Finding the Perfect Laptop for You at OfficeMax


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Table of Contents

A Guide to Choosing the Right Laptop Model, Features, and Price

With so many laptop options on the market today, it can feel overwhelming trying to find the right one for your needs and budget. That’s why I always recommend heading to OfficeMax when it comes time to shop for a new laptop. Their wide selection, great prices, and helpful sales associates make it easy to find the perfect laptop for work, school, gaming, or just everyday use.

After years of laptop shopping at OfficeMax myself, I’ve learned how to navigate all of the choices and zero in on the best laptop for what I need. In this blog post, I’ll share my tips and insights so you can find your perfect OfficeMax laptop with confidence. We’ll look at:

  • The most popular laptops sold at OfficeMax
  • Finding laptop deals and discounts
  • Choosing the right laptop specs and features
  • Extended warranties and protection plans
  • Latest laptop models available
  • Refurbished and 2-in-1 options
  • Financing for laptop purchases
  • Comparing laptops by specifications
  • Laptops for gaming, business, students, and more
  • Accessories and add-ons for your laptop
  • Ordering online and in-store pickup
  • Returns and exchanges
  • And more!

Let’s dive in and explore the wide world of OfficeMax laptops together.

Most Popular Laptop Models at OfficeMax

When looking at all of the laptops on the shelves at OfficeMax, you may be wondering which models are the bestsellers. Knowing which laptops customers buy the most can be helpful in narrowing down your choices. Here are the laptop brands and models I see going home with customers the most:

  • HP – The HP Pavilion, HP Envy, HP Spectre, and HP Chromebook lines are very popular at OfficeMax. HP makes reliable, feature-packed laptops for great prices, so they tend to be top sellers.
  • Lenovo – For business-oriented laptops, Lenovo’s ThinkPad line dominates at OfficeMax. The ThinkPad T Series offers powerful performance and durability. Lenovo IdeaPad laptops are also popular for students and home use.
  • Dell – Dell’s Inspiron laptops offer solid bang for your buck. OfficeMax customers appreciate their strong specs and thin, lightweight designs. Dell’s premium XPS line also has outstanding reviews.
  • Acer – Budget-minded shoppers often go home with an Acer Aspire laptop from OfficeMax. Acer Spin convertible laptops are also popular choices.
  • ASUS – For shoppers focused on versatility, ASUS 2-in-1 laptops and touchscreen models sell very well at OfficeMax. The ZenBook line is sleek and powerful.
  • Apple – While pricier than Windows laptops, Apple MacBooks fly off the shelves at OfficeMax due to their seamless iOS/macOS integration. The MacBook Air and entry-level MacBook Pro are likely their top sellers.

Those are the laptop brands I see most often being purchased or ordered at OfficeMax. But there are always new laptop models and releases, so keep an eye out for the latest and greatest next time you browse the laptop aisles.

Finding Deals on OfficeMax Laptops

The great thing about shopping at OfficeMax is you don’t have to pay full retail price for laptops! There are always deals and discounts to be found that make OfficeMax laptops very affordable. Here are some tips for saving money:

  • Look for weekly sales. OfficeMax rotates sale laptops each week, with impressive discounts on certain brands or models. These can range from $50 off to over $200 in savings, so check the weekly ad!
  • Ask about coupons. At checkout, always ask if there are any laptop coupons available. Even a small % off helps offset taxes. You can also look up OfficeMax promo codes online.
  • Sign up for emails. When you join the OfficeMax rewards program, you’ll get notifications about new laptop offerings and discount opportunities.
  • Shop refurbished. Refurbished laptops offer major discounts over new models, with minimal wear and tear. More on this later!
  • Buy bundles. When you purchase a laptop plus accessories and software as a bundle, you’ll typically save $50 or more over buying separately.
  • Open box deals. Ask about open box specials on laptops – you can score inventory that was opened but never used.
  • Price match. OfficeMax will price match Amazon and other major retailers to earn your business. Bring proof of the competitor’s price.
  • Wait for sales holidays. OfficeMax has amazing Black Friday and Cyber Monday laptop sales in November, plus great back-to-school deals in August/September.
  • Use MPerks rewards. Earn points with your free OfficeMax rewards card and redeem points for dollar-off coupons on laptop purchases.

With a little strategizing, you can find some excellent OfficeMax laptop deals and save big. Now let’s look at how to pick the ideal laptop specifications for your needs once you’ve narrowed down brand and budget.

Choosing the Right Laptop Specs and Features

Sifting through technical laptop specs like processor, RAM, storage, graphics, display resolution, etc. can quickly get overwhelming. But the specs make a huge difference in performance, so it helps to understand the basics when choosing a laptop model. Here are the key factors to consider based on your usage:

Processor (CPU)

The processor is essentially the “brain” of the laptop – the most crucial component that determines how fast it can operate. Entry-level processors like Intel Core i3 or AMD Ryzen 3 are fine for basic tasks. Stepping up to a Core i5 or Ryzen 5 offers better multitasking for work and school. Media creators and gamers should look for a high-end Core i7 or Ryzen 7 chip.

RAM (Memory)

RAM enables smooth concurrent running of multiple applications and browser tabs. I’d recommend at least 8GB of RAM for most laptops today. Power users can step up to 16GB for intensive workloads. Just remember – higher RAM comes with a higher price tag.


This determines how much data you can store on your laptop. Most standard laptops now come with 256GB to 512GB of solid state drive (SSD) storage. If you work with large media files or games, look for 1TB or more. External cloud/hard drive storage can supplement if needed.

Graphics Card (GPU)

Integrated graphics chips are built into the processor and provide basic visuals suitable for web browsing, streaming, and office work. Dedicated GPUs from AMD or NVIDIA have their own high-performance memory and are ideal for gaming, video editing, 3D applications, and more.

Display Resolution

Standard displays today have a 1920×1080 Full HD resolution. You can upgrade to a sharper 2560×1600 display, or even 3840×2160 4K resolution. Just know that higher resolutions eat up battery life more quickly. Touchscreens are also now commonplace if you want finger-friendly interaction.

Ports and Slots

Ensure your laptop has the right mix of USB-A, USB-C, HDMI, headphone jack, SD card reader, and other ports you need. Thunderbolt 3 ports allow fast connections to peripherals. Upgrading internal components later requires RAM and storage slots and panels for quick access.


All laptops now come with WiFi built in, but make sure to verify the latest 802.11ac or WiFi 6 standard for fastest speeds. You’ll also want Bluetooth for connecting wireless peripherals and headphones. Some laptops even have mobile broadband and SIM slots for cellular connectivity.

That covers the key components to evaluate when choosing the right OfficeMax laptop specifications for you! Now let’s talk about adding extra peace of mind…

Protecting Your Investment With Warranties

Laptops are a big investment, and you want them to last for years of daily use. Unfortunately, accidents and technical issues are bound to happen from time to time. That’s why extended warranties are worth considering for your new OfficeMax laptop purchase.

Right off the bat, all new laptops come with a 1 year limited manufacturer’s warranty. This covers defects and repairs needed under normal use cases. However, you can add more coverage with OfficeMax extended warranties:

  • 2 Years Additional Coverage – $50-$150 depending on laptop price. Extends manufacturer warranty to 3 years total.
  • 3 Years Total Coverage – $100-$250 for full 3 year coverage including accidents/spills. Best overall value.
  • 4 Years Total Coverage – $200-$400 for complete 4 years of extended protection. Pricey but worthwhile for expensive laptops.

Common warranty options include:

  • Accidental Damage – Covers spills, drops, cracks, power surges, etc.
  • Battery Replacement – Free battery replacement if it loses charge over time.
  • Data Recovery – Retrieves lost or corrupted data if the hard drive crashes.
  • 24/7 Tech Support – U.S. based tech help for troubleshooting over the phone anytime.
  • On Site Repair – Covers in-home service rather than you shipping laptops away.

I always get the 3 year total coverage plan for that peace of mind. Repair costs can easily exceed $200-300 for things like cracked screens or motherboard issues. Avoid the headache and possible out-of-pocket costs by investing just a bit more upfront.

Latest Laptop Models Available at OfficeMax

Laptop manufacturers are constantly releasing new and updated models with faster performance, better displays, improved features, and sleeker designs. At OfficeMax, you can find all the newest laptop releases as soon as they hit the market. Here are some of the latest and greatest to look for on your next visit:

  • Dell XPS 13 Plus – Brand new for 2023 with virtually borderless display, spacious trackpad, and tactile keyboard. Excellent performance and portability.
  • HP Spectre x360 16 – Impressive 16-inch convertible with stunning OLED display and 12th Gen Intel processing power.
  • Lenovo ThinkPad Z13 – Weighing under 2.5 lbs., this ultraportable has AMD Ryzen PRO processing and long battery life.
  • Acer Swift X – One of the thinnest and lightest 14-inch laptops packing an NVIDIA discrete GPU for creative pros.
  • ASUS Zenbook S 13 OLED – Super slim and lightweight 13-inch gem with beautiful OLED touchscreen display.
  • Apple MacBook Pro 14 – Completely redesigned with new M2 Pro/Max chips, better webcam, and gorgeous mini-LED screen.
  • Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro – New ultra-thin Samsung PC lineup with OLED panels and 13/15/17-inch options.

And many more cutting edge options! Make sure to consult the OfficeMax sales associates about the latest releases and upcoming laptops. They stay informed on all the newest tech.

Now let’s explore how refurbished and 2-in-1 laptops can save you money…

Refurbished and 2-in-1 Laptop Options

In addition to all the new laptop models carried at OfficeMax, you can also shop refurbished laptops and versatile 2-in-1 convertible designs at discounted price points. Here’s an overview of these budget-friendly options:

Refurbished Laptops

Refurbished or reconditioned laptops at OfficeMax offer tremendous value, with significant discounts over brand new models. Inventory comes from:

  • Returned items quickly inspected and fixed up
  • Open box items never used by the original buyer
  • Off-lease systems from corporate buyers after 1-3 years of use

Refurb laptops go through stringent testing and reconditioning at the factory. Damaged parts get repaired or replaced. The finish gets a fresh coat of paint or polish. Systems are then spotlessly cleaned and sanitized before sale.

You still get a full 1 year warranty and can add extended coverage too. Just be sure to inspect closely upon purchase in case any nicks or scratches remain. Overall though, you can save hundreds over comparable new laptops.

2-in-1 Convertible Laptops

2-in-1 laptops offer the versatility of transforming between a traditional laptop and a tablet. The display can rotate 360 degrees to fold flat against the keyboard for tablet mode. Many are touchscreen enabled as well for seamless control.

Popular options like the HP Spectre x360, Lenovo Yoga series, and Dell XPS 2-in-1 allow powerful performance and big screens while giving you tablet mobility. Entry-level models like the Acer Spin also offer budget 2-in-1 functionality.

Adding a digital pen expands the 2-in-1 experience for drawing, note taking, and creative work. Overall, 2-in-1s are ideal if you want flexibility in a single device. The seamless switching between modes makes them worth considering over detachable tablet hybrids.

Payment Plans and Financing Available

A new laptop is a big ticket purchase, so OfficeMax makes the buying process easier by offering financing and payment plans. If you need to spread out the cost over time, here are some options to discuss with associates:

  • OfficeMax Credit Card – Apply for their credit card and make monthly payments over 6, 12, 18, or 24 months. Manage it all online through Commenity Bank once approved.
  • Lease-to-Own – Lease a laptop through Progressive Leasing and acquire ownership over 12-24 month terms. Low buyout option at end of lease term.
  • Bill Me Later – Pay for the laptop later in 6 monthly installments with no interest through Bread Financial. Quick online approval process.
  • Buy Now, Pay Later – Affirm, Zip, and Klarna are accepted for breaking up your total into multiple smaller payments over time.
  • Used with CareCard – Their Used with Care credit card provides 12 month financing on used tech purchases for a low 5.99% APR.

Always be sure to read financing terms and avoid options with high deferred interest. But used judiciously, financing makes an OfficeMax laptop more accessible.

Comparing Laptop Specs Side-by-Side

With the endless options at OfficeMax, it helps to directly compare laptops side-by-side to see how they stack up spec for spec. Fortunately, the OfficeMax website makes this easy.

When viewing a particular laptop model, scroll down to the “Compare With Similar Items” section. Click “Add to Compare” to select up to 3 additional laptops. This adds them to your product comparison chart.

You can then see the laptops’ specs, ratings, and pricing compared in a simple table. Specs lined up include:

  • Processor (CPU)
  • RAM capacity
  • SSD storage amount
  • Display resolution and size
  • Operating system
  • Touchscreen or non-touch
  • 2-in-1 convertible design or not
  • Graphics card (GPU)
  • Ports and slots
  • Battery life
  • Dimensions and weight
  • And more!

Toggle between the laptop columns and easily view how each option compares for your needs. This makes it simple to determine the best value laptop with the right performance, display, portability, and features. The side-by-side view is invaluable when laptop shopping.

Gaming Laptop Options at OfficeMax

Gamers rejoice – OfficeMax carries a wide selection of gaming laptops equipped with powerful components optimized for high frame rates and gorgeous graphics. Brands to look for include:


MSI makes ultra-thin gaming laptops like the top-of-the-line MSI Raider GE67 HX with 12th Gen i9 CPU, RTX 3080 GPU, blazing fast 240Hz QHD display, RGB keyboard, and more.


For vivid visuals, the ASUS ROG Zephyrus line features buttery smooth 165Hz+ displays with 100% DCI-P3 color gamut coverage. Packed with AMD Ryzen CPUs and RTX graphics.


Acer’s Predator Helios 300 offers superb 1080p gaming performance with 144Hz refresh rates at more affordable pricing. Thermal cooling keeps the system running optimally during intense gaming.


Lenovo Legion gaming laptops tout marathon battery life alongside savage power for AAA gaming. QHD 165Hz display options let you game at 2560 x 1400 resolution.


From the premium Alienware laptops to more affordable Dell G Series, Dell caters to diehard gamers. Expect blazing NVIDIA RTX 30 series GPUs, quad zone RGB keyboards, and fast refresh rate 1080p or 4K displays.


HP’s specialized OMEN gaming brand has laptops like the OMEN 16 with 12th gen Intel cores, RTX 30 series graphics, and stunning 165Hz QHD or 1080p display configurations. Designed for immersive play.

For the best prices, look out for weekly gaming laptop deals in the OfficeMax ads. Powerful gaming rigs are often hundreds off!

Now let’s explore some top options for business, office, and student laptop needs…

Laptops for Business, Work, and School

In addition to consumer laptops for home, OfficeMax has professional laptops designed for business, office, and student needs. Here are some top contenders for boosting productivity:

Business Laptops

  • Lenovo ThinkPad T Series – The gold standard for business with security, durability, and performance. AMD or Intel CPU options.
  • Dell Latitude 7000 Series – Premium business laptops featuring Dell’s Work From Anywhere designs. Frequent sales at OM.
  • HP ProBook 600 Series – Affordable business workhorses optimized for remote work. Optimized by HP Wolf Security.
  • ASUS ExpertBook – Ultralight ASUS business laptops with number pads and Thunderbolt ports. MIL-STD 810H tested durability.

Work Laptops

  • Acer Swift 3 – Excellent portable option for getting work done on the go with great battery life.
  • Lenovo IdeaPad Series – Mainstream home office and small business laptop line from Lenovo. Sharp QHD display options.
  • Dell Inspiron Series – Dell’s beloved Inspiron line covers a wide range of budget friendly office laptops.
  • HP Envy x360 – Stylish aluminum convertible perfect for office work and presentations on the go.

Student Laptops

  • Acer Aspire 5 – Excellent blend of performance, portability, and value for budget minded students.
  • HP Chromebook x360 – Durable convertible Chromebook with long battery life and affordable pricing.
  • Lenovo IdeaPad 3i – Solid midrange choice covering the basics like Zoom classes, emails, and assignments.
  • Dell Inspiron 15 3000 – Capable and customizable home/dorm laptop with plenty of ports.

Those are some top contenders tailored to boosting productivity in business, office, and school environments. All available at your local OfficeMax!

Software Bundles and Add-Ons

Buying a new laptop is the perfect time to load it up with productivity software for work, creativity, security, and more. Fortunately, OfficeMax offers convenient software bundles with major savings over buying separately.

Popular options include:

  • Microsoft Office Home and Student – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and 1TB OneDrive storage for all your docs.
  • Antivirus Protection – Essential security software like McAfee or Norton 360 to keep your new laptop safeguarded.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud – For graphic designers, the full suite of Adobe’s creative apps like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro.
  • Financial Software – Manage finances on your new laptop with Quicken or QuickBooks.
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking – Voice dictation software for writing without typing. Great accessibility option.
  • Evernote – The best app for notetaking, archiving web clips, scanning documents, and more.

You’ll save at least $50, often over $100 when buying bundled software packages compared to purchasing separately. Just grab the activation codes at checkout and install your new programs at home. Super convenient!

Accessories and Add-Ons For Laptop Customization

To complete your laptop setup, don’t forget all the accessories and extras available at OfficeMax! Here are key add-ons to customize and protect your investment:

  • Backpacks and Sleeves – Carry and protect your laptop in style with name brand backpacks from SwissGear, High Sierra, and Case Logic. Protective sleeves prevent scratches.
  • Printers – Choose from top brands like HP, Brother, Canon, and Epson to print wirelessly from your new laptop. All-in-one printers can scan and copy too.
  • External Drives – Boost storage with external hard drives and flash drives from SanDisk, WD, Seagate, and more. Great for backups and extra capacity.
  • Headphones – Upgrade your audio with Bluetooth headphones and earbuds from Bose, Beats, Sony, JBL, and other top brands.
  • Speakers – Blast sound from your laptop with portable Bluetooth speakers like JBL Flip, Bose SoundLink, and Ultimate Ears BOOM.
  • Webcams – Look your best on video calls with crisp 1080p webcams from Logitech, Microsoft, and other leading brands.
  • Wireless Mouse – Reduce wrist strain with an ergonomic mouse from Logitech, Microsoft, or Razer. Bluetooth options cut the cord.

Don’t haul home a naked new laptop! Be sure to accessorize and customize your laptop for maximum functionality.

Order Online for Free Store Pickup

One of the easiest ways to shop for a new laptop at OfficeMax is to order online for in-store pickup. This gives you the convenience of browsing online combined with quick store pickup on your schedule.

Simply research laptops on, select your model, and choose “Check Stores” to see if it’s in stock nearby for pickup. Add to cart, checkout, and you’ll get a “Ready for Pickup” email notification usually within an hour.

Drive to your local OfficeMax and head to the designated order pickup counter or lockers. Show your ID and grab your new laptop off the shelf. No waiting around for delivery!

Store pickup also makes returns and exchanges a breeze if needed. Just drive back and swap out within the return period. Much easier than repackaging and shipping back.

Give online ordering with in-store pickup a try for an easy and instant laptop gratification!

Returns Are Easy with OfficeMax Laptops

Hopefully you are thrilled with your new OfficeMax laptop! But if you happen to change your mind or run into issues, returns and exchanges at OfficeMax are quick and convenient.

Return Policy Highlights

  • 15 days for returns/exchanges on computers and tablets. Extendable to 30 days with OfficeMax rewards sign up.
  • Receipt lookup available if you lose your receipt.
  • Opens software can only be exchanged for identical item due to piracy concerns.
  • Restocking fees may apply for large desktops, custom orders, or excessive missing items.
  • Refunds generally credited back to original payment within 10 days of return.

Return Process

  • Initiate the return online through your account and print the QR code or have it on your mobile device.
  • Repackage the laptop securely in original box with all accessories and parts.
  • Take the return to the customer service desk at any OfficeMax. Provide QR code and ID.
  • Rapid exchange, refund, or store credit options depending on your situation.

As long as the laptop is still in original condition with packaging, the OfficeMax return process is quick and hassle-free. This gives you peace of mind after your purchase.

Frequently Updated Laptop Inventory

With new laptop models constantly being introduced, OfficeMax keeps its huge laptop inventory frequently updated. You can always expect to find the latest releases and bestsellers in stock.

Some key inventory management points:

  • National distribution centers rapidly replenish local store stock
  • High velocity items like top sellers are continuously cycled in
  • Preorders available for upcoming laptop releases and refreshes
  • Clearance sections always being refreshed with open box deals
  • Refurbished laptop inventory updated weekly with open box and off-lease deals
  • Gaming laptop section keeps buzzworthy models like ROG, Predator, OMEN, Legion in stock
  • New model rollout trains sales associates on latest laptop specs and features

So don’t assume OfficeMax just has old leftovers! The inventory turns over rapidly thanks to their enormous purchasing scale. Check often for new laptop arrivals and bundles.

Knowledgeable Sales Associates Provide Expert Guidance

Even after reading a detailed laptop buying guide like this, you probably still have questions and uncertainty about finding the perfect laptop. That’s expected with such a major purchase!

Fortunately, OfficeMax sales associates complete extensive training to provide expert laptop guidance tailored to each customer’s needs.

Here are some keys to getting the most out of associates’ expertise:

  • Explain How You Plan to Use It – General use? Gaming? Video editing? School? Let them know so they suggest appropriate specs.
  • Discuss Must-Have Features – Certain screen size? Brand preference? Battery life needs? Budget constraints? Give them the parameters.
  • Ask About New Releases – Find out which just-launched laptops provide the best value and performance for you.
  • Inquire on Open Box Deals – Ask what open box or refurbished laptop deals could save you money.
  • Request Side-by-Side Comparisons – Have them pull up models side-by-side to see differences and align with priorities.
  • Ask About Protection Plans – Get advice on whether extended warranties make sense for your use case.

The most knowledgeable OfficeMax sales associates want you to find the ideal laptop. Don’t hesitate to pick their expert brains before making this big purchase decision!

Now Get Out There and Find Your Perfect OfficeMax Laptop!

I hope this comprehensive guide gives you confidence and direction heading into your next major laptop purchase at OfficeMax. Focus on your key needs and budget, hone in on a shortlist of models, and then let the OfficeMax experts steer you to laptop bliss.

Remember to look out for:

  • The most popular brands and lines among OfficeMax shoppers
  • Weekly sales, coupons, bundles, and other ways to save
  • Matching desired specs like CPU, RAM, storage, display, and battery life to your usage
  • Extended warranty options for long term investment protection
  • The newest laptop models and releases constantly hitting shelves
  • Refurbished and convertible 2-in-1 values
  • Payment plan and financing options for easier affordability
  • Side-by-side spec comparisons to make the best choice
  • Ideal laptops for gaming, business, work, school, and everything in between
  • Software bundles and accessories for a complete mobile setup
  • Smooth ordering online with convenient in-store pickup
  • Quick and easy returns or exchanges as needed

With this head start researching OfficeMax laptop offerings, you’re sure to walk out the door with your perfect laptop match. Let me know in the comments about the great OfficeMax laptop deals you come across! I’m always looking for an excuse to upgrade my tech. Happy shopping!

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