Finding the Perfect Desk at OfficeMax


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Table of Contents

As I was setting up my new home office, I realized I needed a serious upgrade from the tiny folding table I had been using as a desk. I wanted to find something with enough space for my computer setup and office supplies, that also fit the modern style of my new office. That meant a trip to OfficeMax to peruse their wide selection of desks.

After spending some time browsing online and visiting my local store, I discovered OfficeMax offers an impressive range of desk styles and designs to meet any home or office need. From compact desks ideal for small spaces to large corner workstations, OfficeMax has it all.

Desk Styles at OfficeMax

One of the first things I noticed was the variety of desk configurations available at OfficeMax. Beyond just traditional straight desks, there are also L-shaped desks perfect for fitting in corners and rounded desks with lots of work space. Some of the most popular styles include:

  • Standard desks: These classic straight desk styles come in many different sizes and finishes. They provide ample surface area for tasks like paperwork and computer work.
  • L-shaped corner desks: Perfect for fitting into corners and maximizing work space, the L-shaped desks create a nice continuous surface.
  • U-shaped desks: For the ultimate workspace, a U-shaped desk surrounds you on three sides in a productive cocoon.
  • Standing desks: Adjustable standing desks allow you to alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day. Great for energy and health!
  • Glass computer desks: For a lighter, more open feel, glass desks come with metal frames in lots of colors. They highlight your computer setup.
  • Writing desks: Designed for comfort and style, writing desks are ideal for home office tasks like paying bills.

No matter what type of desk style you love, OfficeMax likely has an option to fit your preferences. From traditional to modern to ergonomic, there’s everything you could need.

OfficeMax Desk Prices and Budget Options

Of course, price played a role in my desk selection for my new home office. I was pleased to see OfficeMax offers desks spanning a wide range of budgets. They have affordable options under $150, moderately priced desks from $150-$300, and high-end executive desks above $300.

Here are some of the most budget-friendly desks I came across at OfficeMax:

  • Safco Orchid Rectangular Desk for $139 – A simple clean-lined rectangular desk perfect for tight spaces.
  • Palmer Desk for $129 – Made of durable laminated particleboard with a handsome Espresso woodgrain finish.
  • Alera Valencia Series Desk for $149 – Features pull-out keyboard tray and choice of finishes like Grey or Warm Cherry.
  • Bush Furniture Cabot L-Shaped Desk for $179 – Provides lots of space with the versatility of an L-shape configuration.
  • Realspace Dawson Computer Desk for $99 – An inexpensive basic desk with open shelving for storing office supplies.

For just around $100-150, OfficeMax has some solid budget-priced desks to choose from. Even the more basic desks at OfficeMax offer nice details like built-in shelves, drawer storage, and grommets for cord management. For penny pinchers like me, this was a great discovery!

How OfficeMax Compares to Other Retailers

In shopping for my new desk, I also browsed the selections at popular retailers like Staples and Office Depot for comparison. While all three office supply chains offer diverse desks, I found OfficeMax to have the widest range of styles and price points.

Some key differences I noticed:

  • More budget-friendly desks under $150 at OfficeMax.
  • OfficeMax has a larger selection of L-shaped, U-shaped and rounded corner desks.
  • More choices for computer desks and workstations optimized for tech.
  • OfficeMax appears to carry more metal and glass desks in modern designs.
  • More standing desks and ergonomic options available at OfficeMax.
  • OfficeMax seems to have larger desks and workstations with even more surface area.
  • OfficeMax offers a few high-end luxury desk lines not found at the other retailers.

Overall, while you can find quality desks at any of these major chains, OfficeMax stood out to me as having the biggest and most diverse selection. They offer lots of configurations, styles and designs for any home or office.

Trying Out In-Stock Desk Options

Once I narrowed down my desk criteria, I headed excitedly to my local OfficeMax store to check out their in-stock selection up close. I highly recommend this if you’re able to shop in person!

It was so helpful to be able to see the different desktop sizes and surface areas firsthand. I could really get a feel for the build quality and visualize how the desks might look in my new office.

Here are some of the in-stock desks that caught my eye:

  • Bush Furniture Salinas L-Shaped Desk: This spacious corner desk came fully assembled in a handsom Weathered Gray finish.
  • Alera Elusion Series Glass Desk: The modern glass and metal design would add a light, airy vibe to any room.
  • HON Ignition 2.0 Desk: Height adjustable from 30” standing to 48” sitting, perfect for active flexibility.
  • Mayline Sierra Rectangular Desk: A solid wood executive desk with gorgeous Walnut finish and lots of storage.
  • Office Star Workstation: A modular desk with hutch, shelves, and drawers for maximum organization.

I loved being able to adjust the ergonomic desks, open the drawers, and visualize the true colors and textures. Seeing the OfficeMax desks in person helped me decide on the perfect one for my new office.

Ideal OfficeMax Gaming Desks

In preparing my office, I also needed to accommodate my gaming setup. I wanted a desk with the right features and space for an ultimate gaming experience.

OfficeMax has some desks that are great for gaming:

  • Ameriwood Home Dakota L-Shaped Gaming Desk: With its large L-shape, it can fit multiple monitors and all your gaming gear.
  • Bush Furniture Cabot 60W Gaming Desk: The curved corner design and carbon fiber print create an immersive gaming environment.
  • Alera Elusion Series Gaming Desk: Tempered glass surface provides a slick look that highlights your equipment.
  • Techni Mobili Gaming Desk: Includes elevated monitor shelf, headset holder, and storage for all your gaming peripherals.
  • Need Computer Desk: Designed just for gaming with two-tone finish, carbon fiber textures, and ergonomic curve.

No matter your gaming setup, OfficeMax has the desks to take your play to the next level. The specialized features and gamer-focused designs provide an ultimate gaming hub.

Desk Dimension and Size Options

In a small home office like mine, dimensions and measurements were key factors in selecting a desk. I measured the room and made sure I chose a desk size that allowed for ample work space without dominating the room.

Here are some of the most popular desk sizes I found at OfficeMax:

  • 48″ standard desks: Perfect for fitting against walls or in corners while leaving room to walk around.
  • 60″ desks and workstations: The extra length provides extended surface area for multiple monitors and supplies.
  • 72″ extra-long desks: Great for open room layouts with lots of free space to fill.
  • Corner desks around 60″x60″: Provide a roomy surface while efficiently using available corner space.
  • Compact desk options under 42″: Fit for tight spaces and small rooms where every inch counts.

Whether you have limited space or an expansive area to fill, OfficeMax offers desks in just about any size you need. Measure your office and choose accordingly!

Finding the Right Desk Brands

In my shopping experience, I came acrossdesks from Bush, Alera, HON, Mayline, Realspace, and Ameriwood as some of the major brands carried by OfficeMax.

Each desk brand stood out with its own unique style and quality attributes:

  • Bush: Traditional styling with lots of wood laminate options at affordable prices.
  • Alera: Streamlined silhouettes and materials like glass for modern appeal.
  • HON: Known for adjustable ergonomic desks for health-conscious offices.
  • Mayline: Luxurious solid wood executive desks made for style and status.
  • Realspace: Contemporary brushed metal and painted finishes to fit any décor.
  • Ameriwood: Fun, youthful designs perfect for kids’ rooms and creative spaces.

With so many reputable brands to choose from, I could find a desk suited for my personal tastes and home office needs. Discovering which brand meshes with your style is part of the fun of shopping at OfficeMax!

OfficeMax Customer Service and Support

While I hope my new desk serves me well for years to come, it was important to understand OfficeMax policies in case I do encounter any issues.

I was pleased to see OfficeMax offers solid customer service and support:

  • Product exchanges within 30 days of purchase for any reason.
  • Return policy up to 90 days for desks in resalable condition.
  • Warranties up to 5 years depending on the desk. Be sure to check your coverage!
  • Delivery options for large, heavy desks, including threshold drop-off or room of choice delivery.
  • Assembly services available starting at $99 to have your desk fully built on delivery.
  • Price match guarantee if you find the desk cheaper elsewhere within 2 weeks.

Knowing OfficeMax has flexibility on exchanges, returns, and servicing gave me confidence in my purchase. Their customer-friendly policies ensure a positive shopping experience.

Desk Warranties and Protection Plans

On a big investment like an office desk, protection is important in case of any damages or defects. I learned OfficeMax offers a few standard warranties on their desk collections:

  • 1 year limited warranty covering manufacturer defects on most desks.
  • 5 year warranty on more premium desk collections and solid wood options.
  • Accidental damage coverage when you purchase the Protection Plan within 30 days.
  • Coverage for repairs, replacements, or exchanges throughout the warranty term.

While OfficeMax desks seem well made to withstand daily office use, issues can come up. Having an extended warranty provides peace of mind. I felt better buying my desk knowing I had some protection from OfficeMax.

For additional coverage, I opted for the Protection Plan on my new desk. Now I can relax knowing accidental spills, nicks, or cracks will be covered. Definitely gave me confidence I selected the right desk to keep for the long-haul!

Where to Read OfficeMax Desk Reviews

To help guide my decision, I tried to read as many customer reviews as possible on the OfficeMax desk models I was considering. Here are some places I found helpful real-world perspectives:

  • The OfficeMax website – Tons of review ratings on each individual desk product page. This helped compare my top choices.
  • OfficeMax YouTube channel – Useful review and assembly videos for popular desks so I could see them in action.
  • Third party review sites – Reviews on sites like gave me unbiased ratings from verified buyers.
  • Reddit threads – Forums like r/OfficeChairs provided candid first-hand reviews on OfficeMax desks and quality.
  • Retailer specialty sites like – These sites review desks for office use specifically.

Reading thoughts from customers gave fantastic insight I couldn’t get browsing alone. Seeing the OfficeMax desk reviews and ratings helped me feel 100% confident in the model I chose!

Modern and Stylish Desk Designs

I wanted my new desk to reflect my modern, contemporary home office style. At OfficeMax, I found so many desk designs that fit the aesthetic I was going for.

Some of my favorite modern desk styles included:

  • Floating glass desks with thin metal frames for an open, light look.
  • Minimalist rectangular desks in matte lacquered finishes like navy blue or charcoal.
  • Contoured desks with ergonomic shapes and curved edges for visual appeal.
  • Industrial metal pipe desk legs paired with reclaimed wood or butcher block tops.
  • Upholstered desk front panels in tufted patterns and soft colors like blush or olive.
  • Marble print desk surfaces for an elevated, luxury touch.

OfficeMax makes it easy to design a trendy modern office environment. With so many sleek, contemporary desk options, I felt like a kid in a candy store picking out new furniture!

Shopping for Desks Online at OfficeMax

While I love browsing furniture in person, I also appreciated the convenience of being able to shop for desks online at

Here are some of the features that made the online shopping experience smooth:

  • Detailed product descriptions with dimensions, finishes, storage details, and full desk specifications.
  • Image galleries to see the desk from all angles in different room settings.
  • Customer reviews for quick insights on quality, value, and experiences.
  • “Where to Buy” tool showing real-time inventory at your local stores.
  • Filters to narrow down options by style, features, dimensions, color, and more.
  • “Shop Your Way” rewards program for earned points on purchases.
  • Secure online checkout with various payment options and delivery selections.

While the excitement of seeing desks in person can’t be replicated online, the OfficeMax website made it easy to research, browse, and purchase the perfect desk. I appreciate their user-friendly online shopping tools.

Getting My New Desk Home from OfficeMax

A major perk of purchasing my desk from OfficeMax was the variety of delivery options to get my large, heavy purchase home from the store.

The delivery methods I could choose from included:

  • In-store pickup: Order online for free store pickup once the desk is ready.
  • Curbside pickup: They’ll load the desk into your vehicle at the store’s curb.
  • Threshold delivery: Drop-off inside your doorway so you don’t have to lift from the curb.
  • Room of choice: For a fee, they’ll bring the desk to the exact room you want and unwrap it.
  • Assembly: Full assembly and placement so your desk is ready to use immediately.

With an enormous box that definitely wouldn’t fit in my car, I appreciated the doorstep delivery to make getting my new desk home a breeze. OfficeMax absolutely earned my business with their superb delivery service.

Assembling My New OfficeMax Desk

Once my new desk was delivered, it was time for the fun task of unboxing all the parts and pieces to put it together. Here are the key steps I followed to assemble my OfficeMax desk:

  • Carefully open the box and unwrap all the components. The included instructions will identify each piece.
  • Organize all the legs, braces, panels, and hardware packets so they’re easily accessible.
  • Read every step fully before starting. Some parts attach in sequences.
  • Use plastic gloves to avoid scratched from metal connectors and hardware.
  • Tighten bolts snugly, but be careful not to over-tighten.
  • Follow the manual precisely. Improper assembly can compromise safety and stability.
  • Work slowly with patience. It’s better to double-check than force pieces together.
  • Install any shelves, drawers, or hutch elements after the main desk structure is complete.

With good music and some time set aside, assembling my desk was smooth and even fun. Following the included instructions and taking my time resulted in a desk I put together myself correctly on the first try!

Enjoying My Stylish New Desk

After a bit of research, browsing, and shopping around, I’m thrilled with the desk I chose from OfficeMax. The glass and metal design complements my office décor perfectly. I love having drawers and shelves for organization right at my fingertips.

The spacious surface area gives me plenty of room to work, write, create, and take video calls in my home office sanctuary. For the price, I couldn’t be happier with the look, quality, and functionality. I’m excited to break in my new desk and enjoy this productive personal space for years to come!

After my great experience, OfficeMax will be my go-to for any future furniture needs. I heartily recommend them for stylish, affordable desks and office furniture with incredible selection. Happy shopping!

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