Exploring the World of Labels at OfficeMax


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Table of Contents

A Deep Dive into Everything You Need to Know About Finding the Perfect Labels for Your Projects at This Popular Office Supply Store

Hi everyone! I’m so excited to talk to you today about one of my favorite office supply stores – OfficeMax. As an organization junkie, I rely on labels to keep my life in order. I use them for everything from labeling moving boxes to creating cute tags for gifts to organizing my pantry. No matter what type of labeling project I have going on, OfficeMax always seems to have the right labels for the job.

Today I want to provide a deep dive into the wide world of labels available at OfficeMax. Whether you need labels for your laser printer, waterproof labels for outdoor use, or eco-friendly labels, this store has got you covered. Read on for details on label sizes, styles, prices, and more!

Types of Labels Offered at OfficeMax

The options for labels at OfficeMax are endless, but let’s start by going through the major categories:

Laser and Inkjet Printer Labels

One of the most common reasons people need labels is to print them from their home computer and printer combo. OfficeMax has a stellar selection of labels specifically designed for laser or inkjet printers. This includes popular Avery labels as well as OfficeMax’s own brand of labels available in matte white and glossy.

Shipping and Mailing Labels

For all of your shipping needs, whether you’re sending packages across the country or addressing wedding invitations, OfficeMax has the labels for you. Choose from standard mailing and shipping labels, large parcel shipping labels, and international mailing labels. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes to work with all the major shipping carriers.

File Folder Labels

Keep your home and office files neatly organized with durable and colorful file folder labels. These labels come in fun designs, are resistant to water/tear/peel, and work on manila or colored folders.

Waterproof, Weatherproof & Outdoor Labels

If you need labels that can withstand the elements, OfficeMax offers waterproof polyester and vinyl labels perfect for identifying power tools, outdoor gear, swimming/camping supplies, and more. They also have labels specifically designed for freezing temperatures and harsh outdoor use.

Removable Labels

When you need temporary labels that come off clean, OfficeMax has a great selection of removable labels including printable labels, plastic tabs, and more. These are great for labeling files that change frequently, naming food in the fridge or freezer, or short-term organization projects.

Specialty Label Shapes & Sizes

Beyond standard rectangle labels, OfficeMax offers labels in fun shapes like circles, ovals, and diamonds. You can also find extra small or extra large label sizes in different dimensions than typical labels.

Eco-Friendly Labels

For environmentally conscious shoppers, OfficeMax has recycled label sheets along with plant-based and biodegradable label options. They also offer labels made from partly recycled materials for those looking to reduce waste.

As you can see, OfficeMax truly does offer any and every label you could possibly need! Next let’s look at which options work best for different printers.

Choosing Labels Compatible With Your Printer

One of the most important steps in picking out labels is making sure they work with your printer. The last thing you want is labels gumming up the inside of your printer or not printing clearly. Here are some tips:

Laser Printer Labels

If you have a laser printer, look for labels that specifically say “laser” or “laser printer compatible”. Laser printers require labels that can withstand high heat. OfficeMax offers an array of laser labels in different sizes and materials. Always check your laser printer manual as well for any label guidelines.

Inkjet Printer Labels

Inkjet printers require different labels than laser printers since they use liquid ink. Look for “inkjet” or “inkjet compatible”. OfficeMax suggests their dual-purpose labels if you’re unsure whether your printer is inkjet or laser. These work with either printer type.

Sheet vs. Roll Labels

Another consideration is whether your printer can accommodate sheet labels (on 8.5 x 11 pages) or roll labels. Sheet labels are the most common and work with virtually any basic home printer. Roll labels need to be compatible with your printer and are ideal for high volume labeling jobs.

Checking Label & Printer Specs

If you want to be absolutely certain your labels will work, look at the label specs and compare them to your printer specs. Match up the label dimensions, materials, and adhesive type to your printer requirements. OfficeMax customer service can also help with this.

Okay, now that you know how to pick printer-friendly labels, let’s talk about the different sizes and dimensions available…

Label Sizes and Dimensions at OfficeMax

Regardless of the type of label or intended use, you need them to fit the item you’re labeling. OfficeMax provides an incredible range of sizes:

1” x 2-5/8” Shipping Labels

This size labels fits perfectly on standard large mailing envelopes. The width works for addressing envelopes horizontally.

1” x 4″ Contractor Labels

Bold 1-inch tall labels like these contractor labels make the perfect size for naming boxes, storage bins, tools, and bulk items.

2” x 4” Mailing & Shipping Labels

When you need more space than a standard shipping label, go for 2×4 inch labels – great for packing slips, international shipping, and oversize packages.

1” x 1-5/8” Square Labels

For labeling small jars, mini storage boxes, jewelry, and more, check out OfficeMax’s range of 1-inch square labels. The small size fits well on tiny items.

1/2” x 1-1/2″ Micro Labels

Tiny items like mini file folder tabs, jewelry findings, and beads call for itty-bitty 1/2 inch labels. OfficeMax has the miniature labels to handle small labeling jobs.

1-1/3″ x 4″ Name Badge Labels

For conferences, large events, and work functions, name badge labels like these allow you to print professionally formatted badges.

CD/DVD Labels

CD and DVD labels come in round and rectangular shapes to neatly fit disc surfaces. OfficeMax carries compatible labels for top brands like Memorex, TDK, Verbatim, and more.

Oversized Shipping Labels

For giant boxes and irregular shapes, large 4×6 inch or 6×6 inch shipping labels ensure you have enough room for text and barcodes.

As you can see, OfficeMax offers every size imaginable! Next, let’s talk about specialty label materials…

Special Label Materials and Finishes

In addition to the size, the material a label is made from matters too. Let’s look at some of the unique label materials you can shop at OfficeMax:

Weatherproof Vinyl Labels

If you’ll be using labels outdoors or in harsh conditions, look for vinyl labels that can withstand sun, rain, snow, grease, chemicals, and abrasion. OfficeMax has vinyl labels in glossy and matte finishes.

Waterproof Polyester Labels

Polyester offers another waterproof labeling option that can be used for camping gear, Tupperware, sports equipment, storage bins, and other outdoor items.

Fabric Labels

For labeling clothing, choose fabric labels that can be sewn or ironed on. OfficeMax has laundry-safe woven and iron-on fabric labels great for kids’ clothes and uniforms.

Thermal Printer Labels

Got a thermal shipping label printer? OfficeMax has blank thermal printer labels specifically designed for thermal printers – no ink required!

Magnetic Labels

Magnetic labels offer a versatile option for whiteboards, lockers, storage shelves, and metal surfaces. OfficeMax magnetic labels stick but come off clean.

Window Stickers

Bold see-through window stickers from OfficeMax allow store signage, displays, and advertisements that can be viewed from outside.

Reflective Tape

When visibility is a must, reflective label tape ensures your signs, safety warnings, and hazard labels catch people’s attention day or night.

Clear Labels

For a discrete but professional look, clear label sheets let you laser print neat text onto transparent stickers. Great for bathrooms, offices, and accent text.

Oval Labels

Beyond squares and circles, oval labels offer a unique look for buttons, greeting cards, gift tags, and branding projects. OfficeMax has white and clear oval labels to shop.

Check out the label materials**

Okay, let’s shift gears and talk about value pricing…

OfficeMax Label Prices and Deals

Considering the diverse selection of specialty labels available, OfficeMax offers extremely reasonable prices:

  • Basic white mail or shipping labels start at just $5-10 for 100-200 labels. Simple inkjet/laser sheets of 30-80 labels can be less than $10.
  • Specialty weatherproof, fabric, or reflective labels run just $10-15 for smaller packs. More heavy-duty materials cost slightly more.
  • Take advantage of bulk label pricing on higher quantities – buy more, save more. 500-1000 label packs can be very affordable.
  • Watch for sales, coupons, and clearance deals advertised on the website for the best values. Label packs can be up to 50% off.
  • Buy OfficeMax brand label sheets instead of big names like Avery to save money. Quality is just as good at a fraction of the price.
  • Price match is offered if you find a lower price somewhere else. Just show proof of the competitor’s price.

While OfficeMax offers everyday low prices on quality labels, value deals take the savings up another level. Read on for tips on shopping online and in-store…

Shopping for Labels at OfficeMax

The convenience of OfficeMax is that you can shop labels online and in retail stores. Here are the perks of each:

Online Label Shopping

  • Browse the full selection of labels from the comfort of home. Categories and filters make it easy.
  • Check inventory on sizes and styles at your local store before going to purchase.
  • Take advantage of online promos and coupon codes which can offer free shipping or 10-20% off.
  • Set up auto-delivery for labels you buy frequently to save time.

In Store Label Shopping

  • Touch and feel the label materials and adhesive to ensure it’s what you need.
  • Get help from knowledgeable staff with picking label sizes or finding specialty labels.
  • ** Avoid shipping fees** by purchasing labels at local stores.
  • Immediate label gratification! No waiting on shipping.
  • Use paper coupons and offers that are only valid instore.

No matter which route you choose, OfficeMax makes it easy to get the labels you need. Next let’s discuss how OfficeMax labels compare…

How OfficeMax Brand Labels Compare to Top Labels Like Avery

When it comes to quality, OfficeMax labels are right on par with big names like Avery. Here’s how they stack up:

  • Adhesive strength is comparable, keeping labels firmly in place.
  • Ink from both stands up well to smearing, smudging, and fading.
  • The range of label sizes and compatibilities is virtually the same.
  • Both offer specialty label materials – vinyl, magnetic, clear, waterproof, etc.
  • Packaging is convenient and protective of the label sheets.

The key differences:

  • OfficeMax labels are more affordable than Avery brand, especially for bulk packs.
  • Avery may have more design templates available due to popularity.
  • Color options favor Avery, but OfficeMax has expanded their selections.

Overall, OfficeMax labels offer near identical performance to Avery but at 30-50% cheaper prices. It’s a win-win!

Now that we’ve covered the label basics, let’s get into how to actually use them for your projects…

Printing Your Perfect Labels with OfficeMax

Once you’ve picked out the ideal labels for your project, it’s time to print! Here are my top tips:

Use Label Templates

Take the guesswork out of alignment and formatting by using label templates for your printer model. Just input text/images and print.

Check Label Direction

Confirm whether your labels need to be fed vertically or horizontally into the printer tray to avoid misprints.

Print On Demand

Print labels as needed rather than full sheets to reduce waste. Refer back to your template file each time.

Give Time to Dry

Remember to let printed labels fully dry for a few minutes before handling to prevent smudging.

Heat Set With Laser Printers

Heat setting laser labels fuses the ink and prevents transfer/smearing. Just rerun the printed sheet through the printer.

Laminate for Durability

Applying clear laminate over printed labels seals in the ink and provides protection.

Store Leftovers Properly

Keep unused labels sheets sealed in their bags to prevent curling, wrinkling, or adhesive failure.

And those are the secrets for perfect printed labels every time! Read on for even more OfficeMax label tips…

Expert Tips for Label Success

Over the years I’ve learned a few key pointers to ensure label bliss:

  • Clean the surface thoroughly before applying a label – degrease, dry, and remove previous label residue. Proper prep prevents peeling.
  • When possible, label on smooth, flat surfaces – curves and edges lift faster.
  • Allow newly labeled items to sit 24-48 hours before exposure to water or harsh elements so the adhesive fully sets.
  • Squeeze out air bubbles and creases once you adhere a label to keep it smooth and even.
  • If a label starts to peel at the edges, brush on a dab of strong glue underneath and weigh it down as it dries.
  • Avoid soaking waterproof labels – they resist light splashing not full submersion!

I hope these pro label tips help you avoid frustrations and get ideal adhesion. Check out my last few topics next!

Eco-Friendly Labels

If maintaining an environmentally-friendly home or office is important to you, OfficeMax has green label options:

  • Recycled paper labels made from 25-80% recycled materials
  • Biodegradable labels break down easier after disposal
  • Non-PVC labels that don’t use hazardous vinyls
  • Plant-based adhesives from renewable materials, not chemicals
  • Green print initiative labels using eco-responsible inks

Every little bit helps reduce waste! Go green with your labels wherever possible.

Now let’s quickly cover returns and exchanges…

OfficeMax Label Return and Exchange Policy

One concern when trying new labels is whether you can return them if incompatible. The good news is OfficeMax offers a simple return policy:

  • Unopened label packages can be returned for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.
  • For exchanges, simply return the unused labels and repurchase something different.
  • Keep your receipt to make returns quick and easy.
  • Labels can be returned by mail or at any OfficeMax store location.
  • If needed, call their customer service line for help with a return.

With the lenient return policy, you can shop labels risk-free!

We’ve covered a ton of ground on labels – let’s wrap up with the key takeaways:

The Essence of OfficeMax Labels

After diving deep into all things labels, here are the core things to remember:

  • With every label size, use, and material covered, OfficeMax boasts an unmatched selection.
  • They offer quality labels engineered for crisp printing and maximum adhesion.
  • Choosing the correct labels for your printer is crucial – check specs carefully!
  • Affordable pricing makes stocking up on bulk labels budget-friendly.
  • Convenient in-store and online shopping makes replenishing your label stash simple.
  • Follow proper label printing/application tips for professional results.

To summarize, OfficeMax is the one-stop shop for all label needs, providing exceptional choice, value, and convenience. They take the stress out of labeling projects of every kind!

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to head to OfficeMax and stock up on labels for my upcoming projects. Thanks for reading – I hope these label tips and tricks make your organization endeavors smoother and more stylish. Let me know if you have any other OfficeMax label wisdom to share!

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