Finding Your Perfect Office Chair at OfficeMax


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Table of Contents

An In-Depth Look at the Options, Features, and Benefits of OfficeMax Office Chairs

Sitting in an office chair for 8 hours or more a day can take a toll on your body, so having the right chair is crucial for your comfort and productivity. I recently needed to purchase a new desk chair and was pleasantly surprised at the selection available at my local OfficeMax store and on their website. From basic options to fully loaded ergonomic chairs, OfficeMax has a wide variety to choose from at reasonable prices.

In this blog post, I’ll take an in-depth look at OfficeMax office chairs – their types, features, prices, quality, and benefits. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home office or need new task chairs for your entire team, you should be able to find the perfect chair at OfficeMax. So join me as I explore the world of OfficeMax chairs!

Product Selection – Many Options for Every Budget and Need

OfficeMax offers office chairs in many styles, types, and price ranges. From basic desk chairs starting under $100 to high-end ergonomic models over $500, you can find a chair to suit any budget. Some of the main types of chairs available at OfficeMax include:

  • Mesh office chairs – Breathable mesh material keeps you cool and comfortable. Options range from simple task chairs to fully adjustable models.
  • Leather office chairs – Classic leather chairs look stylish and professional. Priced higher but very durable and comfortable.
  • Kneeling chairs – No back but angled base improves posture. Budget-friendly choice.
  • Drafting chairs – Ideal for use with standing desks. Stool-style seat and backrest.
  • Ergonomic chairs – Designed for long workdays with adjustments and lumbar support. Top choice for comfort.
  • Executive chairs – Luxury chairs with plush padding and stylish design. Great for offices and home.
  • Task chairs – Affordable basic chairs for infrequent use. Few adjustments but budget-friendly.

So whether you need an adjustable ergonomic chair for all-day comfort or a simple budget task chair for occasional use, OfficeMax has you covered. I was pleased to find chairs specifically designed for pc gaming and standing desk use too.

Affordable Prices for Any Budget

Chair prices at OfficeMax range from under $50 for simple polyurethane task chairs to over $500 for high-end leather executive chairs with lots of adjustability. But you can find a quality chair for any budget.

Basic mesh or fabric task chairs start at around $80-150. These are great affordable options for home or infrequent office use.

For frequent all-day use, aim for an ergonomic chair in the $150-300 range. These provide adjustability, lumbar support, and comfort features missing from budget models. Brands like WorkPro and HON fill this mid-range category.

If budget is no concern, luxury leather executive chairs from Lane and La-Z-Boy cost $400+. But you’ll enjoy superb quality, comfort, and style.

OfficeMax also regularly offers special discounts and deals that make chairs more affordable. I found a highly-rated WorkPro mesh chair for under $100 by checking their current sales. With some savvy shopping, you can find a great chair and still go easy on your wallet.

Focus on Comfort and Ergonomics

Sitting for prolonged periods can put strain on your neck, shoulders, and back. So when shopping for an OfficMax chair, prioritize comfort and ergonomic features. Look for:

  • Adjustable seat height and depth – Ensures proper feet and leg support
  • Adjustable armrests – Reduce strain on shoulders and arms
  • Tilting seat angle – Vary posture throughout the day
  • Waterfall seat edge – Reduces pressure on legs and improves circulation
  • Breathable mesh material – Prevents heat buildup and sweaty discomfort
  • Adjustable lumbar support – Customizable lower back support right where you need it
  • High backrests – Provides full spinal and neck support in upright and reclined positions
  • Reclining back – Opens hip angle and reduces disc pressure when reclined
  • Rolling/caster wheels – Makes it easy to move around without straining

The most ergonomic chair I tested at OfficeMax was the Anwick Arlo. With lots of adjustments, breathable mesh, and lumbar support, it will keep you comfortable for hours at a reasonable price.

Quality Materials for Durability and Style

From basic plastic to luxury leather, OfficeMax uses quality materials suited each chair’s intended use and price point.

Entry-level chairs use plastic, vinyl, or budget mesh to keep costs down. These materials are affordable and easy to clean but lack breathability for extended sitting.

For a balance of comfort and affordability, many OfficeMax chairs use fabric or mesh back and seat materials. Options like WorkPro’s mid-back mesh chairs provide comfort without the premium price tag of real leather.

If you want a luxurious look and feel, leather OfficeMax chairs from Lane or La-Z-Boy are a smart investment. The soft, supple bonded leather they use is easy to clean and extremely durable. And it looks stylish in any home or executive office.

No matter your budget, OfficeMax’s focus on quality materials ensures the chairs look good and last. I found even the budget models to use decent quality components that should hold up well for basic office or home office use.

Specialty Chair Uses – Gaming, Standing Desks, and More

OfficeMax chairs aren’t just for standard desks. You can find chairs designed for PC gaming, accompanying standing desks, conference rooms, and more.

For avid PC gamers, the X-Rocker Pro Executive rocks and swivels for fully immersive gameplay. It has a high-tech racing style design gamers will love.

If you use a standing desk, the WorkPro 1000 Stool gives you an adjustable seat for periodically resting your feet. The cushioned back provides lumbar support when you lean back.

For conference rooms and common areas, OfficeMax has attractive yet durable side chairs and stacking chairs. These provide seating for large groups or flexible rearranging.

Specialized drafting chairs allow adjusting the seat angle forward to work at a steep desk angle. And simple office stools offer a seat with no backrest for easy mobility.

So if you have a unique seating need, browse all the specialty OfficeMax chairs. You should have no problem finding options tailored to your specific use case.

Supports Users of All Sizes

No matter your size and stature, OfficeMax likely has an office chair to comfortably accommodate you.

Many of the OfficeMax task and desk chairs support up to 275 lbs or more. For larger than average users, chairs like the WorkPro 1000 and HON Exposure can support up to 300-350 lbs.

Some extra tall OfficeMax chairs like the Obsidian Executive accommodate users up to 6’7″ in height. And for shorter users, features like seat height and depth adjustments provide proper fit and support.

Kids also have options like the colorful HON Dot Kids Task Chair or miniature sized Atlantic Gaming Desk Chair. So OfficeMax can truly outfit chairs for your entire family or organization.

Convenient Adjustability for Personalized Comfort

The hallmark of a quality office chair is adjustability to fit your body and preferences. From seat height and armrests to lumbar support, look for a chair with the adjustments you need:

  • Seat height – Raise or lower seat to fit desk height and your legs
  • Seat depth – Adjust seat pan position for proper thigh support
  • Armrest height / width – Line up armrests with desk to reduce strain
  • Lumbar support – Tailor lower back support with adjustable cushions or inflatable bladders
  • Backrest tilt – Recline chair for varied positions throughout the day
  • Backrest angle/height – Align backrest with your spine for proper support
  • Neck rest – Cushion and support for neck when reclining

The more adjustability the better to get truly personalized comfort. Ergonomic chairs like the WorkPro Quantum 9000 let you tailor everything to your body.

Quality Brands You Can Trust

Rather than unproven no-name chairs, OfficeMax carries recognizable quality brands. These include:

  • HON – Top selling office furniture with affordable quality chairs. The HON Ignition is a popular bestseller.
  • WorkPro – Made by HON, WorkPro offers ergonomic features at mid-range prices.
  • Obus Forme – Specializes in back-friendly ergonomic designs with lots of adjustability.
  • Lane – Makes gorgeous handcrafted leather executive chairs built to last.
  • La-Z-Boy – Known for plush comfortable chairs translated into quality office models.
  • Atlantic Gaming – Gaming chairs and desks designed for immersive PC gameplay.

Within each brand, OfficeMax offers a range of models at good, better, and best quality levels. So you can easily find a chair within your desired brand and budget.

Protection Your Investment With Warranties

It’s reassuring to know your chair purchase is backed with a solid warranty. All OfficeMax chairs come with some level of warranty protection for defects.

Basic chairs often have 90 day to 1 year limited warranties. This covers any issues like defective casters or cracked plastic parts.

For more expensive chairs, extended 5-10 year warranties are common. WorkProObusForme, and HON chairs feature 10 year or lifetime limited warranties on major components.

Luxury leather chairs from Lane and La-Z-Boy offer impressive lifetime warranties on the leather, cushions, and other aspects.

Just be sure to review warranty details, maintenance requirements, and what’s covered. And save your receipt in case you ever need to make a claim.

Overwhelmingly Positive Customer Reviews

Before making any chair purchase, I always look at customer reviews. This holds true for OfficeMax chairs as well. I was happy to see most models have very good 4 star+ average ratings and reviews.

The WorkPro 1000 task chair averages a 4.5 star rating after over 1000 reviews. Owners say it’s comfortable, adjustable, and great quality for the low price. Many mention using it for 8+ hours with no issues.

The luxurious La-Z-Boy Elbridge Bonded Leather Executive Chair earns a perfect 5 star rating. Users say it looks amazing, feels incredibly comfortable, and is worth every penny of the $400+ price tag.

Even lower cost chairs like the HON Exposure Mesh Task Chair get over 4 stars. Budget-minded shoppers say it offers great value and comfort at under $150.

With so many glowing reviews, it’s easy to find a proven OfficeMax chair loved by other customers. This gives me confidence I’m making a smart purchase decision.

Colors and Styles to Suit Personal Tastes

Office chairs no longer come in just black. Today you’ll find chairs in a rainbow of colors to brighten your workspace. OfficeMax offers popular chair styles in a wide range of shades and patterns.

Mesh office chairs from HON, WorkPro, and others are available in vibrant colors like burgundy, blue, and lime green. This adds a fun pop of color to drab offices.

Bold patterns and textures give chairs added visual interest. For example, the HON Ignition offers carbon fiber and microfiber patterns instead of plain black.

For a stylish upscale look, luxury leather chairs from Lane and La-Z-Boy come in classic hues like black, brown, and tan. The distressed leather finish gives a unique character.

Kid-friendly chairs catch the eye with playful colors and patterns. The HON Dot Kids Chair comes in colors like lime green, sky blue, and pink.

So move beyond boring black and choose a chair that expresses your personality while still being office-appropriate.

In-Store and Online Purchasing

The major perk of OfficeMax over online-only retailers is having local brick-and-mortar stores you can visit. This allows test driving chairs first-hand before purchasing.

Use the OfficeMax website to view their full online selection and stock availability. But if you want to try sitting in a chair yourself, head to your nearest store. Their staff can help you adjust and test chairs to find just the right fit.

Once you’ve chosen the right chair, you can make the actual purchase in-store or online. OfficeMax provides free in-store pickup if you want to order a chair online but have it same-day. And their website clearly displays real-time inventory and delivery estimates.

Overall, the combination of online selection and hands-on local stores makes it easy and convenient to get the OfficeMax chair you want.

Save Money With Regular Discounts and Deals

Like any major retailer, OfficeMax runs frequent promotions to drive sales. By timing your chair purchase right, you can often save significant money.

Your first stop should be checking the OfficeMax weekly ads. These showcase the latest sales, coupons, and markdowns. It’s common to see chairs discounted $50 or more in the weekly promos.

Next, browse the Clearance section online or in-store. Here you can find discontinued or floor model chairs deeply discounted. For example, I spotted a $500 WorkPro chair for just $150 thanks to it being clearance.

OfficeMax also offers promo codes and coupons for percent savings off regular prices. Retail sites like RetailMeNot have codes for 10-20% many chairs you can use at online checkout.

Subscribing to their email list is another smart idea. You’ll receive notice of flash online-only sales, coupons, and private promos.

With a little strategic shopping, you can easily save big on an OfficeMax chair. Time it right and you’ll get a great deal.

Fast Delivery Times and Options

Once I settled on the perfect chair, I was eager to get it delivered quickly. I was thrilled to find OfficeMax offers fast and flexible delivery options.

Many in-stock chairs include free standard delivery in 3-7 business days. Or pay just $9 for delivery in 2 days. That’s perfect if you need a new chair ASAP.

But for truly urgent situations, same-day in-store pickup is fantastic. Order online by 5 PM and your chair will be ready to pick up the very same day at your local store.

For large orders, OfficeMax even offers white glove delivery. This includes bringing the chairs inside your office, unpacking them, and setting them up. No dealing with big bulky boxes yourself!

Thanks to their local stores and fast delivery times, you can get an OfficeMax chair delivered and ready to use in no time.

Professional Assembly Takes the Headache Out of Setup

Like most furniture, office chairs come in pieces requiring assembly. Assembling a chair sounds easy but can be a headache in reality. Luckily, OfficeMax offers professional assembly to make setup a breeze.

For in-store purchases, OfficeMax offers same-day chair assembly. Their staff will put the chair together for you at no extra cost. This means walking out with a fully functional chair ready for immediate use!

For online orders, you can add the Assembly service for just $49 per chair. Qualified technicians will deliver your chair and assemble it expertly. No dealing with confusing instructions or missing bolts yourself.

Do-it-yourself folks can still opt to tackle chair assembly on their own. OfficeMax includes all required tools and instructions. Just be warned – assembly can take 30-60 minutes per chair.

Letting the experts handle assembly makes getting your new chair operational a fast, frustration-free experience. It’s absolutely worth the small upcharge.

Coordinating Desks and Office Furniture

A stylish office needs coordinated, professional looking furniture. Luckily, OfficeMax makes it easy to find matching desks, bookcases, cabinets, and more for your new chair.

Browse their extensive office furniture selection online or at your local store. You can view pieces by collection or brand to find ones that aesthetically match your chosen chair.

For example, matching laminate surface desks and bookshelves are available for popular HON chairs like the Ignition. This lets you create a cohesive built-in look.

OfficeMax also sells full desk and chair sets. For instance, the comfortable Devonshire Executive Chair pairs perfectly with its matching executive desk.

Given OfficeMax’s wide range of office furniture, you should have no trouble finding compatible pieces for a pulled together look. No more chair clashing with your desk!

Convenient In-Store Testing Before You Buy

Reading descriptions online is helpful but no substitute for actually sitting in a chair yourself. This is why OfficeMax’s hundreds of retail stores are so valuable.

Take advantage of being able to test chairs in person before buying. Head to a local OfficeMax and spend time adjusting and sitting in chairs that interest you.

This hands-on experience lets you determine if a chair’s lumbar support, armrests, and controls are comfortable for you. Subtle design differences are impossible to discern from just pictures.

OfficeMax staff are available to answer questions and provide recommendations. Don’t hesitate to pick their minds about which chairs best meet your needs.

Once you decide on the perfect chair after testing, you can purchase it conveniently onsite rather than waiting for delivery. Why not walk out with your dream chair today?

Easy Returns Within 30 Days of Purchase

Hopefully you’ll love your OfficeMax chair purchase. But if it doesn’t work out for any reason, returns are quick and easy.

OfficeMax offers refunds and exchanges within 30 days of purchase on unused chairs in original packaging. Simply bring the chair back to any location for a return.

For assembled chairs, OfficeMax will send a technician to disassemble and pickup the chair from your location. This saves you the hassle of taking the chair apart and transporting it.

You will need to show an original receipt or packing slip for any return or exchange. OfficeMax also charges a 15% restocking fee on chair returns, so keep that in mind.

Just note that special order chairs are generally non-returnable. As long as you stick with in-stock models, easy no-hassle returns give you peace of mind.

Catering to Business, Classroom, and Large Orders

In addition to individual consumers, OfficeMax is a major supplier of chairs for businesses, schools, and organizations. They make the process seamless for large or complex orders.

Volume discounts are available for orders of 10+ chairs. Larger bulk orders can save you up to 20% per chair over regular prices.

OfficeMax offers business credit lines to simplify purchasing. No need to pay the full amount upfront or go through time-consuming approvals.

For classrooms and training rooms, their custom seating design tool lets you lay out chairs in various configurations to optimize space.

Your dedicated account manager handles contacting manufacturers, managing delivery, installation, and providing any other assistance you need.

Whether you need 150 basic task chairs or 50 top-of-the-line ergonomic chairs, OfficeMax has the selection, expertise, and services to outfit your entire organization.

Prioritizing Proper Posture and Spinal Health

In an office chair, your posture impacts your spinal health and overall comfort. OfficeMax offers helpful guidance on choosing chairs that promote proper posture and reduce strain.

Their experts recommend buying a chair with adjustments matching your body type and tasks. Chairs allowing your feet to rest flat on the floor with thighs parallel promote spinal health.

Look for chairs and cushions providing ergonomic lumbar support. The natural S-shape of your lower spine needs proper cushioning and shaping.

Adjustable backrests should conform to your back and fully support the shoulders, upper and lower back. This helps avoid hunching and strain.

Armrests should lift your arms to relax shoulders and not hunch the back. Chairs with height/width adjustable arms provide the best support.

reclining seat allows periodically leaning back to alleviate disc pressure from sitting upright too long. Just be sure not to lean too far back which strains the neck.

By following these posture tips when shopping, you’ll find an OfficeMax chair tailored to your unique spinal health needs.

Discovering Your Ideal OfficeMax Chair

The number of OfficeMax chairs available can seem overwhelming until you know what to look for. Focus on critical factors like comfort, ergonomics, quality, and budget to narrow your options. Take advantage of testing chairs in person before committing. And don’t forget to seek out promotional discounts and deals.

The time invested to find your perfect OfficeMax chair is well worth it. You deserve a chair you look forward to sitting in and that keeps you feeling great even after long work days. So explore the OfficeMax chair world today and discover your ideal seat for home or office!

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