Exploring the World of Bookcases at OfficeMax


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Table of Contents

A Look at the Styles, Prices, and Options for Storing Your Books

As an avid reader and book collector, I’m always on the lookout for functional, affordable bookcases to house my ever-expanding library. I used to resort to makeshift solutions like stacking books in piles on the floor or cramming them into whatever random cabinets and shelves I had available. But as my collection grew, I knew it was time to invest in some real, bonafide bookcases.

The problem was, I didn’t want to spend a fortune decking out my home with custom built-ins. I needed budget-friendly bookcases that still looked good and met my needs. And I definitely didn’t want to waste a whole Saturday sweating and cursing over self-assembly. That’s when I discovered OfficeMax and their great selection of ready-to-use bookcases at reasonable prices.

In this post, I’ll walk you through all the bookcase options I found at OfficeMax. I’ll go over materials, sizes, prices, colors, and more so you can determine which bookcases might be the best fit for your space and budget. Whether you need a simple shelf for displaying curios or a towering bookcase worthy of the Library of Congress, read on to discover the perfect bookcase solutions available at OfficeMax.

Bookcase Styles at OfficeMax

OfficeMax offers three main bookcase styles:

  • Standard open-backed bookshelves – These have shelves fully exposed on the front and back without any backing behind the shelves. This allows you to access books from both sides which is great for dividing a room, but it also means you’ll see the wall behind the bookcase.
  • Standard bookcases with backs – This style has a full backing concealing the wall behind it so it looks more like a piece of furniture. The tradeoff is you can only access and see the books from the front.
  • Bookcases with doors – These bookcases have glass doors that fully enclose each shelf. The doors protect your books from dust and damage. However, the drawback is having to open the doors every time you need to access a book.

Within each style, you’ll find bookcases in a range of shapes and sizes – short or tall, narrow or wide, simple cubes or more unique shapes. OfficeMax has everything from small corner bookcases to giant room-dividing bookcases spanning six feet across.

Most of the bookcases are fully enclosed on five sides with just the front face open. But OfficeMax also offers some open style bookcases with exposed sides. If you want your books fully visible, the open air design is perfect. But the enclosed cabinets offer more protection and a bit of concealment if your collection’s not quite so orderly.

Bookcase Materials at OfficeMax

You can choose from three main materials for OfficeMax bookcases:

  • Wood – For a classic look, wood bookcases are your best bet. OfficeMax uses particle board finished with laminates or wood veneers. Oak and espresso finishes are popular for traditional style while white wash or painted wood looks trendy.
  • Metal – Sleek, industrial metal bookcases are perfect for modern spaces. OfficeMax carries bookcases made from steel and powder-coated for durability. They’re available in black, silver, or white.
  • Engineered Wood – This composite material has an actual wood veneer finish over a sturdier core. It provides the look of solid wood at a lower cost. OfficeMax uses engineered wood finished with laminates in various colors and woodgrain patterns.

While individual tastes vary, I personally love the warmth and beauty of real wood. There’s something about the grain and texture that makes a house feel like a home. Durable engineered wood with faux wood veneers gives you the same cozy feel for less.

But for a more contemporary, minimalist aesthetic, glossy powder-coated metal bookcases can’t be beat. The choice between wood or metal bookcases really comes down to whether you want your shelves to blend in or stand out.

Bookcase Sizes at OfficeMax

One of the most convenient things about OfficeMax is the wide range of bookcase sizes and configurations available. They make it easy to find just the right bookcase dimensions for your needs:

  • Short Bookcases – If you just need a little shelf for trinkets, OfficeMax has cute 25 inch high bookcases that fit perfectly in small spaces.
  • Standard Height Bookcases – The most popular sizes range between about 50-84 inches high – like their 58 inch white Severson bookcase or the 72 inch wood-grained Somerset bookcase. These work for everything from displaying decorative objects to housing hundreds of books.
  • Tall Bookcases – For a serious large-scale library, check out the towering Concord 84 inch tall bookcase in a classic oak finish or their ultra-modern, industrial-chic 78 inch Logic metal bookcase.
  • Wide Bookcases – If floor space isn’t an issue but you need maximum storage, OfficeMax has bookcases up to 60 inches wide. The 60 inch coastline engineered wood bookcase provides cavernous storage without overwhelming your room.
  • Narrow Bookcases – Short on floor space but have lots of vertical room? Choose a narrower bookcase like the Sawyer library bookcase spanning just 24 inches wide but reaching up to 72 inches high.

OfficeMax also carries corner bookcases sized just right for making use of awkward angles and wasted space. Their Kenton corner unit with doors is a perfect solution for filling empty corners while neatly concealing contents behind glass.

Bookcase Prices at OfficeMax

Here’s the part we’ve all been waiting for – how much do OfficeMax bookcases cost? Of course prices vary widely based on size, materials, and features. But I found they offer incredible value across the board:

  • Smaller basic open-backed bookshelves start at just $39.99 for their textured black 24 x 24 x 71⁄2 inch style.
  • For high quality wood bookcases like their Somerset model, prices range from $109.99 up to $399.99 for the largest sizes.
  • Mid-range bookcases made from laminates and engineered wood run between $69.99-$199.99. Their white Severson bookcase starts at just $129.99.
  • Sleek modern metal bookcases like the Logic line cost a bit more, starting at $199.99 ranging up to $449.99 for their largest 78 inch size.
  • Bookcases with doors or drawers are pricier but start around $199.99 for base sizes and run up to $499.99 for grand built-in style units with concealed storage.

Of course OfficeMax also runs frequent promotions with discounts up to 25% off select bookcases. It’s always smart to check for coupons and sales before purchasing.

For the quality, selection, and convenience, I found OfficeMax bookcases to be very fairly priced. Considering custom-built bookcases cost thousands, it’s great getting stylish designer looks at OfficeMax prices.

Shopping for Bookcases at OfficeMax

Another perk of OfficeMax is having flexible options for shopping – you can either browse online or visit your local store. Both have their advantages.

Online makes it easy to see the full range of available bookcases. You can view sizes, colors, customer reviews, and prices all in one place. If you need delivery, OfficeMax ships many bookcases straight to your door with reasonable shipping fees.

Visiting a physical OfficeMax store allows you to check out bookcases in person before buying. You can get a feel for the quality and size. Bookcases come fully assembled – just load them in your car and go. In-store pickup is free for online orders.

OfficeMax also has an app so you can browse bookcases from anywhere. Scan barcodes in the store to instantly check prices and user reviews online before purchasing. The app helps you find exactly what you need whether shopping online or in-store.

Getting Your OfficeMax Bookcase Home

One frustration with buying furniture is figuring out how you’ll get that giant box home and wrestle it inside by yourself. OfficeMax takes the stress out of that process.

For a small fee, you can add professional delivery and assembly. Their delivery team will unpack your bookcase, assemble it, and place it wherever you need it inside your home. No muss, no fuss.

If you prefer DIY, OfficeMax bookcases come fully assembled. You don’t have to deal with confusing instructions, scattered hardware, and endless screwing and hammering. Just take it out of the box and set it into place.

The assembly-free bookcases make getting it home easy too. Load it carefully into your car and carry it inside. Many styles have removable shelves and doors that make them lighter for transport. Then easily reattach the shelves and doors in minutes.

For extra large bookcases, OfficeMax also offers in-store pickup of online orders so you don’t have to worry about transporting that 6 foot wide behemoth home in your tiny sedan.

Bookcase Features to Consider

Beyond just size, style, and color, there are a few additional bookcase features to consider for your needs:

  • Adjustable shelving – Many OfficeMax bookcases have moveable shelves you can rearrange to accommodate different item sizes. This allows you to customize as your needs change.
  • Doors – As mentioned earlier, bookcase doors protect contents from dust and damage while also hiding clutter behind closed fronts.
  • Drawers – Some bookcases incorporate drawers for concealed storage of items you don’t necessarily want on display.
  • Media storage – OfficeMax carries bookcases with shelves specially designed for storing CDs, DVDs, video games, and media players.
  • Safety straps – For added security, some bookcases include safety straps to anchor heavier items like TVs and prevent tipping.
  • Casters – Caster wheels on the bottom of some bookcases allow you to easily move them around your home.

Consider which features will enhance functionality and fit your lifestyle when choosing a bookcase. Also measure your space carefully to ensure the bookcase you select will properly fit in the desired location.

Matching Your Décor with OfficeMax Bookcases

The final step to pulling your room together with a bookcase is choosing the right color and style to match your home’s existing décor.

Luckily OfficeMax offers bookcases in a wide variety of colors and finishes:

  • Wood tones – Warm natural wood veneers in oak, walnut, mahogany, and more are perfect for traditional spaces. But they also add coziness to modern rooms.
  • Painted finishes – The Coastline bookcase comes in fashionable shades like peach pink, sea blue, or light grey. Their colorful Severson bookcase is available in bright hues of white, espresso, navy, and crimson red.
  • Black metal – With a deep black finish, Logic bookcases immediately provide an edgy, contemporary vibe.
  • White – Crisp, bright white bookcases give a clean, modern look, making rooms feel more spacious. They allow colorful objects to pop against the neutral backdrop.

With all the sizes, shades, and styles OfficeMax offers, you’re sure to find bookcases to blend seamlessly into your existing room décor or make a bold style statement.

Expanding and Customizing Your OfficeMax Bookcase

One last thing to note is that many OfficeMax bookcases can be combined and customized to suit your needs.

You can stack identical bookcases on top of each other for more vertical storage. Secure them together with provided wall anchors for safety and stability.

Some bookcase lines include matching components like desktop hutches, media towers, or storage cabinets. Mix and match pieces within a matching collection to create your ideal configuration.

Several wood bookcases have interchangeable colored doors and drawer fronts. This allows you to tailor the look while keeping the main unit consistent.

You can also easily customize most bookcases with additional shelves or drawer packs available for purchase separately. Expand as your storage needs grow over time.

So don’t feel limited to the exact floor models on display. With a little creativity, you can modify standard OfficeMax bookcases to meet your unique storage needs!

My OfficeMax Bookcase Picks

After extensively exploring all the bookcase options at OfficeMax, a few favorites stood out as my top picks:

The Somerset Bookcase – Made from laminated particle board with a beautiful Espresso finish, this substantial wood-look bookcase provides serious storage space. The 76 inch height and wide 36 inch width supplies substantial room for even the most massive book collection.

The Coastline Bookcase – For a balance of style and function, the Coastline engineered wood bookcase is a winner. The white finish gives it a contemporary look that brightens up any room. Plentiful shelves neatly corral all your items while the 60 inch wide design anchors your space.

The Logic Bookcase – With powder-coated steel frames and sleek lines, this industrial modern bookcase makes a stylish statement. The 78 inch height maximizes your storage options. The durable metal construction gives it a sense of permanence.

The Kenton Corner Unit – This corner bookcase is perfect for utilizing wasted space in corners while adding stylistic flair. The engineered wood cabinet with glass doors gives a finished look, while neatly concealing contents inside.

Whichever OfficeMax bookcases fit your needs, you’re sure to find the ideal sizes, styles and prices to shelve all your precious books and belongings. Happy bookcase hunting!

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