Finding the Perfect Cardstock Paper for Your Next Project at OfficeMax


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Cardstock paper is one of those simple tools that can really take a project to the next level. With the right texture, weight, and color, cardstock lends a polished, professional look to everything from business cards to invitations, scrapbooks, crafts, and more. But with so many options to choose from, how do you know which cardstock is best for your needs?

As a long-time crafting enthusiast and avid OfficeMax shopper, I’ve tested out just about every type of cardstock they offer. In this post, I’ll walk you through the main types of cardstock paper available at OfficeMax and provide tips on choosing the right product for your specific project. Whether you’re printing brochures for your business, making cute DIY party decorations, or just searching for that perfect texture to make your photographs pop, read on for the complete guide to cardstock paper from OfficeMax!

An Overview of Cardstock Types at OfficeMax

Cardstock basically refers to any heavy paper stock that is thicker and more durable than regular printer or copy paper. At OfficeMax, you’ll find a wide range of cardstock weights and textures to suit different needs:

  • Basic cardstocks – These are affordable, all-purpose options great for everyday crafts and projects. They come in a variety of colors and weights.
  • Premium/brand cardstocks – Step up to premium cardstock from brands like Astrobrights, Bazzill, and Canson for pro-level printing, artistic mediums, and special occasions.
  • Specialty cardstocks – Metallic, glitter, translucent, and textured specialty cardstocks add an extra pop of interest for eye-catching projects.
  • Eco-friendly cardstocks – For environmentally conscious crafters, OfficeMax carries a few “green” cardstock options made from recycled materials.
  • Cover stocks – Extremely heavy cardstocks, around 130-200 lb., used for postcards, book covers, and other applications needing an ultra-thick paper stock.

OfficeMax makes it easy to search and filter this wide selection of cardstocks by specific traits like paper weight, brand, color, texture, and material to quickly find your perfect match. Keep reading for more details on the different cardstock varieties they offer and how to choose the right one for your project!

Cardstock Weights and Thicknesses

Weight is one of the most important factors in choosing a cardstock, as it affects the paper’s durability, opacity, and performance with certain printing methods. From wispy vellums to extra-sturdy cover stocks, OfficeMax carries cardstock in a full spectrum of weights:

  • 60-80 lb. – This lightweight cardstock is inexpensive and easy to cut and fold. Best for simple crafts, flashcards, and prototypes. Too flimsy for heavy-duty projects.
  • 81-110 lb. – Mid-weight cardstocks strike a versitile balance between heft and flexibility. Great for business cards, invitations, bookmarks, and scrapbook pages. Can be used with most common printing methods.
  • 111-130 lb. – On the heavier end of standard cardstocks, this paper holds up beautifully for layered cards, folding, embossing, and other techniques. Provides good opacity for two-sided printing.
  • 131-200 lb. – Head into cover stock territory for ultra-thick paper with a luxurious, substantial feel. Use for postcards, brochure covers, book covers, and sturdy mailers. Requires a high-powered printer.

When choosing a cardstock weight, consider how you plan to use the paper. Thinner stocks are perfect for more delicate projects, while 130 lb. and above is recommended for professional printing, die-cutting, frequent handling, and mailing. The cover of this guide is 120 lb. cardstock, if you want a real-life example of a standard heavy cardstock weight and thickness.

Cardstock Finishes and Textures

Beyond weight, texture is another way OfficeMax cardstocks can differ drastically from one another. From ultra-smooth papers to heavily textured specialty options, explore these finishes:

  • Smooth – Classic cardstock with a uniformly smooth, matte surface. Excellent for professional printing results.
  • Linen – Subtly textured with a fine woven finish, similar to linen fabric. Provides an elegant letterpress effect.
  • Felt – A soft velvet-like finish with delicate fiber texture. Lovely for adding depth and dimension in crafts.
  • Parchment – Resembles the translucent, slightly rough surface of antique parchment papers. Beautiful for emulating antique letters and documents.
  • Woodgrain – Realistically mimics the look and texture of natural woodgrain. Makes any project instantly warm and rustic.
  • Glitter – Embedded with shimmering specks of glitter for eye-catching sparkle. As versatile as it is magical!
  • Metallic – Foil-like shine adds instant glam and luxury. Available in gleaming gold, silver, copper and more.

There are no rules – play around and decide which finish best enhances your particular project. Combining multiple textures can create really stunning effects too.

Cardstock Colors and Patterns

Beyond texture, cardstocks at OfficeMax span a rainbow of colors from bright primaries to subdued pastels and neons. Having a spectrum to choose from allows you to color-coordinate your projects or add bold, vibrant interest with an exciting hue.

Popular color options include:

  • Basic colors – Black, white, cream, gray, red, blue, green, yellow and more
  • Metallic – Gold, silver, copper
  • Neons – Hot pink, lime green, electric yellow
  • Pastels – Soft pink, sky blue, lavender, buttercream
  • Earth tones – Cream, mocha, tan, sage green
  • Assorted colors – Variety packs with 10+ color options

You’ll also find patterned cardstocks with stripes, polka dots, floral designs, animal prints, and more. These eliminate the need to decorate plain cardstock yourself – the patterns are pre-printed right on the sheets!

Top Cardstock Brands at OfficeMax

OfficeMax offers cardstock from all the top brand names trusted by professional artists, printers, and paper crafters everywhere. Here are some of the most popular:

  • Astrobrights – Vivid colors and super smooth finish. Excellent for business cards, stationery, and professional printing.
  • Bazzill – High-performance cardstock handles professional die cutting machines with ease. Great durability.
  • Canson – Legendary brand preferred by artists for sketching, mixed media, and bookbinding. Available in multiple textures.
  • Carolina – Affordable basic cardstocks good for everyday crafting on a budget.
  • Neenah – Premium cardstocks in traditional colors, whimsical patterns and eye-catching textures.
  • Pacon – Huge assortment of colored cardstocks for school projects on a budget.
  • Strathmore – Long-trusted by artists and crafters for drawing pads, watercolor paper, greeting cards and much more.

I like to stock up on my favorite brands when they go on sale or I have coupons. Premium cardstocks can be an investment, so I watch for deals to get the most for my money.

Convenient Options for Buying Cardstock at OfficeMax

One thing that makes supply shopping so easy at OfficeMax is the wide range of quantities available. For one-off projects, you can buy cardstock by the single sheet. Bigger tasks call for bulk packs of 25, 50 or 100+ sheets to keep costs down. Options include:

  • Single sheets – Sold individually. Convenient for buying a variety for testing or single use. More expensive per sheet.
  • 25 sheet packs – Ideal amount for smaller projects. Often the minimum quantity for patterned/textured stocks.
  • Ream packs (500 sheets) – Best bulk value for high-volume printing jobs. Reams come packaged or loose.
  • Dream packs (2,500-5,000 sheets) – Contains multiple ream bundles. For giant projects like mass mailers. Requires freight delivery.

You can also choose loose sheets or packaged pads of cardstock for convenience:

  • Loose sheets – Sold as a wrapped stack or in a box. Must be loaded manually into your printer.
  • Pads – Pre-stacked and bound into a pad. Easy to flip through and tear off sheets. May have collab issues.

Buy exactly what you need – whether it’s a couple loose sheets to test or enough cardstock to wallpaper a room!

Special Cardstock Offerings From OfficeMax

Beyond the basics, OfficeMax also provides some unique cardstock options that offer extra convenience and customization:

  • Digital cover cardstock – Send any image or design to be printed directly onto the cover-weight paper. Great for postcards, book covers, and posters.
  • Envelopes to match – Coordinating envelopes available for many lines of OfficeMax cardstock to complete the set professionally.
  • Hole-punched cardstock – Already hole punched and ready to insert right into binders and planners. Saves time on prep.
  • Perforated cardstock – Clean perforated edges make tearing out sheets fast and easy. No cutting required.
  • Blank scratch-off cards – Fun way to make DIY lottery tickets, game cards, quizzes, and more. Just add your own designs on top.
  • Inkjet printable fabric sheets – Print customizable fabric sheets for T-shirts, tote bags, and other wearable projects.

With options like these that provide built-in convenience, all your DIY designs come together faster and easier than ever.

Order Cardstock Online From OfficeMax for Convenience

One of my favorite things about OfficeMax is the option to order cardstock online and have it shipped straight to my door. Buying online makes it easy to:

  • Browse the full cardstock selection from the comfort of home.
  • Access product details like size, weight, and customer reviews.
  • Use coupons and promo codes for discounted prices.
  • Schedule recurring delivery so I never run out of my favorite stocks.
  • Get free shipping over a certain order total – saving on gas too!
  • Avoid wandering store aisles or hauling bulky packages home from the store.

I always start my cardstock search online first. With just a few clicks, I can find exactly what I need and get projects going faster. OfficeMax makes the whole process super convenient.

Creative Uses for Cardstock from OfficeMax

Now that you know the basics, what kinds of projects can you create with OfficeMax cardstock? Here are some of my favorite ways to use this versatile paper:

Invitations and Stationery

From simple DIY wedding invites to lavish letterpressed stationery, cardstock lends an elegant, professional look to any occasion. Play with colors, finishes, and embellishments like ribbons, lace, or pressed flowers. Use coordinating envelopes for a polished presentation.

Business Cards and Brochures

Heavy cardstock paper makes brochures, business cards, and marketing materials look crisp and luxe. Print logos, photos, and text clearly in vibrant color on smooth or linen-textured stocks.

Postcards and Mailers

Thick 130+ lb. cover stock is must for sturdy mailers and postcards that can withstand the postal system. Print custom designs or photos directly onto blank digital cover stocks for one-of-a-kind mailings.

Bookbinding and Scrapbooking

Cardstock pages lend durability to handmade books and scrapbooks. Hot press the covers for a bookbound look. Decorate scrapbook pages with dimension and interest before adding photos and journaling.

Crafts and Decor

From gift tags and garlands to wall art and lampshades, cardstock provides the perfect medium for limitless homemade decor. Get creative with wreaths, mobiles, paper flowers, origami, and so much more.

DIY Party Supplies

Printable cardstock transforms into the chicest party decor. Make custom banners, signs, menus, coasters, tags, favor boxes, and playful tassel garlands in themed patterns and colors.

The possibilities are endless! Having a stash of OfficeMax cardstock in different weights, textures, and colors on hand inspires me to create something new every day.

Eco-Friendly Cardstock Options at OfficeMax

For environmentally conscious crafters and businesses, OfficeMax offers a few “green” cardstock options:

  • Recycled cardstock – Made with 30-100% post-consumer recycled paper waste, like old newspapers and magazines. Much more planet-friendly than virgin tree pulp!
  • EcoSmart cardstock – Sourced from renewable sugar cane and bamboo fibers instead of trees. Biodegradable and compostable.
  • Eco-Dye inks – Soy-based inks produce bright colors without harsh chemicals. Safe for humans and the environment.
  • FSC certified – Ensures paper comes from responsible forestry companies that replant trees and follow sustainability practices.

Though limited, these options prove you don’t have to sacrifice quality or visual appeal to choose eco-friendly cardstocks. Every little bit helps reduce waste and protect our planet!

Tips for Printing and Working With Cardstock

Cardstock may require a little more care and specialized handling than regular copy paper when printing and working on projects:

  • Use a higher resolution – Print at 600+dpi for sharper, more professional results on cardstock. Lower resolutions become pixelated.
  • Print labels separately – Avoid static and jamming; print any sticker sheets or labels separately from the cardstock.
  • Feed sheets one at a time – For best results, manually feed cardstock sheets one by one instead of loading a whole ream.
  • Clean printer rollers – Lint and cardstock dust can build up on feed rollers over time. Clean periodically to prevent misfeeds.
  • Use a paper trimmer – Cut cardstock with a manual trimmer or guillotine cutter for perfect straight edges without distortion.
  • Invest in scoring tools – Score or crease cardstock before folding for crisp folds that don’t crack or tear the paper fibers.

With some extra care taken to handle the thickness, cardstock yields professional printing results and brings any DIY project to the next level.

The Perfect Cardstock Awaits at OfficeMax!

As you can see, OfficeMax carries an enormous selection of cardstock to suit any project need imaginable. From basic colored construction paper to textured metallic specialty stocks and everything in between, they’ve got you covered.

The next time inspiration for a crafting, printing, or paper project strikes, remember to make OfficeMax your one-stop cardstock shop. Convenient online ordering, competitive prices, bulk quantity deals, and constant sales make building your paper supply affordable and easy. With the right cardstock as your creative canvas, you can make something beautiful!

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