Finding the Perfect Scanner for Your Home Office at Officemax


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Table of Contents

Get the Right Scan Quality and Features Without Breaking the Bank

As someone who often works from home, having the right equipment can make all the difference in productivity and efficiency. One device I rely on daily is a good quality scanner to digitize documents, photos, receipts and other hard copies. After dealing with a cheap, low-quality scanner that gave me nothing but headaches for over a year, I learned my lesson – not all scanners are created equal!

I headed to my local Officemax to research my options for a solid, versatile scanner that wouldn’t bust my home office equipment budget. In this blog, I’ll share my top findings to help others in the market for a new scanner find the best scanner available at Officemax to meet their needs.

Officemax Offers a Wide Variety of Scanners for Every Purpose

The first thing I discovered is that Officemax has an incredible selection of scanners in all different price ranges. They carry single sheet-fed scanners, auto-document feed scanners, flatbed scanners, portable scanners, photo scanners and all-in-one printers with integrated scanners. No matter what types of originals you need to digitize at home, Officemax likely has a scanner well-suited for the job.

Their sheet-fed scanners are great for organizing expenses, digitizing batches of documents, and archiving your most important papers. Auto-document feed scanners make quick work of high volume scanning with their ability to rapidly scan stacks of pages hands-free. Flatbed scanners are versatile for scanning thick books and bound documents as well as photos and other delicate originals.

Portable scanners offer excellent scan quality in a compact, lightweight device that can easily be moved around the home office or taken on-the-go. Dedicated photo scanners have high resolution and color depth optimized for scanning your treasured photos to preserve them digitally.

All-in-one printers that also function as copiers and scanners are an economical choice for the home office taking up minimal space while fulfilling multiple functions. Officemax provides top all-in-one brands like HP, Canon and Brother.

Officemax Scanner Pricing – Get Features You Need Without Overspending

One of the things I appreciate most about Officemax is they offer scanners at competitive price points for every budget. Basic flatbed scanners start at under $50 while more advanced auto-feed scanners go up to $400-500. Of course you can spend up to $1000 or more for commercial-grade production scanners with ultra-high speed and scan volume capabilities.

But Officemax makes sure even buyers on a budget can get strong performing scanners with the essential features they need. Take the Canon ImageFormula DR-C225 document scanner – it has an automatic feeder holding up to 50 pages, scans both sides simultaneously, and includes software – all for just $199.99. Not bad!

The Epson FastFoto FF-680W wireless photo scanner sells for $549.99 yet delivers pro-quality scans up to 1800 dpi and the ability to precisely scan extra large photos up to 8″x 36″, negatives, slides and more. Plus it has easy wireless connectivity to sync scans to cloud services. A very worthwhile investment for preserving family photos digitally.

Of course big business-oriented scanners like the industrial strength Visioneer Patriot D40 with a 4000 page per day duty cycle and ultra-fast 100 page per minute scanning speeds will cost you $719.99. But it may well be worth it if you operate a busy home business with high volume scanning needs.

The Epson FastFoto FF-680W – My Choice for Best Officemax Scanner

After researching the different types of scanners and evaluating multiple options, I decided the Epson FastFoto FF-680W has the optimal blend of fast scans speeds, high resolution, versatile scan ability and built-in organization features.

Despite the higher price, this scanner delivers professional quality scans up to 1800 dpi. It can scan a 4 x 6 photo to searchable PDF in as little as 3 seconds thanks to fast speeds up to 36 photos per minute.

The auto-feed tray accommodates stacks of up to 30 prints and auto-detects standard print sizes. An adjacent open feed slot allows you to scan extra large panoramic prints up to 8 x 36 inches or thicker documents. Dual PDF modes let you scan to searchable PDF to digitize documents or optical PDF to preserve the integrity of photos or graphics without compression.

It has built-in dust and scratch removal capabilities to cleanup less than pristine photos or slides. Epson’s proprietary software suite automatically organizes your scans into digital albums that can be easily searched, edited and shared.

The FastFoto has flexible wireless connectivity with WiFi, WiFi Direct and USB so you can sync scans to cloud services or your preferred organization system. It works with both Mac and PC. For digitally preserving important family photos, organizing vital documents and scanning large stack of records with high efficiency, the Epson FastFoto FF-680W is my choice for the best scanner Officemax offers.

Wireless Scanning for Flexible Connectivity

One key feature I wanted in my new scanner was wireless capability to enable flexible placement in my office and allow me to easily transfer scans anywhere. Officemax has several excellent wireless scanners like the Epson FastFoto FF-680W to choose from.

Another great option is the Brother ADS-1700W wireless compact scanner priced at an affordable $179.99. Despite the low price, it offers built-in 802.11 b/g/n WiFi and a convenient 2.7” touchscreen. It can scan both sides of pages at once with speeds up to 25ppm and has a 50 sheet capacity auto-feeder.

For easy portability around the home or office, I also like the Canon imageFORMULA R40 wifi portable scanner for $399.99. This slim, lightweight scanner has a built-in rechargeable battery so you can scan untethered for up to 3 hours per charge. It works with USB, WiFi, WiFi Direct and integrates with various cloud apps.

Having WiFi expands where you can setup your scanner and how quickly you can upload scans digitally to the desired storage platform or system. Officemax offers several quality wireless scanners providing this flexibility.

Choosing the Right Officemax Scanner – Features to Look For

When evaluating the array of scanners Officemax offers to find the best one for your needs and budget, there are several key features I’d recommend paying attention to:

  • Scan speed – if you’ll be digitizing high volumes, look for auto-feed scanners with higher pages per minute speeds
  • Scan resolution – minimum 300 dpi, but 600+ dpi provides better clarity for photos and fine text
  • File formats – JPEG and PDF are essential, bonus if it scans to popular cloud services
  • Sheet capacity – 50+ for stack scanning efficiency
  • Paper handling – ability to scan cardstock, photos, legal and beyond letter-size is ideal
  • Connectivity – wireless networking for flexibility, USB for plug-and-play
  • Warranty – 1+ years of protection

Prioritize the capabilities that matter most for your specific scanning needs. Do you need OCR for searchable documents? High resolution for detailed images? Portability? Additional functions like copying and fax?

Make your list of must-have features and find the Officemax scanner that best aligns with your needs and budget. The options and quality available make it easy to find just the right fit.

Renting Scanners – A Cost Saving Option

If you only need a scanner for a limited time, Officemax does offer scanner rentals which allow you to get pro-level features at an affordable price. I ran across this option when a client needed to digitize years of files for a temporary project.

Officemax provides rentals on various Fujitsu, Canon and Epson scanners with prices starting around $50/week. Many can handle up to 80 pages per minute with ultra-high resolutions up to 600dpi.

Rental scanners connect via USB, Ethernet or WiFi for flexible setup. Short term leases for a month or less are available. Renting saved me hundreds versus buying just for a single project. Definitely look at Officemax rental options for temporary high-speed scanning jobs!

Top Selling Scanner – Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500

If you’re wondering which scanner sells the most at Officemax, that distinction goes to the Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500. This versatile sheet-fed scanner handles up to 50 pages per minute and turns them into searchable PDFs at the touch of button using included OCR software.

It takes up minimal desk space with a small footprint and features an integrated 50 page automatic document feeder that scans both sides in a single pass. Users love the one-touch scanning to searchable PDFs and ability to sync scans to the cloud instantly using the ScanSnap Home app.

The iX1500 reliably handles everything from business cards to receipts and legal documents without slowing down. It has 25 customizable scan profiles so you can optimize settings for different document types with the touch of a button.

With fast speeds, smart software, cloud connectivity and extreme ease of use, it’s no wonder the Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500 is Officemax’s top selling scanner for both office and home use. Now I can see first-hand why it’s so popular.

Scanner Deals and Bundles Help You Save

Officemax routinely offers special deals, instant savings, mail-in rebates, and bundles on their selection of scanners to help shoppers maximize their savings. I was able to take advantage of a $50 instant rebate on the Epson FastFoto during my visit making this powerful photo scanner much more budget friendly.

The scanner packages that include essential software like OCR and document management apps can also be an excellent value. Bundling your scanner purchase with compatible ink and paper can also lead to significant savings, so be sure to ask your Officemax associate about available discounts, rebates or bundles that could help you save on your scanner purchase. Taking a little time to explore deals can really pay off!

Multifunction Printer & Scanners – 2-in-1 Efficiency

If you want to consolidate space and equipment while still getting quality scans, Officemax has excellent all-in-one printers with integrated scanners. Top brands like HP, Canon, Epson and Brother all offer multifunction models combining printing, copying and scanning into one.

I especially like the Canon TR8520 all-in-one with its 35 page duplex auto-feeder for simple hands-free scanning. It produces borderless prints up to 13″ x 19″ and has a 5″ touchscreen with easy menus. The scanner captures images at up to 1200 x 2400 dpi resolution. At $179.99 after instant rebates, this Canon model is a great economical choice for the home office.

The HP ENVY Pro 6455 is very attractively priced at $149.99 and offers print, scan, copy, fax plus wireless and mobile printing capabilities all from one compact unit. The scanner handles up to 1200 dpi for crisp clarity and it has dual-band WiFi for a reliable connection. HP models like this multifunction deliver versatility at an affordable cost.

For small businesses, Officemax has beefed up all-in-ones like the Xerox B210 which provides robust print and scan speeds plus advanced security features like Private Print, Secure Scan, and ID Card Copy to help protect your data. The scanner zips along at up to 57 images per minute.

Scanner Setup Made Simple

One great service Officemax provides is free in-store setup and installation on any scanner purchase. Their experts will unpack the box, put in the software, connect the scanner, configure your preferences, create shortcuts and ensure everything is working properly before you leave the store.

This included setup was a huge perk for me as a non-techie. I would have been stumbling through the scanner manual for hours trying to get everything operational myself! With Officemax’s professional handling of the initial setup, my FastFoto was ready to start scanning the moment I got home. Ask about scanner setup – it’s a worthwhile included service for a frustration-free experience.

To use your scanner, the Officemax team will install any included OCR or document management software, anti-virus protection, and device drivers on your computer. They’ll set up shortcuts on your desktop to your most common scanning tasks. The scanner can be connected to your laptop or desktop via USB, WiFi or Ethernet depending on model.

Officemax wants to ensure your scanner delivers optimal performance from day one, so absolutely take them up on this complimentary setup offer when you purchase a scanner. Get your new device fully up and running before heading out the store!

Scanner Warranties For Added Protection

Most scanners only come with a limited 1 year manufacturer warranty covering defects. To give yourself more coverage, consider adding an extended protection plan from Officemax. They offer expanded scanner warranties providing up to 3 years of total coverage.

This gives you peace of mind knowing your scanner is protected against mechanical and electrical failures beyond just the first year. Repairs, replacements and technical support are included if anything goes wrong.

Officemax scanner warranties are available at affordable price points. For example, you can get 2 full years of total coverage beyond the manufacturer warranty on the Canon ImageFormula DR-C225 for just $29.99.

Given that scanners have so many mechanical moving parts and you’ll likely be scanning hundreds of pages per week, an extended warranty to safeguard your investment in this productivity enhancing equipment is sensible. Check out the available coverage options when purchasing your scanner.

Hassle-Free Scanner Returns & Exchanges

One of my biggest concerns with buying a higher end scanner was getting stuck if it didn’t function as expected right out of the box. I’m pleased to say Officemax provides a 30 day return and exchange period on scanners providing ample time to verify everything works properly.

If you notice scan quality issues, paper jams, software glitches or any other problems using your new scanner within the first month, Officemax will exchange it or provide a full refund – no hassle. This takes the stress out of investing in a quality scanner.

I would recommend unpacking your scanner and doing some test scans right away while still within the return period. Scan a variety photos and documents using various settings and compare the output quality. Make sure the automatic feeder is grabbing pages smoothly without misfeeds or jams. Confirm all the software and apps integrate correctly.

Verify scanner performance and quality right away while you still have the flexibility of Officemax’s 30 day return policy as a nice safety net. Thankfully I had no need to return my Epson FastFoto but I appreciated having that option.

How Officemax Scanners Stack Up to Competitors

Before deciding on my Epson FastFoto, I did compare specs and prices against comparable scanners at Staples. Overall I found the scanner selection and pricing at Officemax stacked up very favorably against their big box competitors.

Officemax actually had a better variety of sheet-fed scanners and more wallet-friendly pricing on certain models from Canon, Epson and Brother. Their selection of photo-oriented scanners was also more robust, including category leading models like my Epson that you won’t find elsewhere.

While scanners from Fujitsu and Visioneer cost about the same at both stores, pricing on HP, Canon and Epson devices was consistently a bit lower at Officemax in my research. Combined with the fact Officemax provides professional in-store setup and has a more flexible return policy, the decision was clear for me.

Of course it depends what specific scanner meets your needs, but when comparing the overall selection, service, pricing and policies against other major retailers, Officemax is tough to beat for a stellar scanner shopping experience.

Resolution Matters for Crisp, Clear Scans

When evaluating scanners, one key specification to look at is optical scanning resolution measured in DPI (dots per inch). Standard resolution for document scanning tends to be 300 to 600 dpi. This is sufficient for readable text pages.

But for capturing fine details in photographs, graphics or illustrated documents, look for 1200+ dpi models. The Epson FastFoto I chose has up to an impressive 6400 dpi providing almost unbelievable clarity when digitizing treasured photos.

Higher resolution equals a larger resulting file size. Make sure your computer has enough RAM and hard drive space for extremely large scan files. The payoff is scans with incredible depth and definition for archiving quality images and prints. Officemax makes it easy to find the right resolution scanner to meet your particular needs.

Portable Scanners Offer On-The-Go Convenience

For maximum flexibility, Officemax offers highly portable scanners like the Canon imageFORMULA R40 that can be easily taken anywhere. This slim, lightweight scanner has an integrated rechargeable battery allowing wireless scanning virtually anywhere – no outlet or PC required!

The R40 can scan up to 20 pages per minute in color, grayscale or black and white. The built-in SD card slot enables saving scans directly to a memory card while on the move. It works equally well with Macs, PCs, iOS and Android devices for versatile scanning anytime, anywhere.

If you need high quality scans while traveling or prefer not to be tethered to a workstation when digitizing documents around the home or office, a portable scanner like this Canon model offered by Officemax is ideal. Complete freedom of movement and location!

Scanning Your Precious Photographs

One key reason I invested in a quality scanner from Officemax was to finally digitize the boxes of childhood photos and family albums that were continuing to fade and degrade over time. A huge advantage of the Epson FastFoto scanner is it’s designed specifically for archiving photos with a host of helpful capabilities:

  • Scans both prints and slides/negatives
  • Auto-detects standard photo sizes up to 8×10″
  • Dust and scratch removal capabilities
  • Scans up to 1800 dpi for stunning clarity and detail
  • Auto-straightening, color restoration, backlight and more
  • Organizes scans into searchable albums

Thanks to the Epson FastFoto’s specialized design, software and high resolution, I’m able to accurately scan and preserve all my irreplaceable photos. Specialized photo scanners like this make the massive undertaking of digitizing your lifetime of photos actually manageable.

Additional Scanner Software Adds Functionality

To unlock the full potential of your scanner, be sure to get the right software. Many Officemax scanners include basic programs like Epson ScanSmart or Canon CaptureOnTouch which enable scanning to popular formats like JPG, TIFF, and PDF while providing some limited image enhancement and organization.

But for productivity boosting features like OCR to generate searchable PDFs, automated batch scanning, and syncing scans directly to cloud services or your preferred document management system, look at value-added software bundles from vendors like Nuance and Kofax which unlock those capabilities.

For example, the Nuance Power PDF software available as an add-on for many scanners facilitates:

  • One-click scanning to keyword searchable PDF
  • Batch scanning with filename and folder auto-creation
  • Cloud syncing to Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.
  • Creation of editable Word and Excel files from scans
  • PDF editing tools and electronic signatures

The right software can make your new scanner so much more efficient. Consult the Officemax experts on valuable software options specific to your scanner model.

Troubleshooting Scanner Issues

Like any complex electronic device, scanners can sometimes encounter problems like paper jams, speckled images, scanner errors or issues with the auto-feeder. Before panicking, try these basic troubleshooting tips:

  • Review manufacturer’s instructions and user guides for your model
  • Ensure all scanner cables are securely connected
  • Try lower resolution scans – high res images use more system resources
  • Adjust scanner settings like brightness and contrast
  • Clean scanner glass, rollers and interior as specified
  • Restart computer and scanner to clear any glitches
  • Update scanner driver software if outdated
  • Reset scanner to factory default settings
  • Contact manufacturer tech support for troubleshooting
  • Consider extended warranty if hardware problem suspected

Don’t forcepaper through the scanner if jammed, as this can damage sensitive components. With some patience and testing of different settings, the majority of routine scanner problems can be resolved. But if needed, Officemax also provides professional in-store troubleshooting and repair options.

What Customers Have to Say About Officemax Scanners

Reading first-hand reviews from other Officemax shoppers prior to purchase was tremendously helpful as I evaluated different scanner options. Here’s some of the feedback that made me confident I would be satisfied buying a scanner from Officemax:

“Purchased the Canon DR-C225 based on recommendation from Officemax associate. Couldn’t be happier with the scanner. Works perfectly right out of the box and the included setup from Officemax was definitely worthwhile.”

“Got a killer deal on a Fujitsu ScanSnap bundled with a 2 year extended warranty and software for half the regular price! Scanner still going strong 3 years later.”

“So easy to scan stacks of receipts and records all at once. Epson scanner is fast and results look great. Wish I switched from my flatbed to a sheetfed model years ago!”

“Officemax helped me find the ideal portable scanner for use when traveling. Works great with my laptop and takes up barely any space in my bag.”

The overwhelmingly positive experiences of other Officemax scanner buyers further instilled confidence in me that purchasing my scanner from their retail store was the smart move.

Eco-Friendly Scanners

When shopping for electronics, I try to be mindful of sustainability. I was glad to see Officemax offers numerous Eco-friendly scanners made from recyclable plastics and designed for low power consumption. This helps reduce environmental impact.

Many Epson scanners for example meet the company’s strict Eco Standards through use of recyclable materials and ink as well as minimal packaging. Energy star certified scanners from Brother, Canon and Fujitsu are also designed for low energy use and workplace sustainability.

I appreciated that Officemax makes it easy to find scanners meeting current eco-standards – saving energy and trees while still delivering robust performance!

Officemax Makes Finding Your Perfect Scanner Easy

As this overview illustrates, Officemax truly does offer an exceptional selection of quality scanners tailored to virtually any need. Their competitive pricing, bonus software deals, extended protection plans and professional support services ensure you get maximum value.

Between the vast array of scanner types and brands, availability of models in every price point, and the helpful guidance of the Officemax associates, I’m confident any home or office can find just the right scanner solution here. Whether you need to digitize piles of documents and records, save precious photos from fading, or free yourself from the desk with portable scanning, Officemax has you covered.

After finally upgrading to the versatile Epson FastFoto scanner, my productivity and organization have benefitted tremendously. No more wasting time feeding pages one by one into my subpar flatbed! I’ve scanned years of tax returns, photo albums and kids’ artwork to permanently digitally archive them. Now I can quickly find any document using keyword search in seconds rather than digging through piles of papers.

So if you’re considering a new scanner, pay a visit to your local Officemax or browse online to explore the available options. Make a list of your must-have features, bring any questions to their experts, and find the perfect scanner to take your home office efficiency to the next level. Happy scanning!

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