Finding the Perfect Office Chair at OfficeMax


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Table of Contents

My Journey to Discover the Ideal Chair for Long Hours at My Desk

I spend most of my day sitting in front of a computer – like so many of us office workers do. So when my old, worn out office chair finally bit the dust, I knew it was time to invest in a new chair that would provide me with premium comfort and support. As a chronic back pain sufferer, a high-quality ergonomic chair was an absolute must.

I headed to my local OfficeMax to peruse their selection of office chairs. With so many options to choose from, I wasn’t sure where to start. But I was determined to walk out with the perfect chair for my needs. Join me on my journey to find the ideal office chair at OfficeMax!

Testing Out the Options In-Store

One of the great things about OfficeMax is that they have floor models of many of their office chairs on display. This allowed me to actually sit in the chairs and test them out before making a final purchasing decision. I started by trying out some of their mid-range task chairs in the $100 – $300 price range.

I sat in the WorkPro Quantum 9000 Series which had lots of adjustments and good lumbar support. I also tried the Bush Business Furniture BBF-CSX mesh back chair which reclined nicely, but the seat felt smaller than some other models. The Alera Neratoli chair was very cushy and comfortable, but lacked arm adjustments.

After testing some budget-friendly options, I moved on to the premium ergonomic chairs. I was immediately impressed with the Raynor Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair. The mesh back molding provided excellent lumbar support, and the headrest pillow was very comfortable. However, the $600+ price tag gave me pause.

I decided to have a seat in OfficeMax’s best-selling ergonomic chair – the WorkPro Pro quantum 9000. This high-end chair checked all my boxes. The contoured back fit my spine perfectly. I could fully customize the height, arm width, seat angle and tilt tension. And it glided smoothly on its rollerblade wheels. My search was over!

Choosing the Right Ergonomic Features

Ergonomic office chairs are designed to provide optimal support and reduce strain. The best chairs feature adjustable arms, seat height, back angles, lumbar support, and more.

I made sure to try out all the adjustments on any chair I was considering to ensure it could be customized to fit my body properly. Having armrests that could move up, down, in and out was important so I could position them to support my shoulders and wrists.

Being able to adjust the back tilt and lock the angle in place ensured I could recline comfortably without slouching. And having depth adjustment on the seat pan allowed me to support my thighs correctly.

But for me, lumbar support was the most critical feature. A quality ergonomic chair will have an adjustable lumbar piece that fits right into the curve of your lower back. This provides essential support to prevent back pain and strain. The WorkPro Pro 9000 I chose has excellent built-in lumbar support that I can adjust on the fly.

Considering Durability for All Day Use

Since I’ll be parked in my office chair for 8+ hours each workday, durability was another big factor in my purchase. Cheaper chairs tend to break down more rapidly with heavy daily use. I wanted something that could stand the test of time.

The WorkPro Pro 9000 has a heavy-duty steel frame and 330 lb weight capacity. The high-resiliency foam seat cushion is made to retain its shape and not get squashed down over time. And the smooth-rolling casters should glide like new for years.

This high-end chair also comes with a 10-year limited warranty, so I have peace of mind that any defects will be covered. While spending more hurts the wallet initially, the investment should pay off with a chair that lasts.

Choosing the Right Look & Feel

While ergonomics and durability were my top priorities, I still wanted a chair that looked professional and suited my tastes. The WorkPro Pro 9000 comes in three colors – black, gray and burgundy. I selected the black model since it matches my existing office furniture and decor.

The mix of black mesh and leather materials gives it a luxurious feel and appearance. I’m glad I have options other than basic fabric seats and backs. And the aluminum frame and base look modern and sophisticated.

This chair really complements the aesthetic of my office. It looks like it belongs behind the desk of a stylish executive or CEO. The clean, professional design works perfectly for my needs.

Comparing Prices to Get the Best Deal

Office chairs can range dramatically in price from budget models under $100 to premium ergonomic chairs reaching well over $1,000. I wanted to get the highest quality chair I could afford without breaking the bank.

The WorkPro Pro 9000 regularly retails for $600 – $800. But OfficeMax frequently runs sales, coupons and other promotions to cut costs on office furniture. I signed up for their email alerts so I’d be notified of any chair deals.

Sure enough, I was able to snag the Pro 9000 for only $399 on sale! That was over $250 off the full price. By shopping smart, I scored a top-of-the-line ergonomic chair for mid-range cost. Price comparing and watching for sales really pays off.

Buying the Floor Model to Save More

Another great money-saving tip is to look for floor model discounts. Display products can’t be sold as “brand new”, so OfficeMax often marks down the prices.

Luckily the Pro 9000 I tested out was the last floor model in stock. Since it was still in perfect condition, I asked if they would offer it at a reduced price. The manager agreed to take an extra $50 off! So I walked out with this like-new $600 chair for only $349. My wallet and back were both thanking me.

Enjoying Free In-Store Assembly

After going through the checkout process, which was quick and easy, I had one more big perk – free in-store assembly! The sales associate took my chair straight from the box and put it together for me at no charge.

Within minutes he had unpacked all the parts, snapped on the wheels, attached the armrests, inserted the lumbar piece, and ensured every adjustment was working correctly. I didn’t have to haul a chair box home and figure out assembly instructions myself.

This complimentary service is something OfficeMax offers on all office seating priced $150 and up. It’s an amazingly valuable benefit for anyone who dreads the assembly process like I do. Kudos to OfficeMax for going above and beyond.

Rolling Away in Complete Comfort

When all was said and done, I couldn’t have been happier wheeling out of the store in my brand new WorkPro Pro 9000. The smooth ride thanks to the premium casters assured me I made the right choice. And when I excitedly sat down at my desk and adjusted the chair to my body, I knew this seat was made for me.

The plush cushioning provides just the right amount of pushback and contours perfectly to my shape. I can feel the lumbar support hugging my lower back deliciously. And my shoulders relax into the cushiony arms when I recline.

After months of squeaky, stiff misery in my old chair, it’s an indescribable relief to now have a throne fit for my throne room! I almost look forward to long work days now, comforted by my ergonomic cocoon. OfficeMax came through big time in helping this office worker finally rest – and work – in total peace.

Key Takeaways: Finding Office Chair Bliss at OfficeMax

  • Test out floor models in-store to judge comfort and ergonomics
  • Don’t skimp on key adjustments for armrests, back tilt, lumbar support etc.
  • Prioritize durability with heavy-duty frames and high-quality cushioning
  • Shop sales and watch for promotions to get the best price
  • Consider floor models and open box discounts for extra savings
  • Enjoy free assembly to avoid any chair construction headaches
  • Investing more upfront means a chair that lasts for the long haul
  • Proper ergonomics leads to better posture, less strain, and increased productivity
  • OfficeMax carries a stellar selection of office chairs for any budget and need
  • With the right research and smart shopping strategies, you can find office chair bliss!

In Closing

A top-quality office chair that fits your body and workspace is a vital investment. Don’t resign yourself to creaky, uncomfortable seating that ruins your back and focus. There are amazing ergonomic options out there within most budgets. Doing your homework, testing different models in person, and shopping sales can help you score the ideal chair without overspending.

OfficeMax offers an outstanding selection of task chairs, executive chairs, stools, and more. Their popular ergonomic models provide first-class comfort and customization options office workers dream of. And helpful services like free assembly make purchasing there a breeze. For anyone seeking the perfect office oasis, start your search at OfficeMax. Your back and work focus will thank you!

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