Finding the Perfect Computer Desk at OfficeMax


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Table of Contents

A Helpful Guide to Choosing the Ideal Workspace

As a blogger and freelance writer, my home office is my sanctuary. It’s where I spend most of my waking hours, so having a functional, comfortable workspace is incredibly important. After dealing with back and neck pain from hunching over my tiny, rickety desk I’ve had since college, I decided it was time for an upgrade. I wanted to find a high-quality computer desk that would meet my needs without breaking the bank, so I headed to OfficeMax to check out their selection.

After browsing the wide variety of computer desks at OfficeMax in different styles, sizes and prices, I found several great options that are perfect for any home office. In this post, I’ll go over the best-selling OfficeMax computer desks, what to consider when choosing a desk, and provide tips for a smooth ordering and assembly process. Whether you need a basic table for your laptop or an expansive L-shaped desk with storage, read on for the inside scoop on creating your ideal OfficeMax workspace.

Best Sellers: Top Picks for Performance & Value

Of the many computer desks available at OfficeMax, a few rose to the top as customer favorites for their combination of quality, versatility and affordable price points. These best-selling desks come in a range of materials, sizes and configurations to suit any home office.

The Alera® Epoch L-Shaped Computer Desk is a spacious corner desk made of sturdy, thermally fused laminate over MDF board. With room for multiple monitors and ample storage space, this extra-large L-shaped desk is perfect if you have a lot of equipment or just like spreading out. Despite its size and solid build, the price tag is only around $350 – a great bargain for the quality.

If you’re tight on space, the compact Alera® Elusion Series Computer Desk is a best seller for good reason. The softly rounded corners and high-tech storm gray finish give it a modern look, and the modest $130 price makes this petite desk a smart choice for smaller areas. It still offers drawers and shelves for organization.

For a minimalist, industrial vibe, many shoppers love the HON Exposure Computer Desk. The soothing woodgrain colors and black metal frame keep it simple but elegant. Reviewers say the $275 price is excellent for a sturdy, stylish real wood desk. It also comes in various configurations, like L-shaped and with a hutch.

Key Considerations for Choosing the Right Desk

Deciding on the perfect OfficeMax computer desk requires taking a few important factors into account. Keep these in mind while browsing options to zero in on the right fit:

  • Size – First, measure the space the desk needs to fit into. Standard desk depths are around 24″, but mini and extra-large sizes are available to accommodate your needs.
  • Design – Do you want drawers, shelves, or specific features like a keyboard tray? There are a plethora of configurations to organize your workspace.
  • Material – Most affordable desks have laminate surfaces, while wood and metal desks offer a more upscale look and feel for higher prices. Consider your budget and style preferences.
  • Shape – Rectangular is the norm, but L-shaped corner desks maximize space and workflow in a compact footprint.
  • Ergonomics – Look for adjustable elements like keyboard trays and monitor arms to create a healthy workspace that reduces strain.

Keeping these criteria in mind while browsing OfficeMax’s catalog will help guide you to the ideal computer desk within your budget. Don’t hesitate to ask sales associates for advice too!

Finding the Right Size for Your Space

One of the most important factors in choosing a computer desk is making sure it will fit well in the room. OfficeMax offers desks in a range of standard sizes:

  • Compact desks like the Alera Elusion (42″W x 24″D) are best for small spaces or minimalist styles. They have a small footprint but still offer ample workspace for a laptop and accessories.
  • Mid-size options like the HON Exposure (48″-60″W x 24″D) are versatile for many home offices. They provide enough workspace while maintaining a sleek, modern look.
  • Full-size desks such as the Alera Epoch (60″W x 60″D) maximize surface area for multiple monitors, printers and more. The spacious L-shape is ideal for corner placement.
  • For a true oversized desk, some options extend up to 80 inches wide or deep to accommodate huge displays, desktops and workspace needs.

If you have a tiny apartment or need a guest room workstation, compact desks are the way to go. But for heavy computer use, larger desks in the 60-inch range provide ergonomic benefits with ample space. When in doubt, bigger is usually better for functionality. Just be sure to measure carefully to ensure it will fit in the room!

Mix and Match to Build Your Perfect Home Office

One of my favorite things about OfficeMax is the ability to mix and match pieces from various collections to create a customized workspace. They offer a wide selection of matching desktops, hutches, cabinets and more that you can combine to build a cohesive, functional office.

For example, pairing the Alera Epoch L-Shaped Desk with items from the matching Epoch Home Office Collection creates a seamless modern aesthetic. You can select storage cabinets, drawer units, hutches and shelves to add capability without clutter. Sticking within the same collection ensures all finishes and colors complement each other beautifully.

You can also pair desks with items from other compatible lines to put together your dream workspace. A wood Alera® Wilmington Computer Desk would look sharp flanked by HON lateral file cabinets in a rich walnut, or the glass HON Accelerate Desk with sleek HON 10500 Series bookcases. Just be mindful of matching finishes and dimensions when mixing collections.

The ability to freely mix and match means you can find the pieces that best serve your needs and style. Plus, the complementary collections at OfficeMax make it easy to avoid a cluttered, haphazard look.

Finding an Ergonomic Desk for Health & Comfort

As someone prone to back and neck pain from years of poor posture at un-ergonomic desks, finding a comfortable, ergonomic computer desk was one of my top priorities. The human-centered designs from OfficeMax checked all my boxes for adjustability and pain prevention.

I fell in love with the Alera® Valencia Series desk for the exceptional adjustability features. The extra-deep curved desktop provides ample space to prevent eye and muscle strain. The cherry on top is the articulating keyboard tray that slides out and tilts for proper wrist alignment. This took pressure off my shoulders and neck instantly.

For the ultimate ergonomic experience, height adjustable desks like the HON Ignition Series allow you to alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day. This boosts energy, engages muscles and burns calories while working. The electric motors make adjusting the height from 29-47 inches quick and easy. Paired with an ergonomic chair, it’s a game changer for comfort and health.

From curved desktops to keyboard trays, monitor arms and height adjustments, OfficeMax has all the ergonomic desk features to create a workspace that reduces pain and strain over long work days. My body thanked me after setting up my perfect ergonomic oasis!

Comparing Materials: Laminate, Wood & Metal Desks

The material that a computer desk is constructed from affects everything from durability to style to pricing. OfficeMax offers an assortment of the most popular modern desk materials so you can choose what best fits your needs and aesthetic preferences:

  • Laminate desks like the Alera Epoch collection feature a thermally fused laminate surface that resists scratches and stains. The sleek appearance and affordable prices around $200-$400 make these popular options.
  • For a natural look, wood desks like the HON Exposure use durable wood veneers over particle board. Real wood brings warmth and elegance to any office. Expect to pay $250-$500 for these upscale options.
  • Metal and glass desks like the HON Ignition Series have a minimalist, modern vibe. The metal frames are rock solid, while glass tops enable a lightweight, floating appearance. These contemporary desks start around $300.

My choice ultimately came down to laminate vs. real wood. While I loved the sturdy construction and value of laminate desks, the timeless beauty of oak won me over for a classic, welcoming feel. Just know that spills and scratches will show more easily on real wood.

Easy Assembly Tips & Tricks

One downside to buying furniture online is having to tackle self-assembly. However, assembling an OfficeMax computer desk is fairly straightforward with the detailed instructions and labeled parts. Based on my experience, here are some tips to make the process quick and painless:

  • Carefully organize all hardware and desk components before beginning. This avoids confusion or missing pieces.
  • Use cardboard to lay pieces flat to prevent scuffs while assembling.
  • Follow instructions step-by-step. Rushing ahead leads to mistakes.
  • Hand tighten screws before using tools to prevent stripping.
  • Power tools like an electric drill make quick work of inserting screws.
  • Take your time and double check parts are tightly connected. This ensures durability.
  • Read all instructions thoroughly first and layout parts mentioned for each step.

With some patience and prep work, you’ll have your new desk built in no time! The sense of accomplishment you’ll feel makes the effort worthwhile.

Delivery, Installation & Warranty Information

Beyond choosing the right desk, it’s helpful to know the fine print when ordering big furniture pieces online. Here’s what to expect for delivery, installation and warranty from OfficeMax:

  • Free delivery is included on qualifying orders over $59. Smaller orders can opt for in-store pickup to avoid fees.
  • Professional white glove installation takes the hassle out of assembly. Pricing varies by item, starting around $129.
  • Return policies allow free returns within 30 days for refunds or exchanges. Save packaging for problem-free returns.
  • Most OfficeMax desks come with a 5 year limited warranty against defects. This offers peace of mind for years to come.
  • 24/7 customer service is available by phone or online chat to help with any questions or issues promptly.

Understanding the convenient shipping options and generous return policies gave me confidence ordering my new desk online. I knew OfficeMax had my back if any problems popped up.

Style & Decor Tips: Creating a Polished, Professional Look

The central furniture piece of any home office sets the overall aesthetic. Beyond just functionality, choosing a computer desk that aligns with your personal style will make the space truly feel like your own. Here are my top tips for decorating and styling an OfficeMax desk for a fashionable, polished look:

  • For a cohesive palette, select a desk in a wood tone or color that complements the overall room scheme.
  • Add pops of personality with desk accessories like trays, pen holders, lamps and frames in your favorite colors.
  • Reduce visual clutter by regularly clearing paperwork and stashing office supplies in drawers or cabinets.
  • Place your desk near a window for natural light, but avoid direct sun that can cause glare on screens.
  • Include living elements like houseplants or small succulents to enhance energy and creativity.
  • Layer in textiles like woven baskets or throw blankets for warmth against cold office vibes.
  • Mount anti-glare computer screens at eye level to alleviate neck strain.
  • Install a cable management tray to conceal unsightly wires in a neat, tidy way.

With some personal touches and organization, your OfficeMax desk can become the stylish centerpiece of a productive, inviting work environment. Add a plush seat and your workspace will be a dream!

Final Thoughts: Why OfficeMax is my Go-To for Home Office Furniture

As a digital professional, having a well-equipped home office that supports efficiency and creativity is a must. After comparing the selection, pricing, and service at big box stores like OfficeMax and direct furniture sites, OfficeMax clearly came out on top.

The wide variety of high-quality desks and coordinating furniture pieces at affordable prices cannot be beaten. Plus, being able to see and test out desks in person gives confidence I don’t get from online-only sellers.

Beyond the products themselves, the exceptional customer support, free shipping and generous warranty and return policies make ordering worry-free. Given the time we spend working from home offices, a small investment in the right desk pays dividends through better health, productivity and motivation over the long run.

For your ideal workspace that fits your needs, style and budget, I wholeheartedly recommend browsing the incredible computer desk selection at OfficeMax. Your home office will thank you! Now excuse me while I go immerse myself in my new oasis. This inspirational blog post isn’t going to write itself!

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