Finding the Perfect Printer Paper at OfficeMax


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Table of Contents

A Complete Guide to All the Printing Paper Options at Your Local Office Supply Store

As a writer and blogger, I go through printer paper like it’s nobody’s business. I’m constantly printing out drafts, notes, research materials, and more. Having a reliable home office printer and high-quality paper is essential for my work. That’s why I rely on OfficeMax for all my paper needs.

With several OfficeMax stores located near me, it’s easy to pop in and stock up on printer paper. But with so many options on their shelves, it can be tricky to figure out which paper is right for your specific printing needs. In this post, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know about choosing and buying printer paper at OfficeMax.

Types of Printer Paper at OfficeMax

OfficeMax offers a wide assortment of paper types for every kind of printing need. Here are some of the main categories:

Copy Paper – This is your standard white multipurpose paper for everyday printing, copies and drafts. OfficeMax carries their own OfficeMax brand copy paper as well as name brands like Boise and Hammermill.

Photo Paper – Get vivid color and crisp images with OfficeMax photo paper. Select glossy or matte finishes. Great for printing photos at home.

Presentation Paper – Make professional presentations pop with smooth, ultra-bright paper. OfficeMax offers paper optimized specifically for PowerPoint slides.

Brochure & Cardstock – Print professional marketing materials with extra-thick paper. Choose single or double-sided matte or gloss.

Resume Paper – Stand out with rich cotton resume paper. OfficeMax has paper designed specifically for elegant resume printing.

Inkjet Paper – For inkjet printers, look for papers labeled for inkjet use to avoid bleeding or feathering.

Multi-Use Paper – Get all-in-one paper for printing, copying and faxing. OfficeMax’s selection includes recycled and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified options.

Specialty Paper – Browse paper for greeting cards, invitations, certificates, arts & crafts projects and more. Pick unique textures and colors.

No matter what type of project you’re printing for, OfficeMax has paper to meet your needs. Keep reading for more details on choosing the ideal paper.

Finding OfficeMax Printer Paper Near Me

One of the great things about OfficeMax is that they have over 900 store locations across the United States. So chances are there’s an OfficeMax not too far from your home or office.

To find an OfficeMax near you with printer paper in stock, go to their website and enter your zip code in the store locator tool. This will pull up the nearest OfficeMax stores and show you each store’s address and contact info.

You can also call the customer service line at 1-877-OFFICEMAX and speak with a representative who can tell you the closest location. They may even be able to tell you if that specific store has the printer paper you’re looking for in stock.

Once you’ve located your nearest OfficeMax, either head to the store or give them a call before you go to make sure they have what you need. The paper selection does vary between locations. Don’t make a wasted trip!

How Much Does OfficeMax Brand Printer Paper Cost?

OfficeMax offers several house brand printer paper options under the OfficeMax label. This is their standard copy paper available in all the basic sizes and weights.

Here is an overview of OfficeMax brand printer paper pricing:

  • 20lb Copy Paper – Starts around $3.79 for a ream (500 sheets) and goes up depending on size
  • 24lb Copy Paper – Starts around $5.49 for a ream of letter size
  • 28lb Copy Paper – Starts around $6.49 for a ream of letter size
  • 32lb Copy Paper – Starts around $7.99 for a ream of letter size
  • 36lb Copy Paper – Starts around $8.99 for a ream of letter size

As you go up in paper weight, the price per ream rises. The 98 brightness white multipurpose paper offers the best value for basic copying and printing needs.

OfficeMax also sells their house brand paper in bulk cases of 10 reams which is more economical for high volume printing. Expect to pay $34.99 – $49.99 for a 10-ream case depending on the size and weight.

Compared to name brand papers like Hammermill or Boise, OfficeMax brand is very affordably priced. It’s ideal for everyday office and home printing needs.

Buying OfficeMax Printer Paper Online

Another great thing about OfficeMax is you can buy all their printer paper directly through their website. No need to even leave the house!

Browse the full selection of OfficeMax paper on their site and add to your cart just as you would for any online purchase. Keep an eye out for extra discounts that may be available online only.

OfficeMax provides free shipping on orders over $50 for Rewards Members. If your order doesn’t hit that minimum, shipping rates start at around $5.99 for basic delivery.

One of the perks of online ordering is that OfficeMax often has additional sizes and specialty papers available on their website compared to what you’ll find on the shelves in store.

After checkout, your OfficeMax printer paper will arrive at your doorstep in just a few business days. Super convenient!

Available Sizes of OfficeMax Printer Paper

Printer paper comes in a range of standard sizes to fit different printing needs. Here are the common sizes of paper carried at OfficeMax:

**Letter (8.5”x11”) **- The most popular size for general home and office use.

Legal (8.5”x14”) – Larger size for legal documents and reports.

Tabloid or Ledger (11”x17”) – Oversized paper for big print jobs.

Executive (7.25″x10.5″) – Smaller size for business documents.

4×6 Photo – For printing 4×6 inch photos at home.

5×7 Photo – For printing 5×7 photos.

8.5”x11” Photo – Photo paper cut to letter size sheets.

A3, A4, A5 – International paper sizes.

Postcard – 4”x6” cardstock for postcards.

Envelopes – #10, A2, monarch, etc.

No matter what size your printer requires, OfficeMax has a paper size to fit. They also carry paper in smaller packages if you only need a few sheets.

Discounts on OfficeMax Printer Paper

Luckily, there are always ways to save money on printer paper at OfficeMax. Here are some tips for scoring the best deals:

  • Check for weekly sales, coupons and instant discounts on the website
  • Join the free OfficeMax Rewards program to earn points and get exclusive offers
  • Buy in bulk cases for the most savings per sheet
  • Look for extra percentage off your entire purchase during holiday sales
  • Combine coupons and instant discounts for combo savings
  • Shop clearance for discounted overstock and open packages
  • Use Rakuten to earn cash back on all OfficeMax purchases

With a little strategizing, you can easily save 20%, 30% or more on printer paper. Timing your purchase right, buying in bulk, and stacking savings is key.

OfficeMax Printer Paper Quality

So how does OfficeMax brand paper compare to higher priced brands? In my experience, it’s great quality for everyday use.

The OfficeMax white copy paper has a nice brightness rating up to 98 for the premium varieties. This makes for crisp, professional looking text and images.

It also runs smoothly through printers and copiers with minimal jamming. I’ve tried more expensive papers that actually perform worse!

While it may not be quite as thick and bright as premium brands like HP or Hammermill, OfficeMax paper is extremely solid for schoolwork, documents, proposals, flyers, and more.

Unless you have very specialized printing needs, their house brand is more than adequate for the average home or small office user. The value per sheet can’t be beat!

Photo Paper at OfficeMax

For printing high quality photos at home, OfficeMax has a nice affordable selection of glossy and matte photo paper.

They carry their own OfficeMax Simply Photo Paper which is decent for basic snapshot printing. A 50 sheet pack starts around $7.99.

But I prefer their selection of Kodak and HP brand photo paper which has deeper, richer color saturation and more realistic skin tones. These are the best for printing professional looking photos.

OfficeMax frequently runs deals like buy one, get one half off or 25% off all photo paper. So watch for sales where you can stock up and save on premium brands.

With the right home printer like an Epson EcoTank that can print up to 13” x 19”, OfficeMax has all the paper you need for gallery-worthy photos printed right from your desktop!

Eco and Recycled Printer Paper

Nowadays, it’s important to be mindful of sustainability. That’s why one of my favorite parts of the OfficeMax paper selection is all the eco-friendly options.

Look for papers with the following certifications:

  • FSC Certified – Ensures paper is sourced from responsibly managed forests
  • PCW Recycled – Post-consumer waste recycled content
  • Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) – Processed without chlorine bleaching

I like to use recycled paper for my drafts and everyday printing to reduce waste. OfficeMax’s house brand recycled multipurpose paper runs just as smoothly as virgin paper in my printer.

For important documents, the OfficeMax Earthwise 100% PCW paper adds a sophisticated touch. And it’s much cheaper than other 100% recycled brands.

It feels great to print on paper that helps the environment. Next time you need to restock printer paper, check out the green options at OfficeMax.

Buying Printer Paper in Bulk from OfficeMax

The most economical way to buy printer paper is in bulk. At OfficeMax, you’ve got two options for buying in bulk:

Cases of 10 Reams – OfficeMax sells their house brand paper packaged in cases of 10 reams of 500 sheets. This allows you to maximize savings by buying 5,000 sheets at once. Cases start around $34.99.

Pallets – For extremely high volume, OfficeMax sells printer paper on pallets starting at 40 cases per pallet. You can mix and match the sizes, weights and brands you want. Bulk pallet pricing can drastically cut costs for schools or large offices.

If you’re supplying paper for an entire office, buying bulk from OfficeMax is definitely the cheapest route. Make sure to comparison shop the per sheet cost.

Buying in bulk also helps minimize shopping trips and storage since you can stock up less frequently. Just make sure to have space to store extra cases of paper.

OfficeMax Best Sellers for Printer Paper

Wondering which printer papers are the most popular at OfficeMax? Based on my trips down the paper aisle, these seem to be their top sellers:

  • OfficeMax Bright White Paper – Their 98 brightness paper sells out quick. People love the smoothness and professional look.
  • Hammermill CopyPlus – This is their premium Hammermill line with bright white 96 paper. A fan favorite!
  • Boise Polaris Paper – The Boise line offers ultra white paper that makes text really crisp.
  • HP Printer Paper – Can’t go wrong with the HP brand. People trust it for reliability.
  • OfficeMax Recycled Paper – The 20lb recycled copy paper flies off the shelves. It’s affordable eco paper.

Stick with the customer favorites, and you can’t go wrong. OfficeMax shoppers clearly know good paper when they see it!

Return Policy on OfficeMax Paper

One of the great things about OfficeMax is that they stand behind their products with a solid return policy. If you get home and the paper you purchased isn’t right for your printer or project, you have options.

Unopened Reams – Return any unopened reams of OfficeMax brand paper for a full refund or exchange within 14 days of purchase. Bring your receipt.

Open Reams – Even opened packages can be returned with receipt within 14 days as long as over half the paper remains. You’ll get a full refund or exchange.

Unhappy with Quality – If you are unsatisfied with the print quality of any OfficeMax brand paper, they will work with you to find a paper you are happy with.

It takes the stress out of trying new paper types. You can experiment without worry. OfficeMax paper must meet their satisfaction guarantee.

Do OfficeMax Papers Have a Warranty?

You may be wondering if OfficeMax brand papers come with any kind of guarantee or warranty. They actually don’t offer a specific paper warranty.

However, as I mentioned, they do allow returns within 14 days if you are unsatisfied with any OfficeMax brand paper for any reason. So you are covered in that sense.

Some of the name brand papers like HP do come with a 90 day limited warranty from the manufacturer against defects. Check individual packaging for details.

Overall, OfficeMax is extremely accommodating if you have issues with any paper you purchased from them. They make returns and exchanges quick and easy.

Reviews of OfficeMax Printer Paper

Looking for feedback on how OfficeMax papers actually perform? I like to read reviews before trying new products.

Here’s an overview of customer reviews on a few top OfficeMax papers:

OfficeMax Bright White Paper – 4 out of 5 stars with over 550 reviews. 86% recommend. Praised for extra bright white, heavyweight feel, minimal jams.

OfficeMax Recycled Paper – 4 out of 5 stars with 330+ reviews. 84% recommend for great quality recycled paper, especially for the price.

Boise Polaris Paper – 4.5 out of 5 stars. Customers love the vivid white shade and easy feeding through laser printers.

Hammermill CopyPlus – 4.5 out of 5 stars. Reviewers say this paper makes documents look crisp, professional and expensive.

Overall, OfficeMax brand and name brand papers get consistently positive feedback. Customers rave about the bright whites and reliability. Definitely read reviews on the specific paper you’re considering before purchase. But all signs point to quality paper products at OfficeMax.

Printer Compatibility for OfficeMax Papers

With so many printer brands on the market, it’s important to choose paper tailored for your printer. The key compatibility factors are:

Inkjet vs. Laser – Inkjet printers require inkjet specific paper. Laser printers must have laser paper to prevent jams. Be sure to match the paper to your printer type.

Weight – Printers have limits on the paper weight they can handle. Heavier paper may jam. Refer to your printer’s specs.

Brightness – Standard 98 bright white paper works great for any printer. Specialty very bright papers may be too thick for some printers.

Texture – Printers designed for plain paper may snag on papers with a very smooth or rough texture.

As long as you match the paper weight and type to your printer’s specs, OfficeMax papers are universally compatible. Stick to the popular options recommended for your printer type and you can’t go wrong.

If you’re unsure, the OfficeMax staff can guide you. Provide them the make and model of your printer and they’ll find the perfect paper match.

Paper Weight Guide: What Do 20lb, 24lb, 28lb Mean?

When shopping for printer paper, you’ll notice that paper is categorized by different weights like 20lb, 24lb or 32lb. This refers to the basis weight and thickness of the paper. Here’s a quick guide to deciphering paper weight:

  • 20lb – This is standard copy paper weight. Good for everyday use and lightweight enough not to jam most printers.
  • 24lb-28lb – Slightly heavier paper with a more substantial feel. Provides durability and reduces ink bleed-through.
  • 32lb – 50lb – Extra thick paper with almost a cardstock feel. Best for art projects, brochures, greeting cards, business cards, invitations, etc.
  • 60lb – 80lb – Very heavy duty cardstock paper. Used for posters, book covers, postcards, and other applications where stiffness is desired.

When comparing papers, I recommend getting the heavier weight that your printer can accommodate. It’s a small price upgrade that makes documents feel more professional.

Same Day Printer Paper Delivery

OfficeMax offers same-day delivery on many office supplies, including printer paper, through their OfficeMax Impress service.

This is a great option when you’ve run out of paper and need more in a hurry. Or if your office is completely out of a certain size or type that’s crucial for a project.

To see if your location is eligible for same-day delivery, visit the OfficeMax Impress website and enter your zip code. Then search for the printer paper you need.

Qualifying products will show “Deliver Today” when you select a time slot before 2pm local time. Add to cart and checkout. Your order will arrive in roughly 6 hours!

The fee is around $15 for same-day delivery which is worth it for the time savings. Just make sure your item qualifies before paying for rush delivery.

Recycling OfficeMax Printer Paper

What do you do when you have half used reams of printer paper that are collecting dust? Before you throw them out, consider recycling!

Many towns and cities offer curbside recycling for office paper along with newsprint, magazines and cardboard. The paper gets pulped and turned into new products.

Check your local recycling guidelines on paper. If you can recycle mail and newspapers, printer paper is also acceptable in most cases.

Recycling surplus or unused paper keeps it out of landfills and reduces waste. It takes less energy than making paper from new wood pulp.

Even if you can’t recycle at home, many office supply and big box stores collect paper for recycling. Drop off at OfficeMax or Staples on your next trip!

Brightness Levels of OfficeMax Paper

The brightness rating of paper refers to how white the paper is. Brighter paper makes text and images look sharper with higher contrast. Here are the common brightness levels of OfficeMax papers:

  • 92 Bright – Standard for most basic copy papers and printing papers. Good enough for everyday use.
  • 96 Bright – Brighter white paper provides crisper looking documents. Ideal for proposals, reports and resumes.
  • 98 Bright – Extra bright white paper for maximum contrast. Great when print quality matters like client reports.
  • 100 Bright – Specialty ultra-bright paper for graphic design projects, photo printing, invitations, etc. Showcases color and resolution beautifully but is pricier.

I recommend 96 bright for most general use and splurging on 98-100 bright paper when print quality really counts. Take the brightness rating into consideration when choosing your next OfficeMax paper. Along with weight, it makes a difference in the look and feel of your printed materials.

The Bottom Line on OfficeMax Printer Paper

After testing multiple papers from OfficeMax over the years, I can confidently say it’s quality paper at an affordable price point. Their store brand holds up well against name brands in most cases.

With a huge selection of paper types and weights in every size imaginable, OfficeMax has everything you need for both basic printing and specialized projects.

And their helpful staff is always around for recommendations if you have any questions at all. Don’t just grab the first ream you see – let them guide you to the ideal paper to match your specific printer and needs.

The convenience of OfficeMax locations across the country, plus the option to buy paper online, makes it my go-to for printer paper. I never have to look further than my neighborhood OfficeMax for a fully stocked paper aisle.

So next time you find yourself running low on paper for your desktop printer or home office, turn to OfficeMax. Their selection and prices on paper can’t be beat!

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