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Table of Contents

A Guide to Creating Stunning Promotional Posters with OfficeMax Printing Services

You’ve just designed an amazing promotional poster for your business, event or campaign. It looks fantastic on your computer screen – but how do you turn that digital design into a real-life printed poster that makes people stop and take notice?

Getting professional quality poster printing can be confusing if you’ve never done it before. Thankfully, OfficeMax makes the process super simple with a wide range of print sizes, paper choices, finishing options and convenient ways to upload and order your prints, both in-store and online.

In this detailed guide, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know to create stunning, oversized prints with OfficeMax poster printing services. From choosing the right size and paper to preparing flawless artwork and understanding turnaround times, you’ll have all the information you need to bring your posters to life!

The Impressive Array of Poster Sizes Available at OfficeMax

One of the best things about OfficeMax is the huge selection of poster sizes they offer. Whether you need a small poster for an office noticeboard or a massive showstopper for a multi-story building, they’ve got you covered!

For business and office use, some of their most popular sizes include:

  • 11×14 inches – great for cubicle or office door posters
  • 18×24 inches – eye-catching for halls, lobbies, elevators
  • 24×36 inches – perfect for conference rooms, reception areas
  • 27×40 inches – makes a statement in foyers, meeting halls
  • 36×48 inches – grab attention in retail stores, restaurants, more

For extra large, oversized prints, they offer sizes up to:

  • 48×72 inches – ideal for auditoriums, theaters, school gyms
  • 60×80 inches – big impact in trade show booths, arenas
  • 72×96 inches – eye-popping dimensions for museums, malls, streets

So whether you need a poster for a bulletin board or billboard, OfficeMax has you covered. Their expert printers can handle everything from convenient 8.5×11 prints all the way up to massive 9×12 foot “monster” posters.

And if you don’t see a common poster dimension already listed, no worries – OfficeMax also offers custom poster sizes so you can get the exact dimensions you want. Their printing team can hand trim posters for a custom fit. More on custom sizes later!

Get Low Prices for Both Individual and Bulk Poster Printing

Printing costs can add up quickly, especially for oversized posters. But OfficeMax provides affordable pricing options to help you stick to a budget.

For starters, individual poster prints are very reasonably priced. Current rates start at around $15 for a basic 11×14 inch print. Prices scale up from there based on size but remain very competitive. For example, a large 36×48 inch poster will run you $35-45 on average.

And bulk discounts are available if you need multiple prints. Order at least 5 identical posters and you can save 10-15%. Larger volume orders of 25+ posters can save up to 25% off your total order cost!

OfficeMax also runs great promotions and discounts fairly often. Keep an eye out for coupon codes offering 15-20% off your entire order or sales like 20% off all posters. Timing your order right can save you serious cash!

Exact poster pricing varies a bit based on the paper you choose, lamination needs, turnaround time and any other special finishing. But with individual prints starting under $20 and bulk discounts bringing average costs down to $30 or less per large format poster, it’s a very affordable option!

Printing on Multiple Paper Options for Any Purpose

When it comes to choosing a poster paper, OfficeMax gives you a nice variety to work with. The right paper can make all the difference in how vibrant your colors are, how durable your poster is and how much it costs to print!

Here are the main poster paper choices available:

  • Everyday Matte Paper – Affordable general use paper with a non-reflective finish. Great for indoor posters.
  • Photo Gloss Paper – For a shiny, vivid finish like a photograph. Works well for graphics or photos.
  • Semi-Gloss Paper – The middle ground with some shine but not overly reflective. Nice balance for mixed graphics/photos.
  • Premium Matte Paper – A more durable and professional matte finish. Great for important presentations or signage.
  • Heavyweight Matte Paper – Super thick 100lb paper with a bold matte look and feel. For posters meant to endure.
  • Archival Matte Paper – Acid-free paper designed for longevity. Best for posters you wish to preserve.

Take some time to review paper sample swatches in-store. Discuss options with the knowledgeable staff to determine the best choice for your specific poster and how/where it will be displayed. The right paper can make all the difference!

Get Custom Poster Sizes To Fit Any Space

If you have a unique spot you need to perfectly fill with a printed poster, OfficeMax has you covered. Instead of being limited to standard sizes, you can get custom poster dimensions tailored to your needs.

Simply provide the exact width x height dimensions you require for a given wall, board, floor space, vehicle wrap, window display, or wherever you need a poster. Their expert printing team can trim each poster down to the precise size requested.

Custom trimming is available in 1 inch increments for most large format prints. Just confirm your specific dimensions with the ordering associate. Let them know details like whether the size should leave room for mounting.

This customization comes free for most standard paper choices and finished poster prices remain very reasonable. Just provide OfficeMax the exact dimensions you want your poster and they’ll ensure it fits like a glove!

Preparing Flawless Poster Files for the Best Results

You’ve put tons of time into designing an amazing poster (great job, by the way). Now you just need to prepare the perfect file for OfficeMax to print from. Here are some tips and guidelines to follow:

  • File formats – JPEGs and PDFs work great. TIFFs and PSDs are also fine for images. Use PDFs for designs with text.
  • Image resolution – For best quality, images should be at least 100-150 DPI at full print size. Largeformat printing requires higher resolution images to avoid pixelation.
  • Color mode – Use RGB mode for color posters. CMYK can cause dulling with some printers, so RGB is safest for vibrant and accurate color.
  • Print dimensions – Design posters at 100% the print dimensions and a minimum of 100 DPI to retain image quality. No need to size up small images.
  • Bleed – For full bleed prints, extend artwork 1/8″ past the edge of the poster dimensions on all sides.
  • Proof carefully – Double check image quality, spelling, alignment etc. Posters amplify all mistakes!
  • Flatten layers – Make sure all layers in multi-layer files (like PSDs) are flattened into one single image layer first.
  • Embed fonts – For designs with text, remember to embed or outline fonts to avoid missing font issues.
  • No crop marks – OfficeMax trims prints themselves so you can leave crop marks off your design.

Follow these tips and your posters will turn out picture perfect every time. The OfficeMax printing team can help too if you have questions!

Ordering Online Poster Prints is Super Convenient

While you can upload and order poster prints at any OfficeMax store, their online printing portal makes the process even simpler. You can order poster printing 24/7 from your home or office.

On the OfficeMax website, just select Posters under the Print & Copy menu. You can then:

  • Pick from all standard and custom sizes
  • Choose paper finish and thickness
  • Upload your high quality poster files
  • Select quantities for bulk orders
  • View live pricing and get instant quotes
  • Enter payment and checkout in seconds

Online poster printing also makes reorders a breeze. OfficeMax stores your files and order history to quickly duplicate previous purchases.

For large format prints especially, the online convenience helps take the hassle out of the process so your posters get printed fast. Give it a try next time you need quality posters in a hurry!

Rapid Turnaround Times Mean Posters Print Fast

Speaking of fast printing, OfficeMax poster orders move quick from upload to finished print. Turnaround averages just 1-2 business days for most sizes and paper choices.

Here are some common timeframes to expect:

  • 11×14 to 24×36 inch – Can be ready in 1 business day if ordered early
  • 27×40 to 36×48 inch – Usually ready in 1-2 business days
  • Custom cut – May add 1 business day
  • Lamination or mounting – Can add 1-2 days

For smaller quantities, same day pickup is sometimes possible if ordered early enough. Turnaround can extend up to 5 days for extremely large 9 foot wide “monster” prints or high volume orders over 50+ posters.

But in most cases, expect your prints within a day or two maximum. OfficeMax gets orders produced fast in their print network. Posters ship from local facilities right to the store so you get quality results quickly.

Save On Bulk Poster Orders with Volume Discounts

If you’re printing 10, 25, 50 or more identical posters for a big event, OfficeMax can help you save money with bulk order discounts.

As mentioned earlier, their standard volume pricing tiers offer:

  • 10-25 posters – 10% off
  • 26-50 posters – 15% off
  • 50+ posters – up to 25% off!

This discount applies to the entire order so the more you print, the more you save. For example, an order of 50 large 36×48 inch posters could save over $600 thanks to bulk discount pricing!

OfficeMax also runs sales and coupons offering 10-20% off regularly. Check online or ask in-store about combining current promos with bulk rates for maximum savings on large projects.

Finally, opt for Everyday Matte paper if cost is a concern. Their affordable standard paper helps keep printing budget friendly while still providing professional quality.

When you need a stack of eye-catching posters for your business, event or classroom, OfficeMax has the value pricing and discounts to make it happen.

Upload Files In-Store for Fast, Simple Poster Printing

Once you’ve prepped your flawless poster file, uploading it for printing at OfficeMax could not be easier. You have a couple convenient options:

  1. In-store self-service – Stop by any location and use the user-friendly self-serve kiosks to upload your file via USB drive or email it in. Then just confirm your order details at the counter.
  2. Personal assistance – Have a team member upload your files from USB, email, or scan originals. They can walk you through options, make recommendations, and take care of your order.

Either way, you’ll walk out with a confirmation and pick up your prints in no time! OfficeMax associates are always happy to provide guidance if you have any questions about file preparation, paper selection, or the upload process.

With nearly 700 locations across the country, turn to the OfficeMax nearest you for fast, convenient poster printing services backed by expertise. Getting that custom 9 foot banner or 200 mini posters printed has never been so simple!

Let Their Design Experts Take Your Poster To the Next Level

Maybe you have a rough idea or draft for an important poster but lack the artistic flair and software skills to pull off that eye-popping professional design. No worries – the talented OfficeMax design team has your back!

OfficeMax offers custom design services to create stunning posters and graphics that bring your vision to life. Their in-house creative pros can handle projects of any size and style.

Services include:

  • Digital design – They’ll craft incredible custom-made digital posters unique to your brand and event.
  • Text/content writing – Don’t know what to say? Their writers will produce compelling copy that sells.
  • Photo enhancement – Supply basic photos and they’ll edit them to perfection.
  • Illustration and graphics – Get hand-drawn or digital illustrations that captivate audiences.
  • Layout and formatting – Struggling with alignment, flow and spacing? Their designers know how to flawlessly arrange all the elements.
  • Unlimited revisions – Tweak the design as needed until you have a poster you absolutely love!

With design help starting at just $39.99, why not let the OfficeMax team wow you with incredible posters that drive results? Just provide input and inspiration and let the pros do the rest!

Lamination and Mounting for Durable, Protected Posters

You’ve invested time and money designing awesome posters – so don’t let them get tattered after just a few weeks up! Take advantage of OfficeMax finishing options to make them last.

For heavy use posters that need to withstand wear and tear, lamination is a must. Their thick, protective plastic laminate shields against rips, marks, and smudges. From matte to high gloss, OfficeMax offers lamination finishing for any poster up to 42 inches wide.

For mounting, they’ll expertly adhere your poster to sturdy foam core backing. Mounting helps keep the poster perfectly flat and makes hanging a breeze with the built-in foldable flap.

Other finishing options that add durability and enhance display effectiveness include:

  • Corner pockets so the poster can slide onto a wall hook system
  • Pole pockets for hanging from sign rods
  • Canvas wrapping to achieve a fine art look and feel
  • Adhesive backing to stick the poster directly to a wall for instant application

Give your posters the durable, professional edge they deserve with OfficeMax finishing solutions. Ask an associate for recommendations on the optimal options for how and where your poster will be displayed.

Get Free Proofs to Verify Posters Before Printing

OfficeMax makes it easy to ensure your poster files will print correctly – before you spend a dime on the final product! They offer complimentary proofs for added peace of mind.

For all custom designed posters or any prints where accuracy is critical, request a free proof. OfficeMax will send you a PDF or JPEG image to preview correct spacing, text, alignment, colors, images and more.

If you spot anything you wish to change on the proof, no problem! They’ll make requested tweaks and revisions and supply an updated proof at any stage.

Once everything looks flawless and you provide approval, they’ll move forward printing the final posters with total confidence. It takes just an extra day or two to get a proof upfront, but it’s worth the minor wait to verify perfection before mass printing!

OfficeMax just wants you completely satisfied with the finished product. Free proofs provide that insurance so take advantage!

Count on OfficeMax for Convenient Poster Printing Services

For do-it-yourself designers on a deadline or busy teams without the bandwidth for printing logistics, OfficeMax makes poster production a total breeze. They handle the heavy lifting so you simply:

  • Design an eye-catching poster
  • Upload your flawless file
  • Select from tons of sizes and paper options to fit your needs
  • Provide any necessary finishing preferences
  • Pick up quality results in 1-2 days!

With that combination of broad printing capabilities, convenience, speed and value pricing, it’s no wonder OfficeMax is the go-to option for creating professional posters.

Whether you need an urgent batch of 50 updated safety posters for the office, giant banners for an upcoming conference, or framed prints for a new exhibit, OfficeMax has you covered.

So next time you have a poster project on the horizon, consider it done thanks to the stellar OfficeMax printing team. Just focus on designing something wonderful and let them handle the rest!

The Power of Posters: Craft Eye-Catching Visuals That Capture Attention

Make a Poster That Commands Attention at a Glance

In our busy world, you only have seconds to grab someone’s attention as they walk past your poster. Strong visuals and bold typography are key to designing something that leaps off the wall!

Use big, simple images like a product photo, human face or emotive scene to draw the eye instantly. Avoid cluttered collages and go for single, striking graphics.

Choose easy-to-read fonts like sans serifs. Limit text, use big size/spacing, and high contrast colors. Use drop shadows and all caps for emphasis.

Pop with color! Vibrant palettes catch the eye. Even just bold pops of a complementary color against neutral backgrounds create visual power. Don’t be shy with color in posters!

Consider shapes and lines. Triangles point to things, circles highlight, lines create motion. Use them smartly to direct attention.

Add flair with textures, patterns or illustrations. A bit of grunge texture or artistry makes a poster intriguing and unique.

With strong images, snappy text, lively colors and simple yet bold shapes, your poster will effortlessly capture interest amid the visual noise!

Craft Posters Tailored To Your Audience

Beyond eye-catching design, take time to ensure your posters speak directly to their intended audience.

Know who will see the poster – is it kids, professionals, older folks? What matters to them?

Use language that resonates with the specific audience. Avoid insider jargon and speak plainly.

Feature people who look like your target viewers. It creates personal connection and relevance.

Highlight benefits and offers the audience cares about – savings, convenience, luxury, etc based on their needs.

Use imagery – scenes, products, metaphors – that relates directly to the viewers’ world.

Address noticed problems or “pain points” and show how you solve them.

Taking these audience-focused steps ensures your posters will grab the right attention and inspire action!

Drive Engagement with Smart Poster Placement

Don’t put all the effort into designing amazing posters only to hide them away in ineffective spots! Proper placement and distribution is critical.

Determine natural traffic flows and place posters where people naturally look as they pass by. Eye level is best.

Avoid cluttered spaces with too much other signage competing for attention. Find clean, visible areas.

Print enough posters to place multiples at information hubs – lobbies, elevators, help desks, exits.

Leverage existing infrastructure like kiosks and bulletin boards. Ask permission to post if needed.

Offer posters to partners and businesses with audiences aligned with your goals to display.

Be strategic about visibility, access, and quantity with placement to drive maximum engagement. Posters only work if people see them!

Create Digital Posters for Flexible Usage

Printed posters are great for targeting physical spaces, but consider adapting designs into digital poster formats too for wider, flexible usage online and in screens/presentations.

Export image versions like JPG and PNG at appropriate resolutions for electronic display. 72 DPI works for digital.

Resize posters into square dimensions suited for social media banners, ads etc.

Extract text separately so the content can be incorporated into email newsletters, web pages etc

Print QR codes linking to your online content for call-to-action on print posters.

Animate poster elements using video software to create engaging social videos.

Repurposing your poster graphics and text for the digital realm amplifies reach and gives flexibility across mediums. Unlock your designs’ full potential!

Let OfficeMax Handle High Quality Poster Printing

Once your design is set and purpose clear, avoid headaches by letting the pros at OfficeMax handle bringing your vision to life!

With incredible print quality, costs as low as $15 for small runs, and lightning fast 1-2 day turnaround, they make poster production a breeze. Their website makes ordering and uploading files simple anytime too.

For peace of mind, OfficeMax offers free proofs to confirm perfection before final poster printing. Plus, their in-house design team is available to turn your concept into a polished, professional poster if you need a hand!

For your next poster project, explore how OfficeMax can deliver affordable, stunning, durable posters that get your message seen. Just focus on crafting an incredible design and let them handle the printing.

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