Finding the Perfect Chair Mat for Your Office at OfficeMax


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Moving into a new office space is always an exciting time. There are so many possibilities for designing your ideal work environment. One item that is easy to overlook when furnishing an office is the humble chair mat. But having the right chair mat can make a big difference in your daily comfort and productivity. That’s why it’s worth investing the time to find the perfect one for your needs. And one of the best places to shop for office chair mats is OfficeMax.

At OfficeMax, you’ll find a wide selection of chair mats to suit any workspace. From basic plastic mats to upscale designer options made from materials like glass and wood, OfficeMax has it all. I recently outfitted my new home office with a chair mat from OfficeMax and was thrilled with the quality and price. In this blog, I’ll walk you through the various chair mat options at OfficeMax and provide tips for choosing the right one.

Types of Chair Mats at OfficeMax

The most common type of chair mat you’ll find at OfficeMax is made of clear plastic or PVC. These vinyl chair mats are affordable, durable, and easy to clean. They come in sizes ranging from 36″ x 48″ up to 60″ x 72″ to fit desks and workstations of all dimensions. Some OfficeMax plastic mats feature a lip to keep the chair wheel in place or beveled edges to provide a smooth transition from the mat to your floor.

For an upscale look, OfficeMax offers chair mats made of tempered glass. These elegant mats allow you to see the beauty of your floor underneath while protecting it from chair wheel marks. Glass chair mats tend to be thinner and more fragile than plastic versions, but their transparent chic style can be just the thing for an executive office or luxe home workspace.

If you want a warm, eco-friendly vibe in your office, check out the selection of bamboo and cork chair mats at OfficeMax. Made from renewable natural materials, these mats look sharp while also insulating your floors. Their softer surface feels great underfoot when you take a break from your desk.

For carpets, OfficeMax stocks carpeted chair mats designed specifically to grip your carpet and stay in place. They usually feature needlepoint-style carpeting over a rigid plastic or rubber mat base. OfficeMax also offers chair mats made for use on hard floors like hardwood, tile, and linoleum. These mats have smooth backing so they glide easily over your floor without snagging.

How Much Do OfficeMax Chair Mats Cost?

Chair mat prices at OfficeMax vary quite a bit based on size, material, and features. Simple plastic chair mats tend to range from $20 to $60. More heavy-duty options made for pile carpets or with ergonomic contours and cushioning can run $50 to $150.

Tempered glass chair mats are one of the most expensive styles, starting around $100 for smaller sizes and going up to $300 or more for large executive matsBamboo chair mats fall in the $70 to $130 range at OfficeMax depending on dimensions. Shoppers on a tight budget can find basic chair mats for as low as $15.

OfficeMax regularly offers promotions both online and in-store to help save money on chair mats and office furniture. Be sure to check for any current discounts, percentage-off coupons, or dollars off your purchase. And sign up for the free OfficeMax Rewards loyalty program to earn points with each purchase for future savings.

Finding Carpet Chair Mats at OfficeMax

If you need a chair mat for use on carpet, you’re in luck. OfficeMax has a great selection of carpeted chair mats designed to stay in place on all types of carpeting. Look for chair mats made specifically for low to high pile carpet. Many feature gripper backs or non-skid edges to prevent the mat from shifting. Others have small needles on the underside that adhere to your carpet to keep the mat stable.

Some popular carpet chair mats at OfficeMax include:

  • Lorell Gripper Carpet Chair Mat
  • Safco Products Scoot Anti-Creep Chair Mat for Carpet
  • Marvelus Ultimate Anti-Creep Chair Mat for Carpet
  • Fleximat Anti-Creep Chair Mats for Carpet

OfficeMax carpet chair mats come in standard sizes up to 60″ x 72″ as well as custom sizes to perfectly fit your workspace. Measure the dimensions of your desk area before heading to your local store. This ensures you get a chair mat that handles your wheeling around without slipping off your carpet.

Hardwood-Friendly Options

If you have beautiful hardwood, laminate, tile, or linoleum floors in your home or office, have no fear. OfficeMax offers chair mats designed specifically for hard surface flooring. The key feature you want to look for is a smooth, non-grip backing that won’t snag or stick to your floors. This allows the chair mat to glide smoothly over the floor with your movements.

Some top-rated chair mats for hard floors at OfficeMax include:

  • Marvelus Ultimat Chair Mat for Hard Floors
  • Lorell Tempered Glass Chair Mat
  • Safco Products Hard Floor Chair Mat
  • Fleximat Classic Chair Mat for Hard Surfaces

In addition to protecting your floors from caster marks, hard floor chair mats provide extra cushioning for hard surfaces. Their slight flex makes extended sitting more comfortable. And brands like Fleximat even tout ergonomic benefits from improved leg circulation.

The Right Size Chair Mat for Your Space

One of the most important factors in choosing a chair mat is getting the right size for your desk and workspace layout. You want it large enough to accommodate your chair’s movements but not so overly huge that it sticks out beyond your workstation. OfficeMax makes this easy by offering chair mats in standard and custom sizes.

Some common standard sizes you’ll find include:

  • 36″ x 48″ – Fits compact desk spaces
  • 40″ x 53″ – For small cubicle workstations
  • 46″ x 60″ – Ideal for desks up to 60” wide
  • 53” x 69” – Covers large L-shaped desks

Take measurements of the length and width of your desk area or workstation before heading to OfficeMax. Then factor in a few additional inches on each side for your chair’s movement. This will give you a target size for selecting the perfect sized chair mat.

If you need a more tailored fit, OfficeMax can custom cut chair mats. Just ask an associate for assistance. They can help take measurements and order a chair mat to your exact specifications. This is useful for oddly shaped configurations or extra large desks.

Eco-Conscious Options

For the sustainably minded, OfficeMax offers some great eco-friendly chair mat options. Look for their selection of bamboo and cork mats. These materials are harvested and produced using responsible processes that are gentler on the environment.

Cork chair mats have a warm, inviting look that suits an earthy aesthetic. Bamboo mats have a sleeker, modern style. Both naturally insulating materials also feel great on your feet for an officechair massage.

Beyond materials, many plastic chair mats at OfficeMax are now made with recycled content. And when your chair mat reaches the end of its life, you can recycle it through regular community recycling programs. Just check if the mat plastic contains BPA before putting it in your bin.

Most Popular OfficeMax Chair Mats

The top-selling chair mats at OfficeMax include:

  • Lorell Gripper Chair Mat for Low Pile Carpet: A heavy-duty gripper mat great for low-to-medium pile office carpeting. It stays in place without shifting.
  • Fleximat Anti-Creep Chair Mat: Their patented anti-creep edges stop the mat from moving on carpet or hard floors. It even has memory foam cushions for ergonomic comfort.
  • Marvelus Ultimat Chair Mat for Hard Floors: With its smooth glide and cushioned construction, this is the #1 chair mat for protecting hard floor surfaces.
  • Safco Products Hard Floor Chair Mat: A sleek transparent mat sized for cubicles and compact spaces. It prevents scratches and scuffs.
  • Safco Active Mat Anti-Fatigue Mat: While not a traditional chair mat, this cushioned standing mat provides extra support in any workspace.

The bestseller list highlights the key features shoppers look for: gripper backing for carpets, smooth glide for hard floors, generous sizing, and ergonomic cushioning for comfort. Keep these priorities in mind as you shop for the perfect OfficeMax chair mat.

Shopping OfficeMax Chair Mats Online

The convenient thing about OfficeMax is you don’t have to visit a store to shop their selection of chair mats. Browse and buy chair mats right on the OfficeMax website with free shipping on orders over $45.

Narrow down your options by filtering for carpet or hard floor mats, material, shape, and size. OfficeMax lists the exact dimensions for each mat to help you find the right fit. And product photos allow you to preview your mat’s appearance before ordering.

One tip for shopping chair mats online—always double check the size charts. Dimension labels can sometimes be deceiving on first glance. Measure your space and note the distance between desk legs or walls. This will ensure the mat you order actually fits once it arrives.

If you need guidance or want to customize a mat, OfficeMax sales associates are available for web orders by online chat or by calling their customer service line. They can walk you through measuring your office as well as answer any product questions.

Free Delivery from OfficeMax

After ordering a chair mat online from OfficeMax, enjoy free standard delivery if your purchase total exceeds $45. For smaller orders under $45, delivery fees are usually around $7 for basic ground shipping.

OfficeMax also offers expedited delivery for an added cost. Opt for next day, 2-day, or 3-day shipping if you need your chair mat faster. Just keep in mind expedited shipping fees can be pricey, sometimes nearly the cost of the mat itself.

For large chair mats over 40” wide, you may want to select in-store pickup when ordering online. This allows you to avoid hefty oversize delivery fees. Then you can simply pick up your new mat at your local OfficeMax.

Either way, OfficeMax makes getting your delivered chair mat a breeze. Their website lets you track shipping status and delivery day to know exactly when to expect your package’s arrival.

Top Chair Mat Brands at OfficeMax

Within the OfficeMax chair mat selection, you’ll find options from trusted commercial furniture brands. Knowing a bit about these manufacturers can help guide your decision. Here are some of the top brands to look for:

  • Lorell – Known for durable, high-quality office products at affordable prices. Their chair mats are bestsellers.
  • Safco – This manufacturer specializes in ergonomic office furniture designed for comfort and wellbeing.
  • Marvelus – Maker of the Ultimat series of chair mats that provide ultimate protection for floors.
  • Fleximat – Their patented Multi-Cell technology gives Fleximat mats enhanced ergonomic cushioning.
  • Tempered Images – For glass chair mats, this company offers stunning glass desk accessories made in the USA.

Within each brand’s offerings, you’ll find great choices for low pile carpet, plush carpet, hard floors, and more. Consult OfficeMax reviews to help select your favorite chair mat brand.

Clear, Transparent Chair Mats

For a barely-there look, transparent chair mats allow you to see the floor beneath while protecting your surfaces. At OfficeMax, tempered glass chair mats provide this see-through style. Their 1/8” thick construction is durable yet elegant for upscale offices.

But OfficeMax also offers clear plastic vinyl chair mats that provide transparency at a more affordable price point. Their PVC material is completely transparent but still thick and strong enough for daily office use.

An advantage of transparent plastic chair mats is they come in larger sizes than glass, up to 6’ x 8’. This allows protection of complete desk setups and workstations. Plus plastic mats have beveled, tapered edges for easy rolling chair access.

So if you want to show off beautiful hardwood or tiled flooring while covering it, a clear chair mat from OfficeMax is the way to go. The right transparent mat will become nearly invisible while keeping your floors scratch-free.

Do OfficeMax Chair Mats Come with a Warranty?

Many chair mats from OfficeMax do come with some type of limited manufacturer’s warranty. Terms and coverage vary by specific brand and product, but warranties typically last a few years up to lifetime. This protects against defects in materials and manufacturing.

For instance, Marvelus chair mats come with a 10-year limited warranty against material cracking, curling, or separating under normal wear. Safco offers a 5-year limited warranty on its chair mat products.

With tempered glass chair mats, the warranty period is shorter since glass can be vulnerable to cracks and chips. Tempered Images provides a 1-year limited warranty against manufacturer defects.

Just save your receipt and packaging and be sure to review warranty details for your particular OfficeMax chair mat. This ensures you get free replacement or repair if covered problems arise with your mat.

Return Policy for Chair Mats

Sometimes you don’t know if a chair mat is right for your office until you actually try it out. That’s why OfficeMax offers a flexible return policy. This allows you to return or exchange a chair mat if it turns out not to fit or work for your space.

For chair mats purchased online, you have 30 days from the delivery date to initiate a return. Contact OfficeMax customer service to start the return process. They will provide a prepaid return shipping label.

For chair mats bought in a retail OfficeMax store, returns must be made within 14 days with the original receipt. Simply bring back the chair mat to the store where it was purchased.

As long as the chair mat is in new, unused condition with original packaging, you can get a full refund or exchange for another chair mat better suited to your office. This takes the stress out of finding the perfect size and style.

How to Choose an OfficeMax Chair Mat

With so many chair mat options, how do you decide? Here are key tips for choosing the right OfficeMax chair mat for your workspace:

  • Measure your desk or workstation area to determine exact size needed
  • Consider your flooring surface when selecting grip or smooth backing
  • Prioritize cushioning and ergonomic support for comfort
  • Factor in aesthetics – fabric, finishes, and transparency
  • Compare thickness for level of protection and durability
  • Choose lip or beveled edge to contain chair wheel movement
  • Review chair mat materials that best suit your style and eco-goals
  • Look for anti-creep features if you need to prevent carpet sliding
  • Check warranty coverage to ensure satisfactory product life
  • Save with discounts, coupons and OfficeMax Rewards points

Follow these guidelines while browsing the OfficeMax site or visiting your local store. And don’t hesitate to ask OfficeMax associates for advice. With the right chair mat choice, you’ll be able to roll and swivel in stylish comfort.

Finding the Right Lip for Your Chair Mat

Some OfficeMax chair mats come with a built-in lip or ridge around the edge. This is useful for keeping your desk chair securely on the mat. The 1/2” to 2” high lip creates a defined border your caster wheels can’t cross over.

Lipped edges are ideal if you want to contain chair movement to protect specific areas of your floor. They also provide sensory feedback so you don’t accidentally roll off the edge of the mat.

Look for the Lorell chair mats at OfficeMax, many of which feature a lip. Safco Products mats also include lipped edges to keep your chair in place. Measure your floor area and current chair wheel range to determine if a lipped chair mat makes sense for your office setup.

Anti-Static Mats

Here’s an important chair mat feature to consider if you work with electronics or computer equipment. Anti-static chair mats prevent the buildup of static electricity that can damage sensitive components.

OfficeMax carries anti-static chair mats like the Marvelus Charger Chair Mat made from vinyl that resists static. This protects your devices from static shocks transmitted through your chair motions.

Anti-static properties also minimize annoying electric shocks you receive from touching metal objects after rolling across standard plastic mats. If you’re an electronics whiz or IT pro, an anti-static chair mat is a smart idea.

Reading User Reviews of OfficeMax Chair Mats

Not sure which OfficeMax chair mat is right for your office? Reading customer reviews can provide helpful insight. Looking at real user experiences reveals benefits and drawbacks you can’t find in product descriptions.

Focus on reviews that describe floor types and office setups similar to yours. This way you can learn how the chair mat performed in a comparable workspace. Key things to look for include:

  • Effectiveness protecting hardwood or carpet from caster marks
  • Chair mat’s stiffness and how this impacts mobility
  • Ability of non-slip backing to prevent movement on carpet
  • Durability of material over time with heavy office chair use
  • Comfort level of standing and walking on the mat surface

User submitted photos are also useful for examining how chair mats fit real world office spaces. This can give you a preview of the mat size and appearance in action.

Kid and Pet-Friendly Chair Mats

Do kids or pets sometimes visit your home office? Be sure to choose a chair mat designed to be safe for children and pets. Avoid mats with sharp corners or rigid surfaces that could cut little fingers.

Smooth-edged plastic or rubber chair mats are kid-friendly options at OfficeMax. Or choose softer materials like carpet, cork, or bamboo. These offer a warmer, quieter rolling surface little ones will love to tool around on in a desk chair.

Super grippy backing can also snag tiny fingers underneath, so avoid ultra sticky bottom surfaces. And if kids will play underneath, transparent chair mats let you supervise their activities.

With this family-conscious approach, you can find the perfect OfficeMax chair mat to suit both professional workspace and home playroom. A single chair mat can pull double duty so you can get back to work in peace while the kids roll around in safety.

Choosing an OfficeMax Chair Mat Like a Pro

As you can see, OfficeMax offers everything you could possibly need when it comes to picking out the ideal chair mat. Their wide selection ensures you’ll find the right material, size, backing, and features to suit your space.

The most important thing is taking exact measurements of your workstation setup before visiting OfficeMax in person or online. This allows you to zero in on chair mat dimensions that offer full coverage without overhang.

Armed with the right measurements and this overview of top chair mat options, you’re ready to shop OfficeMax like a pro. Before long, you’ll be rolling around your office in complete floor-protecting comfort thanks to the perfect OfficeMax chair mat.

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