Finding the Perfect Officemax Standing Desk for Your Workspace


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Table of Contents

Boosting Productivity and Wellness with Officemax’s Quality Standing Desks

Working on your feet has become an appealing option for many professionals seeking to add more movement into their daily routine. The benefits are clear – standing desks have been shown to reduce back pain, improve mood and energy levels, and even increase productivity. Of the standing desk options on the market, Officemax models stand out for their quality craftsmanship, range of customization options, and affordable pricing.

As someone newly interested in a standing desk setup for my home office, I set out to research the ins and outs of Officemax’s standing desk selection. After comparing reviews, specs, and talking to fellow standing desk users, I’m now ready to purchase the perfect Officemax desk to keep me active and engaged throughout my workday. This comprehensive guide covers my findings after diving deep into the world of Officemax standing desks!

Assessing the Top Officemax Standing Desk Options

When it comes to picking your standing desk, you’ll want to consider size, weight capacity, adjustment capabilities, and overall sturdiness. Officemax offers standing desks in various shapes, sizes and styles to suit your workspace needs. The most popular options include:

  • Brenton Studio Novogratz Brittany Riser: This compact 36” desktop riser instantly converts your existing desk to a standing height. With an easy assembly and pneumatic height adjustment, it’s a budget-friendly choice for small spaces.
  • OMNIMOTION Powered Adjustable-Height Standing Desk: For hands-free height changes, this motorized desk adjusts from 29” to 47” high. It has a 221 lb. weight capacity and comes in 48″, 60″, and 72″ widths.
  • OMNIMOTION Manual Crank Adjustable-Height Standing Desk: With 11 height settings from 29” to 45”, this manual crank desk provides flexibility. Its stable crossbar base has a 154 lb. capacity.
  • Realspace Magellan Performance 71″ W Electric Height-Adjustable Standing Desk: This electric smart desk has 4 programmable presets and portrait mounting capability. It’s ideal for dual monitor use with ample workspace.
  • Realspace Magellan Pneumatic Sit to Stand Height-Adjustable Desk: For a simpler electric option, this pneumatic desk adjusts from 28.7” to 42.7” high with the touch of a button. Easy assembly makes it beginner-friendly.

Considering your space constraints, weight needs, and budget can help narrow down which Officemax standing desk works best for your office. With both electric and manual options available, you can find a model suited to your preferences.

Are Sales or Discounts on Officemax Standing Desks Available?

Luckily for shoppers, Officemax regularly offers sales and discounts both online and in stores. By timing your standing desk purchase right, you can save big:

  • Check Officemax’s weekly ad circular for coupons and printable deals on standing desks and accessories. Signing up for their email list can help you stay on top of the latest offers.
  • Look for holiday sales events around Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, and other major holidays for deep discounts. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are prime times to buy.
  • Ask about price matching if you find a competitor selling the same desk model at a lower price. Officemax will often match valid retailer ads.
  • Used open box or floor model standing desks can sometimes be purchased at steep markdowns, allowing you to save on lightly used displays.
  • Check for student, teacher, military, and first responder discounts. Officemax offers special savings for eligible groups.

With the right promotion, you can likely save $50-100+ on your Officemax standing desk purchase. Set up price alerts and check back frequently for the latest deals. A bit of patience can pay off with big savings!

How Officemax Stands Out from Competitors

In the standing desk market, Officemax sets itself apart by offering:

  • A large selection of quality desks: From entry-level options to high-end electric desks, Officemax has broad inventory available. You’ll find diverse styles and configurations to suit any workspace.
  • Frequent sales and discounts: As mentioned above, Officemax offers many ways to save on standing desks through promotions not widely available from competitors.
  • Stores nationwide for testing products: Before you buy, you can visit a local Officemax to experience standing desks firsthand. This perk isn’t offered by online-only sellers.
  • Strong warranties: On some desks, Officemax includes warranties up to 10 years, demonstrating their confidence in the products.
  • Budget-friendly pricing: Without sacrificing quality, Officemax stands out for affordable standing desks in every price tier.
  • Reliable shipping and delivery: Officemax has distribution capabilities that smaller standing desk brands often lack, getting products to your door fast.

While alternatives like Fully or Uplift offer compelling standing desk options, Officemax’s broad selection, competitive pricing, and perks like in-store demos make it a frontrunner for many shoppers. The unbeatable convenience of testing products in person is a major advantage when making this investment in your office.

Reviews from Fellow Standing Desk Users

Before purchasing my Officemax standing desk, I looked to reviews from other customers to learn about their experiences:

  • Maria S. reviewed the Realspace Magellan electric standing desk: “I love the programmable height settings on this smart desk! It’s really improved my back pain from sitting all day. Very easy to assemble too.”
  • James P. reviewed the OMNIMOTION manual crank adjustable desk: “This standing desk is sturdy and gets the job done for a great price. I enjoy being able to easily adjust the height when I want to sit or stand throughout the day.”
  • Sarah L. reviewed the Brenton Studio Nova riser: “This Officemax riser was super affordable and instantly converted my stationary desk to standing height. I would definitely recommend it if you’re on a budget and want to try a standing workspace.”
  • Mark T. reviewed the Realspace Magellan pneumatic desk: “This desk lifted my dual monitor setup with no problem. I love being able to cycle from sitting to standing with a quick press of the electric buttons.”

The common thread in reviews seems to be a focus on stability, range of motion, and value for money – all things Officemax standing desks deliver on according to users. I felt confident reading so many positive experiences from real-world standing desk fans.

Putting Together Your Officemax Standing Desk

Once I decided on the Realspace Magellan electric desk for my home office, it was time to tackle assembly before being able to reap the benefits. Here are some tips I learned about smoothly assembling Officemax standing desks:

  • Clear ample space to work in and unpack all parts. Make sure you have the right electrical outlets handy for electric desks.
  • Follow the instruction manual step-by-step. Officemax includes allen wrenches, screws, and tools needed for assembly.
  • Start with the base frame and ensure all crossbars are tightly secured. Check it for balance and stability when partially assembled.
  • Add the tabletop once the base is complete. Helpful to have a second person to lift and attach the desktop properly.
  • Keep all screws, bolts, and small parts organized in separate bags or containers as you work to avoid losing pieces.
  • For electric desks, pay special attention to properly connecting the lift mechanism and wiring during assembly.
  • Once fully assembled, test adjusting the desk height up and down and make any final adjustments for smooth operation.

With Officemax’s clear instructions and video guidance, I found the full assembly process for my desk took around 1-2 hours total. Take your time and don’t rush the steps – following Officemax’s directions carefully results in a smooth build.

Specs Like Weight Capacity and Adjustable Height Range

When researching standing desks, you’ll want to note key specifications that impact functionality:

  • Weight capacity: Officemax desks support anywhere from 110 lbs to 265 lbs depending on the model. Consider how much weight you need to hold.
  • Height adjustment range: The low-high settings vary, but commonly between 28”-48” for a comfortable range when sitting or standing.
  • Adjustment mechanism: Manual crank, pneumatic lift, and electric motors are available. Electric desks make height presets easier.
  • Desktop size: Standard widths are 42″, 48″, 60″, and 72″. Depth is usually 24″ to 30″. Confirm the dimensions match your space.
  • Construction: Most Officemax desks use powder coated steel legs, heavy-duty wood or laminate desktops, and have crossbar stability.
  • Key features: Look for characteristics like tilt, keyboard trays, grommets, and wire management to enhance ergonomics and organization.

Paying attention to these kind of specifics ensures you get a standing desk well-suited for your work style and space. Prioritize the specs that offer the adjustability, durability, and customization options you’ll benefit from most in a standing setup.

Manual vs. Electric Adjustments

A key decision is choosing between a manual or electric adjustable standing desk from Officemax’s selection:

  • Manual desks: More affordable and mechanically simple. Use a hand crank to adjust up and down within a wide range. Don’t require outlets or power. Offer less precision in hitting exact heights.
  • Electric desks: Height can be changed with the press of a button. Store 4+ presets for instant adjustments between positions. Provide more convenience but cost more upfront.
  • Pros of electric: Easy push-button adjustment, precision height settings, powered by external motor
  • Pros of manual: Inexpensive, reliable mechanically, and don’t need to be near outlets

For my needs, the programmable presets of an electric Officemax standing desk like the Magellan smart desk made the most sense. But manual crank styles work very well too. Consider your budget, change frequency, and precision needed to choose what works for you.

Warranty Coverage for Defects or Issues

Officemax provides respectable warranties on standing desks should any problems occur down the line. This overview shows what is typically covered:

  • Entire desk frame: 5-10 years depending on model
  • Mechanical components: 3-5 years
  • Electrical components: 3 years
  • Desktop surfaces: 5 years

Warranty periods begin on the date of delivery. Coverage includes replacement parts and skilled labor. Normal wear-and-tear or cosmetic damage is not covered. Be sure to inspect your standing desk fully upon arrival.

Reaching out to customer service with issues prompts helpful troubleshooting. But if needed, the strong Officemax warranties provide peace of mind that your investment is protected for years to come. Maintaining your desk properly extends its lifetime even beyond the warranty periods.

Sizing and Dimension Considerations

With standing desks being a sizable investment and fixture in your office, you’ll want to measure carefully before picking the right Officemax model. Here are the key measurements I made of my workspace before deciding on desktop size:

  • Room dimensions: record the exact height, width, and depth of the room area you plan to place the standing desk in. This ensures it will fit.
  • Leg clearance: measure the clearance between walls, under desks, and corners to guarantee you can pull chairs or stools under the desk.
  • Monitor sizes: Note your monitor widths if placing on your standing desk to make sure the surface width accommodates them.
  • Keyboard and mouse needs: Measure the total width that your keyboard, mouse, and other peripherals require on the desktop.
  • Desktop depth: Standard depths are around 24”-30”. Make sure you’ll have enough surface depth for your needs.
  • Desk placement: Take into account proximity to outlets, how much foot traffic passes by, and if cords can reach.

With measurements in hand, you can choose the desktop size and base dimensions from Officemax that make the most of your available space. Proper measurement helps maximize your new standing desk setup!

Benefits of Adjustability Features

A key perk of investing in an adjustable standing desk from Officemax is being able to modify the height to prevent aches and pains that can come from sitting or standing for too long. Here are some of the trained experts recommend:

  • Vary positions: Make small height adjustments throughout the day to cycle between sitting and standing postures. This engages new muscles and promotes movement.
  • Use height memory presets: Program your preferred standing or sitting heights into electric desks to instantly alternate between them.
  • Try angled standing: Burn more calories by positioning the desk a few degrees higher than 90° with a mild forward tilt.
  • Split time 50/50: Ideally split your work time evenly between sitting and standing every day to build stamina while not overdoing standing.
  • Take movement breaks: Step away periodically for short walks, stretches, or exercises to increase blood flow.

A quality adjustable standing desk unlocks a greater range of movement. Officemax models make it simple to find your ideal heights for sitting or standing during work. Listen to your body and adjust the desk accordingly.

Available Standing Desk Accessories

To maximize the ergonomics and functionality of my new Officemax standing desk, I opted to accessorize with these beneficial add-ons available:

  • Anti-fatigue mats: These supportive cushions ease strain on feet and legs during long standing periods. They provide comfort and encourage movement.
  • Monitor arms: Adjustable arms save space, allow you to position screens at eye level, and enable 360° rotation.
  • Keyboard trays: These trays mount under the desktop to properly position keyboards closer to the user and improve wrist angles.
  • Cable management: Baskets, clips, and holders neatly contain power strips, wires, and cords to avoid desktop clutter.
  • Monitor risers: Rise your screen closer to eye level while standing with sturdy and height-adjustable display stands.
  • Desk lamps: Mounted task lighting illuminates your workstation when positioned at standing height. Officemax has plug-in and USB-powered options.

With the right accessories, I was able to craft a complete ergonomic and clutter-free standing desk workspace tailored to my needs. Look into options like these to design your ideal setup.

Troubleshooting Common Standing Desk Issues

While I haven’t experienced any major problems with my Officemax standing desk, it helps to know best troubleshooting practices in case of malfunctions:

  • Motor vibration or noise: This is likely a loose bolt or unstable footing. Re-check all joints are tight and the legs are level and balanced.
  • Uneven desktop: Try gently shaking and pressing down on edges to realign any warping. Ensure all mounting bolts are completely tightened.
  • Reset standing desk: If motors or hand cranks are unresponsive, locate the reset switch to restore normal function.
  • Tight manual crank: Loosen the nut underneath loosen tension, then tighten again with moderate effort. Add lubricant to crank mechanism if needed.
  • Loose electrical connector: Check that all plugs and wires are securely attached at both the base and power outlet.

Of course for major technical issues, the manufacturer’s warranty has you covered. But attempting basic troubleshooting could save you the hassle of service calls or returns.

Where to Find an Officemax Standing Desk Locally

If purchasing online sight unseen makes you hesitant, the great news is Officemax offers over 1,000 stores nationwide where you can check out standing desks firsthand before buying.

To find a location near you:

  • Browse the Officemax website store locator and enter your city or zip code to see the closest desks.
  • Call the nearest Officemax and ask if they have floor models of standing desks you can trial in person.
  • Stop by your local store and head to the back furniture showrooms to test and compare desk models and sizes.
  • Ask sales associates for advice choosing between the options available based on your office needs.

With many locations across the US, Officemax makes it easy to experience standing desks in person rather than just ordering online. Being able to see and adjust the desks before buying can give helpful peace of mind.

Ordering Online for Home Delivery

If you know the exact Officemax standing desk you want and don’t need to visit a store, ordering online for direct shipment is straightforward. Here are some tips for smooth ordering and delivery:

  • Browse Officemax’s standing desk listings on their website to view buying options, specs, and prices all in one place.
  • Choose your preferred delivery timeframe during checkout, from next-day to 5+ days based on your urgency.
  • Factor whether you’ll need help with moving heavy boxes during delivery by door drop-off vs. white glove placement service.
  • If desired, add delivery insurance during checkout to protect against any shipping damage for an additional fee.
  • Track your delivery status via the emailed confirmation with tracking number so you’re home to receive it.
  • Inspect boxes thoroughly and take pictures if any damage is visible before signing to accept delivery.

For large packages like standing desks that may not fit in cars, home delivery takes the hassle out of transport from the store. Enjoy the convenience of quick and easy online ordering!

Sit-Stand Converters vs. Full Standing Desks

In my standing desk research, I also considered sit-stand converters that can be placed on top of an existing desk. These risers allow you to convert stationary desks to standing height. Compared to full standing desks, key differences include:

  • Smaller work surface: Converters provide less room for dual monitors, keyboard, desk accessories, etc.
  • Manual transition: Sit to stand lifting with risers is manual unlike electric full desks.
  • Recommend lower weight capacity: About 40 lbs is ideal for most basic risers, less than full desks.
  • More affordable: Good low-cost option under $250 for testing a standing workspace vs. $500+ for a full-sized electric standing desk.

For my needs, the larger work surface and electric controls of a full Officemax standing desk made more sense long-term. But converters are great for trying an affordable starter standing setup!

Health Benefits of Switching to a Standing Desk

The key reason I invested in an Officemax standing desk was the array of proven health and wellness benefits offered by standing more during work:

  • Burns more calories: Standing for 3-4 hours daily can burn up to 350 extra calories vs. sitting.
  • Eases back pain: Changing positions and standing improves posture and takes pressure off the lower back and spine.
  • Increases focus: The subtle movement of standing boosts engagement vs. sitting still for long periods.
  • Lowers blood sugar: Standing and moving helps regulate blood sugar levels better than constant sitting.
  • Reduces fatigue: The uptick in circulation and muscle activity from standing increases energy levels.

While not a cure-all, the science confirms standing desks can make meaningful improvements to comfort, mood, aches and pains, concentration, and energy. The health benefits convinced me to take the plunge on an Officemax standing desk!

Customizing Your Officemax Desk for Small Spaces

One great aspect of Officemax’s line of standing desks is the diversity of options tailored specifically for small apartments, dorm rooms, and offices. These compact customizations help maximize function in tight spaces:

  • Slimmer desktops: Trim depths around 24″ allow the desk to fit flush against walls without jutting out.
  • Converted desktop risers: These small risers take up minimal footprint atop an existing desk.
  • Corner desk shapes: L-shaped and wraparound corner desks save space in rooms with empty corners.
  • Minimal crossbar bases: Low-profile feet have smaller footprints ideal for sliding beside beds, sofas, etc.
  • Casters for rolling: Caster wheels provide mobility to easily shift the desk around as needed in multipurpose rooms.

Thanks to adjustments like these, Officemax standing desks can adapt to even the most cramped work environments. Don’t let limited space deter you – focus on their customizable small space offerings.

Replacement Parts and Extended Warranties

Over several years of regular use, some standing desk parts may require replacement from wear and tear. The good news is Officemax makes it simple to obtain replacement components and extended protection plans.

For spare parts beyond your warranty period:

  • Check the Officemax standing desk product page for the “Replacement Parts” section listing components you can order.
  • Call or chat customer service to inquire about purchasing specific desk parts like motors, cranks, feet etc.
  • Visit your local store’s customer service desk and ask about replacement part availability.

You can also opt into Officemax’s extended protection plans:

  • Extend mechanical or electrical warranties from 3 years to 5+ years for added peace of mind.
  • Coverage includes full repairs and parts replacement with no deductible or hidden fees.

Investing a bit more upfront into additional coverage or quick access to replacement parts ensures your standing desk enjoys a long, useful lifetime in your workspace.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Standing Desks

For environmentally-conscious shoppers like myself, Officemax offers standing desk options specifically designed for sustainability:

  • Bamboo desks: Made using renewable bamboo, these desks are certified eco-friendly and carbon neutral.
  • Reclaimed wood: Some desktop surfaces use upcycled wood or composite materials, reducing waste.
  • LED lighting: Energy-efficient lighting options are available, like solar-powered desk lamps.
  • Non-toxic finishes: Low- or no-VOC paints and finishes improve indoor air quality.
  • Energy-efficient motors: The electric motors consume minimal power across thousands of height adjustments.
  • Recyclable packaging: From corrugated boxes to recyclable packing materials, packaging aims for minimal landfill waste.

Choosing an eco-friendly standing desk means your improved comfort and health doesn’t come at the cost of environmental impact. Officemax makes great strides toward sustainability.

After closely evaluating all the options, I’m excited to improve my office with an Officemax standing desk. For shoppers seeking quality, customization, and budget-friendly pricing, Officemax delivers exceptional adjustable desks to boost wellness and productivity. I hope this deep dive provided helpful guidance as you research choosing your perfect Officemax standing desk!

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