more than the bottom barrel options, but they use name brand chipsets and quality components that stand the test of time. And with OfficeMax’s exchange policy, you’re covered in case you do get a dud.

Don’t risk headaches and wasted money down the road. Spend a few extra bucks now for robust construction and electronics. Your home theater will thank you!

Read Up on User Reviews

With any purchase, I always try to gather intel from fellow customers who have first-hand experience with the product. User reviews can provide tremendous insight into real-world performance, ease of use, durability, and potential issues to be aware of. This is especially helpful for specific HDMI splitter models I’m considering buying.

The OfficeMax website listings for HDMI splitters include customer reviews with ratings for overall satisfaction plus specific details on what people liked and didn’t like about each splitter. This feedback from other buyers helps validate if a particular model delivers as promised or perhaps falls short in certain areas.

I browse OfficeMax’s HDMI splitter reviews to learn about things like setup difficulties, reliability problems, remote control responsiveness, video quality, durability over time, and more. This helps me zero in on the best splitter for my application and also avoid ones that other buyers struggled with. User reviews provide honest accounts you just can’t get from marketing copy!

Know Your Connectivity Needs

HDMI splitters exist to allow a single HDMI source device to connect with multiple displays and outputs. But how you plan to use your splitter will determine the ideal port configuration and features. Assessing your connectivity needs is crucial to finding the right OfficeMax splitter model.

For the simplest application of sending video to a second TV in another room, a 2-output splitter will do the trick nicely. But I wanted more complex whole-home distribution with 4 TVs, a projector, and surround receiver. So an 8-output splitter was my choice to cover all the bases.

Think about how many displays you need to connect, including TVs, monitors, projectors, surround sound systems, etc. And factor in needing spare ports for future expansion. This will tell you how many output ports your HDMI splitter realistically requires.

Also consider your input needs. Do you need to distribute just one Blu-ray player or gaming console? Or does your home theater have 4-5 video sources you want to route through the splitter? This will determine if you need a single-input or multi-input splitter model.

Knowing these connectivity requirements before visiting OfficeMax or browsing online ensures you don’t overlook the perfect splitter for your application!

Improve Your Viewing Experience

At the end of the day, I got into HDMI splitters to improve my home viewing experience. And the HDMI splitters I’ve bought from OfficeMax over the years have absolutely enhanced my entertainment setups. Here are just some of the ways an HDMI splitter can upgrade your own TV, gaming, and theater enjoyment:

  • Reduce cable clutter by routing multiple devices through one central splitter
  • Send glorious 4K HDR video to all your latest displays
  • Enable multi-screen gaming with surround visual immersion
  • Stop constantly swapping cables when switching displays
  • Improve signal reliability across long home theater runs
  • Overcome HDMI cable length limits with boosted signal extension
  • Expand your setup easily by just plugging into spare splitter ports
  • Minimize upgrade costs compared to A/V receivers or matrix switchers

For less than $100, you can take your home entertainment experience to the next level with an HDMI splitter from OfficeMax. The selection of models, features, and prices make these versatile gadgets accessible for all home theater needs and budgets.

So stop by your local OfficeMax store or browse online to pick up an HDMI splitter tailored for your viewing enjoyment. Your home entertainment center will thank you! Now go maximize those A/V connections.

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