Finding the Perfect Left-Handed Ruler for All Your Measuring Needs


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As a left-handed person, finding a ruler specially designed for your dominant hand can be a game changer. Using a regular right-handed ruler can be uncomfortable and make it difficult to read the markings and numbers. The good news is that there are some great options on the market for soft-grip left-handed rulers that will have you measuring with ease and precision.

In this blog, we’ll go over the top 5 soft-grip left-handed rulers that provide both comfort and functionality. We’ll also discuss what features to look for when choosing a left-handed ruler. And finally, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions about these specialty measuring tools.

Whether you’re a student, crafter, engineer, or artist, having the right ruler for your lefty needs allows you to work more efficiently and accurately. So let’s dive in and find the perfect soft-grip ruler for you!

Top 5 Soft-Grip Left-Handed Rulers

Ruler 1: The Lefty Pro Ruler

The Lefty Pro ruler is specially designed for lefties with its ergonomic grip and easy-to-read markings. The soft cushioned grip fits comfortably in your left hand without any slipping. And the high contrast markings are oriented for left-handed viewing so you can clearly see the measurements.

The numbers and increment lines are bold and oversized for visibility. Whether you’re working on detailed technical drawings or simpler craft projects, the markings on this ruler are super easy to read from any angle. The durable plastic construction means your Lefty Pro ruler will last for years while maintaining its precision.

Overall, the Lefty Pro ruler provides excellent comfort combined with accuracy at a mid-range price point. It’s a great all-around choice for any left-handed user.

Ruler 2: The Leftor Ruler

Crafted with lefties in mind, the Leftor ruler boasts a cushioned foam grip for comfortable handling. The grip helps reduce hand strain and fatigue while providing a non-slip surface.

This ruler features color-coded measurements with the inches in black and centimeters in red. This color-coding allows for quick reading of either imperial or metric units. The large numbers are printed in high contrast for clarity.

Made from durable composite materials, the Leftor ruler is shatter-resistant if accidentally dropped. It can stand up to regular use in the classroom, office or craft room. This versatile and affordable ruler gives lefties the functionality they need.

Ruler 3: The Lefty Ruler Premium Flexible model

With its flexible body, the Lefty Ruler Premium ruler can measure curved or circular objects with ease. The flexibility allows you to wrap the ruler around candles, craft pieces, machine parts and other items that aren’t perfectly straight.

The soft rubber grip is textured to prevent your fingers from slipping while you position the ruler. This textured handling area also minimizes hand strain.

High contrast markings stand out sharply against the translucent ruler body. The white numbers providing excellent visibility and readability. Whether you need to precisely measure detailed curves or mark increments, the clear markings have you covered.

For those needing to measure non-straight edges, the flexibility and visibility of the Premium Lefty Ruler makes it well worth the premium price.

Ruler 4: The Lefty Master Ruler

The Lefty Master ruler is specially designed to fit the left hand ergonomically with its shaped contoured grip. This anatomical grip feels like it was custom molded to cradle your hand comfortably.

The grip material is soft while also providing a positive hold on the ruler. Your fingers naturally conform to the shape, allowing you to maintain control and accuracy.

This ruler boasts wide markings and extra bold numbers for high visibility. The markings are precisely calibrated for accuracy and reinforced so they won’t wear off.

Constructed from shatterproof acrylic, this durable Lefty Master Ruler withstands classroom, office, and field use. Its longer 12 inch length lets you tackle big measurement jobs.

While it sits at the higher end of the price range, the Lefty Master Ruler’s comfortable contoured grip and clarity of markings make it a premium choice. The accuracy and performance justify the price for many left-handed users.

Ruler 5: The Cloud Soft Ruler for Lefties

Boasting the softest cushioned grip on the market, the Cloud Soft Ruler feels like a dream to handle. The cloud-like texture allows your fingers to gently sink into the grip, reducing hand tension and fatigue.

With its oversized markings and huge 1⁄4 inch numbers, the Cloud Soft Ruler is designed for maximum visibility. The high contrast white markings against the translucent blue body could not be easier to read.

Constructed from lightweight aircraft grade aluminum, this ruler is durable while maintaining a comfortable lightness. The strong aluminum won’t bend or lose its shape over time and use.

From its incredible soft-touch grip to its oversized markings and numbers, every detail of the Cloud Soft Ruler is made to provide a premium lefty measuring experience. It may have the highest price tag, but its quality is unmatched.

How to Choose the Best Soft-Grip Left-Handed Ruler

With so many great options, choosing the right soft-grip left-handed ruler involves considering a few key factors:

  • Your needs – Think about how you will use the ruler—for schoolwork, drawings, sewing, woodwork, etc. Your specific needs will dictate what features are most important.
  • Grip comfort – Be sure to choose a grip that feels good in your hand and lets you wrap your fingers around it with a secure hold. Avoid hard plastic that digs into your fingers.
  • Marking readability – Look for clear, bold markings that are easy to read from all angles. Dark numbers against a light background provide the best visibility.
  • Durability – A left-handed ruler needs to stand up to daily use, so check that the material is shatterproof and the markings won’t fade or rub off.
  • Length – Standard rulers are 12 inches but you can find longer 18-24 inch rules for special projects. Make sure to choose an appropriate size.
  • Flexibility – Do you need to measure curved surfaces? If so, look for a flexible ruler that bends to wrap around cylindrical objects.
  • Specialty markings – Some left-handed rulers offer additional increments, conversion charts, shapes, protractors, etc. Consider if you require these specialty markings.
  • Budget – Soft-grip left-handed rulers range from $3 basic plastic to $15+ premium models. Set a budget but don’t sacrifice usability.

Keeping these factors in mind will ensure you select the ideal soft-grip ruler tailored to your left-handed requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions about Left-Handed Rulers

Many lefties have questions about using these specialty measuring tools. Here are answers to some commonly asked questions:

Why do left-handed people need special rulers?

Left-handed people need rulers designed specifically for their dominant hand. Standard rulers have markings that are oriented for right-handed people to read. Left-handed rulers flip the orientation so the numbers and markings read properly for lefties. This allows for more comfortable use and better accuracy.

What makes the grip “soft” on these rulers?

The soft grip is created by using cushioned, rubberized, or textured materials rather than hard plastics. These materials conform to the fingers to reduce slipping while providing a comfortable hold. This enhances grip and minimizes hand fatigue.

Should children use soft-grip left-handed rulers?

Absolutely! It is ideal for left-handed children to learn proper ruler techniques with a soft-grip ruler made for their dominant hand. Developing this skill early with the right ruler will set them up for ruler proficiency. Hard plastic right-handed rulers may frustrate young lefties.

How do you read measurements on a left-handed ruler?

Measurements increase from right to left on a left-handed ruler, the opposite direction of a standard ruler. The numbers and tick marks are formatted correctly for left-handed viewing. Simply line up the zero inch mark with the edge of the item being measured.

Are soft-grip left-handed rulers more expensive?

Left-handed specialty rulers are generally a couple dollars more than regular rulers. However, the extra comfort and ease of use is worth the small price difference for lefties. Proper technique improves the accuracy of your measurements and work.

The Perfect Lefty Ruler is Within Reach

As a left-handed person in a right-handed world, finding tools tailored for your dominant hand can be a challenge. But left-handed specialty rulers eliminate frustration and discomfort. With a soft-grip ruler designed for lefties, you can measure with optimal comfort, visibility and control.

The key is choosing a ruler with an ergonomic grip that fits your hand, clear readable markings oriented for left-hand use, and durability to withstand regular measuring tasks. Options range from basic economy models to premium rulers with cushioned grips and flexible bodies.

While a couple dollars more than regular rulers, a soft-grip left-handed ruler pays for itself in improved technique and more efficient work flow. Give your dominant hand the specialized tool it deserves!

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