Get Organized and Maximize Your Corner Desk Real Estate with the Top 5 Hutches


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Table of Contents

If you have a corner desk, you know just how valuable that extra space can be. Corner desks give you more surface area and room to spread out compared to traditional straight desks. But why stop there? Adding a corner desk hutch on top is a great way to truly maximize your space and get organized.

Corner desk hutches sit on top of your existing corner desk to provide additional storage and display options. Hutches help you optimize your corner desk by giving you extra compartments, shelves, and surfaces for keeping computer monitors, printers, files, books, and more. This opens up desk space below while still keeping everything neatly within arm’s reach.

But with so many hutches to choose from, how do you pick the right one for your needs and style? In this article, we’ll cover the top 5 best corner desk hutches on the market. We’ll look at key features, design styles, storage capabilities, and price points to help you find your perfect match. We’ll also provide tips on how to choose a hutch that fits your workspace, storage needs, and decor.

Let’s get started with our list of the top corner desk hutches available right now:

1. Tribesigns Modern Hutch

First up is the Tribesigns Modern Hutch, a sleek and contemporary hutch made from engineered wood in a warm walnut finish. This spacious hutch provides a generous amount of storage and display space on top of your corner desk.

Some of the standout features include:

  • 55.1” width spans nicely across corner desk
  • Two open shelves for display items
  • Enclosed cabinet with one adjustable shelf inside
  • Contemporary design with clean lines
  • Durable engineered wood construction
  • Walnut finish complements modern decor

With dimensions of ‎55.1 x 11.8 x 47 inches and weighing just over 65 pounds, this hutch is sturdy but not too bulky. The modern design is fashionable and versatile enough to blend with a variety of decors from modern to industrial. Inside the enclosed cabinet is one adjustable shelf that you can reposition based on storage needs.

When it comes to price, the Tribesigns Modern Hutch falls within the moderate range, depending on the retailer. Overall, the reviews are very positive with consumers praising the aesthetics, quality, and storage capacity of this corner hutch. The main complaints cite minor scratches out of the box and the particle board construction feeling slightly flimsy.

In summary, the Tribesigns Modern Hutch is best suited for someone seeking a contemporary wood hutch with ample display space and versatile storage options. The sleek lines and warm walnut finish give it broad appeal. Just be prepared for some minor assembly and watch for potential scratches during shipping.

2. Walker Edison Driftwood Corner Hutch

Moving on to our next hutch, we have the Walker Edison Driftwood Corner Hutch, which offers farmhouse inspired style. Made from high-grade MDF with a weathered gray finish, this hutch has lots of character.

Some key features worth noting:

  • 57” wide surface fits majority of corner desks
  • Two glass door cabinets
  • Five open cubbies for decorative display
  • Sliding barn door with wood accent
  • Driftwood gray finish
  • Farmhouse meets industrial style

With a width of 57 inches, depth of 11.5 inches, and height of 59 inches, the Walker Edison hutch provides ample space on top of a corner desk. It has a weathered appearance thanks to the distressed driftwood gray finish. The hutch features two glass door cabinets for concealed storage, plus five open cubbies for displaying decorative items and accessories.

Reviews indicate the assembly takes some time and effort, but the finished product looks great. The barn door accent adds nice dimension. Consumers mention the MDF construction makes the hutch lightweight compared to solid wood, but it still feels fairly sturdy. This hutch ranges from moderate to high in terms of price depending on the retailer.

Overall, the Walker Edison Driftwood Corner Hutch is ideal for someone who wants a furniture piece that makes a style statement. The blend of industrial and farmhouse aesthetics, plus weathered finish, give this hutch loads of character. It’s best for those looking to decorate their workspace with rustic charm.

3. Turnkey Foreman Corner Hutch

Moving up to the premium end of the spectrum, we have the Turnkey Foreman Corner Hutch. This high-end hutch is crafted from solid hardwood for maximum durability and features a classic style.

Some noteworthy features:

  • Premium solid hardwood construction
  • Classic design with molded edges
  • Two lockable file drawers
  • Two open shelves
  • Built-in power strip
  • Cherry wood finish
  • Assembles quickly with included tools

With dimensions of 59” x 11.75” x 47”, this hutch unit provides ample workspace on top of your corner desk. It also adds two locking file drawers for secure storage, as well as two fixed shelves. The built-in power strip helps minimize cord clutter.

In terms of reviews, customers consistently praise the premium quality and elegant style of this solid wood hutch. However, the price tag is high compared to options made with engineered wood or MDF. Some consumers felt the power strip should have been mounted on the backside to provide easier access.

Overall, the Turnkey Foreman Corner Hutch is ideal for someone who wants high-end, solid wood construction paired with classic styling. The molded edges and cherry finish give it an elegant, sophisticated look. While expensive, this hutch is built to last using quality hardwood. The integrated storage options also make this a great choice for lawyers, executives and professionals needing secure file storage.

4. Coaster Transitional Style Corner Hutch

If you want plenty of concealed storage, the Coaster Transitional Style Corner Hutch delivers. This versatile hutch features a blend of open and enclosed storage options.

Key features:

  • Warm chestnut finish
  • Elegant molded trim
  • Glass cabinet doors
  • Adjustable interior shelf
  • Two storage drawers
  • Spacious 51” width

Constructed from engineered hardwood and veneers, this transitional style hutch has a warm chestnut finish with elegant molded trimming. The upper glass cabinet doors enclose an adjustable shelf, while the two lower drawers provide concealed storage.

Reviews indicate some consumers found the drawers a little rough and the cabinet backs made of thinner material. However, many loved the elegant style and ample storage of this versatile hutch. It provides a nice blend of open and closed storage elements.

Measuring 51” x 11.5” x 50”, this is another generously sized hutch for corner desks. In terms of price, this Coaster model hits a sweet spot of providing nice styling and abundant storage options for a moderate price tag.

Overall, the Coaster Transitional Style Corner Hutch is a great choice for someone wanting concealed storage with a touch of classic style. The combination of cabinet space, shelves, and drawers make this a versatile and spacious hutch. The molded trimming adds a nice decorative element.

5. TMS Wood L-Shaped Hutch

Last but not least is the TMS Wood L-Shaped Hutch, which can adapt to fit many corner desk sizes. This hutch kit comes as two pieces that you arrange to fit the dimensions of your workspace.

Notable features:

  • L-shape design adapts to different desk sizes
  • Eight open cubbies for storage and display
  • Two-tone black and oak finish
  • Heavy-duty medium density fiberboard (MDF)
  • Easy tool-free assembly

Each section of the hutch measures 47.2” x 11.8”, but you can arrange them side by side or at angles to customize the layout. Together the two pieces provide eight open cubbies for desk accessories or decorative items.

Reviews indicate the assembly is quick and simple – most consumers put it together in under 30 minutes. They mention while made of MDF, the materials feel thick and durable. The two-tone finish also provides visual interest.

If you have an extra deep or large corner desk, this adaptable L-shaped hutch could be the perfect fit. The open cubby design keeps the pieces lightweight but still functional. Plus the affordable price makes this hutch easy to add on.

In summary, the customizable TMS Wood L-Shaped Hutch is ideal if you need to adapt to an extra large or uniquely shaped corner desk. The L-shape pieces allow you to tailor the layout, while still providing useful display storage and surface space.

How to Choose the Best Corner Desk Hutch for Your Space

Now that you know the top options, how do you decide which corner hutch is right for your workspace? Here are some important factors to consider while shopping around:

Size – Make sure to measure the depth and width of your existing desk. Compare its dimensions against those of any hutch you’re considering to ensure proper fit. You want a hutch that extends across a majority of the desk surface without overhanging.

Available Space – Measure the area where your desk is situated to make sure bringing in a hutch won’t make the space too cramped. Consider the sizing of the room as well.

Storage Needs – Decide how much enclosed storage versus open display space you need. If you want concealed storage for supplies, prioritize options with cabinets, drawers and compartments. For decor items, open cubbies and shelves are ideal.

Features – Look for hutches with features that suit your needs, like adjustable shelves, file drawers, cabinet doors, or built-in power strips. Extra features can help maximize functionality but also raise the price.

Style – Choose a hutch with a style that fits your existing decor. Compare colors, finishes, and decorative detailing. You want your hutch and desk to coordinate.

Materials – Hardwood hutches with solid wood or wood veneers provide greater structural integrity and last longer, but they’re pricier. Engineered wood and MDF hutches are more budget friendly, though potentially less durable.

Stability – Review weight limits and structure to find a hutch that can properly support computer monitors, printers and other peripherals you plan to place on top.

Assembly – Many hutches require at-home assembly. Make sure this is something you can realistically handle based on included instructions and tools. Some options come pre-assembled.

Price – Wood hutches range dramatically in terms of pricing. Set a comfortable budget, but recognize pricier options made from hardwood tend to be higher-end.

Frequently Asked Questions About Corner Desk Hutches

If you’re still unsure about choosing the right corner desk hutch, here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What are the benefits of using a corner desk hutch?

Hutches maximize your existing desk space by providing additional surface area on top plus storage compartments. This helps keep your workspace organized and decluttered. Hutches also allow you to display decorative items in a tidy way.

How can I determine if a hutch will fit my current corner desk?

Compare the dimensions (width and depth) of any hutch you’re considering to your actual desk. Measure the surface area on top of your desk to ensure the hutch won’t be too small or overhang too much. Also account for the height of your desk chair to make sure the hutch height is accessible while seated.

What size hutch should I get for my room?

Consider the existing dimensions of your space. Measure length and width to ensure bringing in a hutch won’t make your workspace feel overly cramped. But generally, opting for a hutch that extends across a majority of your desk surface maximizes the extra space.

Which material is better, wood or metal?

It comes down to decorative preferences. Wood hutches provide a more elegant, traditional look that blends nicely with desks made from wood materials. Metal hutches have an industrial vibe that pairs well with contemporary desk styles.

What is the typical weight capacity for most hutches?

Many quality wood hutches can support 50-100 lbs when evenly distributed across the surface. Always check manufacturer specifications though, as capacities vary. Reinforced hutches may handle over 100 lbs.

Do I need to assemble most hutches?

Yes, the majority of hutches require at-home assembly. This generally involves basic tools like screwdrivers and wrenches. Some may come with tools included. Pre-assembled options are also available if you wish to avoid this step.

Can I secure a hutch to the desk?

For added stability, many hutches provide pre-drilled holes or hardware that allows you to securely bolt the units together. This helps minimize shifting or wobbling under heavier loads.

How adjustable are the interior shelves?

Adjustability depends on the specific model. Some hutches have completely fixed shelves, others use adjustable pegs, and some include height adjustable shelves you can reposition as needed. Look for an option with the adjustability range you prefer.

Should I choose an open or enclosed hutch?

It depends on your organizational needs. Open hutches with lots of adjustable shelves or cubbies allow you to display items while keeping them tidy. Enclosed hutches with doors hide clutter inside but limit the ability to display decorative objects.

Can I install lighting on my hutch?

Yes, many hutches accommodate desk lighting fixtures that can attach to the sides or top surface. Opt for adjustable lamps that you can position to brighten your work area. Consider built-in lighting options too. Proper lighting prevents eye strain.

Let Your Corner Desk Reach Its Full Potential with a Hutch

Adding a hutch onto your corner desk opens up a world of extra storage and surface space while also contributing decorative flair. Hopefully these hutch recommendations and tips equip you to find your perfect desk companion.

Any of the hutches reviewed today will help maximize your existing corner desk real estate. Just keep in mind your needs in terms of size, storage, style and budget. Measuring your space and desk, browsing top options, and asking key questions will lead you to the ideal hutch.

Outfitting your corner work area with a coordination desk and hutch creates a productive, organized and professional-feeling workspace. Don’t let that valuable corner go to waste! A quality hutch complements your desk, fits your storage needs, expresses your style and keeps your work zone decluttered.

Researching the range of hutches available and learning handy shopping tips allows you to upgrade your corner desk in the best way. Then you can tackle your to-do list in a tidy, efficient and inspiring environment. So start measuring and get ready to install some functional style. Your perfect hutch awaits!

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