Finding Your Perfect Glass Desk at OfficeMax


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Table of Contents

A Full Selection of Stylish and Functional Glass Desk Options

I’ve been researching new desks to turn my home office into a more stylish and productive workspace. After browsing through some options online and visiting a few furniture stores, I decided to check out OfficeMax to see what kind of glass desk selections they offer. I was pleasantly surprised by the wide variety of high-quality glass desks available at very reasonable price points. In this blog, I’ll share details and reviews for the many glass desk choices at OfficeMax. Whether you’re seeking a simple modern look, a high-tech workspace, or extra storage solutions, you’re sure to find the ideal glass desk for your needs.

As I browsed the collection online and then checked out options in my local store, I discovered OfficeMax has a glass desk for any style. They offer both modern and contemporary glass desks in lots of different shapes and configurations. There are basic straight desk surfaces if you just need a simple workspace. Some have sleek curved designs for an eye-catching look. And there are also L-shaped and U-shaped glass desks perfect for fitting in a corner or maximizing space.

Beyond the basic desk shapes, there are also choices with unique stylistic features. For example, the Bush Furniture Cabot L-Shaped desk has an intriguing frosted tempered glass surface with a gray tinted metal frame. There’s also the Realspace Magellan Pneumatic Sit-Stand Height Adjustable desk with a striking rounded glass desktop. It’s details like these that can really make your new glass desk stand out.

OfficeMax makes it easy to find the right size glass desk for your space. Their glass desktops come in a range of dimensions, from compact desks just 41″ wide all the way up to spacious L-shaped options spanning 60″ across. There are also different height choices, including standard desk heights around 29-30″ tall as well as elevated options that can adjust from a seated to standing position. This range really allows you to find a properly scaled glass desk no matter the size of your office.

One of the great advantages of shopping at a major retailer like OfficeMax is that you can get a sense of true quality before you buy. I appreciated that the website shows detailed reviews from other customers who have purchased the glass desks. Being able to read about real experiences with assembly, durability, and overall look helps you determine which option will work best. It’s reassuring to buy from a company that allows transparent feedback.

While browsing the glass desk selection on the OfficeMax site, I noticed there are also lots of choices when it comes to storage and functionality. Many of the desks include handy built-in features. For example, the Realspace Danny Glass L-Desk has a pull-out keyboard tray as well as both file cabinets and open shelving for organization. And the Bush Furniture Salinas Computer Desk with Hutch incorporates a glass cabinet hutch to display items and store office supplies. This range of integrated storage options allows you to really customize the function of your glass desk.

Finding the right balance of style and utility is important when selecting a new glass desk. OfficeMax makes this easier by offering glass desks across a range of price points. There are affordable basic options like the Mainstays Glass Computer Desk for around $120. Mid-range choices like the Lorell Tempered Glass Desk run $200-300. And for high-end design, there are options like the Luxor Adjustable Height glass desks for $500-600. With this spectrum of prices and features, you can find the ideal glass desk to match your budget.

A major perk of buying large furniture from OfficeMax is the option for professional delivery. Having an expert bring your new glass desk inside and assemble it properly ensures the glass surface will be protected from any scrapes or cracks. The delivery fees on glass desks at OfficeMax generally range from $99-$149. Some desks even come with white glove delivery service for unboxing and debris removal. Considering the heavy weight and fragile nature of glass furniture, paying extra delivery costs can be worth avoiding the hassle and risk of assembling these large items yourself.

Even after getting your new glass desk home, it’s important to follow proper care guidelines to keep the surface looking pristine. The tempered glass used for desktops is quite durable, but it still requires some maintenance. Be sure to use a microfiber cloth when dusting to avoid any scratches. Clean with a specially formulated glass cleaner, not abrasive chemical cleaners. Avoid placing extremely hot items directly on the glass to prevent cracking. Taking these basic precautions will help ensure your new OfficeMax glass desk retains its crystal clear shine.

One aspect that gives me confidence buying a more expensive glass desk from OfficeMax is the inclusive warranties they offer. Most of their glass desktops come with a 5-year limited warranty. This coverage means OfficeMax will repair or replace your desk if it has material damage or defects. As long as you take care of basic maintenance, any issue caused by manufacturer flaws will be covered. The peace of mind of having warranty protection makes the desks a worthwhile investment.

I’m seriously considering the Lorell Tempered Glass Computer Desk for my new office furniture purchase. It has rave reviews for the modern style and durable construction. I love that the contoured edges prevent chipping. Some reviewers did complain about the assembly being tricky for larger desks, so I’ll probably pay extra for professional delivery. While there are some more affordable basic desks, I think the sleek design of this tempered glass option is worth the $250 price tag.

After exploring all of OfficeMax’s glass desk selections, I’m confident they offer an unbeatable range of options to elevate any workspace. There are so many choices when it comes to shapes, sizes, storage features and style. And the ability to see detailed reviews, opt for delivery, and protect your purchase with a warranty provides peace of mind. While glass desks from smaller boutique retailers may seem more unique, the variety and value at OfficeMax can meet any style and budget needs. I’m excited to turn my home office into a more inspiring space with a chic new glass desk!

So if you’re looking to upgrade your work-from-home situation or just add some modern flair to a tired workspace, be sure to check out the versatile glass desk options at OfficeMax. Let me know in the comments if you end up purchasing one of their stylish glass desks and how you like it once it’s set up! I’d love to hear your experiences. And don’t forget proper cleaning and care to keep your new glass surface sparkling. With the right maintenance, a glass desk can be a lasting investment that enhances your office for years to come.

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