Finding the Perfect Corner Desk for Your Home Office


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Table of Contents

A Review of OfficeMax’s Range of Stylish and Functional Corner Desks

I’ve been working from home more and more over the last few years, and I finally decided it was time to upgrade my rickety old desk to something more professional. After doing some research, I decided to check out the selection of corner desks at OfficeMax since they offer a wide range of styles and prices. I also liked that their website allows you to filter corner desks by color, material, size, and other features.

After browsing their selection online and reading reviews, I narrowed it down to a few contenders before visiting my local store to see the desks in person. In this blog post, I’ll share details on the corner desk I ended up purchasing along with some key factors to consider when shopping OfficeMax’s collection of corner desks for your home office.

Key Factors When Choosing an OfficeMax Corner Desk

Dimensions – Corner desks from OfficeMax range in size from about 4 to 6 feet on each side. I measured the space in my home office to determine the maximum dimensions that would fit. Bigger is not always better with a corner desk, as you don’t want it dominating a small room.

Price – OfficeMax offers corner desks spanning a wide range of budgets. I set my max budget at around $300 but was willing to pay more for the right quality and features. The desks range from $80 for a basic model to over $600 for higher end options.

Materials – Most OfficeMax corner desks have laminate tops with particle board or engineered wood construction. Some feature solid wood for a more premium build. I preferred a scratch-resistant laminate surface that could handle my computer and accessories without showing wear and tear.

Storage – Many corner desks include shelving or drawers for extra storage. I wanted at least a couple drawers to stash office supplies and hide cords. Storage needs will vary based on how minimalist or cluttered you like your workspace.

Style – OfficeMax has corner desks in both modern and traditional styles. I liked the industrial vibe of metal accents but wanted an overall modern aesthetic. There are also comfortable rounded corners or more sleek sharp corners to suit your taste.

Reviews – I made sure to read reviews on OfficeMax’s website as well as external sites to learn about quality, ease of assembly, and how the desk held up over time. This helped me avoid poor quality desks with low ratings.

In-Store Experience – I highly recommend seeing the desk in person before buying since photos don’t always capture the true scale or build quality. Testing out the desk and drawers in store is worthwhile.

The OfficeMax Corner Desk That Won Me Over

After considering all of the above factors and actually looking at several top contending desks in the store, the Bush Furniture Cabot L-Shaped Desk in Espresso Oak ultimately won me over.

Here were the key features that made this the perfect corner desk for my needs:

  • Generous 60 x 60 inch dimensions provides ample workspace without dominating my small home office
  • Beautiful espresso oak laminate finish looks upscale and matches my office decor
  • Sturdy construction from engineered wood with thermally fused laminate for durability
  • Built-in 4-port USB hub and hidden storage compartment keep cords organized
  • Two file drawers, two box drawers, and an open storage cubby provide abundant storage
  • High 4.4 star rating from over 375 reviews for quality and value
  • Easy assembly with instructions and just needing a Phillips screwdriver

The combination of storage, modern style, USB charging port, and quality build made this desk really stand out from the pack. And at $289.99 it fit nicely within my budget.

Let’s get into the details on what it’s like to assemble, use, and live with this OfficeMax corner desk!

Assembling the Bush Furniture Cabot Corner Desk

Since I wanted to get my new desk set up ASAP, I was thrilled to see how easy it was to assemble the Bush Furniture corner desk. The package included clear instructions along with numbered steps and all necessary hardware like screws and cam locks. All I needed was a Phillips screwdriver.

The desktop came in two L-shaped sections that were easy to align and slide together. Attaching the side panels and back panels was simple thanks to the cam locks that securely snap pieces in place. The drawers were already fully assembled and slid smoothly into place once the main frame was built.

Total assembly time was about 30 minutes working solo. Having an extra set of hands could speed up the process even more. The cam locks, pre-assembled drawers, and detailed instructions made assembly a breeze. No tricky maneuvers or confusing steps.

I was pleasantly surprised by how sturdy and well-constructed the desk felt once assembled. The thermally fused laminate surfaces resist scratches and stains while the engineered wood interior provides strength without an overly bulky feel. The decorative metal accents on the drawers have a nice weighty texture that adds to the modern style.

Making the Desk Work for My Home Office

With assembly complete, it was time to decorated and organize my new corner workstation. Here are some of the ways I optimized the Bush Furniture Cabot desk for my needs:

  • Used the two file drawers on the left to store important documents and paperwork. This keeps sensitive info securely tucked away.
  • Utilized the two box drawers on the right for all my office supplies like pens, notepads, external drives, and more. Love keeping essentials within arm’s reach.
  • Keep my laptop docking station and speakers in the open cubby for easy access. Still allows room for decor like plants.
  • Used the hidden storage compartment underneath the desktop to neatly coil and hide cords and power strips. Gets wires off the floor and out of sight.
  • Added a pair of monitor arms to mount both my laptop and external monitor. Allows me to adjust them at eye level.
  • Made use of the built-in 4-port USB hub to charge my devices without a tangle of chargers. Very convenient perk!

The abundance of storage options allowed me to keep all my office clutter contained while the open spaces are perfect for decor and devices I use daily.

Living with the OfficeMax Corner Desk Long-Term

It’s now been over 6 months since I started using the Bush Furniture Cabot corner desk in my home office. Here are some long term observations:

  • The scratch-resistant laminate surface still looks brand new without any signs of wear despite daily use. No peeling edges or water marks in sight.
  • The drawers still glide smoothly without catching. The ball bearing slides keep motion effortless.
  • Sturdy construction has held up with no wobbles or instability even when I lean on it.
  • Cables remain neatly hidden and organized in the concealed storage area to prevent a tangled mess.
  • Modern style continues to fit my taste and works well with my office decor as I hoped.

Overall, after over half a year of use, I remain impressed with the quality, functionality, and design of this desk. It has proven to be an excellent corner desk choice for my home office needs.

What I Love About This OfficeMax Corner Desk

To summarize my experience with the Bush Furniture Cabot L-Shaped Desk, here are the stand-out features I love most:

  • The abundant storage between the drawers and hidden compartments keeps my office tidy.
  • The convenient built-in USB charging hub makes powering devices simpler.
  • It assembles in under 30 minutes thanks to the cam lock system and included tools.
  • The attractive style provides a modern and upscale look I’m proud to show off.
  • Durable scratch-resistant laminate and quality wood construction have held up extremely well to daily use.
  • Spacious dimensions provide plenty of workspace without dominating the room.

For the very reasonable price point, this OfficeMax corner desk has exceeded my expectations and been an excellent addition to my home office.

Key Takeaways for Choosing an OfficeMax Corner Desk

After doing extensive research and living with my new OfficeMax corner desk for several months, I’ve gathered some key learnings to help you choose the right corner desk for your own home office:

  • Carefully measure the space in your office to get a desk with a footprint that fits.
  • Read reviews and look at ratings to determine quality and durability.
  • See it in person if possible to get a feel for scale, materials, and build.
  • Consider your storage needs like drawers or cabinets to contain supplies.
  • Look for modern features like USB hubs, hidden cord management, and monitor arms.
  • Choose a style that matches your office decor and personal taste.
  • Set a reasonable budget and stick within it so you don’t overspend.
  • Verify the return policy in case you need to send it back after assembly.

Doing your homework by following the tips above will ensure you select a high quality OfficeMax corner desk that suits your space, storage needs, and style.

I’m thrilled with my Bush Furniture Cabot L-Shaped desk and it has been a perfect addition to my home office. I hope this detailed review helps you decide if it or another great OfficeMax corner desk could be the right fit your workspace! Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions.

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