Get Comfortable and Game On: Finding the Perfect OfficeMax Gaming Chair


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As a gamer, I know how important it is to have a comfortable chair. You can spend hours seated at your desk or in front of your TV, immersed in your favorite games. The right chair makes all the difference between enjoying an epic gaming session or ending up with back pain and sore muscles. That’s why I checked out the selection of gaming chairs available at OfficeMax.

OfficeMax has a great variety of gaming chairs to meet any gamer’s needs and budget. From basic models with adjustable armrests and tilt mechanisms to deluxe racing-style chairs with premium upholstery, there are plenty of options to enhance your gaming experience.

In this blog post, I’ll share my research on what OfficeMax has to offer so you can find your perfect gaming throne. We’ll look at popular models, features, prices, and more – everything you need to know to pick the ideal chair for your gameplay!

What Are the Top-Rated Gaming Chairs at OfficeMax?

When looking for a new gaming chair, reviews from other customers can provide helpful insight. Based on online feedback and ratings, some of the top choices at OfficeMax include:

  • Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair – This stylish gaming chair has a racecar-like design. It comes in 5 different color options and has received 4.4 out of 5 stars from over 3,000 customer ratings. Owners love the comfort and lumbar support.
  • Vitesse Gaming Chair – For a more affordable option, the Vitesse chair has a 4.5-star average rating. This ergonomic chair comes in 3 colors and has adjustable armrests, headrest and lumbar support. Customers praise its sturdy construction.
  • GTRacing Pro Series Gaming Chair – For a splurge-worthy gaming throne, the GTRacing Pro chair is a customer favorite. Its ergonomic design, adjustable features and smooth PU leather have earned it a 4.6-star overall rating.
  • Killabee Massage Gaming Chair – If you want ultimate comfort, consider a massage chair like this 4.4-star-rated model from Killabee. It has massage lumbar support, retractable footrest and other high-end features.
  • X-Rocker Pro Series H3 Gaming Chair – This popular audio gaming chair allows you to really immerse yourself in the action, with 4.4-star-rated stereo sound quality and subwoofer. It’s comfortable for long periods of game time.

How Much Does an OfficeMax Gaming Chair Cost?

Gaming chairs can range quite a bit in price from budget-friendly models under $100 to high-end chairs costing $500 or more. Most of the gaming chairs at OfficeMax fall somewhere in the middle, averaging between $150-$300.

Here are some examples of gaming chair prices at OfficeMax:

  • Entry-level chairs like the Vitesse start around $140.
  • For $200-250, you can get a solid mid-range chair like the Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair.
  • High-end chairs with extra features like the X Rocker Pro Series 2.1 cost around $300.
  • Top-of-the-line luxury chairs like the GTRacing Pro Series can cost $400+.
  • Specialty chairs like rockers and models with massage/audio capabilities are typically $300-500.

Keep an eye out for sales – OfficeMax often runs specials either sitewide or on select gaming chair models, allowing you to save 10-20% or more. It’s possible to find a really good quality chair for under $200 if you catch a sale.

Scoping Out OfficeMax Gaming Chair Reviews

Before making any big purchase, it’s wise to get the lowdown from other customers who have already bought the product. Looking at gaming chair reviews on the OfficeMax site can give you a good idea of real-world pros and cons.

Sorting by highest ratings is an easy way to spot chairs with stellar feedback. Look for common praise points like comfort, quality, ease of assembly and appearance. Also note any cons – even well-rated chairs can have a flaw like armrests that aren’t height-adjustable or a back that doesn’t recline enough.

Dig into detailed written reviews for insights that specs and ratings don’t provide. People often share helpful tips like adding a pillow for lumbar support or using floor protectors to keep wheels from scratching hardwood. You can get a better sense of comfort and features from first-hand impressions.

Checking reviews from gamers on third-party sites like YouTube or gaming forums can provide additional useful details not found on the OfficeMax site. The more research you do, the better your chance of choosing a chair that exceeds your expectations.

Key Features to Look for in OfficeMax Gaming Chairs

Gaming chairs have come a long way from basic office chairs. Nowadays, they offer ergonomic designs catered to gamers spending long hours at the helm. When checking out OfficeMax models, keep an eye out for these beneficial features:

  • Adjustable armrests – Being able to tweak the armrest height and position prevents neck and shoulder strain.
  • Lumbar and headrest cushions – Pillows in these areas make long gaming sessions more comfortable. Some chairs even have massage lumbar cushions.
  • Reclining ability – Being able to recline the back allows you to relax between gameplay. A locking mechanism helps keep the desired angle secure.
  • Height adjustment – Chairs that allow you to raise or lower the seat let you customize the fit.
  • Breathable upholstery – Leather or mesh fabric prevents the seat from getting overly warm during marathon gaming.
  • Sturdy base and smooth-rolling casters – These enhance durability and mobility.

Prioritize must-have features, but also consider nice-to-have perks like retractable footrests, Bluetooth speakers or headset hooks to round out your gaming throne.

Kick Back and Relax with a Footrest Gaming Chair

If you crave optimal comfort for your long gaming sittings, a footrest gaming chair is the way to go. Being able to kick your feet up helps relieve pressure on your back and neck.

Luckily, OfficeMax has some great gaming chair options with built-in retractable footrests. Some popular models include:

  • X Rocker Pro Series 2.1 – This leather lounge chair lets you outstretch your legs on its stable footrest. Integrated audio capabilities make it extra immersive.
  • BraZen Pride Massage Gaming Chair – Pamper yourself with the extendable footrest and programmable massage lumbar cushion built into this plush chair.
  • Ace Casual Game Chair – The fold-out footrest on this inexpensive model provides added relaxation for your feet between matches.
  • Killabee Big and Tall Gaming Chair – This extra sturdy gaming chair accommodates heights up to 6’8″ and weights up to 400 lb, with a retractable footrest for maximum comfort.

Test out footrest gaming chairs in OfficeMax stores to experience the difference yourself. Your feet will thank you!

OfficeMax Gaming Chairs that Offer Superior Back Support

As a dedicated gamer, I know back pain can quickly sabotage a gaming marathon. That’s why ergonomic chairs with excellent back support should be at the top of your Furniture Quest list.

Many OfficeMax gaming chairs specifically target lumbar and spinal comfort. Here are some noteworthy options:

  • GTRacing Pro Series – This chair’s adjustable lumbar and headrest cushions coddle your back nicely. The high backrest keeps the entire spinal column supported.
  • Killabee Memory Foam Chair – The soft memory foam in the pillows molds perfectly to your back’s shape for customized comfort. The mesh seat promotes healthy circulation.
  • Vitesse Ergonomic Gaming Chair – The curved backrest aligns with the natural spine curvature, while the integrated lumbar support alleviates pressure.
  • Devoko Racing Style Chair – Rubber in the backrest along with an ergonomic “S” curve provide exceptional shoulder and lower back support during long sessions.
  • Essentials by OFM Racing Chair – This budget-friendly option has a padded backrest and segmented padding that help maintain a healthy sitting posture.

Prioritizing back support ensures you remain comfortable in the heat of the action. Your future back will thank you!

Setting Up Your New OfficeMax Gaming Chair

Once you eagerly unbox your new OfficeMax gaming chair, it’s time for the fun part – setting it up! Most chairs will require some assembly with included tools and instructions. Here are some tips to make setup smooth sailing:

  • Clear out space and remove any furniture/obstacles where you plan to use the chair. This gives you room to assemble it and maneuver once complete.
  • Review the instruction manual and familiarize yourself with all chair parts and hardware before starting. Some chairs have accompanying YouTube assembly videos that can be helpful too.
  • Assemble the chair base first, ensuring all wheels/casters are securely fastened. Then attach the adjustable armrests if required.
  • Next comes the backrest and seat cushions. Take care aligning pieces and tightening bolts securely. Don’t overtighten.
  • Adjust the height lever and recline mechanism several times to ensure smooth functionality before sitting.
  • Finally, adjust the armrests, lumbar pillow and other features to tailor the fit to your body. Take it for a test spin!

Set aside 20-40 minutes for assembly. Having a second person can help with some steps. Take your time, and you’ll be kicking back in your new throne ready for victory in no time!

Finding OfficeMax Gaming Chair Manuals Online

Like most gaming gear these days, many gaming chairs require self-assembly. But what if you lose those printed instructions that came in the box? Or what if you buy a floor model or pre-owned chair missing its manual?

Not to worry – you can typically find gaming chair manuals available on the OfficeMax website:

  • Go to and search for the chair using keywords like the brand and model name or number.
  • Once you locate the chair listing, click on the “Product Details” or “Specifications” tabs. The manual is often available as a downloadable PDF here.
  • If the manual isn’t posted on the chair’s product page, check the manufacturer’s website. Many brands like GTRacing or Killabee provide assembly instructions on their sites.
  • Generic gaming chair assembly instructions are also posted on YouTube for common chair parts like gas lift cylinders and base assemblies.
  • OfficeMax customer service can also help track down the instructions for a particular chair if needed. Their number is 1-888-263-3423.

Having access to the manufacturer’s assembly diagrams, written steps, parts lists and warranty info gives you everything you need to get your chair up and rolling in no time!

Understanding Gaming Chair Weight Limits

Gaming chairs need to support the dynamic positions and long sitting durations that gamers subject them to. But they still have weight limitations like any chair. If you’re a heavier gamer, it’s important to consider gaming chair weight capacities when shopping.

Most standard OfficeMax gaming chairs support 265-300 lb. But some specially designed models accommodate bigger and taller gamers:

  • Killabee Massage Gaming Chair – Supports up to 350 lb thanks to its sturdy steel frame and base.
  • BraZen Extra Large Gaming Chair – Allows up to 400 lb with its heavy-duty construction. It also has a wide seat and tall backrest.
  • AOMOY Gaming Chair – This heavy-duty chair is made to support up to 400 lb while providing comfort features like retractable footrest and lumbar support.
  • Big & Tall OFM Gaming Sofa – Fit larger frames up to 500 lb with this gaming sectional with oversize padded cushions.
  • X-Rocker Hurricane Chair – A good rocker-style option supporting 350 lb and working well for taller users.

Checking the specifications before you buy ensures the chair provides both comfort and the right structural capacity to meet your needs.

Do OfficeMax Gaming Chairs Come with a Warranty?

Investing in a high-end gaming throne means you want it to last. That’s why it’s key to consider the warranty coverage when choosing a chair. Luckily, most OfficeMax gaming chairs do come with warranties to protect against defects.

Here are some examples of gaming chair warranties at OfficeMax:

  • Devoko chairs come with a 1-year limited warranty on the framework and parts.
  • Popular GTRacing models have up to 5 years’ warranty on the framework.
  • Killabee’s warranty provides up to 2 years of coverage for the chair frame, parts and cushioning.
  • Budget chairs like Essentials Racing Style tend to have 90-day limited warranties.
  • Extended 3-5 year warranties are often available for a charge on premium chairs.
  • Used/pre-owned chairs generally are not covered beyond basic defects.

Always register your chair warranty with the manufacturer to receive full coverage. Make sure to hold onto your receipt too. With a solid warranty, you can relax knowing your chair investment is protected.

Scooping Up Savings on OfficeMax Gaming Chairs

Gaming chairs can represent a sizable investment. But the good news is, OfficeMax frequently offers sales that make these chairs more budget-friendly. Here are some tips for getting a gaming chair on sale:

  • Check the weekly deals section on – gaming chairs are often discounted here.
  • Visit the OfficeMax deals page and browse the furniture category for any chair promotions.
  • Look for sitewide sales like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Back to School sales featuring gaming chair deals.
  • Sign up for OfficeMax emails and keep an eye out for gaming chair coupons and extra percent-off discounts.
  • Ask about open box specials or floor models available at discounted prices in your local store.
  • Time your purchase near holidays and look for sales on gifts like gaming chairs.

With the right sale or coupon code, you can easily save $50-100 on a quality chair. A little patience and planning pays off with big gaming chair savings!

How Does Leather Hold Up on OfficeMax Gaming Chairs?

Gaming chairs often feature attractive leather upholstery that also provides a smooth feel and easier cleaning compared to fabric. But how durable is leather on a chair that will see hours of daily use?

Overall, the leather on OfficeMax gaming chairs holds up impressively well, especially higher quality PU leather:

  • PU leather has a protective coating that’s stain-resistant and easier to clean than real leather. It resists cracking over time.
  • Manufacturers like GTRacing use high-density foam under the PU leather to prevent indentations from forming.
  • Seat cushions are often removable on OfficeMax gaming chairs, making cleaning and maintenance easier.
  • Leather conditioners can be used to keep the material supple on natural leather chair versions.
  • Bonded leather will show wear sooner, but many chairs feature complete leather for greater durability.

While leather will break down faster than fabric with heavy use, quality construction helps it hold up for years of intensive gaming. Using chair covers and regular cleaning helps maintain its smooth finish.

Picking the Right Color for Your OfficeMax Gaming Chair

A gaming chair serves both form and function. While you want ergonomic performance, it’s also a stylish piece of gear representing your personal flair. That’s why considering the color options for your potential new throne is key.

Popular OfficeMax gaming chair color choices include:

  • Black – Matches any decor and looks slick for serious gamers.
  • Gray – A versatile neutral working with multiple room schemes.
  • Red – Makes a bold statement and channels the energy needed for intense gameplay.
  • Blue – Cool and inviting, perfect for first-person adventure games or RPGs.
  • Green – Ideal for simulation/strategy games bringing out your analytical side.
  • Camo – Fun printing adds excitement to FPS and survival game sessions.
  • White – Crisp and refreshing for younger gamers and colorful setups.

There are also often multiple colors and patterns within a specific chair model. Choose the shade and style that best represents your personal gaming identity!

Test Driving OfficeMax Gaming Chairs In-Store

While it’s convenient to buy a gaming chair online, you can’t really get a feel for comfort and features until you sit in it. That’s why I recommend stopping by your local OfficeMax to try out gaming chairs firsthand.

Here are some tips for test driving in-store:

  • Call ahead to ask which gaming chair models are on the showroom floor available to try.
  • Try out multiple chairs and pay attention to your posture, arm/leg position and how your back feels during longer sitting sessions.
  • Adjust features like armrest height, recline angle, lumbar support and headrests to gauge their usability.
  • Evaluate construction quality – is the chair sturdy without wobbling or creaking? Do controls operate smoothly?
  • Assess aesthetics in person – make sure you love how the chair looks, not just how it feels.
  • Ask associates if chairs can be ordered in alternate colors if your preferred option isn’t in stock.

Hands-on testing is the best way to confirm a chair delivers the right blend of ergonomics, build quality and style before investing in it. Take advantage of OfficeMax showrooms to experience top contenders.

How OfficeMax Gaming Chairs Differ from Office Chairs

You may be tempted to just use a regular office chair for gaming. But there are some key differences that make true gaming chairs better suited for hours of play:

  • Gaming chairs are designed with an upright yet relaxed posture ideal for using a keyboard and mouse or game controller. Office chairs promote upright alignment for productivity.
  • The armrests, backrests and seat cushions on gaming chairs provide ergonomic support for the head, neck, back and lumbar areas essential for comfort during extended gameplay.
  • Gaming chairs incorporate smooth tilt/rocker functions and retractable footrests so you can truly kick back and immerse yourself in action-oriented titles.
  • Gaming chairs feature stylish racing-inspired upholstery like breathable PU leather that feels great and looks slick in a gaming space.
  • Premium gaming chairs offer high-density cushioning and adaptive memory foam that mold to your body better than basic office foam.
  • Gaming chairs emphasize lumbar/back support while office chairs focus more on promoting proper upright posture for short-term sitting.

While a good office chair gets the job done, gaming chairs enhance comfort and back support specifically for marathon gaming sessions. Your backside will thank you!

Kid and Teen-Friendly Gaming Chair Options from OfficeMax

Gaming isn’t just for adults – kids and teens also enjoy their play time. But shopping for their gaming chair needs requires some special considerations.

Luckily, OfficeMax has youth-friendly chairs allowing you to share the gift of comfortable gaming with youngsters:

  • The Ace Bayou Bean Bag Chair conforms to a child’s body better than a rigid chair. It’s cozy for playing in a bedroom or living room.
  • Let kids game in style with the Red Racing Style Mid-Back Youth Chair and its sporty upholstery, complete with headrest.
  • The affordable Essentials by OFM Youth Gaming Chair has height adjustability to accommodate growing kids. Its mesh back keeps them cool.
  • For tweens and teens, the Killabee Big and Tall Gaming Chair has a weight capacity exceeding 250 lb to accommodate maturity.
  • The X Rocker Pro Series 2.1 audio rocker chair allows kids to really get into the game with immersive speakers.

Give your young gamer the same quality seating you enjoy yourself. Having the right chair can make all the difference in their enjoyment!

Exploring OfficeMax Gaming Chair Shipping Options

One of the conveniences of shopping at OfficeMax is the variety of gaming chair delivery options. Understanding the shipping choices available helps you get your new gear promptly.

  • Most chairs qualify for free standard delivery within 5-7 business days. For large items, threshold spending may be required.
  • Express delivery usually has a fee but reduces wait times to 2-3 days.
  • Select your closest OfficeMax store for in-store pick up and avoid shipping fees altogether. Chairs are often ready within 1-2 days of ordering.
  • Curbside pickup is a nice contactless option – they load the packaged chair into your car at the store.
  • White glove delivery services bring your chair inside the room of choice and include assembly – very convenient but comes with an upcharge.
  • Same day delivery may be available in limited areas for an added cost.

Take shipping times into account when ordering, and consider splurging on express shipping if you can’t wait to game on your new throne!

Trying Before Buying – OfficeMax Gaming Chair Returns

One benefit OfficeMax offers that’s hard to find for a big purchase like a gaming chair is the ability to return or exchange it even after assembly if it doesn’t work out.

Here’s what you need to know about OfficeMax gaming chair returns:

  • Unassembled chairs can be returned or exchanged within 30 days.
  • Assembled chairs can be returned or exchanged within 7 days, though some limitations apply.
  • You’ll need your receipt and the chair packaging/parts/instructions to complete the return.
  • Returned chairs must be disassembled and re-boxed correctly for shipping.
  • Exchanges are usually processed as a return and repurchase rather than a straight trade.
  • Return shipping costs are covered for defective chairs; otherwise, you pay to ship it back.

Test driving in-store lets you vet chairs before buying, but it’s nice having the return safety net in case that model disappoints once you game on it at home.

Obtaining OfficeMax Gaming Chair Parts and Repairs

Like any piece of equipment, gaming chairs can wear down or break over time, whether it’s caster wheels cracking or backrest cushions losing their loft. When this happens, you may need replacement parts and repairs.

OfficeMax offers a few options to restore your chair:

  • If the chair is still under warranty, the manufacturer will provide free replacement parts – just contact customer service.
  • Generic chair parts like casters, hydraulic pistons, and armrests can often be ordered from OfficeMax’s website or stores.
  • For major issues like a cracked base or frame damage, replacing the whole chair may be necessary if out of warranty.
  • Upholstery repair kits allow you to mend rips or tears in leather/vinyl or fabric.
  • Check manufacturer websites as well – some sell replacement parts for their chair models.
  • Re-tightening loose bolts and screws can sometimes bring an old chair back to life.

With some basic maintenance and occasional fixes, a quality gaming chair can stay comfortable for many years of playtime ahead!

Final Take – Gaming in Style and Comfort

After doing my gaming chair research, I’m thrilled with the options available from OfficeMax. Their broad selection ensures you can find the right style, features and price point to maximize your hours of gaming enjoyment.

Whether you want an affordable basic gaming chair, a luxurious leather throne or specialized options like a rocker, footrest massage chair or young gamer chair – OfficeMax has you covered.

Now that you know what to look for and have seen top models in action, you’re ready to refine your search and find the ideal chair for your needs. Game on in total comfort! Your victory awaits.

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