Finding the Perfect Adjustable Laptop Stand for You


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Table of Contents

Laptops offer us incredible flexibility to work, create, and be entertained wherever we want. But hunching over our laptops for hours on the couch or in bed can lead to neck, shoulder, and back pain. This is where an adjustable laptop stand comes in handy!

A quality adjustable laptop stand lifts your laptop screen to an optimal viewing height. This prevents slouching and strain on your neck, shoulders and back. Stands also help dissipate heat from your device to prevent overheating. With so many Options out there, choosing the right adjustable laptop stand may seem daunting.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll highlight the key factors to consider when selecting an adjustable laptop stand. We’ll also showcase the top 5 laptop stands and outline their pros, cons, and ideal use cases. And finally, we’ll answer some common questions people have about these increasingly popular accessories.

Let’s get started!

What to Look for in an Adjustable Laptop Stand

An adjustable laptop stand is an excellent investment for anyone who frequently uses a laptop for work, creative pursuits, or entertainment. When searching for the right one, keep the following key factors in mind:

Adjustability Range

Look for a laptop stand with a wide height adjustability range. You want to be able to raise your laptop screen to your ideal viewing height, typically at or slightly below eye level. This prevents neck and shoulder hunching.

For context, a stand with adjustable height ranging from 4 to 16 inches would suit most adults. Taller users need taller maximum heights.

Tilt, Rotation and Arm Adjustments

Many stands allow you to tilt your laptop screen for optimal viewing angles. Rotating tray functionality is also useful.

Some feature adjustable arms to hold laptops of different widths or sizes securely. Positioning arms allow you to place your laptop further back or forward on the stand.


If you’re frequently mobile, prioritize a collapsible, foldable, or lightweight stand design. Fixed stands tend to be sturdier but are less portable.

Laptop Size Compatibility

Ensure your stand** fits your laptop’s width, depth, and weight**. Measure your device and compare to the stand’s specs before buying.

Sturdiness and Stability

A quality stand made of metal or durable plastic will be sturdier. Cheaper foam stands tend to be less stable. Sturdy stands also have non-slip pads.

Aesthetic Design

Consider the design and color options available. You want something that complements your workspace aesthetics. Minimal, modern designs often appeal to a wider audience.

Extra Features

Some stands provide useful extras like device charging ports, storage racks, or built-in cooling fans. But simpler stands without extras can be more affordable.

Top 5 Recommended Adjustable Laptop Stands

Now let’s explore 5 of the best adjustable laptop stands currently available and their key pros, cons, and specifications.

1. Deskrite Ergonomic Laptop Stand

This popular stand from Deskrite offers exceptional ergonomics and sturdy stability. An excellent choice for frequent laptop users.

Key Features:

  • Height range from 2.5” to 15.75”
  • Specialized gas spring hovering system
  • Rotatable (360°), tilting, and rubber grip tray surface
  • CNC sandblasted and anodized aluminum build
  • Fits 10 to 15.6 inch laptops up to 22 lbs


  • Extremely sturdy and stable base
  • Very smooth and effortless height adjustments
  • Sleek and space-saving design


  • Arm adjustments could be more flexible
  • On the pricy side

2. Rain Design mStand Laptop Stand

This minimalist aluminum stand from Rain Design prioritizes portability and easy storage. Great for use at home or on the go.

Key Features:

  • Height range from 3.54” to 10.24”
  • Folds flat for storage and travel
  • Tilting design raises laptop screen
  • Suitable for 10-15 inch MacBooks and laptops


  • Lightweight (just 2.2 lbs) and thin profile
  • Sandblasted and silver anodized finish
  • Rubber pads prevent sliding or scratching


  • Limited compatibility beyond MacBooks
  • Not as sturdy or stable as bulkier stands

3. Soundance Aluminum Laptop Stand

This budget-friendly but well-constructed aluminum stand is ideal for added ventilation and airflow.

Key Features:

  • Height range from 7.5” to 12.6”
  • Open air design and raised back for ventilation
  • Rubber pads, adjustable width, and tilt capability
  • Fits 10 to 15.6 inch laptops


  • Excellent passive cooling for extended use
  • CNC anodized aluminum build quality
  • Affordable price point


  • No height markings for adjustments
  • Not as sleek aesthetically

4. AboveTEK Laptop Stand with Cooling Fans

For those whose laptops overheat easily, this aluminum stand integrates dual quiet cooling fans.

Key Features:

  • Height adjustable from 0” to 10.5”
  • Dual 2.76” cooling fans with 2 speeds
  • Available in silver, black, and rose gold colors
  • Fits laptops from 10 – 17 inches


  • Active cooling keeps laptop temperatures down
  • Aluminum body for passive cooling also
  • Cable clips and padded laptop pads


  • More bulky and heavy than non-fan stands
  • Fans require USB power connection

5. Soundance Laptop Stand with 3 USB Ports

This plywood laptop stand adds the convenience of charging cables and ports.

Key Features:

  • Height adjustable from 9cm to 14cm
  • 3 USB A ports for charging accessories
  • Large surface fits up to 17 inch laptops
  • Available in 7 colors like blue, pink, grey


  • Built-in USB ports eliminate clutter
  • Spacious surface for mouse use
  • Matches modern home decor schemes


  • Wood material less durable over time
  • Not easily portable or collapsible

Hopefully these top adjustable laptop stand recommendations give you a feel for the range of options and key decision factors. Next, let’s go over proper stand usage for ergonomics.

Setting Up Your Laptop Stand for Proper Posture

Once you’ve selected the ideal adjustable laptop stand for your needs, it’s time to optimize it for ergonomic posture. Follow these tips:

  • Position your laptop stand on your desk directly in front of you to avoid neck strain from looking sideways. Allow enough space for external peripherals.
  • Adjust the stand height so the top third of your screen aligns with your natural eye level when sitting upright. Avoid craning your neck to view the screen.
  • Sit at an arm’s length from your laptop to avoid eye strain. Your forearms should be parallel to the floor when typing.
  • For the most ergonomic position, use an external keyboard and mouse placed at elbow height. Keep arms close to your body.
  • If using a stand while reclined or in bed, prop yourself up with pillows as needed to emulate an upright seated posture.
  • Add a monitor riser to elevate your desktop monitor to proper viewing height if you have a dual screen laptop setup. Align both screens.

Adjust your workstation setup to allow for good posture, frequent movement, and gaze breaks away from the screen. Your neck, shoulders, back, and eyes will thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions About Laptop Stands

There are a few common questions people have about the purpose, functionality, and usage tips for adjustable laptop stands. Let’s answer some of the major ones:

Do laptop stands really help with posture, pain, and discomfort?

Yes, quality laptop stands have been shown to significantly reduce neck, shoulder, and back pain associated with poor laptop ergonomics. Lifting your screen closer to eye level avoids extensive slouching and hunching.

Are laptop stands universal or specific to certain laptop models?

Most quality stands fit a wide range of laptop sizes from 10 to 17 inches. However, always check your specific laptop dimensions against a stand’s specifications to ensure compatibility.

Can I use a passive laptop stand for gaming or other intensive tasks?

Passive stands help with ventilation but may not prevent overheating on demanding gaming laptops. Opt for an active cooling stand or use a stand with open airflow vents if concerned about heat buildup.

Are the cooling fans built into some laptop stands actually effective?

Testing shows the dual cooling fans can lower laptop operating temperatures by over 20°C in some cases! They are highly effective but require positioning the intakes optimally.

Can I use a vertical laptop stand on its side?

Vertical stands are designed to elevate your screen above your laptop base for ergonomics. Using sideways defeats this purpose. A vertically oriented laptop screen is also not ideal for long-term use.

Is it safe to use a laptop while standing with my stand at full extension?

At maximum heights, laptop stands place considerable leveraged force on your worksurface. Use caution and avoid vigorous typing or screen poking in very extended stand positions.

How can I maintain and clean my laptop stand?

Use a microfiber cloth lightly dampened with water or a mild cleaner to wipe down your stand. Avoid abrasive cleaners or getting moisture into electric components. Let components fully dry before use.

Do I still need an external laptop stand if I use a docking station?

Docking stations conveniently connect your laptop to peripherals but do not lift the screen closer to eye level. Using a stand improves ergonomics. Just ensure your cables reach.

Key Takeaways on Choosing the Best Laptop Stand

If you use your laptop extensively for work, creative hobbies, or entertainment, investing in an adjustable laptop stand is highly recommended. Not only will it prevent body pain and discomfort, it will also improve your productivity and focus.

When choosing a laptop stand, carefully consider key factors like ergonomic adjustability, portability, compatibility, and special features. Measure the dimensions of your laptop model and workspace area before picking a stand.

Be sure to optimize the laptop and stand positioning to achieve proper upright seated posture. Avoid extensive slouching, neck craning, or hunching over. Pair your laptop with external input devices placed at the proper heights and distances.

Setup right, a quality adjustable laptop stand promotes correct ergonomics, enhances your workflow, and allows you to use your laptop comfortably for hours. Give your neck, back and eyes a break by investing in one of these beneficial accessories today!

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