Getting Creative with Custom Stickers from OfficeMax


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Spicing Up Projects and Promotions with Printed Stickers

Stickers are one of those simple tools that never seem to go out of style. As a kid, I remember decorating my notebooks, folders, and bike with my favorite cartoon characters and slogans. Now as an adult, I find stickers are still a fun and creative way to personalize my stuff and spread messages.

Recently I’ve become interested in creating custom stickers for some upcoming projects. I need stickers for everything from branding merchandise to promoting events to just decorating gifts. But I wasn’t sure where to get affordable, quality sticker printing done. Then I discovered that OfficeMax offers custom sticker printing services that are easy to order and budget-friendly!

In this blog post, I’ll share everything I’ve learned about printing stickers at OfficeMax. From costs and paper types to designing and ordering, read on for tips to get your custom stickers printed quickly and affordably!

Costs: Pricing Per Sheet Makes Stickers Affordable

The first thing I looked into was how much it costs to print stickers at OfficeMax. I needed stickers for a few different uses, so I wanted an affordable option where I could print them in small quantities. OfficeMax offers value pricing for stickers starting at just a few cents per sheet.

For basic options like matte or glossy paper stickers on 8.5”x11” sheets, prices start as low as around 15 cents per sheet. Their online printing service lets you upload artwork, choose parameters like size and quantity, and get an instant price quote.

They also offer more durable options like vinyl, waterproof, and clear stickers for a little more – usually between 50 cents to $1 per sheet. The more sheets you order, the lower the per-sheet cost is. Bulk orders can get up to 25% off.

So if you just need a small batch of stickers for a short-term project, or want to test out custom designs without a huge investment, OfficeMax is a budget-friendly choice. You can print as few as 10 sheets at a time for convenience and affordability.

Paper & Material Choices: Versatile Options for Any Project

Along with affordable pricing, another great option with OfficeMax custom stickers is the wide selection of paper types and materials. Whether you need basic printable stickers or robust outdoor-grade vinyls, they have lots of options to suit any purpose.

For most indoor stickers on smooth surfaces, their standard matte or glossy paper sticker sheets work great. Matte has a classic sticker look, while glossy gives vibrant color pop. For textured surfaces, opt for vinyl stickers which adhere much better.

If you need waterproof stickers for outdoor use, drinking bottles, and more, check out their clear or white vinyl options. Or go for full-color opaque print with waterproof white matte vinyl.

Special effects like metallic, glow in the dark, or transparent stickers are also available to make your designs stand out. And for photo-quality images, make sure to use their high resolution sticker paper.

So whatever type of sticker you need – durable, weatherproof, photographic, or glow in the dark – OfficeMax has paper and material options to stick on any surface!

Get Creative with Custom Shapes and Sizes

Beyond the standard rectangle sticker sheet, OfficeMax gives you the freedom to print completely custom and unique sticker sizes or die cut shapes.

For one of my projects, I wanted circle shaped stickers to affix to round surfaces. By uploading a die line template mockup with my design, I was able to order circle die cut stickers – no cutting required!

For another promotion, I wanted little stickers to give out, so I ordered 0.5” x 0.5” square stickers on sheets of over 100. The small custom size was perfect for mailing out to supporters.

OfficeMax printing experts can even help you figure out optimal sticker dimensions and layouts for your intended use. Whether you want large bumper stickers, tiny mailing labels, or round cutout shapes, they can print a huge range of custom sizes.

So don’t feel constrained by typical sticker sizes – let your creativity run free and print any shape or dimension with OfficeMax!

Designing Your Own Custom Stickers

One of the best parts of OfficeMax custom stickers is that you can design them yourself! For simple text or shapes, you can use their online sticker design tool with templates. But I wanted to create more complex branded sticker designs.

Luckily, OfficeMax allows you to upload any artwork file to print your stickers – including high resolution photos, detailed illustrations, or pro graphic design files.

I played around in Adobe Illustrator to craft my sticker concepts with logos, characters, and effects. Then I exported the files to high resolution PDFs and uploaded them directly during the order process.

OfficeMax sticker printing accepts all major design file formats like PSD, JPG, PNG, and PDF. Just make sure your images are high quality 300dpi resolution for the best reproduction.

It’s also super helpful to have a template or die line for your sticker sheet layout. The OfficeMax team can send you dimensions to design within. This ensures your stickers print properly positioned and sized.

With the ability to design totally custom stickers through uploaded artwork, the creative possibilities are endless. Your imagination is the only limit!

Convenient Ways to Order Sticker Printing

Once your sticker designs are perfected, OfficeMax offers easy ordering online, in store, or through their app.

Online sticker printing is the most convenient way to order 24/7. Just upload your artwork, select your paper type, enter quantities, and choose a pickup method. Then you can securely pay online.

If you need any help with dimensions, layouts, or sticker paper questions, the OfficeMax online chat makes it easy to get real-time assistance. Their online system also allows you to order samples or proofs to check quality before final printing.

You can also bring your artwork files and order stickers in person at any OfficeMax retail location. Their printing experts can provide advice to ensure your stickers come out perfectly. This is a great way to get questions answered or any hands-on help designing and ordering.

Finally, the OfficeMax app allows you to order stickers on the go from your smartphone. Just upload artwork, configure options, submit order, and come pick them up or have them delivered. Super easy!

So with online ordering, in-store help, or their app, getting custom OfficeMax stickers printed is convenient however you choose.

Speedy Turnaround Time for All Your Sticker Needs

One of the things that impressed me most when ordering my custom stickers was the fast turnaround time from OfficeMax printing.

For all standard paper sticker options, my orders were printed in just 1-2 business days. Then I could either pick up in store or get quick local delivery. This allowed me to test out sticker designs and place reorders quickly to keep projects moving.

Even more durable vinyl and specialty material stickers only took 3-4 business days – still very fast compared to some online printers. And I could still get next day pickup or delivery once my order was ready.

The ability to get quality custom sticker orders printed and in my hands so quickly thanks to speedy in-house production is a huge benefit for time-sensitive branding projects and events. No more waiting weeks for stickers to ship!

Cost-Saving Bulk and Volume Discounts

While OfficeMax sticker pricing is already very reasonable, you can save even more money by ordering larger volumes. They offer helpful bulk order discounts to reduce per-sheet costs.

For example, a 50 sheet order of glossy full color 4×4 inch stickers starts at around $25 total. But ordering 200 sheets drops the per-sheet price down to about 20 cents with the 25% bulk discount.

For big projects like branding a product line or swag for a large event, the volume savings add up quickly. Make sure to request a custom quote to find the most cost-effective sticker order for your specific needs.

The OfficeMax team will work to provide the best bulk pricing possible, and may offer suggestions to maximize cost savings like switching to more affordable papers or optimizing layouts. Take advantage of volume discounts for big sticker jobs!

Quality Guaranteed with Proofs, Samples, and Assistance

When I order printed materials, quality is my top concern. I want to make sure colors, details, and dimensions all turn out as expected. OfficeMax has helpful options to ensure you get awesome results.

First, their team can provide free virtual proofs of your artwork rendered on the sticker material you choose. This digital mockup lets you check layouts, color accuracy, and more without printing the full order.

For a closer look at quality, you can order a low-cost sample print of just a few sticker sheets. Review the physical stickers and request any tweaks before approving the final run.

And whenever I had any questions or concerns, the OfficeMax support team was available by phone, chat, and in store to offer guidance. Their printing experts will help you achieve success with your custom sticker project!

Between proofs, samples, and unlimited assistance, OfficeMax empowers you to get exactly the sticker look, feel, and quality you desire.

Unleash Your Creativity with OfficeMax Custom Stickers!

After thoroughly researching and testing out sticker printing with OfficeMax, I can confidently recommend them for any custom sticker needs.

Whether you want a few sheets of fun stickers for gifts, or need bulk orders for swag, branding, events, and more, OfficeMax empowers you to turn your ideas into reality with easy online ordering, speedy turnaround, and helpful support.

With affordable pricing starting at just pennies per sticker, plus options for unlimited designs, materials, sizes, and quantities, the possibilities are endless! Let your imagination run wild and give your projects, promotions, and possessions a creative boost with printed stickers from OfficeMax.

What cool ways will you use custom stickers? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to see how you utilize OfficeMax printing for your unique ideas.

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