Finding the Perfect Cash Register for Your Business at OfficeMax


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Table of Contents

As a small business owner, one of the most important pieces of equipment you’ll need is a cash register. The right cash register not only makes ringing up sales easy, but it also helps you track your inventory, sales data, and employee transactions. If you’re looking to purchase a new cash register for your business, OfficeMax is a great place to shop. With a wide selection of cash register models and features, you’re sure to find one perfect for your unique business needs.

In this blog post, we’ll explore all the cash register options available at OfficeMax to help you choose the best one for your business. We’ll look at:

  • The types of cash registers OfficeMax sells
  • Pricing on OfficeMax cash registers
  • Discounts and sales you can find
  • Buying cash registers online
  • The best registers for small businesses
  • Installation services offered
  • Programmable and portable models
  • Warranty options
  • Training and manuals
  • Integrated credit card processing
  • Choosing the right cash register
  • Returns and exchanges
  • Accessories and bundle deals
  • Used and refurbished registers
  • The newest cash register models
  • Technical support and demos
  • Customer reviews of OfficeMax cash registers

So whether you’re opening a new business or upgrading your existing cash management system, read on to learn all about finding the perfect cash register at OfficeMax!

Cash Register Types at OfficeMax

OfficeMax offers a wide range of cash register types to meet any business need. Here are some of the main options available:

Basic Cash Registers

Basic cash registers are manual machines that just handle cash transactions. They’re best suited for small businesses with lower transaction volumes. Basic OfficeMax models include:

  • Sharp XE-A102: Basic manual cash register with sales tracker
  • Royal 210DX: Manual cash register with clerk keys
  • Casio PCR-T280: Low-cost manual cash register

Electronic Cash Registers

A step up from basic registers, electronic cash registers have more advanced features like department keys, scanners, and reporting. Popular electronic registers at OfficeMax include:

  • Sharp XE-A207: Electronic cash register with department keys and 40,000 item capacity
  • Royal 870NX: Electronic register with clerk tracking and receipt printing
  • Casio SE-S10: Easy-to-use electronic register with 2-way 90 department keys

Computerized Cash Registers

The most advanced type, computerized cash registers work like a computerized POS system but in a cash register format. They offer robust reporting and inventory management. Top computerized models at OfficeMax include:

  • Sharp XE-A307: High-end computerized register with sales reporting and promoted item keys
  • Royal 225CX: Robust computerized model with 99 departments and 10,000 PLUs
  • Casio SE-G1: Streamlined computerized register with front and rear displays

Other Specialty Cash Registers

OfficeMax also offers industry-specific registers like:

  • Restaurant cash registers: Have menu buttons, tip tracking, and seating charts
  • Retail cash registers: Advanced sales tracking and department keys
  • Bakery cash registers: Built-in scale compatibility and recipe guides
  • Salon cash registers: Appointment scheduling and customer tracking

So whether you need something basic or fully-featured, OfficeMax has a cash register suited for your business!

Cash Register Costs at OfficeMax

Cash register prices at OfficeMax vary based on the type and features. Here are some typical price ranges:

  • Basic cash registers: $100 – $400
  • Electronic cash registers: $200 – $700
  • Computerized cash registers: $400 – $2000
  • Specialty cash registers: $300 – $1000

Higher-end computerized registers with advanced features like detailed reporting tend to cost more. Basic manual models are the most budget-friendly options.

The specific cash register you choose will depend on your budget and business needs. Even basic registers start around $100-150 at OfficeMax, giving you an affordable option for small businesses. Mid-range electronic registers offer more robust features for $300-600. And full-scale computerized registers range from $600 up to $2,000 for top-of-the-line models.

No matter what your budget may be, OfficeMax likely has a cash register priced right for your business!

Saving Money on OfficeMax Cash Registers

Luckily, OfficeMax offers several ways to save money on cash registers for your business:

Sales and Coupons

OfficeMax frequently has sales, coupons and rebates on cash registers, especially around the holidays. You can typically save $50-100 or more with OfficeMax sales and coupons. Check for deals on the website, in weekly ads and emails for opportunities to save.

Open-Box Discounts

Consider opting for open-box cash registers from OfficeMax. These are registers that have been opened and lightly used, then returned to OfficeMax. Open-box registers are tested to ensure they work properly. You can save up to 50% or more versus buying brand new.

Used and Refurbished Registers

OfficeMax also sells used and refurbished cash registers – great for small businesses on a tight budget. You can often find reliable registers for 50-75% less than new models. More on used registers later in this post!

Manufacturer Rebates

Watch for cash register rebates directly from brands like Sharp, Casio, and Royal. At times you may be able to stack these rebates with other OfficeMax discounts and sales for extra savings.

With the right sale or open-box find, you could potentially buy a great cash register at OfficeMax for $200-300 instead of $500-600 for a comparable new model. Keep an eye out for deals to maximize your savings!

Buying Cash Registers Online at OfficeMax

One major perk of shopping at OfficeMax is you can buy cash registers easily online. has the full selection of registers available.

Buying online makes comparison and research simple – you can view all options in one place. Online buying also means no lines, no sales pressure, and fast shipping right to your door.

OfficeMax offers free shipping on orders $45+ when you select free economy shipping. For faster delivery, upgrade to 2-day or next business day shipping starting at just $9.99.

You can order a cash register entirely online, or buy online at and pick up in store. Online buying gives you maximum flexibility in researching and purchasing the perfect cash register.

Top Cash Registers for Small Businesses at OfficeMax

The key to choosing the right cash register is finding one with the features your business needs, while staying simple and affordable. Here are some of the best OfficeMax cash registers for small businesses:

Sharp XE-A102 Cash Register

The Sharp XE-A102 is one of the most popular basic cash registers for small business. It has basic functions like sales and transaction tracking, clerk log-ins, and fast key-based operation. And it comes at a very affordable price point – usually $200 or less.

Royal 210DX Cash Register

Another straightforward manual register, the Royal 210DX has handy features like clerk keys, easy price entry, and sales reporting. It’s also very user-friendly for being an entirely key-based interface. Expect to pay around $250 for this basic workhorse.

Casio PCR-T280 Cash Register

If you want something even more budget-friendly, the Casio PCR-T280 is a great option under $150. It’s designed for convenience stores, boutiques, and other small retailers. The simple key layout and intuitive display make ringing up sales a breeze.

Casio SE-S10 Cash Register

A step up from the basic PCR-T280, the Casio SE-S10 adds electronic capabilities and more advanced features. The 2-way 90 department keys provide more detailed tracking for retailers. And the SE-S10 comes in under $300, making it very affordable.

Sharp XE-A207 Cash Register

Moving into electronic cash registers, the Sharp XE-A207 is packed with useful small business features like department keys, sales reporting, clerk log-ins and a high capacity of 40,000+ items. Its intuitive touchscreen interface makes operation seamless. Under $400 for this much functionality is a great value.

These are just a few standout cash register options for small and growing businesses available at great prices from OfficeMax. Make sure to compare the features and options to find the best one suited to your unique business needs and budget.

Cash Register Installation from OfficeMax

Getting your new cash register up, running, and programmed correctly is key for seamless sales. That’s why OfficeMax offers cash register installation and setup to ensure your new machine is operational with no hassle.

You can add professional installation and setup to any register purchase for a reasonable fee – usually around $100-150. Experienced technicians will:

  • Unbox and assemble your register
  • Program the basics like tax rates, departments, and clerk logins
  • Show you and your staff how to use basic functions
  • Ensure the register connects properly with receipt printers, scanners, etc.

OfficeMax register installation includes one hour of training tailored to your business needs. Additional time can be purchased as well. Having your register professionally installed gives you peace of mind that everything will work perfectly on day one!

Programmable Cash Registers at OfficeMax

For retailers that need more customized options, OfficeMax offers programmable cash registers. Programmable registers allow you to tailor options for your specific business needs:

  • Customize departments – break down sales by category, location, products, etc.
  • Set tax rates – program in multiple local tax rates if needed
  • Create clerk logins – track individual employee transactions
  • Install printers/scanners – integrate external hardware like barcode scanners or receipt printers
  • Set discounts and markups – configure your own promotions and pricing rules
  • Input inventory – upload your existing product library

Higher-end programmable cash registers like the Royal 225CX and Sharp XE-A307 provide 99+ departments, 10,000+ SKUs, and detailed tracking and reporting on programmed elements.

Having a programmable register tailored to your business ensures fast, customized sales and detailed analytics. OfficeMax technicians can assist with programming during installation.

Portable Cash Registers at OfficeMax

In addition to standard countertop registers, OfficeMax offers portable cash registers – handy for businesses on the go:

  • Retail/food trucks
  • Pop-up shops
  • Craft fairs and markets
  • Concerts and events
  • Stadium vendors

Portable registers like the Casio PCR-T280 are lightweight (under 8 lbs) with long battery life and durable construction to withstand travel and outdoor use.

Key features of portable OfficeMax registers include:

  • Rechargeable battery – 10+ hours on a charge
  • Compact size – fits into cash drawers and travel cases
  • Protection bumpers – prevent damage if dropped
  • Outdoor-readable screens – bright LCDs visible in sun
  • Short receipt mode – saves paper for markets/fairs

A portable cash register lets you bring sales functionality anywhere – perfect for mobile and temporary businesses. Make sure to choose a protective travel case as well!

Cash Register Warranties from OfficeMax

Investing in a quality cash register is useless if it breaks shortly after purchase. That’s why OfficeMax offers warranties to protect your purchase. Standard coverage includes:

  • 90 day manufacturer warranty – covers defects and flaws
  • 1 year limited warranty – adds protection against more failures
  • 2+ year extended warranties – premium coverage for full peace of mind

Extended warranties available through OfficeMax give you up to 3 years of total protection. Prices range from $50-150 depending on register model and length.

Coverage includes full repairs or replacement for electronic and mechanical failures – a great value to ensure your register lasts. Consider the extended warranty for high-end registers over $1,000.

Cash Register Manuals and Training

Mastering all the features and functionality of a sophisticated cash register takes practice. OfficeMax offers helpful manuals and training resources:

Instruction Manuals

All registers come with basic printed manuals covering setup, programming, sales functions, and troubleshooting. Manuals allow you to reference information on your own time.

Online Resources

OfficeMax also provides links to the manufacturer’s websites which have detailed support portals and videos that guide you through register use, care and maintenance.

In-Person Training

As mentioned earlier, professional in-store installation includes 1 hour of customized training for your staff to learn the register’s capabilities. You can even schedule additional training sessions.

With the combination of manuals, online resources, and in-person help, you’ll be cash register experts in no time! Ongoing training ensures you fully leverage your investment.

Cash Registers with Credit Card Processing

To maximize sales, many businesses need cash registers with built-in credit/debit card processing. OfficeMax offers registers with integrated payment processing:

  • Sharp EFT: Works with major processing companies like Bank of America Merchant Services, Chase Paymentech, Vantiv and more. Allows swipe, dip and tap payments.
  • Royal DataLink EDC: Built-in card reader lets you accept magstripe, chip/pin and contactless payments. Integrates with Remitly, TSYS and other processors.
  • Casio SoftPay: Accepts traditional card payments, plus contactless options like Apple Pay. Works with multiple merchant processors.

These registers seamlessly handle debit/credit transactions without a separate terminal needed. However, you’ll still need a merchant processing account with a provider. OfficeMax sales reps can recommend processors that integrate with your register model.

Built-in card processing allows fast, seamless payments – no more separating cash/card sales!

How to Choose the Right Cash Register

With OfficeMax’s wide selection of cash register models, how do you choose? Follow this buying process:

Know Your Budget

Factor in startup costs beyond just the register price. Additional expenses may include:

  • Installation/programming – $100-200
  • Sales tax – up to 10% above register price
  • Receipt paper/supplies – $30-50 initially
  • Cash drawer – $100-150
  • Credit card terminal – $200-300
  • Extended warranty – $50-150

Determine how much you can spend all-in to find registers in your budget.

Assess Your Needs

Do you need just basic transactions or more advanced features like detailed sales reports and inventory management? More complex needs require higher-end computerized registers.

Also consider extras like card processing, barcode scanning, receipt printing, and connectivity to other systems you use. Identify must-have features versus nice-to-haves.

Pick the Right Model

Use your budget and required features to narrow down the choices. Compare specs, capabilities, and options across the cash registers OfficeMax offers.

Prioritize features that are crucial for your business – don’t overspend for unnecessary bells and whistles. Weigh benefits vs costs.

Ask the Experts

OfficeMax sales associates can provide guidance to help select the right register. Explain your budget, business needs, and concerns and they can recommend the best options. Their expertise can prove invaluable in choosing.

Read Reviews

Check OfficeMax customer reviews on the cash registers you’re considering. Feedback from other small business owners can reveal pros/cons about how registers perform. Make sure any model you choose has overall positive feedback.

Following this process will lead you to the ideal OfficeMax cash register for your specific needs and budget!

Returns and Exchanges on OfficeMax Cash Registers

Hopefully you’ll be 100% satisfied with your OfficeMax cash register purchase. But if you do need to return or exchange it, OfficeMax offers flexible policies:

30 Day Return Policy

You can return your OfficeMax register for a full refund within 30 days of purchase if it’s undamaged. This allows you to trial the register risk-free in your business – if it doesn’t meet your needs, bring it back!

90 Day Exchange Period

Need to swap your cash register for a different model? OfficeMax allows exchanges within 90 days of your purchase. You’ll get credit back for the full purchase price.

Original Packaging

For returns and exchanges, you must bring back the register in its original box and packaging. Make sure to hold onto these materials after your purchase.

As long as the cash register is undamaged and in new condition with packaging, you can easily return or exchange it at OfficeMax if needed.

Cash Register Accessories from OfficeMax

To complete your register setup, OfficeMax has all the accessories you’ll need:

  • Cash drawers – lockable drawers to store cash, checks, receipts
  • Receipt paper – thermal paper rolls for printing receipts
  • Barcode scanners – quickly scan barcoded products for fast checkout
  • Credit card terminals – process debit/credit transactions
  • Pole displays – display transactions for customer viewing
  • Printers – print receipts and reports
  • Cash register stands – adjustable stands to hold your register
  • Posiflex monitors – integrated monitors that tilt and swivel
  • Cash register keyboards – alternate compact keyboards for easy use

OfficeMax carries top accessory brands like Epson receipt printers, Honeywell barcode scanners and Posiflex monitors designed specifically for registers.

Adding the right accessories tailored to your needs ensures your cash register setup is complete!

OfficeMax Cash Register Bundles

For simplicity, OfficeMax offers full cash register bundles with everything you need in one purchase:

Bundles include:

  • Cash register terminal
  • Cash drawer
  • Receipt paper
  • Credit card terminal
  • Barcode scanner
  • Printer
  • All cables needed
  • Installation

With bundles starting under $1,000, this option provides a complete register setup with professional installation at an affordable all-in price. Just unbox and your register system will be ready to go!

Bundles eliminate the hassle of piecing together individual accessories and installation. It’s an all-in-one cash register solution.

Used and Refurbished Cash Registers

If buying a new cash register doesn’t fit your startup budget, OfficeMax has used and refurbished registers at 50-75% off retail pricing. These are great cost-saving options for small businesses.

Refurbished registers sold by OfficeMax have been:

  • Fully inspected and tested
  • Repaired/restored if needed
  • Deemed in good working condition
  • Covered by a 90 day warranty

Specific used and refurbished register models and prices vary by availability. But you can typically expect to pay just $200-300 for a basic refurbished register – a fraction of the cost of brand new.

Consider opting for an OfficeMax certified refurbished or used register to save big when starting out. You still get a reliable machine and warranty protection.

The Latest Cash Register Models at OfficeMax

OfficeMax stays on top of releasing the newest cash register models from top brands. Some of the latest and greatest registers they offer include:

Casio SE-C2000 Cash Register

The SE-C2000 has a slim contemporary design with a bright 10.9” touchscreen display and 70 department keys for advanced tracking. Integrated card processing and smart features like fuel discount TRW reporting make this an ideal option for grocery stores, cafes and fuel stations.

Royal 870NX Cash Register

An innovative flagship model, the Royal 870NX provides robust functionality like 6,000 PLUs and 99 departments, plus modern conveniences like an Android OS, full-color 7” touchscreen display, integrated payments and USB support. Ideal for larger retailers.

Sharp ER-A590 Cash Register

Sharp’s brand new ER-A590 register offers an intelligent Interface that learns your sales patterns and streamlines common tasks. Advanced features like scheduled price changes, overtime alert and in-progress order recall make workflows smoother. Plus cloud-based reporting provides analytics anywhere.

Casio SE-G2 Cash Register

The powerful SE-G2 is Casio’s newest computerized flagship model, with a futuristic design, 15.6” color display, and 70 intuitive programmable departments. Integrated card processing, long battery life and advanced options like promotion management solidify this as a premier contemporary register.

Check out OfficeMax’s arrivals frequently to find the latest and most innovative cash registers as soon as they hit the market! Staying up-to-date on the newest models ensures access to the best available features and technology.

OfficeMax Cash Register Support

Once you’ve purchased your cash register, OfficeMax provides ongoing support resources:

In-Store Support

Bring your register back to any location for assistance from knowledgeable associates with troubleshooting, repairs, and performance tuning.

Tech Support Hotlines

OfficeMax provides toll-free numbers for register manufacturers like Casio, Sharp and Royal you can call for assistance from trained technicians.

Online Resources

Find how-to videos, user manuals, and other helpful resources for your register model on each manufacturer’s website – accessible via

Extended Warranties

Add a 1-3 year extended warranty through OfficeMax for continued coverage on repairs, maintenance, and replacement costs. Provides peace of mind for your investment.

OfficeMax wants to ensure you get the most value from your cash register purchase through comprehensive support resources. Take advantage of these services for help optimizing performance.

Cash Register Demos at OfficeMax

Actually seeing registers perform live is invaluable when making your purchasing decision. Fortunately, you can request hands-on cash register demos right at your local OfficeMax store:

To schedule a demo, just reach out to your nearest OfficeMax location by phone or visit the store and speak to a sales associate. Let them know:

  • The registers you’re interested in
  • Features that are important to you
  • What you’d like to see demonstrated
  • Any questions you have

Store associates can provide one-on-one demos showing how registers work, key features, and examples tailored to your business.

Demos give you the chance to touch, test and try registers live before buying. Being able to actually interact with registers allows you to truly evaluate options and make the best choice. Take advantage of free demos!

Cash Register Reviews on

Before making your final cash register purchase, it’s wise to consult reviews from other OfficeMax customers. On the product page for each register on, you can browse ratings and cash register reviews left by recent buyers.

Look at factors like:

  • Overall rating – is it 4 stars or more?
  • What reviewers like – easy setup, intuitive use, helpful features etc.
  • Any downsides mentioned – functionality quirks, common problems etc.
  • Relevance to your business – do they describe using it in a similar environment?

Reviews can reveal real-world pros and cons about how registers perform for other small business owners. Take user experiences into account to determine if a register best fits your needs.

Choosing Your OfficeMax Cash Register

As you can see, OfficeMax offers everything you could need when shopping for the perfect cash register:

  • Huge selection of all the top brands and models
  • Cash registers for every budget and business type
  • Helpful sales staff with register expertise
  • Flexible buying options in-store and online
  • Discounts and cost-saving options like open-box and refurbished registers
  • Smooth installation and setup services
  • Ongoing support with warranties, demos, and training

Follow the tips and advice in this post to narrow down your choices. Focus on models with the features you need most for your business at a price you can afford. And leverage OfficeMax’s experience to find the ideal cash register solution.

With the right register from OfficeMax, your business will have a smooth, efficient point of sale ready to serve customers and support your continued success and growth!

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