Finding the Perfect Laminator for Home or Office at OfficeMax


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Table of Contents

A Review of Laminator Options, Prices, and More at Your Local Office Supply Store

I never realized how essential a laminator could be until I started working from home more over the past couple years. As a freelance writer and editor, I find myself printing, signing, and handling a lot more important documents that I want to keep protected and organized. My old laminator from college had seen better days, so I decided it was time to invest in a new one. With an OfficeMax located just down the street, I headed there first to check out their selection of laminators.

Walking into my local OfficeMax store, I was greeted by aisles of office and school supplies, printers, furniture, and more. I easily located the electronics section and found an entire shelf displaying various laminator models and sizes. There must have been at least 10 different options to choose from! Now I just had to decide which one would best suit my needs.

The first thing I noticed was the range of prices for the OfficeMax laminators. They had simple plastic pouch laminators for less than $20, all the way up to heavy-duty industrial machines priced over $200. As a home office user without the need for high volume lamination, I focused my search on the sub-$50 models. These appeared to offer a good balance of quality and affordability.

One of the first laminators that caught my eye was the GBC Cateno 35 Pintuck Laminator on sale for $39.99. This had great reviews online for being easy to use and accommodating documents up to 35 inches wide. It can laminate items from 3mil to 10mil thick using hot or cold settings. The auto shut-off feature provides added safety and peace of mind. For my basic home office uses, this GBC model seemed like a leading contender.

However, I also came across the Swingline Inspire Laminator for $44.99 which boasted similar specs with five temperature settings and a 12 minute warm-up time. The 2.5 inch throat depth accommodates standard letter or legal size documents. Swingline is also a well-known, trusted brand when it comes to laminators and binding machines. Overall, the Inspire had slightly better online reviews than the GBC model in terms of longevity and efficiency.

One key differentiator I noticed between the two laminators was that the GBC Cateno offered both hot and cold lamination, while the Swingline Inspire only did hot. Since I would primarily be laminating standard paper documents, photos, and occasional IDs or cards, I didn’t think I necessarily needed a cold option. But it was good to know the GBC machine provided that extra flexibility if I ever wanted to laminate heat-sensitive items.

Beyond these two models, OfficeMax also carried some higher-end laminators like the Fellowes Saturn 3i 125 Laminator for $169.99 and the industrial-grade GBC EZUse 60 Thermal Laminator for $229.99. However, these were far beyond what I needed for home office use. They could laminate much larger items, up to 125cm wide for the Fellowes model. The GBC EZUse also boasted features like auto sheet separation and jam release for heavy duty document lamination. Impressive machines, but excessive for my basic purposes.

One of my favorite aspects of shopping at OfficeMax is their focus on making supplies accessible and affordable to customers. I noticed that many of their laminators were either on sale or had instant rebates available. For example, the Swingline Inspire laminator had a $10 discount applied at checkout. And the popular GBC Cateno laminator came with 200 free lamination pouches, a $19.99 value. These promotions and discounts made the decision to purchase from OfficeMax even more appealing.

When comparing specs, the maximum laminating width that would be needed for my home office is legal size or 9 inches. All of the OfficeMax models I looked at could accommodate letter size, legal size, and sometimes even 11 inch documents or photos. The larger industrial machines went up to 27 inches or more in width capacity. It was useful to see this range of sizes available, even though I knew I wouldn’t need the jumbo width ability.

One helpful sales associate explained the main differences between thermal and cold laminators to me. Thermal models work by heating up and melting a plastic bonding layer within the laminating pouches. This adheres your document between two layers of plastic. These tend to be faster, more heavy-duty, and easier to use. Cold models apply pressure only to seal items in pouches, without heat. They take more time, don’t bond as tightly, but are preferred for heat-sensitive materials. Understanding these key distinctions helped guide me toward a thermal model which would suit my needs well.

When I asked about their most heavy-duty and durable options for office use, the sales associate recommended I look at the AmazonBasics Thermal Laminator priced at $38.43 or the Swingline GBC Fusion UltraLam Thermal Laminator for $99.99. Both can handle high volumes and large laminating projects while still being easy to use. The higher-end Swingline model featured jam release buttons, an automatic paper feeder, and could laminate items up to 10mil thick. For my home office, the AmazonBasics version provided sufficient durability at a better price point.

In terms of brands carried, OfficeMax offered a diverse selection from trusted names like Swingline, GBC, AmazonBasics, and Fellowes. I recognized these brands from previous good experiences with their office supplies and laminating products. Other less familiar brands like INC and ProLam also had models available. But I felt most comfortable sticking with proven laminator brands that I knew would get the job done right.

While comparing all the in-store laminator options, I made sure to also look up each model online to read customer reviews. This helped me gauge real-world performance and satisfaction. Models like the GBC Cateno, Swingline Inspire, and AmazonBasics generally rated 4 stars and above. A few had complaints about jams or uneven sealing, so I made note to avoid those. Checking out detailed customer feedback provided insight beyond the basic specs and pricing.

Most of the OfficeMax laminators came with at least a 1 year limited warranty included. Higher-end models like the Fellowes Saturn 3i increased this to 3 years. I appreciated these included warranties in case of any manufacturing defects or premature wear. A few laminators were also advertised as having a “100% Satisfaction Guarantee”. This gave me confidence that I could easily return the laminator if it did not meet expectations or suit my needs after purchasing.

When checking out the product descriptions, I realized there were a few key considerations to choosing the right laminator. First, what thickness of pouches will I need to seal most often? Standard shipping pouch thickness is 3-5 mil, so a laminator that can handle at least 5 mil would work for my basic needs. I also thought about speed and warm-up times. The quickest OfficeMax models could laminate a page in under a minute with less than 4 minute warm-ups. Finally, a portable unit with retractable cord would be convenient for my home office setup. Taking all this into account will help identify the most suitable machine.

One great service offered at my local OfficeMax was the ability to see demonstration models in action before buying. I asked an associate if I could do a test laminate with a sample page using both the Swingline Inspire and the GBC Cateno models. Watching them run side-by-side helped me compare their performance and ease of use. I decided the Inspire laminated a bit faster and more smoothly through multiple demo runs. Being able to try before you buy gave me the confidence I picked the right machine.

While checking out, I also discovered that OfficeMax offers repair services for laminators and other office equipment, which could save me money down the road. If my new laminator ever jams, overheats, or stops laminating evenly, I have the option to bring it to the store for professional repairs by experienced technicians. They can diagnose and fix issues or even provide guidance if the machine would be better replaced altogether. It’s a convenient service to have access to from a trusted local retailer.

To finish off my laminator purchase, I walked through the aisles to pick up some necessary accessories. This included packs of 3mil and 5mil laminating pouches in letter and legal sizes. I also found useful items like a laminator cleaning kit, extra heating rollers, and trimmer guides to cut laminated items neatly and consistently. Rounding out my shopping cart with these supplemental supplies ensured I had everything I needed for professional-looking lamination projects at home.

Throughout the entire shopping experience, OfficeMax employees were readily available for any advice or recommendations I needed along the way. When I had questions about selecting the right machine or comparing brands, they offered knowledgeable guidance to point me in the right direction. This expert help made the decision process much less intimidating so I could choose the perfect laminator with confidence. I am thrilled with my new Swingline Inspire and can’t wait to put it to use protecting important documents and memories.

Based on my experiences, I would definitely recommend OfficeMax as the ideal place for purchasing laminators. Their combination of trusted brand names, fair pricing, discounts offered, variety of models, and product guarantees cannot be beat. The availability of in-store demos, repair services, and accessories provides additional convenience. And the overall customer service exceeds expectations. I know anytime I need office supplies in the future, OfficeMax will be my first stop. They make shopping for a laminator and everything that goes with it quick, easy, and even enjoyable!

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