Finding the Perfect Dry Erase Board for Your Office at OfficeMax


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Table of Contents

A Guide to Sizing, Styles, and Special Features of Dry Erase Boards from OfficeMax

As an office manager, one of my top priorities is making sure our team has the right tools and equipment to collaborate effectively. A key item on that list? Dry erase boards. These versatile whiteboards allow for brainstormingproject planning, and so much more. For our recent office redesign, I’ve been researching the many dry erase board options available from OfficeMax to find the perfect fit.

After spending hours browsing their selection online and in-store, I feel like an expert on OfficeMax dry erase boards! From small personal boards to massive wall-mounted boards, they have a huge variety of sizes and styles to choose from. In this blog, I’ll share everything I learned during my dry erase board quest to help others find the ideal board for their office or workspace.

Sizing Your Dry Erase Board

First things first – what size dry erase board do you need? OfficeMax offers boards ranging from just 9″ x 12″ mini boards all the way up to massive 4′ x 8′ boards and beyond. Consider the purpose, available wall space, and number of people using the board.

For individual use, the small 9″ x 12″ personal boards are perfect for jotting notes and keeping to-do lists. For common office areas, medium 2′ x 3′ boards mounted vertically or horizontally give enough space for meetings and group work sessions. Larger 4′ x 6′ and 4′ x 8′ boards are ideal for classrooms, conference rooms, and creative bullpen spaces where you need ample room for multiple people to collaborate.

OfficeMax also has enormous 8′ x 4′ extra-large boards that make a serious impact mounted floor-to-ceiling in lobby spaces. Don’t underestimate the power of an oversized board to foster big thinking! Just be sure you have the wall space before committing to one of these giant dry erase boards.

Costs of Dry Erase Boards at OfficeMax

Pricing for dry erase boards at OfficeMax is very reasonable, especially considering the commercial-grade quality. Small 9″ x 12″ personal boards start at around $5, while most standard-sized 3′ x 2′ boards run $25-60.

Larger 4′ x 6′ boards usually cost $80-150. For extra-large boards, prices understandably go up. A 4′ x 8′ board will run you $200-350. The massive 8′ x 4′ boards fall in the $500-700 range.

They also offer multipacks of smaller 9″ x 12″ personal boards for about $25 for a 5-pack – perfect for equipping a whole team or classroom affordably.

There are often sales, coupons, and bulk discounts available to help save money on your OfficeMax dry erase board purchase. Providing this essential visual collaboration tool for our team is worth every penny in my book!

Best Dry Erase Boards at OfficeMax

Based on my research, here are my top picks for the best dry erase boards at OfficeMax:

  • OfficeMate Whiteboards – Their basic melamine boards are affordable but still high-quality. The enamel surface erases cleanly. The aluminum frame provides a polished, finished look.
  • Opterra Opti-Rite Interactive Whiteboards – These porcelain boards have a superior writing surface that’s completely stainproof and ghost-free. The sleek modern style looks great in any workspace.
  • ** Quartet Glass Dry Erase Boards** – The tempered glass surface gives these boards a luxe vibe. Magnetic and perfect for pairing with a glass marker tray.
  • Whiteboard & Corkboard Combos – Get the best of both worlds with a half whiteboard, half corkboard. Great for capturing ideas and displaying notes/photos.
  • Whiteboards with Stand – The wheeled mobile stand allows you to easily reposition and angle the board. Ideal for flexible rooms and impromptu meetings.

I’d recommend visiting your local OfficeMax to test out the writing feel and overall quality so you can choose the best dry erase board for YOUR office needs and style.

Get a Magnetic Dry Erase Board

Do you use magnets to display charts, photos, or notes on your whiteboard? Then I highly recommend choosing a magnetic dry erase board from OfficeMax. Most of their melamine boards come with a magnetic surface that’s strong enough to securely hold letter magnets or other lightweight objects.

The glass boards usually have a full magnetic surface as well, providing even more freedom to populate your board creatively. And the porcelain boards can be upgraded to magnetic for only $10 more.

Having a magnetic surface opens up so many possibilities, making your OfficeMax whiteboard even more functional and fun to use. It’s absolutely worth the minimal additional investment.

Dry Erase Board and Stand Combos

One great option OfficeMax offers are dry erase board and stand combos. These feature a medium-sized whiteboard mounted to a lightweight wheeled stand. The adjustable easel-style stand allows you to tilt and angle the board as needed.

This is perfect for flexible rooms where you want the freedom to roll the board into position for presentations or group work. The ergonomic angled design when standing makes writing more comfortable during longer sessions too.

Spring for the magnetic board upgrade so you can hang paper charts or notes at eye level as visual references during meetings. The maneuverability lends so much dynamic utility. Just steer clear of smaller board/stand combos, as the 3′ width is ideal for a usable workspace.

Best Dry Erase Markers for OfficeMax Boards

Having quality dry erase markers is key to enjoying a seamless writing experience on your new OfficeMax whiteboard. I’d highly recommend using Expo brand markers, the leader in whiteboard accessories. Their bold vivid colors erase cleanly without ghosting.

The chisel tip allows you to vary line thickness. For everyday office use, the low odor dry erase markers are perfect. For presentations, I’d splurge on the neon marker packs to make your writing pop.

And be sure to get a proper eraser and marker tray! The Expo eraser has a large surface area to allow quick, easy erasing of large sections. And the tray keeps markers organized and prevents caps getting lost. Investing in great supporting accessories will maximize the convenience of your new dry erase board.

Tempered Glass Dry Erase Boards

If you want a super sleek modern look, OfficeMax has some beautiful tempered glass dry erase boards. These elegant glass whiteboards have an ultra-smooth writing surface that looks gorgeous mounted on an office wall.

I particularly like the Quartet glass boards which come in a variety of sizes and colors. The slim aluminum frame trim gives them a very polished and professional look. They’re pricier than traditional boards but can really elevate the style of your space.

One tip – only use glass board markers as the ink is formulated not to stain or ghost on glass surfaces. And be very gentle erasing to prevent scratching. But if desired, the glass boards can totally transform your office into an inspiring, Instagram-worthy environment!

Accessorize Your New Dry Erase Board

To maximize efficiency with your new dry erase board, be sure to accessorize! OfficeMax carries a great selection of whiteboard accessories including:

  • Board Duster – Makes erasing large sections fast and easy.
  • Magnetic Clip Set – Holds papers on board securely.
  • Marker Rack – Organizes markers neatly next to board.
  • Magnetic Letters/Numbers – For spelling out words, math equations.
  • Line Guides – Provides writing lines to keep work neat and structured.
  • Weekly Planner – Magnetic laminated planner to track meetings and deadlines.

Taking a few minutes to outfit your new board with handy accessories like these will make your experience smoother each time you use it. They’re little investments that go a long way!

How to Properly Clean a Dry Erase Board

To keep your OfficeMax dry erase board looking its best, it’s important to clean it properly on a regular basis. Here are my tips:

  • Use the provided eraser or a microfiber cloth to wipe away dry marker residue each time you erase. This prevents ghosting.
  • Spray glass cleaner or mild soapy water onto the surface and wipe clean with a cloth or paper towels monthly to remove any lingering stains or buildup.
  • For porcelain boards, use a porcelain cleaner to condition the surface and prevent ghosting. Melamine boards can handle standard glass cleaners.
  • For glass boards, use a designated glass cleaner and soft cloth to prevent scratching the surface.
  • After wet cleaning, make sure to wipe excess moisture off the frame to prevent warping.

Taking just a few minutes each week to care for your board properly will prevent stains and keep your board looking bright and vibrant for years of great use!

Get a Custom-Sized Dry Erase Board

What if your wall space calls for a unique, custom-sized whiteboard? No need to settle for an imperfect standard size – OfficeMax offers custom-cut dry erase boards! Their knowledgable staff can create a fully-framed board to your office’s exact specifications.

They will expertly craft the board from a large-format sheet for uninterrupted writing space. Choose from their quality enamel, porcelain, or glass surfaces. Pick any color frame you like! This made-to-order flexibility allows you to perfectly tailor the board to your needs.

Just contact the OfficeMax store closest to you and they will work with you to determine the ideal measurements, explain material options, and provide an accurate pricing quote. Be sure to account for a couple weeks production time. With an OfficeMax custom board, you can finally get the perfect fit!

Dry Erase Board Warranty Options

Perhaps the best part about choosing high-quality, commercial-grade dry erase boards from OfficeMax is the great warranties included. Most standard boards come with a limited lifetime warranty to cover any manufacturer defects. These warranties guarantee your investment and ensure you’re getting a durable, reliable product.

Some things that are covered include:

  • Discoloration or bubbling of the writing surface
  • Warping or defect in the frame
  • Board failure under normal use

Make sure to fill out your warranty card to register your purchase. Then if any issues arise years down the road, OfficeMax has you covered. This peace of mind allows you to choose your dry erase board with confidence!

For extra protection, you can add the Accident Protection Plan to boards over $200. This covers accidental damage from things like wayward markers or vigorous erasing. That’s one less thing to stress over!

Get Expert Installation for Your XL Board

Investing in an extra-large, wall-mounted dry erase board for your office is thrilling. But properly installing a heavy 4′ x 8′ board on your wall without ruining your nice freshly painted surface? Not so fun.

Thankfully, OfficeMax offers professional installation services for boards over 4′ x 6′. Their team will come handle mounting your giant board quickly and safely using the proper hardware. No struggling to hold it up or making a mess of misplaced holes.

Pricing is very reasonable at just $150 for standard installation. Well worth it for the peace of mind and convenience of letting the experts handle this tricky task. They’ll even patch holes from previous boards left by other installers, leaving your wall pristine.

Let your OfficeMax dry erase board exceed expectations by having it professionally installed once it’s delivered!

Eco-Friendly Dry Erase Boards

Nowadays, it’s important to consider environmental impact, even for office supplies. The good news is OfficeMax offers several eco-friendly dry erase board options made from sustainable materials.

The OfficeMate Recycled Fiberboards are constructed using pre-consumer recycled pulp. This means no fresh trees were harvested to produce the boards. The Virtuosa Porcelain boards are certified by the Rainforest Alliance for sustainability.

You can also find refurbished boards through OfficeMax’s Business Solutions Division. These are high-quality used boards diverted from landfills.

Choosing an environmentally-conscious board option allows you to outfit your office responsibly. Your team can collaborate freely on the spacious surface without unnecessary ecological guilt!

Melamine vs. Porcelain – Which is Best?

When choosing a dry erase board from OfficeMax, you’ll encounter two main surface materials – melamine and porcelain. What are the key differences and which is best for your needs?

Melamine boards feature a hard, smooth enamel coating applied to a fiberboard core. The colorful enamel provides a nice glossy writing surface. Melamine is very budget-friendly. However, the surface can stain or ghost slightly over time.

Porcelain boards boast a glass-infused ceramic surface fused to a steel backing for superior durability. The naturally stainproof surface remains ghost-free with heavy daily use. Porcelain boards cost more but provide the absolute best writing experience.

For light duty in home offices, melamine is likely sufficient. But for busy workspaces, I believe the porcelain boards are worth the additional investment. Either material from OfficeMax will provide years of worry-free collaboration!

Save Money on Your Dry Erase Board

As with any major purchase, it’s nice to save a little money. Here are some tips for scoring deals on dry erase boards at OfficeMax:

  • Check for weekly sales and promotions. OfficeMax always has specials running on various products. Time it right, and you could snag major savings.
  • Sign up for the free OfficeMax Rewards program. You earn points with each purchase which convert into dollar-off rewards coupons on future buys. Rewards can help knock down the price.
  • Open an OfficeMax credit card. When approved, you get 15% off your first day’s purchases to welcome you. They also run cardholder-exclusive bonus discount events.
  • Buy in bulk if equipping a larger space. Bulk purchases come with increased savings.
  • Consider refurbished boards which offer quality at a discount.

With a little strategic shopping, you can outfit your entire office with awesome dry erase boards and stay on budget. The deals are out there!

Love Your Board or Return It!

Here’s one final thing I love about OfficeMax – they stand behind their products with a simple return policy. If you get your dry erase board home and simply don’t love it for any reason, no problem! You have 15 days to bring it back for a full refund.

This allows you to be sure the size, style, writing feel, and overall quality meet your unique needs and preferences. If you do end up wanting to return your board, just bring back the board and original packaging and receipt.

Don’t feel bad about needing to return – OfficeMax’s team will simply want you to be fully happy and equipped with the best dry erase board for YOU. No restocking fees, no hassle. This return policy makes choosing a board worry-free!

Finding Your Perfect OfficeMax Dry Erase Board

Well, I hope this overview has given you great insight into the excellent dry erase board options available from OfficeMax! From small personal boards to huge wall-mounted boards, they truly offer something for every office.

The key is determining your needs – who will use the board and for what purpose? How much space can you dedicate to it? Do you prefer glass, melamine, or porcelain? There are so many great choices!

I’m confident OfficeMax has the ideal dry erase board solution for your team at the right price point. Don’t forget to accessorize for maximum efficiency! Feel free to come back and reference this guide anytime during your shopping journey. Here’s to finding your perfect OfficeMax board and elevating collaboration and productivity in your unique workspace!

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